It's that time of the year again, friends! The season of joy, giving, and of course, a bit of stress too. But worry not, Kush Queen is here to make your days extra special with our annual gift guide, self care inspiration, and 420 deals for the highest holiday season! 

As the world whirls with pressure, sugar, alcohol, and the darkness of winter, we believe in prioritizing your wellness and self-care so you can show up throughout the end of the year for yourself, friends, and loved ones. The holidays should be all about spreading love and joy, not stress. 

After seeing the countless gift guides, Amazon toy catalogs and giftsets starting to hit the shelves, and none of them speak to taking time for yourself, giving the gift of deep relaxation or having a high holiday, we got to work! Plus, we have a bunch of new faces around here, and want to give you some inspiration for gifting thoughtful Kush Queen favorites!

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for yourself, friend or a loved one, Kush Queen has you covered with a selection of cannabis products to elevate you daily. 

Self Care Gifts

Unwind and Recharge with Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs and Topicals

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs


The time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve can be non stop parties, delicious dinners, major fun and some of the busiest and let's be real, stressful times of the year. We’re here to remind you to pause and build in moments of tranquility through it all, you most definitely deserve it! 

Let's dive into the list of spa-quality therapeutic experiences of Kush Queen self care gifts perfect for this holiday season. Our 250mg CBD Bath Bombs are a luxurious escape, providing relaxation and relief for both your body and mind.

And for those moments when the stress starts to take its toll, our Melt CBD Pain Lotion is your go-to, offering a soothing touch and rejuvenation.

Prioritize self-care and let the holiday season bring you not just excitement but also serenity

CBD Bath Bombs

Gift the #1 CBD Bath Bomb In The World

The perfect stocking stuffers and our top rated self care gift each year! What better way to unwind after a long winter day than with a luxurious bath bomb infused with 250mg of CBD?

These ASMR wonders are designed to soothe your body and mind, providing a decompressing experience based on color therapy, aromatherapy, and a full body cannabinoid soak. 

Kush Queen Melt CBD Pain Relief Lotion

Melt CBD Lotion

Perfectly Named, Delivers Near Instant Body Relief

For those moments when tension takes over your body, our Melt CBD Lotion can be your best friend. Infused with premium ingredients, Melt CBD Lotion is designed to provide quick relief and soothe any area the aloe juice base is applied.

This is a great gift for gym lovers, gamer girlies or those with nagging aches. 

Renew CBD Scrub

Under appreciated and powerfully soothing 

Hello, buffed glowing skin for holiday card pics. Renew CBD Sugar Scrub leaves any skin type soothed, and moisturized. The organic sugar base, CBD and jojoba oil work together to remove dead skin, clean pores and moisturize. Great for all skin types and full-body use from your neck to your feet. Plus, its under $20!

420 Deals For The Highest Holidays

An Elevated (Hangover Free) Holiday Is The Vibe

Kush Queen Highly THC Drink

This holiday season, redefine your festive experience with Kush Queen as an alternative to alcohol. We’ve got mico doses, infused wine inspired seltzers, gummies and 420 deals! Kush Queen delivers a unique sense of euphoria and uplift without the drawbacks of alcohol. 

Boost THC Tincture

Unmatched for convenience and effectiveness

Elevate your spirits and energize your gatherings with our Boost nano concentrate. This THC and CBD blend can provide a sense of euphoria Think instant onset, plus the most discrete consumption you've ever experienced. Micro or macro-dose...the choice is yours. Boost can be added to anything, giving you the freedom to infuse as you wish.

Who spiked the holiday punch? Kush Queen ;)

Highly THC Nosé

Light, Dry, Will Get You High

Introducing Highly THC Nosé, a refreshing sparkling beverage combining the elegance of rosé with the elevated benefits of THC. Crafted to captivate your senses and transport you to a state of pure bliss, Highly Nosé is your go to party drink, perfectly crushable, totally sharable.

Kush Queen Weed Gummies

THC Gummies

Highly Delicious, Infused Gummies

When you're looking for a delightful and easy way to chill out, Kush Queen gummies are a fantastic choice. These gummies come in a variety of delicious flavors, potency and are designed to keep the vibes right and the typically edible scaries away!

The Kush Queen gummies starter pack is the perfect gift for friends looking to try infused gummies for the first time.

Gifting Pleasure and Sexual Wellness

Voted by Cosmo as the #1 pick for water-based sex lube.

Kush Queen Water-Based Lube

The winter chill is no match for the warmth of passion that can build under the mistletoe! Kush Queen offers a range of products designed to enhance your pleasure and sexual wellness.

Our premium lubricants, specially crafted with CBD and THC, are perfect for solo or partner play, creating an atmosphere of heightened intimacy and comfort. But the sensuality doesn't stop there. Sweeten the deal with our infused gummies, setting the mood just right for a memorable evening with your partner.

Kush Queen Water Based THC Lube

Water Based THC Lube

Experience friction-free pleasure

Our premium lubes are designed to ignite the senses and enhance intimacy, ensuring a warm and cozy winter season in more ways than one.  We've cracked the code of balancing increased sensation and relaxed muscles. Infused with Delta 8 THC, our lube delivers just the right amount of THC to the V, the D, and the B. 

Mood Gummies 

CBG Gummies Are Perfect For Setting The Mood

Don't forget to sweeten the deal with our Bliss CBG Gummies. They deliver a light uplifting mood boost with a balanced chill vibe. Perfect for reducing wandering thoughts and in the moment. 

Kush Queen Subscriptions

Gift the power of self care, wellness and cannabis all year long

Shop Holiday Gift Sets

The gift of Kush Queen isn't just for a limited time; it's a year-round delight. Whether you're a last-minute shopper or have loved ones scattered far and wide, our subscription service has you covered. Choose from any of our fantastic Kush Queen products and take advantage of our subscribe and save feature. It's a convenient way to ensure that the relaxation and joy Kush Queen offers extend beyond the holidays. 

And here's a little insider tip: We highly suggest you subscribe to our emails and SMS for exclusive deals all holiday season long. 

You never know when Kush Queen might get a little too high on holiday spirit and start giving away the store (it's been known to happen). So, don't miss out on the festivities and keep an eye on your inbox for some extra special surprises.

This holiday season, let Kush Queen help you and your loved ones make the most of the holidays, not just by surviving them, but by truly thriving. It's time to spread the love, relaxation, and good vibes.

Happy holidays from the Kush Queen family!