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Who else but our own Olivia Alexander being featured inside the magazine AND on the cover! Check out the latest from Sensi Magazine

Front Cover of Sensi Magazine December 2019 Los Angeles Edition featuring Kush Queen Founder + CEO, Olivia Alexander. Text reads "All Hail the Queen."

Want to know what the latest Cannabis offerings are for the holiday season? Let’s check in with the Hollywood Reporter to find out, as Kush Queen is featured there yet again!

Complete Kush Queen CBD Champagne Collection including white & gold 100mg bath bomb, champagne inspired CBD Bubble Bath, and gold 1,000mg Bare Tincture.

Hollywood goes Hollyweed in their latest column! See how Kush Queen is featured!

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When it comes to the Ultimate Guide to Vegan and CBD and Cannabis Skincare, you’ll be excited to see where Kush Queen ends up! Check it out here!

How do we make bathing such an individual experience? Find out more as we were featured in Allure!

The technicolor world of Alice + Olivia now has a new shade of green in its rainbow through a partnership with luxury cannabis brand Kush Queen. The move into the CBD market for the womenswear label follows the recent launch of a cosmetics collection with Maybelline New York, expanding upon the brand’s commitment to beauty and self-care. 

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Ever wondered what beauty products the Sex and the City women would use today? We were listed! Check it out here!

Back when we first started talking to Bellacureswe knew Canna-Cure was going to be big but this is HUGE!

We are so honored to have hadUS Weekly’s Carly Sloanewrite such an honest and kind review of Canna-Cure and The Kush Queen products! We have highlighted some of our favorite parts below…

canna-cure: november special @ all California Bellacures locations


Chill out! Treating yourself to a manicure/pedicure after a long work week is always a treat, but if you can’t seem to fully de-stress and put down your phone at the salon, a nail treatment spiked with CBD (A.K.A. Cannabidiol, a compound found in the Cannabis plant) is for you.

“Bellacures, the celebrity loved nail spa, is introducing a new partnership with Kush Queen called ‘Canna-Cure’ launching on Monday, November 1, at their California locations to provide people with the ultimate relaxation experience. ”


While the ‘high-dea’ isn’t psychoactive and won’t get you high, the CBD-infused products are certainly therapeutic and calming. Get the details!

“I’m never one to pass up on any sort of dessert, so naturally, the CBD chocolate was no exception. I was greeted with a Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water and chocolate treat that started my day off on the right foot.”


Not only was it delicious, but I felt as if I was able to completely chill out from the inside out after eating it. (It might have been in my head, but hey, it worked!)

“The next step included a pure CBD soak where Kush Queen’s 100% organic bath bomb was dropped into water.”


If you’re sore from a SoulCycle class or have any sort of pain, this is the perfect remedy. The bath bomb is made with essential oils that are extremely nourishing and left my skin feeling hydrated and smelling fresh.


“After ridding myself of aches, my legs and arms were massaged with sugar-cane based CBD scrub infused with lavender, rosehips and borage oil. Any dry skin was completely buffed away and was left super smooth in a gentle but effective way.”


The Kush Queen CBD pain relief lotion was applied next and made my muscles feel strong and ready to go back to a workout class. It’s made with an organic aloe juice base and blended with powerful botanicals, so it glides on your skin easily and doesn’t leave any stickiness. Even better? It also provided an icy hot sensation because of the cooling menthol and warming capsicum that’s also in it. The tingly feeling was delightful and I was finally ready to get some color on my nails and toes!


I opted for a nude shade for my nails and toes that came out beautifully. As I sat and let the colors dry, I felt calm, cool and collected.

“I was ready to take on the day with a stress free mindset and vibe, not to mention, my nails and toes looked pretty beautiful too! Another plus? I noticed that I was even more relaxed at the end than when I have a normal service!”


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