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Kush Queen Holiday Gift Guides

In the guides below, you’ll find gifts that suit a range of loved ones, occasions, and budgets—from the litty committee to the wellness focused to the thoughtful recommendations that have the power to change someone's life. 
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Gifts for the Litty Committee

Named quite appropriately, these gifts are curated for those who like to get elevated. 

We're talking dispensary grade, lab tested, and dosed to perfection. They’ll be lit like the tree, and you'll steal the show this season!



Shop Kush Queen's for fitness friends 

The Must Haves For Fitness Friends 

Well all have that person who is dedicated to fitness.

These gifts will help with recovery, inflammation, or be a perfect addition to their pre-workout routine. Fun fact: runners high is actually the body producing endogenous cannabinoids.



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The Under $50 Gift Guide

Just because they're under $50 doesn’t mean they won’t leave a serious impact!

These cannabinoid gifts pack serious benefits from elevated mood to pain relief.

Kush Queen Holiday Gifts For Wellness

The Top Gifts For Wellness Obsessed 

There’s nothing like giving a gift that helps someone from the inside out.

CBD and cannabinoids are the perfect gift for the wellness obsessed who are looking to treat their bodies like a temple. 



Kush Queen Holiday Gifts For Lovers

The Lover's Gift Guide

From infused lubes to massage oil we’ve got the perfect gifts for your lovers.

Cannabis is a known aphrodisiac, perfect for helping people get in the mood or enjoyed during sexy times. 



Must have Kush Queen Stocking Stuffers


Mood Boosting Stocking Stuffers 

These infused stocking stuffers are perfect in size and price.

So many of our Kush Queen cannabinoid products make the best stocking stuffers. 



Happy Holidays From Kush Queen!

We love nothing more than being your gift concierge, some might say it's fun job but we take help you solidify the best gifts very seriously. 

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When it comes to cannabis, hemp, THC, and the 2018 Farm Bill, understanding the surrounding legality can get confusing.

This post breaks down how Delta 9 THC can be sold online and what to expect from this cannabinoid's effect. Plus, meet our new Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC Chews!

Let’s go! 

For starters, what is Delta 9 THC? 

On the most basic level, Delta 9 THC is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants like CBD, CBN, and CBG

Of all the cannabinoids, Delta 9 THC is the most commonly known. By default, Delta 9's euphoric effects are what most people think of when they think of the plant. 

Delta 9 THC Structure

When it comes to scientific formalities, Delta 9 THC is known as Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol and is the plants component for psychoactive effects. Of the many therapeutic benefits of Delta 9 THC, many users describe the effects as deeply calming, euphoric inducing, relaxing, and tension-releasing.

How does Delta 9 THC make you feel?

At Kush Queen, we describe our Delta 9 THC products as dispensary strength. High-quality Delta 9 THC products should deliver a noticeably intoxicating shift in consciousness even at low doses.   

Why the stronger effects? At its molecular function, Delta 9 THC has a stronger binding affinity to CB1 receptors found in our central nervous system than other cannabinoids. This strong binding ability is how we feel stronger effects from Delta 9 over Delta 8 for example. If you have tried Delta 8 products, the effects of Delta 9 products should feel stronger. 

How Delta 9 THC makes you feel also comes down to tolerance or your exposure to the cannabinoid and how much Delta 9 THC is in the product. 

For people that use THC, you can expect similar effects. New users that have never tried Delta 9, should start with lower doses to experience the shift in mind and body before trying full dose sizes. 

Now, why can you buy Delta 9 THC online?

This is where the 2018 Farm Bill comes into the picture. Under the 2018 Farm Bill certain amounts of THC content, 0.3% of dry weight to be exact, were deemed compliant, making it legal to sell hemp-derived full spectrum products containing limited amounts THC.  

When buying Delta 9 THC products, be sure to look at the COA (certificate of analysis). For the product to be sold in stores or online and meet the Farm Bill requirements to be considered hemp-derived, the product should feature less than 0.3% of THC by dry weight. All Kush Queen products meet the standards set in the 2018 Farm Bill to be considered hemp-derived. 

We also recommend you check local laws as some states regulate cannabis and hemp products differently even when buying products online. 

Meet Kush Queen’s New Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC

Y'all know we love releasing a new cannabinoid to the KQ community more than just about anything! We are so excited to share Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC Chews. Here are the most important things to note. 

Kush Queen Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC Chews

With Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC, you get more full spectrum, whole-plant benefits that unlock new levels of cannabinoid wellness. Perfect for when you want to feel uplifted!

The fast-acting, intoxicating effects of Gummies Rx Delta 9 can shift your mood, release tension and bring an extra sense of calm day or night. Featuring our best-selling fresh strawberry flavor, these gummies are a whole vibe!

Expect to feel delightfully shifted.

  • Dispensary Strength 
  • Includes 8 mg of Delta 9 THC and 12 mg of CBD Per Gummy
  • Farm Bill Complaint 
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free

It’s also important to note this is an adult-use-only product that is recommended for 21+ users. 


When it comes down to choosing which cannabinoid gummies are right for you, the most important factor to consider is how you want to feel. If you are looking for a balanced euphoric vibe try Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC Chews

* Disclaimer - Even with Farm Bill compliant levels of THC, users taking these gummies could fail a drug test which test for THC. 

National CBD Day started back a few years ago, five to be exact. Was it created by a major player in the CBD industry? Yes. Is it a marketing play? Yes. Has Kush Queen celebrated the day? Yes. 

While we celebrate National CBD Day, we’ve also been vocal about the need for a rebrand since it began. Every year as this day rolls around, our rally cries are the same; more conversation, education, and work to be centered around cannabinoids rather than only one cannabinoid and we ask our community to listen. 

But First, Let’s Give CBD The Cookies It Deserves

There is nothing wrong with celebrating the CBD molecule, we do wanna give CBD its cookies. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of at least hundreds of molecules we derive from the cannabis plant that interacts with your internal endocannabinoid system. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has done so much for the entire industry and cannabis movement. 

Without CBD’s mainstream run starting in 2018, we probably would not have the progress and proliferation of other cannabinoids we see today. 

Our point is the conversation we should be having is about how all cannabinoids work together and the benefits of the whole plant rather than just isolating CBD. As we say time and time again, it’s not just about CBD it’s about cannabinoids.  

Cannabinoids, Cannabinoids, Cannabinoids 

At Kush Queen, our products have never been just CBD, we’ve always been serving up full and broad spectrum plant extracts. Why? Because it’s more effective. 

We also believe that one cannabinoid should not define all cannabinoids. With CBG, CBN, THCV, and delta 8 THC you can see and understand these molecules, and their effects are unique.Some are best at night and others are better for the day. Some are psychoactive and others are non-psychoactive.

Just like how all CBD is not equal, all cannabinoids aren’t the same. And one CBD or THC isn’t better than the other. Like humans, they are all better together. 

We’ve never called ourselves a CBD company because we’ve always been a cannabis or cannabinoid company. One of our brand missions at Kush Queen isn’t to just sell CBD or any singular molecule, but to completely mainstream and normalize the daily use of cannabinoids. 

Kush Queen believes in the power of all cannabinoids.


The Pursuit of Living Your Best Life 

Our second and biggest gripe about National CBD day is the capitalism of it all. Sure, we are a brand and we are participating in the sales aspect of National CBD Day but the heart of Kush Queen lies in the fact that wellness and plants shouldn’t be defined by capitalism. 

We’re here for something beyond ourselves and everything we do at Kush Queen is in the vision of using our passion for the plant and the people that use it for the highest good.

Cannabinoid wellness shouldn’t be defined by capitalism, but by the human pursuit of living your best life. The cannabis molecules are more than just a National Day, they are a protest and a rebel yell. 

Find all of our cannabinoids on sale for 40% off this week! No code needed. 


Before jumping right in, we must go back to when we began our quest to answer a different version of this same question 6 years ago…how to make an instant cannabinoid concentrate.

It's 2016 and the California cannabis market was still in what we call the “early days.” At the time, the brains behind product development at Kush Queen were focused on solving two seemingly impossible problems… trying to make a great cannabis beverage and developing a topical that could provide serious relief. 

Back then cannabis extract mostly came in oil form and we all know that oil does not mix with liquids. Oil can’t penetrate your skin due to particle size or get mixed into beverages due to density reasons. Not to mention with the use of cannabis oil, the effects can take up to an hour to feel.

Our very own Chief Visionary Officer, Michael Sawyer, wan't satisfied with using oil for these types of products, so he got to work in the lab. He spent countless hours combing through the known science and technology available. It was possible to turn oil into water with several different methods, now we just had to apply the concept to cannabis.

Kush Queen's Instant Cannabinoid Concentrate

Turning Oil Into Water

Then like magic (read as tons of experimenting and hard work), Michael developed the first batch of what we now call Amplifi nanotechnology. This nanotechnology would become the backbone of our customer-loved topical formulas like Water-based Lube, Soaked Transdermal Shower Gel, and Melt Relief Lotion. 

By solving the problems of particle size and density, this technology is what makes our topical products truly transdermal and more bioavailable. 

So back to the original question…what is an instant cannabis concentrate?

An instant cannabis concentrate is really just cannabis concentrate in liquid form. The instant part is where the magic happens. 

As most of us know, “cannabis concentrates are extracted, condensed parts of the cannabis plant that contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids." Most concentrates make use of extracted oils from cannabis, which are rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. We take cannabis extract in oil form and with science and technology turn the oil into a nano-sized, water-soluble particle using our proprietary formula. This creates a liquid concentrate (water, extract, and natural flavors) that can infuse anything, instantly. 

Got a favorite beverage? Infused it. Have the perfect lotion? Add a few drops. Want to take it straight to the dome? No problem! 

Kush Queen's Boost Instant Cannabinoid Concentrate

Meet Bôost, Kush Queen’s Instant Cannabinoid Concentrate

The first of its kind, Bôost is a true water compatible, instant onset, flavorless concentrate that allows you to infuse any food, drink, personal care, or beauty product. Limits? There are none.

To recap, our proprietary, patent pending nanotechnology delivers the brains and beauty behind Bôost’s instant onset of effects. Cannabinoids get transformed into a size smaller than you can imagine so your body can absorb and transport the benefits quickly. We are still surprised at the speed!    

The quest to turn oil into water was long and now that it is complete, you can add Bôost to anything. Drop your desired dose into any food or beverage for instant infusion. It’s that simple. 

Bôost features our first liquid concentrate 8:1 ratio of hemp-derived Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC (Farm Bill Compliant). Micro or macro, this gives you the power to control the intoxicating effects. Each bottle comes with a dosing guide to help you get started.  

Sign Up For Early Access and Be One of The Firsts

We do not want you to miss out on the first batch of our revolutionary new formula! Get access to Bôost before it launches later this week; sign up here.

Written by Arian Roman

As 2022 marches on, we can observe tangible changes in the celebration of Black History Month, Pride Month, and (now) Juneteenth. 

What Does Juneteenth Represent?

On June 19, 1866, a year after the emancipation announcement, freedmen and women in Texas formed the first annual  "Jubilee Day". Early celebrations of this holiday were primarily used as political rallies to give voting information to newly freed African Americans. 

In 2016, at the age of 90, Opal Lee, the "grandmother of Juneteenth", walked from Fort Worth, Texas to Washington D.C. to petition for federal holiday status. Juneteenth finally became a federal holiday on June 17, 2021. Juneteenth is the first new federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr. Day became one in 1986. Juneteenth is a day of celebration and remembrance that although slavery has ended, there is still so much work to be done in the United States.

Opal Lee, 94, and hundreds of others walk towards downtown Fort Worth from Evans Avenue Plaza during the first national Juneteenth holiday on June 19, 2021
Opal Lee, 94, and hundreds of others walk towards downtown Fort Worth from Evans Avenue Plaza during the first national Juneteenth holiday on June 19, 2021. (Photo by AMANDA McCOY via Star Telegram)

Opal Lee with President Biden and VP Kamala Harris

US Vice President Kamala Harris and Opal Lee (2nd L), the activist known as the grandmother of Juneteenth, with US President Joe Biden before signing the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, in the East Room of the White House, June 17, 2021, in Washington. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Cannabis History and Black History Are Closely Tied Together 

Enslaved laborers work on hemp farm. Source: John Winston Coleman Jr. via the University of Kentucky.

“Black history is cannabis history. Black history is the United States history. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all permanently interlaced. So when we celebrate hemp legalization or pop fireworks on July 4th, we also need to acknowledge in the same breath that Black people’s literal blood, sweat, and tears are behind those celebrations.”

– DM Blunted


American cannabis is deeply intertwined with Black history and our nation’s troubled legacy of institutionalized racism. In fact, in the United States, cannabis was originally cultivated by enslaved people. Born in Kentucky, the American hemp industry flourished because of the forced labor of West Africans in which they grew the hemp seeds carried by their Virginian slave-masters. Kentucky became the biggest producer of American hemp and home to one of the largest populations of enslaved people. Things remained this way for almost a century until the Civil War forced a decline in demand.

Cannabis Businesses Have a Unique Role in the Celebration of this Holiday

We must not forget that black and brown folks sit behind bars in cities and states where recreational and medical cannabis prohibition continues. Even in Colorado, where adult use is legal and cannabis consumption is equal across racial demographics, Black people face much higher arrest rates than white people. Although cannabis arrests are down, there is a distinct and unsettling racial disparity. 

With legal cannabis programs in place, the public eye is finally addressing the cannabis-related inequalities and injustices in communities of color. These discussions range from equity programs that include business incubation, technical assistance, and distribution of new business licenses to no-charge expungements for cannabis-related arrests. 

Graph of racial disparities in cannabis arrests (2018)
(Image by SHAYANNE GAL/Business Insider)

Juneteenth is an example of a holiday that only Black businesses should rightfully commoditize. For some African Americans, Juneteenth is synonymous with financial liberation. The legalization of cannabis and the creation of social equity programs do not equal reparations for slavery by any means. But these equity programs can level out the playing field and start transforming the lives of descendants of enslaved people, ultimately helping them build generational wealth.  

Juneteenth in the 21st Century Faces Predatory Capitalists

From Walmart’s tone-deaf “Juneteenth” flavored ice cream to aisles filled with companies' cringe-worthy attempts to capitalize on historically-excluded populations, we have sadly reached a point in history where cultural movements are quickly manipulated for profit. 

Walmart's Exploitative Marketing

Social media platforms, targeted ads, and fast-moving corporations seeking to capitalize on messaging that will give them a competitive advantage rather than serve the collective. Cannabis industry stakeholders, for example, should focus on ending the stigma and unfair targeting African Americans face daily concerning marijuana charges. 

How You Can Get Involved

Supporting Black cannabis brands is the bare minimum non-Black consumers can do, especially since this demographic is routinely imprisoned and arrested at 3x the rate for this plant

The fact that this industry was built on the backs of African Americans, much like the rest of the United States, and yet Black cannabis brands continue to struggle is unacceptable. As an industry and a community, we can do better. We need to support one another, especially during this grueling socio-economic time.

Check out Cannaclusive's "Accountability List" for more information on how cannabis brands are showing up, and the ones making a difference in the space. 

At the start of my career in cannabis, long before I founded Kush Queen, I learned about the path to legalization in California and the shared history of the LGBTQIA+ community with cannabis.

From that moment on, I made it my mission to honor the Queer activists who came before us, the true OGs we can thank for providing us with safe access to this plant.

At Kush Queen, Pride is Honoring a Shared History

In the 1980s, Queer community leaders in San Fransisco ushered in the beginnings of legal cannabis as they worked to ease health and wellness struggles around the AIDS epidemic. Their real-life needs brought legitimacy to the medical cannabis conversation. Pictures of my Queer community heroes hang in my office; Cleve Jones, Dennis Peron, and Mary Jane Rathburn look over me as I run Kush Queen.

Brownie Mary, wearing one of her signature buttons. SCOTT SOMMERDORF / SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE / POLARIS

Brownie Mary, wearing one of her signature buttons. SCOTT SOMMERDORF / SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE / POLARIS

Also on my wall of heroes is Marsha P. Johnson, another great reminder of gay liberation and how we got here today. Her beautiful smile beams back at me as I write this

For those not familiar with her story, Johnson was a trans activist, self-identified drag queen, and a true survivor living in New York City. She was also one of the first protesters at the Stonewall riots in 1969. Many recall Johnson having thrown the first brick outside of the club, but the truth is no one really agrees on who or what started it (was it a brick? a bottle? or city cobblestone?). 

Marsha P. Johnson Poster by MICAH BAZANT
Marsha P. Johnson Poster by MICAH BAZANT

Nonetheless, everyone does agree that Johnson and fellow trans activist Sylvia Rivera played a massive part in the spontaneous protest against a police raid in those early morning hours. This act of social uprising is often viewed as the first Pride celebration, sparking a series of events that would change the LGBTQIA+ community forever. 

Pride is Revolutionary and Non-Conforming

Pride (as we know it today) is all about Queer celebration and love, but its roots are steeped in the journey of equal rights, visibility, and the acceptance of LGBTQIA+ people. It was never about rainbow-tinted capitalism, fleeting social media icons, and albeit, even super fun parades. Pride is about Queer liberation. 

"Stonewall was, at its core, about people reclaiming their narratives from a society that told them they were sick or pitiful or didn’t even exist," writes Shane O’Neill, a journalist for the New York Times. 

A 1970 photo of Marsha P. Johnson handing out flyers in support of Gay Students at NYU is seen here courtesy of the New York Public Library's "1969: The Year of Gay Liberation" exhibit.  Diana Davies/NYPL/Handout via Reuters, FILE
A 1970 photo of Marsha P. Johnson handing out flyers in support of Gay Students at NYU is seen here courtesy of the New York Public Library's "1969: The Year of Gay Liberation" exhibit. Diana Davies/NYPL/Handout via Reuters, FILE

After Stonewall, a new generation of gay activists emerged and organized, creating resources like the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR). These events and grassroots organizations focused on Queer individuals gaining access to equal rights as citizens while also helping the community find dignity, acceptance, and a sense of belonging within society. STAR, for example, provided housing and support to homeless LGBT youth and sex workers in New York City.

Pride is About Community and Peers Supporting Peers

For everyone at Kush Queen, Pride is about more than just a seasonal festivity, it’s about taking a stand, increasing visibility, and supporting our Queer communities all year round. 

This year Kush Queen is donating 20% of proceeds from our Pride Collection to The Social Impact Center, founded by beloved Queer cannabis hero Felicia Carbajal, as well as to the Trans Latina Coalition, a local Los Angeles community-led, and founded organization.

Kush Queen 2022 Pride Collection

Our Pride Collection for 2022 features a Delta 8 THC water-based and latex-safe infused lube and 1:1 Delta 8 THC and CBD Trans Flag-inspired bath bomb in honor of our trans brothers and sisters.

Kush Queen Pride Collection 2022

Queer Liberation is Still Needed

Currently, countless pieces of appalling legislation are moving through state governments as an attempt to target the rights of trans people, attack trans youth, and reverse decades-worth of progress. 

According to the advocacy group, Human Rights Campaign, over 300 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were proposed in 2022 alone.

Sam Ames, the director of advocacy and government affairs for The Trevor Project recently explained to CBS news "research has shown that as many as 85% of trans youth say that they are watching these debates over their identity play out,". Ames continues "the direct results of these bills when they pass are to take away things that we know are correlated with increased mental health and decreased suicide risk: sports team participation, seeing yourself represented in a classroom, being accepted by your parents and your healthcare professionals. These are all associated with significantly lower odds of attempting suicide." 

It feels like Queer liberation is more important than ever, especially with such blatantly coordinated attacks against people who identify as such. 

Pride is Personal

Inclusivity and visibility are part of Kush Queen’s DNA. From the all-gender restroom to the Queer individuals who appear in our content and work behind the scenes, Kush Queen's identity as a brand is unapologetically gay.

Kush Queen CEO Olivia Alexander protesting
Pride inspired Crystal Cult vape


As I get choked up thinking about my own experiences and identity, I can’t help but think about what a personal intimate experience celebrating Pride is for me. As a human, I self-identify not only as the CEO of this company but as a Queer woman surrounded by countless other Queer people in my life. People who are my family, friends, and frankly, my inspirations. I think of my parents raising a Queer son in South Louisiana and not once did anything but accept him for who he was. 

Since its inception, Kush Queen has celebrated Pride (year-round) and has raised well over $40,000 for Queer organizations, something I'm incredibly proud of.

Shop the 2022 Pride Collection and join our community for community support.

Hi, it's Olivia Alexander here, founder of Kush Queen. I pretty much live and breathe our brand. But when I'm not at HQ working, I'm usually on the interwebs, and lately, I have been doing a ton of podcasting.

I really enjoy podcasting because it allows for long-form content, and let's be real, I love to talk. Naturally, conversations around cannabis, being a female CEO in the space, and my other personal interests, like psychedelics, all came up. I wanted to share some of my latest interviews with you for your listening pleasure, and hey, maybe you'll fall in love with one of these podcasts and binge some episodes (like I have done many times).


Kendalls World | Mindset | Spirituality | Travel

I sat down with Kendall Furman, content creator and social media influencer dedicated to exploring travel, wellness, and more on Kendall's World.

In my episode of Kendall's World, we chat about all the healing benefits this plant offers. Furman isn't as experienced with cannabis, and she can't seem to find the right type of high, so I obviously dive into the complexity and uniqueness of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). I also teach her about endogenous cannabinoids and the myths surrounding cannabis.

Furman is an engaging host and even has video episodes on her Spotify. Her favorite new Kush Queen product is our CBG-infused Diamond Hands Gummies (which she's been raving about on her IG stories). Thanks, boo!


From Pot To Popular

Rosie Mattio is an acclaimed and accomplished woman in cannabis. Mattio is the founder of Mattio Communications, a powerhouse cannabis PR agency based in New York City. In addition to lifestyle and cannabis, the firm is also interested in working with brands from another emerging market, psychedelics.

On this industry-focused podcast, From Pot to Popular, we discuss what it's like to be a woman in cannabis, why representation in this industry matters, and why small businesses really, really matter (especially in cannabis).

While you're at it, check out this amazing byline by Mattio, on "Why 2022 will be a defining year for women in cannabis".  


That Budtender Podcast

Finally, I stopped by That Budtender Podcast for some serious girl talk and Seth Rogan slander. Hosted by cannabis journalist and Kush Queen ally, Bianca Blanche, listening to just one episode will have you craving a full sesh with the ex-budtender.

As a former budtender myself, fun fact: we actually got our start at the same dispensary but different years, Blanche and I give a well-deserved nod to the OG days of cannabis. Trust us, a lot has changed since then.

On my episode of That Budtender Podcast, we're getting a little stoney and speaking from the heart. We go over why I hate celebrity-driven cannabis brands, my experience consuming entheogen plants for my mental health, and dealing with the anti-cannabis tyrants at Instagram and TikTok.

There’s truly such an endless world available of podcasts and conversations. From Thirdwave to The True Beauty Brooklyn Podcast, I have over 16 hours of content on this playlist. I also have a bunch of exciting interviews coming up, so make sure to check them out. Not so much for me, but for the incredible women behind these amazing podcasts, especially if you're interested in learning more about women entrepreneurship, wellness, cannabis, and other psychedelics.

Follow us at Kush Queen for more interviews and brand updates!!

At Kush Queen, when it comes to the perception of cannabis, our POV has always been the same — it’s a plant. Oh, and that it’s a plant with numerous wellness benefits that can help people of any age treat everyday ailments like aching muscles, nervous energy, and sleep issues. 

If you are reading this article, you probably fall into one of three categories: you are either Gen Z, a millennial, or a Mom who was curious enough to get the tea on what the kids are doing. 

The Kush Queen team is a family affair

It's 2022, and parents want to know what we're thinking about cannabis and wellness. A lot of us have been using cannabis since high school, but have we all broached the subject with our Mom? Not exactly. But Mom is cool and curious, so it’s up to us to educate her and give her the power of using cannabinoids.

Let’s Break Down This Conversation Into 4 Focus Areas

Planning this conversion around wellness, science, policy, and history makes it easy to bring up, state the facts, and make it about helping them feel better. After all, that's what we want, right!?

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Rest assured that you are coming from a place of education once you share the information in this post, and if they don’t want to see the greener side of things, then that’s ok too! 

Just let them know you’ll continue to say, "you’d probably feel better with a little Mary Jane"! 

Model momma enjoys Kush Queen's CBD Chews


Start Low and Slow, Finding Wellness In The Middle Ground

Yes, we apply the same concept of taking edibles with how to talk to parents about cannabis. Most of their understanding of cannabis breaks down into 2 categories - using “pot” to get so stoned you're out doing crazy things with some dude in a dorm room (insert devil emoji) or it pertains to medical cannabis for cancer patients. 

In today’s modern cannabis market, we have the warm, welcoming middle ground of using cannabis as a daily wellness tool. 

Model holds Kush Queen's GummiesRX CBD Chews Collection 

Now, you can choose from a range of effects and delivery methods that are accessible to just about anyone. Just thinking about the Kush Queen product line, we have CBD bath bombsDelta-8 THC infused gummiesrelief lotions, and vegan-friendly skincare products. That’s a far cry from ripping hits from a giant bong!

Kush Queen products use the benefits of cannabis in a way that helps people of any demographic access this plant without having to fit into either the stoner character or be in need of serious medical level attention. 

Model holding KINGDM Cosmetics FOTO BLUR Primer


Times Have Changed And Our Favorite Plant Has Real Support

The modern-day cannabis industry has come a long way from some guys making weed brownies in their apartment with no dosage guidelines or buying a dime bag with no knowledge of what you were smoking. We’ve all been there, and thankfully, we aren’t any longer!

Kush Queen Premium Hemp Collection

We know legal cannabis has a ton of downsides, LIKE A TON, but a few of the good things to come from it include testing and the use of technology to understand the benefits of individual cannabinoids, strain-specific qualities, and ratio products that have come from standardization processes.

Plus, we're starting to see more research around using cannabis to treat specific issues by isolating individual cannabinoids to highlight their benefits and unique properties. 

An array of Kush Queen CBD 200mg Bath Bombs

Although CBD and hemp industries are not regulated by any government body, you can find quality products from companies that focus on transparency like Kush Queen, which self-governs using the same guidelines as legal markets. 

Blow Mom’s Mind, Introduce Her To THCv

Through the power of scientific research, over 140 different cannabinoids have been identified — that’s way more than just THC and CBD. 

One, in particular, is THCv, an exciting minor cannabinoid that has known benefits of boosting energy levels, curbing the appetite, and increasing focus. That’s right Mom, no munchies, no spacing out! (This is the part where you give Mom a bottle of Kush Queen Bare+ THCv and CBD tincture and challenge them to a 30-day experience effects test.)

Model momma consumes Kush Queen Bare+ CBD:THCv TinctureKush Queen Bare+ CBD:THCv Tincture

Policy and History, Where Did These Negative Opinions Form?

Why do parents generally have a negative opinion of cannabis? Reefer Madness. 
Reefer Madness poster courtesy of Retro AdArchives / Alamy Stock Photo
"Reefer Madness" poster courtesy of Retro AdArchives / Alamy Stock Photo

Our friends over at Jane Street perfectly sum up this crucial part of your conversation

"In the early 20th century, reefer madness was used to demonize the cannabis plant and its perceived users — mainly African Americans and Latin Americans. Prohibition was due in large part to institutional racism. Then in the 1960s, Nixon used prohibition to criminalize his major political enemies: African Americans and peaceniks." 

The article also quotes Nixon's domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman saying "We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course, we did." The leaders of our nation, folks. Sadly, not much has changed. 

To this day black individuals are 3.7 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis than white people, even though studies show equal rates of cannabis consumption between both demographics. Again, it's an evil agenda and system based on racism.  

Prepackaged eighths of Kush Queen premium hemp flower and prerolls pre-sesh

Ultimately, only you know if/when there is a right time to talk to your Mom about incorporating cannabis into her lifestyle. If you choose to swipe right on getting Mom elevated, honesty and authenticity are your best friends. Share the healing truth about this miraculous plant, and be open about your own personal relationship with it.

Sending flowers to all the canna-mommas! Happy Mother's Day <3

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We can’t get enough of the Kush Queen #SoakandToke and believe it or not, there is a method to the canna-madness. 

In case you missed it in our previous post, a Kush Queen 'Soak and Toke' combines dual delivery methods of consumption to help achieve an ideal effect. We're all about using cannabis to find our feelings this season. 

Model smokes Kush Queen hemp flower


Many people chop cannabis up to just getting high, but when you really know the plant, you can actually create different types of experiences. Gone are the days when you simply feel stoned.

Luckily, Kush Queen's new hemp CBD and Delta 8 flower pair perfectly with our customer's favorite award-winning cannabis and CBD-infused bath bombs and topicals. 

Lemon Octane CBD and Soaked Shower Gel

Kush Queen's Prepackaged Eighth of Lemon Octane CBD Flower


Pair the Lemon Octane CBD with our citrus shower gel Soaked; it's a spring-inspired combo that will uplift your body and mind. This strain's terpenes and fruity profile will give you a burst of energy. Our Lemon Octane CBD is a strain made from Lemon Snow CBG and Bubba Kush 66 and is high in CBG, the mother of all cannabinoids

Kush Queen's Soaked CBD Shower Gel


Think of this as the quintessential Sativa pairing, perfect for mornings or a mid-afternoon pick me up. Enjoy it in a pre-roll or pack it in a bowl with our pre-packed eighths. You’ll feel an elevated mood because of all the citrus terpenes and deep body chill. Use our Soaked shower gel as a bubble bath or shower gel. 'Shower joint' is now the new shower beer


Sour Space Candy and 1:1 Relax Bath Bomb

Kush Queen Sour Space Candy CBD + ∆8 Pre-Roll


This particular pairing is for those in search of the ultimate high. Sour Space Candy (SSC for short) is a Delta 8 strain, meaning it will definitely get you elevated. The origin of SSC is rooted in the genetics of Sour Tsunami, one of the first cultivars bred for high CBD. 

Kush Queen Relax 1:1 CBD & Delta 8 THC Bath Bomb


This hybrid strain has a delicious terpene profile that we've paired with our Relax 1:1 bath bomb infused with Delta 8 and CBD. If you really want to melt away, finish with a foot massage using our Kush Queen CBD-infused pain relief lotion Melt

Hawaiian Haze and CBD Awaken Bath Bomb

Model holds a Kush Queen Hawaiian Haze CBD + ∆8 Pre-Roll


Now, if you're looking for a pick-me-up or need to get rid of a nasty hangover, this pairing will lift your spirits way, way up. 

Our Hawaiian Haze Delta 8 and our CBD Awaken bath bomb is a delightful pairing of sweet terpenes and energizing essential oils that will leave you with the cerebral buzz you need to take on your day. 

Kush Queen Awaken CBD Bath Bomb


Feel like you're being transported to a remote island while your Awaken bath bomb softly fizzes in the background. 

While the genetics of Hawaiian Haze remains a mystery, cannabis folklore says it was created using mineral-rich volcanic soil in Aloha State, Hawaii. We suggest putting on some Riri or The Beach Boys while you soak, and you can thank us later. 

Kush Queen's Complete Mini Collection of Bath bombs


When it comes to cannabis, it's all about finding what works best for you. And that can mean using multiple delivery methods for the best possible outcome. Basically, the more the merrier when it's time for cannabis and self-care.

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Quickly following the creation of our award-winning CBD bath bombs, the Kush Queen Soak & Toke was born thanks to some innovative team members at headquarters. 

At Kush Queen, we don’t just spend our time perfecting our handmade cannabinoid products; we also perfect their use in our own daily lives. This dynamic relationship with our CBD and THC products allows our team to create wellness offerings that can extend a deeper connection between our consumers and this plant. You might call this R & D; we call it our favorite part of the job! You might also be asking yourself, what is "soaking and toking"? And is it even for you?

Kush Queen Olivia Alexander enjoys a cannabis Soak and Toke

Take it from the experts, a relaxing combo of Kush Queen's ultra-premium, indoor-grown hemp flower, and infused bath bombs is an opulent example of self-care at its finest. But before we dive into the experience of a Soak & Toke, do you know where the term "toke" comes from? 


A Touch of 'Toke' History

Enter Alice B. Toklas. An American writer of the early 20th century, Toklas openly shared a recipe for hashish brownies in her memoir-style recipe book. That notorious recipe solidified Toklas in cannabis history and gave us the shorthand for toke

Model reads "The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Women: How to Buy, Use, and Enjoy Cannabis for Recreation and Wellness" by Olivia Alexander

Learn more about Alice B.Toklas and other amazing women in cannabis history from Olivia Alexander’s new book, The Essential Guide To Cannabis for Women. 


To Soak & Toke? Or Not to Soak & Toke? It's Really Not Even a Question... 

There's a myriad of reasons to smoke cannabis in a cannabis bath, aside from being luxurious af. Ultimately, your skin is your biggest organ, and you want to tend to it accordingly. The cannabis bath bomb is a full-body topical experience that has you fully covered (literally)

Kush Queen cannabinoid-infused bath bombs allow you to feel the entourage effect, a medley of healing properties from cannabinoids and terpenes working together. Plus, soaking in hot water allows your pores to open up and absorb the cannabis compounds and essential oils profoundly, creating a lush full-body experience.

But here's the thing, the cannabinoids in our bath bombs don't cross the blood-brain barrier because due to the molecule size - they are too big. Unlike our topical cannabinoid products labeled transdermal, which will cross the blood-brain barrier and have the possibility of delivering more mind than body effects. 


How to Bathe like Weed Royalty

Maybe you're looking to take your bath effects even higher. That's where another delivery system comes in. Sure, you could pop a gummy, but most edibles take longer to hit than your bath will take. By smoking a pre-roll while you soak, you get an instant delivery of cannabinoids, which is why smoking is often the most beloved and popular way of cannabis consumption. 

Kush Queen cannabis products for Soak & Toke

A soak and toke is an incredibly simple yet impactful ritual with cannabis. Let’s look into this deep mind and body practice that could elevate your next moment of self-care. 

The first step to a proper Kush Queen 'Soak & Toke' is choosing one of our handmade bath bombs to use. Our bath bombs include: Relax, Relive, Sleep, Love, Awaken, Black Magic, and Immunity

Draw your bath and add any additions you like, such as a bubble bath (make sure the scent pairs with the bath bomb), crystals, music, candlelight, or even a beverage. 

Kush Queen Sleep CBD bath bomb fizzing

Start smoking once submerged in the tub. Our newly released Kush Queen hemp flower is the perfect pairing with your Kush Queen infused-bath bomb. Kush Queen's cultivar options include Lemon Octane, Pink Panther, Hawaiian Haze, and Sour Space Candy, for a range of complex tasting notes and effects.

Soak for 40 minutes and light up between 10 to 15 minutes in your bath. 


Extra Tips from the Experts at Kush Queen

Kush Queen CEO Olivia Alexander enjoys the new line of ultra premium hemp flower in a Kush Queen bath

The key to a successful soak and toke is preparation. 

  1. Make sure you remove the bath bomb seal with scissors while your water runs. 
  2. Always check the temperature while you're waiting for your bath to fill. No one likes a tub that's too hot or too cold. 
  3. Prepare your cannabis beforehand. There's nothing worse than a soggy nug or wasted pre-roll. 
  4. Keep a small hand towel nearby, a lighter, and an ashtray (no one wants to soak in ash).
  5. If you're toking on a Kush Queen pre-roll, make sure to keep it in the glass container until you're ready. 
  6. Combine other modalities like crystals, music, or starlight to finish off the perfect vibration.

Combining both a topical and oral delivery method is a way to take your bath deeper and your mind higher. We encourage you to experiment with the different infused-bath bomb and flower options available to create your own favorite pairings. 

Learn more about our bath bombs and how you can experience your own Kush Queen Soak & Toke!