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As humans, I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the global impact of COVID19. People are getting sick. Others are panicking. Workers are getting laid off. Businesses have been forced to close or have done so voluntarily. Those who can are self-isolating to try and help flatten the curve. 

I personally was already experiencing tons of change recently. It was all positive and of my own accord and then BAM!!--Coronavirus interrupts my plans and any sense of control I thought I had. 

Like most millennials, I waver between anxiously reading updates and wondering what the future holds to seeking comic relief and positivity from memes and content online. I’m incredibly fortunate to have taken a new job at Kush Queen that allows me to work from home. This past week I began self-isolation and only leaving the house to walk my dogs and pick up essentials. 

Seeing as how none of us has any clue how long this will last, I needed to regroup in order to adapt to my new lifestyle. The good habits I’d built recently will have to be restructured to fit my present reality and modified to include more self-care. So I’m documenting what a day of self-care in isolation looks like with the help of Kush Queen.

Namaste Inside during the COVID quarantine and use CBD to get me through!

Focus Area - Mental Health

Quarantine Routine - Daily Mental Moment

Since I’m not getting up to go to an office anymore, I have extra time that I didn’t use to have in the mornings. I’m taking this moment to meditate, which I’ve struggled to do even in more certain times. This is where I take my first dose of Bare CBD Tincture to help my mind remain calm as I remember WTF is going on in the world right now. After I hold the tincture under my tongue for a minute or so, I begin breathing consciously through my nose and apply Melt Pain Relief lotion to my already tense shoulders, massaging any knots and tightness out. 

I sit in a comfortable position with my eyes closed and recite the Reiki ideals to ground myself before I begin breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. My mind wanders many times during this meditation, but I stick with it for a ten minute period that seems to last an eternity. Managing stress is so important during a health crisis like this and I take a moment to be grateful for this short pause before I dive into my day. 

Try This: Commit to sitting quietly for 2 minutes every other day. Build up the length and frequency of your meditations as you grow into this new practice

Movement and Wellness are two keys to staying healthy during the Covid-19 quarantine.

Focus Area: Physical Wellbeing

Quarantine Routine: Prioritize Exercise

Mid-morning I’m ready to move my body and expel the pent up energy that’s been building since this all started.

First I get out my foam roller and begin rolling out my back and legs to loosen up. On one of my recent Target runs, I picked up a weighted jump rope, so I go out on my patio and begin jumping to get my heart rate up. Gyms across the state are closed, but a plethora of workout videos are available online. Today I chose a live workout on YouTube led by a trainer I’ve worked with at F45 Hermosa Beach as part of a fitness challenge. I was really enjoying the community at the gym so doing this workout with a familiar face helps me feel more connected while I adapt to exercising at home. It’s a small way to boost my energy levels and release the endorphins and endocannabinoids my body needs to function at its best. 

Try This: Pick a time of day for movement and add it to your calendar! Treat it like an appointment and prioritize this moment for yourself.

Quarantine Like A Kush Queen means full body self care!

Focus Area: Personal Hygiene, Pain Relief

Quarantine Routine: Stay Germ and Pain-Free

After the class, I take a 25mg CBD Rx Gummy before I stretch and roll out again then head for the shower. Since my intention is to up my self-care to quarantine appropriate levels, I start by rinsing off then shutting off the flow of water so I can scrub down with Renew CBD Lavender Sugar Scrub. The smell transforms my bathroom into a luxurious spa while I buff my skin and soothe it with CBD and jojoba oil.

Before I finish showering, I apply a pump of our Transdermal Soaked CBD Shower Gel (found only in licensed CA dispensaries) and a pump of our Pure CBD Soaked into my hand and lather up, making sure the formula covers my whole body for a head-to-toe topical dose of nano THC and nano CBD. Soaked relieves pain, combats bacteria, and has an energizing and mood boosting citrus scent--exactly what I need right now. I let the formula penetrate my skin for about a minute before my final rinse. 

Functional workouts can be hard on my knees, so I bust out my jumbo 800mg CBD bottle of Melt and massage a full pump on each knee. The cooling sensation from the menthol and peppermint kicks in within seconds and soothes away any lasting soreness. My feet and shoulders also get a layer of Melt before I get dressed. After dressing, I follow the CDC protocol for hand washing and get on with my day. 

Try This: Make staying clean easy and enjoyable by keeping your hygiene products close to your pamper products. A little Melt on those raw, incessantly washed hands soothes like no other.

When big change hits, establishing a new normal is key.

Focus Area: Mindset & Environment

Quarantine Routine: Create Consistency

It may seem ideal to work from home in sweats, but I personally do better work when I get ready and put on clothes. Granted, it’s athleisure wear and a Kush Queen cropped hoodie, but a little goes a long way in times like these. My makeup routine is scaled back, but my CBD skincare regimen remains unchanged. A layer of Defynt goes on my face first, followed by a moisturizer, then CBD Foto Blur, and lastly an SPF 50 tinted moisturizer. Since I still go outside for walks it’s important to protect my skin from the sun and the elements.  

Try This: Pick one routine task you did before COVID19 and make it non-negotiable. Take a shower, put on clothes, fix your hair--these small steps give you back a sense of normalcy when everything else feels so out of control.

Self live in self isolation is crucial.

Quarantine Routine: Come Home to Yourself

Focus Area: Stress Relief, Sexual Healing

My day of self-care wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t also make a night of it, so I draw a hot bath and soak with a 200mg CBD Love Bath Bomb for 30 minutes. The weight of the current crisis collects in my body throughout the day and I’m ready to let that go. I dry off and get in bed, my Kush Queen CBD Lube within arm’s reach. 

Having been single for quite some time now, I’m no stranger to taking care of my own sexual needs. But times like these make the escape of a good orgasm borderline therapeutic. Orgasms release hormones like oxytocin (the love hormone) and dopamine that improve mood and promote good sleep. Plus, they release physical tension, and heaven knows I’m carrying plenty of that right now. 

If I’m being honest, it’s not easy for me to focus on pleasure when my mind is overwhelmed, so having a tool to bring me into my body is essential right now. Kush Queen Lube is made with nano CBD, which kicks in immediately. I liken the effect of the lube to being about twenty minutes into amazing foreplay in about a minute. In fact, I find it hard to focus on anything else when my most sensitive sexual organ is stimulated so thoroughly. A few moments later the job is done and I’m ready to drift off blissfully to sleep.

Try This: Add pleasure to your nighttime routine. This can be a gentle foot or shoulder massage before bed with Melt or your favorite essential oil, if an explosive orgasm isn’t in the cards for you. 

One Day at a Time

None of us truly knows how long this situation will last, but I’m certain that whatever reality we return to will be much different than the one we knew just a few weeks ago.

That said, listen to your body, let your mind rest, and draw from the tools you have to help you stay positive and healthy during this global health crisis. 

You can still order Kush Queen online for the foreseeable future and we’ll be releasing content regularly to help build a community amongst our team, our customers, and our followers. 

Stay safe, be well, and look out for each other!


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The 10-minute CBG deep dive gives you all the needed facts to get to know the minor cannabinoid CBG or cannabigerol. We share initial testimonials from our team’s first experience with CBG and 3 articles that give you the science, research and 411.

Most people know about the popular psychoactive cannabinoid THC and the popular non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD, now it's time you get to know the other cannabinoids. 

Kush Queen's hemp partner farm.

Kush Queen Is Whole Plant Wellness

Every day we are dedicated to bringing you the most innovative and effective products. As the CBD boom hit, we decided to distance ourselves from being called a CBD BRAND. Not because we don’t believe in the power of CBD, because we do not want to be defined by a single molecule when we know our beloved cannabis plant has at least 100+ molecules. 

Our new minor cannabinoid products Gummies RX Bliss, Gummies Rx Sleep, and Bare CBD Tinctures feature broad-spectrum hemp (0% THC) version of minor cannabinoids. As a cannabis company, Kush Queen is unable to make medical claims about our products and frankly, we believe in letting our products speak for themselves. 

We put together a 3 article list and first hand CBG experience to help you dive into the cannabinoid revolution. 


The CBG molecule broken down to show the elements its made of.

The 10 Minute CBG Deep Dive 

The article list below will take you on a CBG deep dive. Read up and you’ll know why we are so excited to feature CBG in Gummies RX Bliss 900mg.  

What is CBG and what does this cannabinoid do?

Leafly’s Jacqueline Havelka, rocket scientist turned writer, lays out the science of how CBG is formed and how it aids our endocannabinoid system. 

Our main takeaway from Leafly’s research recap is “scientists are excited about these initial CBG results and are promoting future research with CBG alone or CBG in combination with other cannabinoids and therapies for the treatment of multiple maladies. Because it is non-psychotropic, CBG has a promising wide range of potential applications not only for the problems mentioned above, but also as an analgesic, therapy for psoriasis, and as an antidepressant.” 

Why is CBG one of the most expensive cannabinoids to produce?

Forbes goes into detail on the process of developing CBG, how it works with your body and cannabinoid market. 

In the article, you’ll also learn why we named Gummies RX CBG: CBD, Bliss. CBG, known as the Rolls Royce of cannabinoids is a “non-intoxicating compound, it’s thought to help regulate mood thanks to its ability to boost anandamide, the body’s native “bliss” molecule.”

What is CBG and how is it different from CBD?

Shape says it best in their opening line, “you know CBD... but what about CBG? Meet the other phytocannabinoid that's about to steal the spotlight in the medicinal world.” Learn the differences between two of our favorite cannabinoids, get a phytocannabinoid 101, plus the deets on CBG’s potential benefits. 

CBG First-Hand Experiences

Hand holding a bottle of Gummies Rx Bliss CBG:CBD 900mg

Gummies RX Bliss was my first minor cannabinoid Kush Queen product to try. I had smoked CBG and liked the effect but wondered how the molecule would translate into an ingestible. After taking Gummies RX CBG: CBD Bliss on a chill morning, I was blown away by the combo of CBG and CBD. Uplifting and chill at the same time, real-life bliss. - Tiffany, CMO

On Saturday I took one gummy and on Sunday I took two gummies. Both gave me an overall positive sense of well-being, while the 2 gummy dose obviously was a little stronger and longer but never over the top. Compared to your original gummy, the CBD/CBG relieves pain and anxiety but on top of that, it delivers a feeling of euphoria and happiness. You also don’t get too relaxed, tired or yawn while on them like your originals. I was up, alert, present and happy for a good amount of the day!

If I take 2 of your original Gummies Rx, it is definitely sleep time. I can definitely feel the quality and potency of the new CBD/CBG gummies, just like your original ones which is why I’m a repeat customer! - Chanel, Kush Queen Customer

Gummies RX CBG is my new favorite KQ product. It’s a delicious gummy that tastes better than a tincture with a real ratioed dose. CBG and CBD make me feel relaxed and super positive. It’s my new go-to morning dose. Super uplifting and vibey. - Olivia, CEO


Kush Queen believes in whole plant innovation. As new minor cannabinoids enter the mainstream market, consider our team your resource for accessing safe and effective cannabis wellness products. 

Our new Gummies RX Bliss features the uplifting combo of CBG and CBD. Give them and try and let us know what you think!

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We’ve said it time and time again, but damn 2020 you're a beast. As the coronavirus looms across the world we don’t quite know what to believe or how we feel about it. If you read one source, millions could die… if you read another it’s all overblown by the media. Then you see major companies like Amazon shutting down and having their workers working remotely. What will happen? 

For us at Kush Queen, we are always on health, wealth and zealth and would rather be safe. We put together our recommended products and personal protocol that turned into one part guide, one part cheat sheet for wellness as shit goes down.  

CBD Is A Wellness Tool

We believe in CBD as a tool to boost immune support and maximize our wellness. Our philosophy of CBD wellness is based in our belief in the ritual use of cannabinoids in several non-smokeable delivery methods. 

Combining topical and ingestible delivery methods is one of the most important things when using cannabinoids to achieve maximum wellness. 

CBD and COVID19: The Wellness Guide 

Hand Washing 

Yes, you’ve heard it 3,456 times since last week but we are gonna say it again for the people in the back. We’ve been using Soaked CBD Shower Gel as our hand wash. Combining the refreshing power of citrus with CBD not only cleans but invigorates the senses at the same time. 

The ultimate sink scene with Kush Queen Soaked and the full line of Alice and Olivia collaboration.

One of the top things you can do to prevent the coronavirus or COVID-19 is wash your hands. Hum happy birthday from beginning to end twice (yes it's longer than we thought too) while you wash with warm water and use our Soaked CBD shower gel to introduce a dose of CBD straight to your bloodstream. No, really check out the CDC guide to handwashing, it's wild!

Pro tip: Follow up with our A+O Collab Lotion. All that hand washing has left our hands in need of major moisture!

Load up on CBG, CBD & Vitamin C 

CBG Gummies Rx Chews are the perfect addition to your morning routine. Gummies RX Bliss CBG and CBD 900mg features CBG which is known for it’s anti-bacterial properties. Plus, a mood boost in the morning or afternoon certainly doesn’t hurt in these weird times. 

Vitamin C and CBD are great ways to boost your immune system during COVID 19. Our Citrus bath bomb is shown over a tub of fresh cut citrus fruits.

Soak in our 25mg CBD, 100mg CBD, or 200mg Citrus CBD Bath Bomb. Get your immune system pumping, protect from free radicals and boost antioxidant levels. Loading up on CBD and vitamin C is a daily activity at KQ HQ. 

Stay Home and Take a Bath With Shield For Immunity 100mg CBD Bath Bomb 

We didn’t name this CBD bath bomb Shield For Immunity for nothing! The Immunity 100mg CBD bath bomb was born as a Kush Queen product after we traveled to NYC in the middle of flu season. We covered ourselves in our unique blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oil based on the fifteenth century essential oil blend known as thieves. 

Shield For Immunity 100mg CBD Bath Bomb being held over a tub.

In the bubonic plague, thieves would wear masks with this blend on to rob dead bodies. Morbid. On our trip there was coughing, sneezing, and germs everywhere. Somehow we came out unscathed and we had to combine this powerful potion with our favorite active ingredient CBD. A 100mg dose of CBD will give you that extra boost to keep your immune system strong. When you're looking for more, double up on the bath bombs! 

Get Some Recovery Sleep! 

Sleeping is one of those things tied so closely with our wellness and immune system. Drop a dose of our Bare 5000mg CBD tincture or pop our new CBN Gummies RX CBD chews. A good night sleep doesn’t just keep your immune system strong, it helps you keep your corona anxiety at bay. 

Gummies RX Sleep 900mg CBN and CBD Chew is work wonders on getting to sleep during stressful times. Keep it by your bedside table, just liken this photo.


Stay safe out there, focus on your total immunity wellness and remember, the KQ team is thinking about you!

When emotions run high, let's work to be our best selves, show compassion and love one another.

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Minor cannabinoids are coming to unlock a higher level of beauty and wellness cannabis in 2020. But before we jump into who’s coming to the party, we need to go back to where it all began for Kush Queen. 

The Mainstream Cannabis Molecule No One Saw Coming – CBD 

Nearly 12 years ago I was behind the counter of a medical cannabis dispensary that only sold flower, homemade edibles, and early concentrates like hash and earwax (ew). If you had showed me a glimpse of the modern world of legal weed I would have only half believed you.

In my heart, I knew cannabis would eventually explode and go mainstream but what most cannabis entrepreneurs, including myself, never anticipated was the meteoric rise of the CBD molecule. From 2018 to 2019, the number of CBD companies, global sales figures, and interested consumers skyrocketed. We can all agree that you cannot go anywhere without seeing some type of CBD for sale.

I've been sitting here asking myself...

What is it about CBD that made this part of the cannabis plant a center-stage darling so quickly? 

Was it that CBD is non-psychoactive?

Was it the fact that we could call it hemp and almost completely disassociate CBD from the word cannabis or marijuana?

In my opinion it’s everything - the perfect storm. A hot new active ingredient that so many industries could use and the promise of a natural over-the-counter cure-all with the very loose public connection to weed.

The Kush Queen Value of Transparency

As I have always kept it real, I have to come out and just say that CBD has been one of the most overhyped molecules of the modern age. I am not retracting ANYTHING I have ever said about CBD.

Does it belong on your eyelashes or inside of highly genetically modified MCT oil? Hell no. 

Does it feed our endocannabinoid systems to help us achieve a higher level of wellness? Absolutely.

Has it failed to work for people because they’ve been sold hemp seed oil with no actual CBD in it? Yes. 

And even though there are millions who have found CBD works for them, there are people who do not get relief from CBD alone. Most likely these are people who are sick or suffering some type of disease, chronic illness or extreme pain. Then there are those of us who will never sleep with just CBD (myself included). 

It's important to note that I do believe in a twice daily dose of CBD, but I also believe in using all minor cannabinoids found in whole-plant extract.  

Our Passion Lies In Using the Whole Cannabis Plant

While Kush Queen was fully present and part of the CBD boom of 2019, we have always been running Kush Queen as a cannabis company. Since the beginning we have been making THC products and participating in the California cannabis market long before we were able to sell CBD online. Our passion lies in using the whole cannabis plant to elevate you daily.

I have said countless times I truly cannot live without CBD in my routine and what I meant was I truly cannot live without cannabis. Like people, there are different types of cannabis plants and genetics. Inside these genetics is where the magic code lies. In terms of cracking the code for wellness, the cannabis plant is a beautiful algorithm that we are understanding more and more each day.

What can you extract from the Cannabis Plant? 

From the plant, we can extract more than THC and CBD. There are over 100 known cannabinoids that we can derive from the cannabis plant and we are still discovering how they interact with our bodies. 

This array of cannabinoids has been why so many have defended full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. Minor cannabinoids have been present in the cannabis market for some time, but you would be hard pressed to find them in the hemp/CBD market because so many companies only use CBD isolate which contains no other cannabinoid besides CBD. 

The Move To Minor Cannabinoids

As soon as the 2019 holiday season ended, we began construction of our new minor cannabinoid lab. Leading the effort is our Chief Visionary Officer, Michael Sawyer and Chief Science Officer, MIT alum Arian Roman. We are excited to dedicate ourselves to developing minor cannabinoids and incorporating them into our product line.

Our drive for constant innovation is rooted by our love for cannabis.  We are willing to put everything on the line to be an industry leader for scaling access to plant-based daily wellness.

Meet The New Cannabinoids On The Block, Your New Wellness Tools.  

With great pleasure I get to introduce these new cannabinoids to you. As always, I have enjoyed getting to test them and getting to explore how they make me feel with different delivery methods.  

CBG - Delivering an energetic, happy stoke. 


Meet CBG, a minor cannabinoid delivering a non-intoxicating euphoria. 


Effect: Non-intoxicating Euphoria

First-Hand CBG Experience: As a person who was clinically depressed half my life, it’s exciting to feel the effects of CBG, which is known as CBD’s parent molecule. The rush of positivity and euphoria from CBG  is equivalent to a big grin while basking in the sunshine of a lazy afternoon. Expect to feel energetic, happy, ‘stoked’. 

Kush Queen Products Containing CBG:

 Kush Queen products featuring minor cannabinoids.



CBN - Delivering deep relaxation. 

Meet CBN, a minor cannabinoid delivering sedative and deeply relaxing effects.


Effect: Sleepy, Sedative, Deeply Relaxing  

The Tea on CBN: CBN truly has the potential to help the millions of people who struggle with sleep. This minor cannabinoid is far more rare and harder to produce because CBN only occurs naturally by a process of photodegradation (decomposing).

First-Hand CBN Experience: Whoa. It’s like in the movies where someone shoots a dart across the room into someone’s neck and within moments they are completely sedated, faceplanted in their soup. Well, maybe not that dramatic but the end result is the same. Expect heavy sedation, deep relaxation. This, at least in our 1:1 CBD:CBN ratio, is not a molecule for the day time.

Kush Queen Products Containing CBN:



At Kush Queen, our product development always begins with science, innovation, and education on how the compounds in cannabis and hemp work together. We strive to continuously develop new and effective wellness products to elevate you daily.

Try our assortment of minor cannabinoid products and let us know how you feel! Tag @kushqueenshop and @kushqueenco on Instagram.


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Cannabis and love: name a more iconic duo. It’s the season of unconditional LOVE at Kush Queen. Calling it Valentine's day is so last decade; it’s not inclusive to our single friends and most often is slanted to corporation acknowledged relationships. 

The CBD Gift Guide For The B, The D and The V 

At Kush Queen, you know we’re just not about that typical life, but we are majorly here to celebrate love. Not just the one size fits all, heart shaped box with candy sort of love. It’s 2020 we’re here for all types of love millenial cannabis loving love. 

Gifting cannabis is different than lingerie or an expensive dinner (we like those too though), giving cannabis is a gift for the mind, body, and spirit. That’s why cannabis is our love language.  

Cannabis relaxes us, connects us deeper into our bodies and also with the universe surrounding us. It helps our insecurities (we all have them) fade away and it heightens our senses to see, feel, taste, and smell the world around. In our experiences, Cannabis can carry us and our bodies through the grief of a broken heart or deepen our self love. This gift guide is a celebration of cannabis and love.

 Model with dark hair and a long braid laying in a tub holding a Love CBD Bath Bomb.

 In the infamous words of Ru Paul, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gon’ love somebody else.” Let’s start with you, our favorite kind of love, self-love. 

Love 100mg CBD Bath Bomb 

Our Love 100mg CBD bath bomb is the perfect bath to spend some quality time with you. Your muscles will relax as your body absorbs the essential oils and cannabis oil. Mhhmmm, queue the slow jams playlist, pour yourself a glass of something nice and slide into the tub of some uninterrupted time. The rest of the night can go anywhere from here if you know what we are saying, ayyeeee ;O 

Kingdm Foto Blur CBD Primer

There is nothing sexier than looking like a well-rested, dewy snack and not being concerned about anyone but yourself. Give yourself the ultimate glo up, with our CBD primer with 250mg of nano CBD. Don’t worry, Foto Blur will love you back by living under your makeup all day fighting the good fight by protecting your skin, calming redness and minimizing bacteria. 

The Kush Queen CannaCure

If you are already a bath taking self care QWEEN, a Canna-Cure may be the perfect way to spoil yourself. Find a participating Kush Queen Canna-cure partner near you. Book a manicure or pedicure Canna-cure and let your technician scrub you and rub you while you drift into the most relaxing 30 min trance. 

We’ve got participating salons from Alaska (yes we see you Polished Perfect), LA, and Las Vegas.  You’ve never had a manicure or pedicure until you’ve had one with Kush Queen CBD. 

Two models wearing lingerie holding each other's booties and Kush Queen CBD Lube.

These gifts are for couples and throuples and  kick the CBD dose up a notch to make sure everyone’s covered, relaxed, and vibin. 

The Complete CBD Bath Bomb Collection, 200mg

If you're going to gift bae or you have more multiple baes, CBD is a powerful tool to enjoy together, you do want to make sure the dose is enough for everybody. A 25mg CBD dose won’t be enough for the both of you, so use 100mg per person. Our 200mg CBD Bath Bomb Collection is the perfect way to explore all our essential oil bath bombs. 

Kush Queen CBD Lube

Let’s be real, if multiple orgasms are on your agenda, our CBD Lube will get you there. Our water-based, latex-safe CBD infused lubricant is a must have and most excellent for every type of situation you can create. The hype is real. 

 Model holding a Bare CBD Tincture dropper sitting on a gold couch.

Some of our best relationships are often the ones that don’t involve sex. Our best friends are the ones who hold us down, check in on us, have our backs, and always have the T. They see us in a way that others can’t and isn’t it so nice to not have to explain yourself after every joke? 

Bare 5000mg CBD Tincture 

The stoner BFF is always always in need of more CBD, so splurge on them with our 5000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture. They’ll be talking about how they got to sleep in 30 seconds flat for weeks.    

Doggo wearing a towel wrap laying next to a Kush Queen CBD bath bomb.

Ditch the old heart shaped doggo cookie this year! Your relationship with your pet is probably stronger than with hoomans (don’t worry, us too). They give us unconditional love everyday, support us with no judgement and they’re cute. Our pets have endocannabinoid systems too, like a vital nutrient they need cannabinoids to help regulate their most important body functions.  

Woof Queen

Woof Queen Lavender  for those tiny pups who shake in their sink baths and Woof Queen Relieve for those pups with aches and pains. 

Coat a treato with Bare 500mg CBD tincture or drop it on top of their food daily for a hypoallergenic dose of CBD pawfect for your pooch.  

Love Is Still The Most Powerful Force On Earth

Kush Queen CBD models holding each other.

We hope this gift guide has made it easier for you to shop for the ones you love. When you gift Kush Queen CBD you’re not just gifting CBD, youre supporting a woman-founded small business with handmade products. 

You’re gifting your family and friends products made by our family and friends. That’s how you spread the love, while spreading the power of love. 

Code: Lovestory

Save 30% off this weekend (2/6/2020 - 2/9/2020) code: Lovestory and subscribe to our mailing list for weekly updates! 

By: Ben Mervis

Foot soaking in blue water from dissolved mini 10mg Relax bath bomb next to holographic bag with assorted Mini Bath bombs by Kush Queen.

The first time I went to a real yoga class about 5 years ago, I was shocked to realize something I hadn’t fully acknowledged in all my years of working out; I truly disliked feet. I had never been a fan of them – but I quickly noticed my own tell-tale scowl every time the class was instructed to bend over and touch our unsocked toes.

In bed, I’m a big fan of a cuddly caress, but try to run your foot up my leg under the covers… and I’m out of there faster than if a spider had fallen from the ceiling. In fact, that might even be my excuse as I run away, rather than reveal my distrust and distaste for the lowest extremities.

As I processed my disgust over many stoned yoga classes, I came to find that – as is often the case – this thing that I disliked so much about other bodies truly stemmed from something I disliked about myself. And thus the connection was born – a well-timed pedicure would lead to a happier yoga class, with more understanding, empathy, and less judgment about other people’s grubby ground hands.

But alas, my lesson went awry and without Uncle Jessie (NOT aunt Becky) to ask “what did we learn today” – I associated the found “okayness” with a fresh coat of paint.

This was the beginning of what I call my “teen years” of foot care, except I was 26 and going to yoga with busted polish that I had applied myself… weeks before. A whole new reason to be embarrassed and ashamed!  Maybe not the first time, but for sure the second, third, and definitely that time I decided to just not go to class because of it. And yet, again, some weed and deep thinking would soon reveal that it wasn’t a fear of what others would think that was upsetting me, it was the lack of love and appreciation I was showing for my own body – my own uncared-for “little piggies.”

That’s when I realized it – I’m a pedicure person. A real, genuine, passionate pedicure person every 3-4 weeks. I trim in-between of course, but I’ve found that dedicating that 45-60 minutes to a full foot service is worth it, for me. Beyond the nail shape and color, there’s the cuticle care, the callus removal, the little leg rubs… it’s everything. After some shopping around for the perfect salon, I finally have “my place” and it’s a little vacation for my mind, and puts a spring in my very pretty step.

Being a Kush Queen, and maybe the king of footbaths – I sometimes bring a mini bath bomb for the foot soak – after first asking the salon owner if it was okay. It’s a leveling-up of my spa moment and HIGHly recommended for anyone making this a ritual.

Complete Mini Bath Bomb Collection by Kush Queen featured with 5 mini bath bombs and holographic bag.

When I’m in the mood for a special treat, I head over to Bellacures for our signature collaboration service, the cannacure! The Cannacure service is longer, and incorporates Kush Queen products every step of the way: Relieve CBD mini bath bomb(s) in the water, CBD sugar scrub for the legs, Melt lotion for the massage… I leave a different person. If you live in the LA-area, treat yourself to one of these services at your local Bellacures.

Collage featuring Bellacures "CannaCure" menu, candle, CBD sugar scrub, and Kush Queen Melt lotion. To the right, picture of customer receiving foot massage using Melt CBD lotion.

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

 Muhammad Ali

Pedicures have helped me to love a part of my body that I thought I never could – my feet. I look at them and smile, which should be our goal for our whole body, right? I went from someone who was unable to touch my toes – physically, and mentally – to someone who can gladly wrap my palm around my arch.

Don’t forget to follow and tag @kushqueenshop & @kushqueenco in your instagram posts and stories.

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Don’t worry this isn’t our list of CBD wellness predictions for the new year or the old new year/new you talk. 2019 was a tough year for a lot of us (an understatement for some). Let’s learn from it as we prepare to usher in the new decade.

I was trying to think of what this year might look like, a stock market graph with some hella intense peaks and valleys, Gollum, an abominable snowman?! Undeniably, this year was mythical, the highs were some of those pure joy moments while the lows felt like they might break us. But damn we’ve grown, chosen higher paths, gotten focused and have no doubts the new decade will be what we make it.

Let’s give 2019 a moment of silence! Bye. Felecia.

The Power of Reflection

Kush Queen model reflects on 2019 while holding CBD bath bombs.

One of the most powerful things to do at the end of the year is reflect. Reflection can be the growth element tool we need to process and adapt from what’s happened to us, our emotions and our path.

This is our reflection and what we’ve learned throughout the cycles of 2019.   

Get To Know Yourself

Kush Queen model taking a daily dose of CBD wellness with Bare.

In the truest sense. Take time to understand exactly who you are, what you want and where your boundaries lie. We are living in a time where things can quickly get hectic and there is always other people’s lives and drama to get swept up in.

On the flip side, examine where you need to grow. It’s easy to forget that we do have [some] control in how our life gets shaped. Only you can alter the path that you take.

This year some of us had to turn inward and check-in. We faced the hard facts and got life coaches, quit toxic jobs, took our health and wellness more seriously, had bad hair for an extended amount of time and did things that scared the shit out of us. In every situation, we are all better for taking those leaps, working through the discomfort and giving our truest self a chance to shine through.

Lean In and Go For It

Kush Queen CBD Gummies is a artistic circular photo.

Real talk, it can be scary but if you can trust yourself, you can do it. As a collective, we took major strides in bringing Kush Queen closer to mainstream this year. Everything involved in doing so was high stakes, level-up type projects that were a real test for our team.

The night before BeautyCon La kicked-off was filled with what-ifs, triple and double-checks with how to present our cannabis and wellness company at a mainstream beauty and make-up conference. And you know what? Kush Queen was so well received! The crowd was curious about CBD wellness, loved our CBD 101 kits and engaging with our team.

Before taking that leap our team was focused, we leaned in together, did the work and succeed when we went for it!

Health and CBD Wellness, First

Our bodies are so good to us, it’s easy to forget how to be good to them on a daily basis. I’ll be the first to admit in 2019, I let my health go. Even in the worst of times, giving our bodies the time, love/attention, and fuel it needs will only benefit us in the long term.

Kush Queen is committed to daily wellness. Our CBD health and wellness products are geared to nourish your body in different ways. The targeted effects and CBD dose of each product seamlessly blends in with everyday rituals.  

Here are our daily CBD wellness favorites:

  1. Bäre CBD Tincture – Every morning. Bare is the BEST for your daily dose of anti-inflammation. For my mom, it makes people easier to deal with and dulls out her arthritis pain. Win/win.
  2. MELT CBD Lotion – This is our most appropriately named product. Everyday aches and pains melt away with this combo of CBD and targeted essential oils. I don’t leave home without MELT.
  3. GummiesRX – In 2020 night-time chill out is a must. GummiesRx is the wellness tool for transitioning from your high activity days to getting the rest your body needs.


We’re dedicating the new decade and new year to wellness in all senses of the word! When you hear from Kush Queen in 2020, know that we are coming from a place of love, positive energy, CBD wellness, and inclusion! We love you.

When things get tough, trust yourself, lean in and know you have an entire team of people that are in your corner!

When things are going well, ENJOY THE RIDE! You don’t need permission to soak it all up and feel the joy of your hard work.

And when you feel like the wheels are falling off, pour some CBD on it and call it day! That’s our go-to!

Kush Queen is largely known for our award-winning bath bombs and topicals powered by our patent-pending nano-CBD. Over the years, we have loved educating our customers about the benefits of a full-body topical CBD application; the synergistic relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes–known as the entourage effect; and why water-based CBD lubricants are safer than oil-based lubes. 

Last year we introduced a new category of products that have proven to be effective and fun for customers: Ingestibles. Ingestibles are CBD infused products that you eat, drink, or otherwise take orally. The addition of ingestibles to the Kush Queen line of wellness products makes our offering more holistic and versatile. Let’s dig into why and how you can use our CBD Ingestibles. 

CBD Tincture 101

CBD Tincture featured in a morning routine.

CBD tinctures are trending right now. Tinctures are especially appealing among folx who want to avoid smoking or limit their use of pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications. 

What is CBD Tincture Made Of?

CBD Tinctures are made of hemp extract mixed with a carrier oil.  

Kush Queen Bare CBD Tincture is a hypoallergenic blend of organic olive oil and full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD means that the CBD is derived from cannabis and contains CBD in addition to many other cannabinoids, including THC, along with other elements of the hemp plant.

How do you take CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures are commonly taken sublingually. This means the oil is dropped into your mouth and held underneath the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. During this time absorption occurs through the blood vessels and sublingual glands in the mouth. This method ensures a rapid onset and higher bioavailability of CBD. This type of dosing also allows one to easily adjust their dose as needed. Bäre CBD Tincture comes with dosing instructions on the bottle and a dropper with easy to read measurements in milliliters. 

Why Should You Choose CBD Tincture?

CBD Tincture being taken by a woman.

Someone trying to ease pain, promote better sleep, reduce anxiety, and boost their immune system could benefit greatly from adding a dose of CBD tincture to their morning and nightly routines. 

We recommend Kush Queen CBD Tincture if…

  • You want to adjust and measure a custom CBD dose
  • You want to include CBD in your daily wellness routine 
  • You need a rapid onset of effects
  • You want to infuse CBD into any food
  • You enjoy the clean natural taste of hemp extract in organic olive oil
  • You want to give your pet CBD 

CBD Gummies 101

Kush Queen Rx CBD Gummies poured out on a pink background.

CBD Gummies are a fun combo of sweetness and CBD. Gummies are an easy way to take CBD with you during day-to-day activities and while traveling. 

What are CBD Gummies? 

CBD Gummies are edible candies that contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil. They come in a variety of flavors, colors, shapes, and concentrations of CBD. Gummies offer a discrete and easy way to ingest CBD. 

Historically, CBD Gummies have been most people’s first introduction to trying CBD. 

When Should You Take CBD Gummies?

Kush Queen CBD Gummies can be taken daily with morning vitamins and supplements and as needed throughout the day. 

Since the CBD is infused into the gummies in 12.5mg and 25mg doses, you get a precise dose every time. Hand-crafted in small batches in California, Kush Queen GummiesRx are an easy way to elevate yourself daily.

Not Your Average CBD Gummie

CBD Gummies in a bowl.

Unlike THC-infused edibles that can end in disaster if taken carelessly, Kush Queen CBD Gummies are effective for reducing stress and promoting relaxation without producing a psychoactive effect. 

Kush Queen gummies are lab tested to ensure each gummy is dosed accurately, making them perfect for beginners looking for their CBD sweet spot. We use full-spectrum CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC, so they won’t get you high, but they will give you plenty of relief. 

So keep a bottle of Kush Queen CBD gummies in your gym bag, backpack, or carry-on and never let pain, stress, or anxiety keep you from living your best life.

We recommend GummiesRx if…

  • You want an easy, on-the-go dose of daily CBD
  • Want to know exactly what you’re getting each time
  • Don’t want to deal with measuring out each dose yourself
  • Enjoy the sweet taste of gummies


We’ve laid out the 101 knowledge and benefits of taking a CBD tincture and CBD gummies, but there’s no reason why you can’t experiment with both. 


Show us how you incorporate CBD into your daily wellness by tagging @kushqueenshop on Instagram.

Holiday survival mode is real, and what’s even more real is holiday survival with the help of CBD bath bombs. As we said in the Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide, this time of year is the most wonderful and the busiest season for many of us. The shopping, the travel, the festivities, the weather – they all converge during the holiday season. Which can send us into a flurry of excitement and overwhelm. If we know anything here at Kush Queen, it’s how to keep calm and carry on with the help of our CBD bath bombs.

Here are our top picks for surviving the holidays with CBD Bath Bombs but first a quick recap of why CBD makes sense this time of year.

The Benefits of using CBD Bath Bombs, Holiday Edition

  1. A Full Body CBD Topical – Your skin is your biggest organ, so by submerging your body fully into the CBD-infused water you are experiencing a full-body topical application. Think relaxed muscles, soothed aches and eased tension across your entire body. 
  2. Immune System Boost – CBD is a known anti-bacterial. The holiday season typically brings more travel and contact with people (read as more exposure to germs). We like to up our CBD daily intake this time of year as a preventative measure to keep our endocannabinoid and immune systems nourished.  
  3. A 20-Minute Recharge – During this time of year, we often put a stronger emphasis on others rather than ourselves. Whether it’s going to every party we are invited to or squeezing in a last-minute gift-getting errand at the end of the day, the holidays are a hectic time. Doing a once a week CBD infused bath can be those 20 minutes you didn’t know how bad you needed. It’s easy to get swept up in the shuffle, here’s a reminder to take some time to let your body relax and your mind rest.

Holiday Survival CBD Bath Bomb Picks 

Kush Queen x Alice + Olivia 200mg CBD Bath Bomb

Stacey Bendet in a bathtub holding a nourishing CBD bath bomb from the Kush Queen X Alice + Olivia Self-Care collection in either hand, next to a stack of boxed bath bombs.

Over the summer, we launched the Kush Queen X alice + olivia Self-Care Collection, which includes our first ever 200mg bath bomb, a 150mg CBD body lotion, and a 150mg CBD bubble bath. Prep for your busy day of travel or your holiday shopping stroll by slathering on the lotion and soak in a high-dose of healing at night by combining the CBD bath bomb with the bubble bath. With the self-care collection, you’ll get all three products so you can choose to keep or gift as you like!  

High Dose CBD Bath Bombs

Kush Queen Relieve Bath Bomb in a tub.

Surviving the holidays with CBD Bath Bombs just got customizable now that you can choose Relieve, Relax, Love, Sleep, Awaken, and Citrus in 25mg, 100mg, and 200mg doses! Depending on your needs, you can choose the dose of CBD that is most appropriate. Mix and match to absorb even more nano CBD into your pores while you indulge in the mood-boosting essential oils, or pick up the full collection to try them all. 

Sippin’ the CBD Tea

Matcha Green Tea CBD Bath Bomb and cup of green tea in the tub.

Nothing is cozier on a chilly winter day than a CBD-infused bath and a hot cup of tea. Whether you’re in an Earl Grey, Matcha Green Tea or Spiced Chai kinda mood, we’ve got a CBD bath bomb to compliment your taste. Made with our nano CBD and actual tea leaves, this trio was made to ease your stress after a long day. The complete Tea Collection makes the perfect gift for the tea-spilling queen in your entourage.

Shield For Immunity

Shield for Immunity CBD Bath Bombs help boost your immune system.

Shield for Immunity was our first higher dose CBD bath bomb that was created for cold and flu season. Inspired by the 15th-century legend of four thieves, we have hand-blended a powerful and aromatic mixture of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and other natural botanicals believed to provide a shield of protection by supporting and strengthening the body and its immune system. 

Don’t Forget the Fur Babies!

Woof Queen does your pupper a solid relax!

Holidays can be stressful for animals too, not just people. You might bring them along on your road trip or they might be overwhelmed with company and new stimuli in their environment (cue the Christmas tree dripping with ornaments). Soak your pupper in Woof Queen, our CBD bath bomb line created just for our four-legged family members. Made with 10mg nano CBD and essential oils to calm and relieve your doggo after a hectic holiday. 

CBD Bath Bombs Bring More Joy and Less Stress

Let’s commit to making this holiday season less stressful and more joyous by taking care of ourselves while we check things off our to-do lists and our shopping lists. Tell us which one of our CBD bath bombs helped you survive the holidays by tagging us on Instagram at

In need of a 20-minute CBD Bath Bomb recharge?  

Cyber Monday is proof that all Mondays aren’t bad. It’s 24 hours when the internet brings us the biggest deals of the season. At Kush Queen, we are celebrating Cyber Monday like the Millennials we are with the best CBD product deals on the internet.

You can shop our CBD Bath Bombs for 50% off and our CBD Topicals for 30% off. When you use code: cybermonday at checkout you’ll get free shipping and a gift with your purchase. 

Build The Perfect Pairs from Kush Queen CBD Cyber Monday Deals

No one knows our CBD products better than we do, so we did the work for you with some perfect pairs that work together to wow as gifts. We know CBD products are more expensive than your normal personal care products, but we believe in the benefits of daily CBD use. Sales are a perfect time to stock up on gifts or load your medicine cabinet with everyday wellness products. 

For our math nerds and Type 3s out there, we broke down the savings because who doesn’t enjoy seeing all the coin they saved!? 

Kush Queen CBD and Cyber Monday Pairs

The Sleep Set 

Shop: 200mg Sleep CBD Bath Bomb, 100mg Sleep CBD Bath Bomb, 25mg Sleep Bath Bomb

Why the combo? Can’t we all use more sleep? Better deeper sleep helps the body recharge in several ways plus the anti-inflammation properties of CBD kick in overnight. 

  • Deeper Sleep
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Soothing, Full Body Topical Experience 

Our Sleep CBD Bath Bombs will turn your tub water a gorgeous purple and fill your bathroom with a beautiful lavender scent. With all 3 dose options you can choose to up the dose of CBD depending on your needs. As one fan put it, “Definitely helpful on a sleepless night. I have RLS and 2 new knees, if the meds aren’t helping enough this will help me get to sleep.” Don’t you just love the power of plants?!

Cyber Monday Savings: $24.49

The Beauty Set

Shop: Kingdm CBD Primer and Defynt CBD Skin Serum

Why the combo? CBD is the beauty industry’s hottest ingredient, but the good news is, CBD isn’t a trendy buzzword ingredient. It’s an ingredient people have been using in beauty products for thousands of years. This combo delivers CBD’s powerful properties that work to protect the skin from free radicals, retain moisture, improve skin’s texture, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and pores. 

  • Anti-Redness
  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Velvety Soft Skin 

We love using Defynt CBD Skin Serum under our moisturizer after we wash and tone our face. You’ll feel our CBD primer soften your skin and create a perfect palette for your makeup. Foto Blur holds your look in place all day without drying or chalking. This pair will show you why CBD beauty is all the rage. 

Cyber Monday CBD Savings: $38.99

The Shower Squad 

Shop: Renew Sugar Scrub and Soaked CBD Shower Gel

Why the combo? Not everyone has a bathtub or the time to enjoy a CBD bath bomb. Our CBD sugar scrub and Soaked CBD shower gel are perfect for the shower. 

  • Full Body Topical Experience
  • Dry Skin Buffer 

Start with lathering Soaked into a puff and let it soak on your body for about 30 seconds. The more bubbles, the better. Rinse, then follow up with the CBD sugar scrub. Perfect for dry winter feet and elbows. 

Cyber Monday CBD Savings: $16.49

The CBD 101 Set

Shop: Melt CBD Pain Lotion and Bäre CBD Tincture

Why the combo? Our CBD pain lotion and our CBD tincture are mind-changing products. We always suggest them for those people who have never tried CBD but experience a lot of symptoms (pain to anxiety). Read the countless reviews on these CBD products and see for yourself. 

  • Calm Inducing
  • Everyday Use

Cyber Monday CBD Savings – $11.99

The High Dose Bath Bomb Set

Shop: 200mg Sleep CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg Relax CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg Relieve CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg Love CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg CBD Awaken CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg Citrus CBD Bath Bomb

Why the combo? For the bath bomb lover. This is the best CBD Cyber Monday deal on Kush Queen Shop. 

  • Full Body Topical
  • Targeted Effects With Each Blend
  • High Dose of CBD

Cyber Monday CBD Savings – $60.00

Conclusion – Get Your Kush Queen CBD and Cyber Monday Deals!

Don’t leave you chill to chance this holiday season. Claim your calm with Kush Queen CBD. 

Need more inspo? Check out our gift guide if you are shopping for anyone from Mom to Zaddy and your BFF.