September is national self-care awareness month. Since self-care is major bae at Kush Queen we sat down with CEO, Olivia Alexander to learn how to build a CBD self-care routine that can actually make us feel better. 

What’s the tea on building a CBD self-care routine?

Olivia: I meet so many people who have tried CBD but never felt any benefit. Sure there are a lot of variables here like you could be buying inferior CBD products or using a dose that is too low, but; you could also not understand the key components when it comes to creating harmony in the body with cannabinoids. 

When it comes to CBD, most people know this non-psychoactive molecule should not make you feel high, but rather help us feel better. As a long-time CBD user, I have perfected how to approach CBD as a tool for self-care.

Building a CBD self-care routine that makes you feel better day-to-day comes down to 3 things: 

  1. Consistency, we're talking daily use.
  2. Starting simple then building on your foundation. This shouldn't feel like a task.
  3. Listening to your body and adjusting over time. We change and so do our needs.

What is the most crucial factor when thinking about adding CBD to your self-care routine? 

Olivia: Consistency, consistency, and consistency! The first and overriding element when it comes to building a CBD self-care routine is regular use. You cannot sporadically use these molecules and expect them to improve wellness. In addition, we cannot expect to start using CBD when we are sick or stressed and think it can be a cure-all. 

You want to build a routine that is simple, approachable, and can be consistently maintained. 

Stick with whatever routine you decide on for a minimum of 30 days before you adjust. Keep it simple and stay focused on consistency. 

Kush Queen CEO shares advice on building a CBD self care routine.

What is an easy way to get started with building your CBD self-care routine?

Olivia: Start with one thing! Creating a multi-product regimen out the gate can leave you feeling like self-care is a task rather than a wellness tool. 

IMO, the best place to start is a daily CBD tincture; morning or night works. For total CBD newbies, I like to recommend Kush Queen’s bare 500mg CBD tincture. This CBD tincture is an approachable product to start integrating into your daily life; plus it's easy to control the dose and travels well. 

Now let’s build on this example. 

Once you are consistently using a CBD tincture, start to follow your daily use of Bare, with a single weekly CBD bath. There are so many benefits to bathing regularly when you add cannabinoids you unlock even more wellness potential. 

While bathing, I like meditating or a list of self-check-in questions that connect me to my mental and physical self. This is where the concept of “really feeling better,” kicks in. When we can align our mind and body needs and hear what our inner self is telling us, we can adjust our routine to help us fill those needs.

Let’s say you don’t have a tub or have the time for a bath, no worries! On some nights, I integrate our Soaked CBD shower gel into my nightly routine.

Lather up with the citrus body wash and let it sit on your skin for at least 30 seconds. Once I’ve lathered up, I breathe deeply and let the uplifting scents take me to a sunny place in my mind. 

Remember, getting started is typically the biggest hurdle. Once you start feeling the self-connection and benefits, adding on to your routine is fun!

What’s one of the overlooked elements of creating a CBD self-care routine?

Olivia: It seems like a no-brainer, but checking in with our bodies. If anything, we are taught to ignore what our bodies are communicating. 

So many of us lack the mind-body connection required to truly understand if CBD is working for us and creating homeostasis in the body. First, we must slow down and pause to be present enough to listen. Turn your attention inward, take deep breaths, and sit with your body. 

Try these for self-connection starter questions:

  • How have I been feeling these past 30 days?
  • Am I getting enough sleep?
  • Am I getting the movement I need?
  • Have I experienced changes in my stress level? 

Once you understand what your body needs building or adjusting your CBD self-care routine around those needs creates a self-care environment where you feel the benefits. 

Adding a weekly bath can help stack the benefits of CBD self-care.

How can regular CBD users ensure their self-care routine stays impactful?

Olivia: So you have been consistently using CBD for a minimum of 30 days and checking in with your body. It may be time to consider adjusting your dose, adding a new targeted effect, or make changes to your routine. 

Ask yourself, what am I trying to achieve? What am I missing that I was once getting? What is my body asking for?

Remember, our endocannabinoid systems are incredibly unique, like your fingerprint and DNA. It is normal to experience trial and error with products or have effects that once worked for you stop having the same impact. Your ability to check-in and adjust your routine is a constant when evolving your wellness and self-care tools. 

When using CBD to build a meaningful self-care routine, you must consider what else you are putting into your body. If you're not choosing healthy foods, drinking alcohol, or taking pharmaceutical drugs, manage your expectations for your CBD routine. 

Our bodies are incredibly sensitive and so are our minds. I’ve been active with CBD self-care for over 5 years now and I change my routine every 4 months. Most of my changes depend on the season, my stress levels, and maintaining my mind-body connection.


When it comes to using plants for their target effects, the experience is unlike using pharmaceuticals, which you just take daily and go on with your life. With cannabinoids, you are on an ever-evolving journey, but consistency, checking in and making adjustments are key elements to developing a CBD routine that makes you feel better. 

It's important to remember that using CBD and feeling better may not be this huge event. Our wellness and improvements are often smaller, simple moments we overlook. Feeling less stressed with current events, sleeping better, being able to enjoy the present more are a few indicators that your CBD self-care routine is working.

Ultimately, there is nothing like the power of harnessing your wellness - CBD is the perfect tool to begin that journey. 

National CBD day is this Sunday - we’re excited to celebrate at Kush Queen! Since National CBD Day became a thing in recent years, it's no secret that we have been outspoken about the power of the whole-plant approach versus CBD only. 

Want the tea? You can read our hot take on National CBD Day from last year here.

So we have our gripes about National CBD Day but what are we offering as the solution? We believe National CBD Day should be branded as National Cannabinoid Day. 

Why? Well, we know CBD or Cannabidiol by itself is just a lone ranger. You get a more powerful, effective CBD experience when we use products with full cannabinoid profiles. 

It's simple. Molecules of the cannabis and hemp plants work better together! When you consume more of the plant, you get more benefits. 

Here’s where your body comes into play. Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is meant to interact with a host of cannabinoids, not just CBD. Think of the ECS as a fancy thermostat or master regulator for your body. “The ECS is critical in achieving homeostasis by regulating a wide variety of physiological processes, reports Dr. Ashley Jordan Ferira. 

So when you nourish your ECS with a variety of cannabinoids, you are more likely to experience better effects and get your body more of what it actually needs.

This National CBD Day, we’re celebrating our collection of minor cannabinoid products and the science behind them! 

Kush Queen Bare+ THCV and CBD Tincture

The New Kid On The Block: THCV

Our Bare+ and Gummies Rx Focus are the hottest launches this year - both feature THCV. This appetite suppressant molecule continues to have new incredible science rolling in. A recent study with the molecule continues to show significant findings for THCV as a weight loss aid. Integrate these powerful products into your morning routine to see them work.

It’s important to note, Kush Queen THCV is delta 9 THCV because that's what all the research has been conducted on. It's also important to note that even though its name is THCV, this is still a hemp molecule. 

The Sleeper: CBN

No molecule is quite like CBN or Cannabinol when it comes to aiding in sleep. Long gone are the days where you struggle to get your night-edible dose and the groggy mornings that come with delta 9 THC. Our CBN Gummies are the perfect pairing for those looking to improve their sleep. After all, sleep is the cornerstone of good wellness and health. 

Kush Queen CBG Gummies


The Mother: CBG 

CBG or Cannabigerol is known as the bliss molecule. This minor cannabinoid is the precursor to CBD and delivers an uplifting and euphoric effect. When you think of the targeted effect CBG delivers, think mood booster. Our Gummies Rx Bliss delivers the perfect afternoon pick me up with the CBG to CBD combo.

The Fun Cousin: Delta 8 

2021 was the year of Delta 8 THC. The Kush Queen family has undeniably fallen in love with our Extra Strength Delta 8 and CBD products. From our bath bombs to our gummies, we have a little something for everyone. Trust us when we say, the lifted chill vibe is a must-try.


All of these minor products contain CBD and a naturally occurring cannabinoid profile from the plant herself. At Kush Queen, we were founded to bring you the cannabis and hemp molecules in her highest forms. 

Our cannabinoid profiles are what make Kush Queen CBD products so effective and our commitment to minor cannabinoids is because of their power to bring targeted effects. 

Happy National Cannabinoid Day! We’ll be having specials all weekend, be sure to sign up for our email list and SMS alerts for the best deals


Welcome to our new blog series, Cannabis Culture. The posts will be dropping facts and reminding folks about the people, origins, and meaning within cannabis culture. 

First up, 710 Day 

July 10th, 7/10, is a day dedicated to uplifting cannabis oil. Known in some circles as Dab Day, 710 is the lesser-known cannabis holiday designated to celebrate oil. 

Now you might be asking, what is the significance of 710? 710 upside down spells out OIL which translates into any oil-based cannabis product like concentrates, dabs, hash, and distillate.

The origins of 710 are somewhat vague but most people agree that celebrating this cannabis holiday started around 2012. With legalization and access to safe products expanding around that time, the use of oil and concentrates became more common. 

710 celebrates 2 of the most important yet overlooked things in cannabis today: the concentrate and culture. 

The Importance of Cannabis Oil at Kush Queen

While 710 does not have the heat or appreciation that 420 does, this day holds a special place at Kush Queen. 

Every single Kush Queen product begins with the presence of cannabis oil. Once the hemp biomass gets processed into solvent-free finished oil, it arrives at our Kush Queen hemp facility. 

At this time, the oil becomes the magical ingredient in our products. Some of our products contain CBD in its oil form, while others use the oil after it gets converted to our patent-pending water-based nano form.

710 is also a moment for us to celebrate and examine something so important to cannabis and Kush Queen: the culture. 

Kush Queen Live Resin Sauce

Oil and Cannabis Culture

Using oil-based concentrates has an entire culture of its own within the cannabis community. Generally speaking, any style of vaporizing cannabis concentrate or extract falls under the term dabbing.  

Within the community, you have folx that will only use concentrate and see this delivery method as a far superior way to use cannabis. People on this side of of the community, aka the dabbers, argue that this delivery method is more efficient and preserves the true essence of the strain and flavors. 

Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum where "many people are uncomfortable about dabbing, as they view the use of a blowtorch and the application of intense heat in a negative light and are intimidated by the process," states Leafly.

Here is a reminder we all need to hear from time to time. There is a place for everyone and their favorite delivery method, no need to stigmatize someone's preferred method.

Leafly also shares, "thanks to better regulations concentrates are becoming safer to manufacture. Hopefully with time and informative resources, we can shift public opinion about the often misunderstood world of cannabis concentrates."

If you’ve never tried a dab, do your homework, know your tolerance and proceed with a well-intentioned homie. You might figure out that dabbing is for you and 710 is now your new 420.  

710 Is Part Of Our California Culture

Back a short few years ago, before California’s Prop 64, which legalized cannabis in California for recreational sale, and before the farm bill virtually legalized hemp nationwide, times were radically different. 

710 meant we communed together on the highest of holidays and headed out to the desert to celebrate at a festival long gone called Chalice Festival. Chalice Festival was a celebration of oil, hash, music, art, and the cannabis community. 

Of course, Kush Queen was there! For three days we would smoke, share, sell, and celebrate in public with the community. It feels like yesterday we were setting up our booth to share the weekend with our friends and celebrate the culture surrounding oil.

Kush Queen team at Chalice Cup

There is something so important about the festival experience. For us, this experience was part of Kush Queen earning our place at the table to interact, educate and sell oil-based products directly to people in the community. 

Then there is the innovative culture of oil and its surrounding technology.

In Willamette Week, Brianna Wheeler shares, “since recreational cannabis laws allowed for such significant advancement in extraction tech, Dab Day is more than just a general celebration of cannabis oils or dabs." 

For example, without the innovation and technological advancements around oil extraction in the last 10 years, our products like Gummies Rx and Melt Relief Lotion would not be as effective or bioavailable.

710 is also a day to "consider all of the ingenuity, innovation, and infinite possibilities within the cannabis industry. As well as a reminder to continue to fight for nationwide cannabis clemency and expungement so that those criminalized by the War on Drugs, have lucrative, fulfilling, and scientifically radical career opportunities awaiting their reentry.”  

We would like to introduce you to The Social Impact Center which leads the Los Angeles National Expungement Week efforts. N.E.W. provides year long coordinated relief clinics, discussions, and healing sessions that provide relief, equity, and opportunity in communities historically and currently impacted by the War on Drugs. We highly recommend The SIC if you want to get involved in supporting criminalized communities.  


The Kush Queen fam will be celebrating 710 with a 50% off sale on select products! Be sure to sign up for our email or SMS list to get the secret code.  

Join us in celebrating 2 of our favorite things: cannabis oil and culture. 

With the upcoming launch of Gummies Rx Focus, Kush Queen’s new CBD and THCv gummy, we caught up with KQ CEO Olivia Alexander to get the details!  

Get The Inside Scoop On Kush Queen's New Gummies Rx Focus, CBD and THCv Gummy

Q: Let’s start with the basics. Most of us are familiar with CBD but what is THCv?

Olivia: The quick background on this exciting minor cannabinoid comes down to THCv’s surprising potential benefits. Think the opposite of typical stoner effects. 

THCv or tetrahydrocannabivarin is a cannabinoid predominantly found in Sativa dominant strains. Like its name suggests THCv is similar to THC in molecular structure and psychoactive properties at high doses.

Importantly, THCv at lower doses has the potential to provide pronounced and altogether different effects like smooth energy, heightened focus, and curbed appetite.

You can get a deep dive on on THCv’s effects and research in our post, What is THCv? 

Q: We know you are the resident and OG product tester! What’s your favorite way to use Gummies Rx Focus, CBD and THCv gummies? 

Olivia: Hahah! So I’ve been using Gummies Rx Focus for about 2 months now. My two favorite ways to use Gummies Rx Focus are pre-workout and as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. As an early riser with an early bedtime, I was using coffee to boost myself, I've replaced my afternoon coffee with Gummies Rx Focus. The 7:1 CBD to THCv combo gives me smooth energy without the jitters. 

Q: Kush Queen launched bare+, a CBD and THCv tincture why launch a gummy now?

Olivia: Gummies are hands down a KQ community favorite delivery method for ingestibles and to be honest gummies are accessible to more people. When we think about product development for new cannabinoids, giving more people access and delivery method options is always a priority.

Gummies Rx Focus provides an easy on the go and discreet delivery method. Plus, the gummies are a better tasting option for those that are new to tasting natural cannabinoid flavors.

Kush Queen's new CBD and THCv gummy, Gummies Rx Focus

Q: Since launching THCv at Kush Queen, what’s been the most surprising thing you’ve learned about this minor cannabinoid? 

Olivia: The amount of people who already knew about the power of THCv and were seeking it out in legal cannabis markets but couldn’t find consistent access to this minor cannabinoid. People have also shared their personal experiences about successfully using THCv as an appetite suppressant.   

Q: What’s the most important thing to know about using a product with THCv? 

Olivia: Keeping your THCv consumption at low doses is integral to the efficacy of this cannabinoid’s effect. At Kush Queen, we do not recommend mixing Gummies Rx Focus with other molecules known to increase energy as you may get an extra heightened effect. For example, CBG plus THCv would give an intense upper-like effect which can be a little overwhelming.

Q: What’s your advice for folx using a THCv product for the first time?

Olivia: For first-time users, I suggest taking THCv in the morning after breakfast or with a mid-morning snack. Be mindful of taking a product like Gummies Rx Focus on an empty stomach (I don’t recommend) and don’t take THCv too late if you are trying to go to sleep, lol! 


Tomorrow Gummies Rx Focus launches with a 7:1 ratio of CBD and THCv! 

If you are looking for a mood boost coupled with smooth energy, give our CBD and THCv products a try.


Welcome to what your bath bomb says about you, Kush Queen edition! 

At first glance, you might not think twice about choosing your favorite bath bomb, but when it comes down to your pick for a CBD bath bomb, it says a lot about you. 

From the color to the essential oil blend, to the dose... your Kush Queen CBD bath bomb turns into a crystal ball. You are after all what you soak in. 

If you have ever wondered what your CBD bath bomb says about you, read on because it's time to get roasted like you're sitting in a hot CBD bath. 

Find Your Favorite CBD Bath Bomb and Matching Personality Reveal

Love CBD Bath Bomb, 100mg

Hey you, sexy thing!

Let’s get into it, on Thursday nights, we can find you prioritizing self-pleasure. You leave everyone ‘on read’ while you binge 90 Day Fiance and Real Housewives. An ideal vacay is you, solo on a sandy beach with a spicy jalapeno margarita in hand. 

When it comes to dating, you’ll match with all the hotties on Hinge, but won’t ever go on a date. We don’t blame you either! 

Plus, you’ve got Kush Queen water-based CBD lubricant on a monthly subscription. 

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb

Relieve CBD Bath Bomb, 1000mg

We can see your athleticism from here. 

Really your abs are making us uncomfortable. You are constantly fooling people with your fitness lifestyle; we know you're a heavyweight in the gym but what we didn’t know is that you’re also a heavyweight when you hit the bong. When things get a little turnt, your secret pleasure is a late-night drive-through!

Melt CBD Relief Lotion is your second favorite Kush Queen product and you’ll rub it on everything and anything that hurts.

Relax CBD Bath Bomb 25mg

You're a basic bitch and you wouldn't have it any other way. 

The kids today would call you Chuegy, but all you want is to live, love, and laugh. The chances that you are diffusing lavender right now are very high and you’ve been all about CBD since day one. A true Kush Queen, we see you. 

We do have to break it to you though, it is time to try a higher dose CBD bath bomb. Go for the Relax 100mg and thank us later!

Sleep CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg

The Low Key Luxury Soaker

You're the one we have to check on mid-soak because you just may fall asleep in the bathtub. A self-made early riser whose life was changed by Nespresso, you aren’t afraid to splurge when it comes down to kicking off the day just right or sleeping well! You will steal your cousin's high-end hair clips regularly and can’t relate to people who don’t like sparkling water. 

On night’s you want to get those crucial 14 hrs of shut-eye, you’ll pop a Gummies Rx Sleep post-bath!

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs

Matcha CBD Bath Bomb, 25mg

You are a tea-only, non-coffee drinking aficionado.

We won’t look at your weekly screen time averages (yikes) but we know you love an aesthetic-driven Instagram feed and sending your friends endless but accurate tiktoks. 

You live at the intersection of fashion and food. Spending your last dime on expensive sushi is a weekly ritual. In a nutshell, you are the combo of thrift finds and Balenciaga sneakers because you live for a lewk. 


Today is national relaxation day! Join the celebration by soaking in your favorite Kush Queen CBD bath bomb! 

Shop all Kush Queen CBD bath bombs, here. 


Happy Pride Month! As we usher in June and celebrations of the LGBTQ+ communities, we want you to know why we celebrate pride. 

For us, it comes down to bringing awareness to the shared history of the LGBTQ+ and cannabis communities, social responsibility, and visibility. We are committed to using our platform and our voice for the highest good.

At Kush Queen, you will always be seen, represented, and given space. Here are the reasons why we’ll always celebrate Pride year-round! 

Shop Kush Queen's Pride CBD Party Pack Collection

The Shared Histories of LGBTQ+ Communities and Cannabis Legalization Progress

As Pride season kicks off, it's time to reflect and celebrate the shared history of cannabis and the LGBTQ+ community and remember how the path to legalization started.

1980s LGBTQ+ activists and change leaders’ fight for liberation and the HIV/AIDS movement led to the beginning of modern cannabis legalization via Proposition 215. 

LGBTQ+ community activism led to California adopting the first medical cannabis legislation in the United States in 1996, opening the doors for AIDS patients and many others to gain access to plant medicine.

Simply put, we would not have this progress without the organizing and grassroots efforts led by LGBTQ+ communities. These communities understood the power of coming together for the collective good to increase equality for suffering individuals.

By celebrating Pride, we hope to honor the activists’ spirit and keep their passion for cannabis access alive, shape normalization, and build more equity for LGBTQ+ people in the industry.

Sharing Our Platform With Community Building Partner, Asylum Connect 

We believe in, understand, and trust the power of community. Our concept of community and building equity led us to partner with Asylum Connect for the second year. 

Asylum Connect is the first and only digital resource for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and other persecuted LGBTQ+ people. Asylum Connect connects people with affirming communities that can help with essential needs including medical, mental health, housing, transportation, translation, educational, and employment services.

Every day, Asylum Connect, a community-led non-profit uses digital spaces to facilitate the safe navigation of people fleeing persecution due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.  

We’ll be donating 20% of the profits from the Pride Collection to Asylum Connect and sharing our platform to raise awareness of their mission to ensure every LGBTQ+ person fleeing persecution knows where it is safe to go for help. 

Kush Queen's 2021 Pride CBD Collection Is Perfect For Pool Hangs!

Creating An Equitable and Visible Workplace

One of the biggest perks of being a family-owned and operated business is creating the exact work environment that we wanted and needed when we began looking for employment. 

For the members of our community, our family, and the folks just looking in from the outside, we are committed to celebrating all types of love, people, orientations, identities, and diversity. 

In our sphere of influence, we are working to improve the livelihood, the perspective, the inclusivity of LGBTQ+ communities within the cannabis space.

For us, that looks like hiring LGBTQ+ people, paying them fair wages, and creating a workplace where you can 100% be yourself and receive organizational support. 


We will continue to use our platform to lift communities that have paved the way for Kush Queen. 

Join us in celebrating Pride! Shop our 2021 Pride Collection and support Asylum Connect in the process. 



Today marks the year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, a Black man from Minneapolis, MN who was murdered by law enforcement.

His was one of the many heartbreaking deaths that sparked a summer of protests, discussions on civil injustice, and the beginnings of reforming systematic inequalities in America.

When we think of the past 365 days, what’s changed, and where we are; there is still so much work and healing to be done.

Mental health is one of the critical issues facing Black communities in America and sadly, because of the racial injustice African Americans face daily, this community has become more susceptible to experience mental illness.

Mental Health Issues Faced By Black Communities

“Racism is a public health crisis,” according to a May 2020 statement from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). This means that racism — whether unintentional, unconsciously, or concealed — has affected Black Americans’ access to equal and “culturally competent” health care.

Racism is also a stressor for mental health problems.

In the U.S. surgeon general’s groundbreaking 2016 report Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health, it states that Black Americans “are over-represented in populations that are particularly at risk for mental illness.”

Why? NAMI, “the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization,” says it’s because Black people in the United States have been affected by racism and racial trauma “repeatedly throughout history.”

To break it down, racism and racial trauma did not end with the abolition of slavery in 1865, the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, or the election of the first Black U.S. president in 2008. The protests of 2020 are a sharp reminder of that.

Mental illnesses such as depression and substance abuse can have a biological component, but they also can be caused or made more likely by external factors.

The Stigma Around Seeking Mental Health Care

According to the U.S. Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, Black Americans are less likely to have their mental health problems addressed than Americans as a whole: about 30% compared to 43%.

While most studies find about the same or less (depending on age) incidences of mental health problems among Black Americans, they are less likely to seek help for it. Only one-third of adult Black Americans who need mental health care receive it.

A big barrier might be that there is still a stigma or shame attached to needing mental health treatment, especially among the Black community. Working to removing this stigma is necessary to get more Black Americans into treatment.

Among the ways to do this are:

  • Teaching people that the brain is like any other part of the body: sometimes it needs treatment.
  • Replacing the idea that mental illness is a weakness with the idea that it takes strength to acknowledge a problem and to try to fix it.

Black Mental Health Resources

Here are some free or low-cost sources for mental health treatment:

Here are some sources for culturally competent mental health providers:

At Kush Queen, we want to help to start a conversation about how racism affects the African American community's mental health. And help to reduce the shame and stigma sometimes associated with mental illness and mental health treatment.

The content of this post was originally featured on Sunshine Behavioral Health’s website and is being shared with their permission.


Hi - it’s Olivia, Kush Queen founder. 

As you’ve probably heard, May is mental health awareness month. A month intended to educate people on the 18.1% of Americans who live with depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder; the realities of living with these conditions; and the strategies for attaining mental health and wellness. Over this month, I’ve seen countless campaigns, social tiles, and messaging around the topic but not many personal stories.

Today, I’m going to share my mental health journey.

For me, every day of my life is mental health awareness month. I was diagnosed bipolar in my early 20s and knew pretty much my entire life that I had some form of mental illness. I had my first nervous breakdown at age 6 and struggled from that moment on to sleep. As my friends got older and began sharing more about internal feelings, I knew my feelings weren’t normal. 

When I turned 18, I started getting formal treatment. 

Chapter 1: My Experience With The Mental Health System

There was little that could prepare me for entering the U.S.’s mental health system. The revolving door of pharmaceutical drugs, the side effects, the blood work, the talk therapy. 

During this time, I got sober, I even avoided cannabis at one point. I got a formal diagnosis in my 20’s. Bipolar they said. I remember reading, googling, and feeling like the diagnosis sounded pretty spot on. 

I felt a sense of calm knowing this was actually it, but as I dove deeper into my bipolar diagnosis I felt even more alone. Sure there are plenty of people with bipolar disorder, I just couldn’t find anyone having long periods of stability, being happy, and ultimately living their life. The hard truth I learned at that point is that in some ways I felt more alone, more convinced I didn't belong here more than ever. 

In the depths of my despair, I had a moment where I remember being so afraid for myself. So afraid I would take my own life that I did whatever and took whatever my doctor prescribed. I spent 7 years in the U.S. mental healthcare system and felt like I literally walked in a circle. 

I exercised, I explored new age spirituality. I had moments of joy, but nothing that was ever long-lasting. I couldn’t keep relationships and I could barely function with my own family. Most days felt like isolation and I spent most of my time deep inside my dark thoughts. 

Day after day, year after year the only constant I had was that I was broken. I was bipolar, I had a chemical imbalance. And after doing everything doctors and psychologists recommended I still felt like death was a better option than living.

Kush Queen Founder, Olivia Alexander

Chapter 2: My Turning Point and The Beginning of Kush Queen

After my 7 year journey, I began to explore other options. I used cannabis and high doses of CBD to ween off the pharmaceuticals ( i strongly advocate for doing this under the care of a doctor) which happened to be around the time I started creating Kush Queen CBD products with my family. 

There’s something so raw yet beautiful about the fact that we really did develop the products for me from the depths of my desperation. No matter how many times I tell the story of Kush Queen and the products, it could never capture the place I was in and the severity of my mental health state. 

I truly believe this is why the products at Kush Queen are so much more effective than other CBD products. The products and the people that believed in Kush Queen saved my life. 

The beauty of it all is that we got Kush Queen out of some of my darkest times. But most importantly to me, is that we have gotten this incredible platform to talk about mental health. 

Chapter 3: I’m The Person I Was Always Looking For

Now, I get to be the person who I was always hoping to find, that says you can live with bipolar disorder or mental illness and thrive. I want you to know that there are people who get better and live completely successful lives. 

Having a mental illness is just a part of your story, but not your whole story. I get to be the person to tell you that there is so much more healing out there than our current mental healthcare system can provide. 

I have to remind myself all the time, our mental health system is, after all, a system and institution designed to treat people en masse. There are simply constraints to what it can provide and why so many people are unsatisfied and ultimately left like I was often, back at square one.

It’s why cannabis was the catalyst to lead me to the major realization that my mental health care was more in my control than I thought. That I could impact the way I felt and acted. 

That it was MY mental health and I was going to take control of my healing. I couldn’t help but think of how when I broke my arm in 4th grade, they didn't give me a pill, they gave me a cast. My body healed my arm, why could it not heal my mind? 

This simple thought opened up a new chapter in my life for my mental health and wellness. It was mine and I would pursue whatever it took to feel like my best self and rebuild my desire tp experience the joy of life. 

Chapter 4: Where I Am Today

Nothing was perfect nor is perfect today and I won’t pretend it’s easy. For me, consistency in everything was what made the difference. In my cannabis and CBD use, in the exercise, in the therapy, in the shadow work, in the inner child work, in the microdosing, in going to nature, in doing trauma work, and in doubling down when things get tough. 

We all have the power to rewrite our stories, reclaim our healing. And if we do get the privilege of recovery to find that joy to live, we must share our stories so we can pass them on.

No, our healing won’t look the same because our diseases are not the same, but our literal existence should be celebrated and broadcast as a sign of hope that we are all not doomed to a life of misery. 

This is why I share that I am bipolar in every interview I get because we have got to not only rewrite our stories but help rewrite and reframe the way we think about mental illness.

Part of my journey is to normalize real conversations about mental illness, to put faces and stories to the diseases. So if another young person is diagnosed bipolar they can find a little light and comfort in knowing there are people out there thriving with their mental illness. 

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We imagined a wellness tincture that could boost your daily energy levels, heighten focus, and defy the typical stoner stereotypes. bäre+, CBD and THCV tincture was born.

Meet bäre+, your new favorite wellness supplement delivering smooth energy and motivation to keep you functioning all day. Featuring the potent combo of CBD and Δ9THCv, bäre+ relieves stress, supports daytime functionality, and unlike THCV, works to suppress the appetite. 

Targeted Effects of a CBD and THCV Tincture

  • Smooth Energy
  • Heightened Focus
  • Anti-Munchies
  • Stress Relieving 
Kush Queen Bare+ 1050mg CBD and 150mg THCV


When trying to achieve the targeted effects listed above, the amount of THCV used in the product is an important factor. With any THCV product, you want to make sure you are getting the molecule as advertised, not a watered down product or a product with high amounts of THCV. 

bäre+ features a ratio of 1050mg of CBD and 150mg of THCV in each bottle. Each tincture bottle contains thirty 1mL doses with approximately 5mg THCv and 30mg CBD. And just like the rest of the bäre daily wellness line, bäre+ only feaures two ingredients: extra virgin olive oil and hemp extract.

Wait, But Why Pair THCV with CBD? 

After learning about the benefits and properties of Δ9THCv at low doses, our R&D team was on a mission to create a revolutionary product that could deliver the opposite of the typical stoner experience. 

If you haven’t heard of THCv, read up on the molecule's details and why we are so excited about this minor cannabinoid in our post, What is THCV? We dig into: 

  • The effects
  • Why not all THCV is created equally
  • THCV research (yes, there is medical research on this molecule)
Kush Queen Bare+ CBD and THCV TIncuture with Olivia Alexander

Don’t Take It from Us, These bäre+ Reviews Are From Real Kush Queen Customers 

Renee Smith, Verified Buyer Reviewed bäre+ CBD:THCV Tincture

“I’m obsessed. Truly. I felt the appetite suppression the first day but after two weeks? I can’t describe the sense of well-being and heightened energy. I’ve tried lots of supplements and etc and this is my gold star. I just purchased 4 more bottles. Incredible product. I feel so good! I had this sudden urge to run after not doing so for 15 years. I dance around. I’m so grateful for this magic potion!”

Elisha Delorto, Verified Buyer Reviewed bäre+ CBD:THCV Tincture

“Incredible product. Amazing results. It works to suppress appetite without the jittery feeling you get from most appetite suppressants.”

Kimberly Gamboa, Verified Buyer Reviewed bäre+ CBD:THCV Tincture

“I absolutely love that this tincture is in olive oil and it MCT, for people with coconut allergies like me this is so exciting and appreciated. I do need to take a full dropper and a half to get the desired effects- I have been taking it twice a day in the morning as my inspiring pick me up and in the afternoon as my “cup of tea” I really love this product. I just wish it was slightly stronger so I could take less.”

Channae Appel, Verified Buyer Reviewed bäre+ CBD:THCV Tincture

“I love every product from Kush Queen! This one is my new favorite though! Amazing, and without me wanting to munch on unnecessary snacks! LOVE!”


If you are looking for a tincture to nourish your endocannabinoid system, boost daily energy levels and help curb your cravings, give bäre+ a try! The powerful combination of CBD and THCV is truly a unique experience. 

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After a more-than-stressful year of pandemic life and with warm temps popping up in most places, it’s time for a spring/summer skincare routine revamp!

3 CBD Skin care Tips for a Spring Glow-up

  • Exfoliate on the reg

  • A Spring skincare revamp isn’t just about your face. Exfoliating from head to toe can get your skin ready to wear that perfect summer *lewk*. Renew CBD Sugar Scrub not only smells amazing but feels just as great. I keep the large version of it in my shower and use it on my arms, legs, chest, and booty probably 2x a week. The sugar gets rid of any dead skin and the CBD helps calm any redness or irritation. I’m left with fresh, polished, and soft skin. Renew definitely helps me feel ready to throw on even the teeniest bikini.

    Woman exfoliating skin with scrub

  • Use a CBD mask 1-2x a week

  • My favorite mask in the warmer months is a homemade one. I always stay stocked with Kush Queen’s bare CBD tincture to ingest but you can also use it in combination with a few other natural ingredients for a face mask that will help even skin tone and keep you glowing.

    What you’ll need: 

    • ½ teaspoon lemon juice
    • Bare CBD tincture (any mg dose)
    • 2 teaspoons raw honey

    Start by mixing the lemon and honey, add about 5-10 drops of bare CBD Tincture, and mix. Layer it on your face for a good 15 minutes! It may not look pretty but your skin will be thanking you afterwards.

    CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that will help calm any dry irritated skin and the combo of lemon and honey will help lighten sun spots and scarring leaving you glowing.

  • Moisturize and use SPF!

  • While most of us probably haven’t been wearing makeup in the last year (thanks masks), I find myself wearing even less, if any, once the temps heat up. I rely on having my skin in tip top shape so I don’t feel the need to wear foundation. 

    Defynt CBD skin serum is one Kush Queen product I’m constantly needing to refill because I use it day and night. The effective ingredient list is awesome for all skin types, even the most sensitive. I love this serum because it’s light yet effective and in summer months, when I don’t typically use as heavy of a moisturizer as I would in the winter. The hyaluronic acid plumps my skin while the CBD works its anti-inflammation magic. 

    Once I let my Defynt sink into my skin, I apply my favorite face SPF and I’m ready to head out into the sun! With the risk of sounding like your mom, don’t underestimate how important protecting your skin is. We stan SPF!

    Kush Queen founder Olivia Alexander


    I hope some of these tips help keep your skin in tip top condition especially during the change of seasons. It’s important to listen to your skin and if something that has worked in the past isn’t any longer, it may be time to switch it up. Remember CBD is your skincare friend

    Stay glowing, queens!