If you’re lucky enough to dodge the common skin issues most of us face in the winter months, I envy you. However, if you’re like me and have struggled with dry, tight, inflamed, and even flakey skin, keep reading. 

3 CBD Skincare Tips To Keep Your Skin Nourished and Glowing

My winter skincare routine has changed over the years, especially since I’ve moved from climate to climate. I grew up on the east coast and lived in NYC for many years, moved to inland Los Angeles, and now live right by the beach. 

With all that change, I’ve had to adapt my routine. As a makeup artist, I’ve noticed that changing up skincare routines based on seasons or moving to a new area isn't something my clients always think about. Whether you’re moving or the weather is just getting colder or dryer where you live, your skincare routine might need a makeover. 

Here are a few steps in my current winter routine to help you jazz up yours. 

1. Moisturize right when you get out of the shower

When your skin is exposed to the steam from your shower, your pores open and stay open for a few minutes after you get out. This is when your skin can best accept products like serums and moisturizers. 

Right after lightly patting my face dry, I use 3-4 pumps of Kush Queen’s Defynt CBD Skin Serum all over my face and neck. The combination of hyaluronic acid, CBD, and other vitamins help me retain moisture and keep my redness in check daily. I wait about a minute for the serum to sink into my skin and follow up with a cream moisturizer that is a bit thicker texture than what I might use in the summer months. 

Kush Queen Defynt CBD Skin Serum

2. Use a CBD mask 1-2x a week

My favorite mask in the winter months is a homemade one. I always stay stocked with Kush Queen’s bäre CBD tincture to ingest but you can also use it in combination with a few other natural ingredients for a moisture-rich face mask! 

What you’ll need: 

Start by mashing half of the ripe avocado in a bowl, add about 5-10 drops of bare CBD Tincture, and drop in a teaspoon of Manuka honey. Mix this up and layer it on your face for a good 15 minutes. It may not look pretty but your skin will be thanking you afterward.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that will help calm your dry irritated skin and it’s no secret that avocado’s fatty acids will provide some heavy-duty moisture. The combo of CBD and Manuka honey's antibacterial and antimicrobial properties deliver 2x the plant-based benefits to help acne and flaking skin heal faster.

CBD Skincare Mask Winter Edition featuring CBD tincture, Avocado, Honey

3. Don’t forget about your body skincare!

My face isn’t the only part of my body that suffers from dry skin in the winter months. I try to keep the rest of my skin moisturized (especially my arms and legs) so I don’t turn into a scaly snake.

While I’m in the shower, I use Kush Queen’s Renew CBD Sugar Scrub to exfoliate my body. I love this scrub because not only does it smell heavenly, the combination of CBD and Jojoba oil polishes my skin and keeps it moisturized, unlike some other scrubs that can dry you out. Along with the sugar base, dead skin is removed and your skin will feel fresher than ever when you get out of the shower.

I follow this up by using my Kush Queen x Alice & Olivia CBD Body Lotion all over to lock in that moisture. Again, like your face, the lotion is more effective if you use it when your pores are open fresh out of the shower!

Kush Queen Renew CBD Sugar Scrub


I hope some of these tips help keep your skin in tip-top condition during the winter months. It’s important to listen to your skin; if something that has worked in the past isn’t any longer, it may be time to switch it up. Remember CBD is your skincare friend. 

Stay glowing, queens!


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Our full-circle moment is here; the last day of 2020 has arrived! As we prepare to welcome the first day of the New Year, we're returning to ourselves in an entirely different way. 

This is your reminder that everything you seek, hope for, and desire to make happen this year is already within you.

Join us as we step into 2021 with renewed openness, intentional focus on our wellness, and commitment to a deeper sense of self-love than ever before.

Like most good things, it takes a small village of energy to keep you stocked on Kush Queen cannabis wellness products. The KQ team has held it down throughout this crazy year and shined like they always do! 

To reflect and process the ups and downs of 2020, we asked the team to share a quick snapshot of 2020, what they are grateful for and their mindset going into 2021. Here are a few reflections, enjoy! 

The KQ Team Reflects and Looks Forward to the New Year!

Verita - Kush Queen Customer Service and Cannabis Education 

If you call or write in, chances are you’ll be talking with Verita!

Q: What was a full-circle moment that happened in your life during 2020?

Verita: This year, my girlfriend & I wanted to spend more time together and connect more with our family. During quarantine, we were able to work from home together, welcomed a new furbaby, and capitalized on Zoom game nights with our closest friends and family allowing us to accomplish those goals with a twist!

Q: 3 Things That Make You Feel Grateful Going Into The New Year? 

Verita:  My FamilyThe InternetCannabis

Q: What's your mindset going into 2021? 

Verita:  I want to approach the new year with a lively and optimistic mindset! 2020 will leave me with a lot of lessons, including going with the flow of things! 

Q: Your favorite KQ products?  

Verita:  Soaked Transdermal Shower Gel is my saving grace - especially the THC infused formula! It's the best part of my morning routine that helps boost my mood & soak away aches and pains before I get my day rolling!

Soaked CBD Shower Gel

Angela - Kush Queen Account Support and Cannabis Education

Angie has been a part of KQ since the early days! Now, she lends a hand in just about every department!

Q: What was a full-circle moment that happened in your life during 2020?

Angela: My full circle moment happened in March when I became an official member of Team Kush Queen after years of working events, blogging, and helping out at KQ HQ. So much has happened since then, and it all really feels like divine timing.  

Q: 3 Things That Make You Feel Grateful Going Into The New Year?

Angela: My health, my community, and plant allies 

Q: What's your mindset going into 2021? 

Angela: My theme for 2021 is to embrace Practice and embody the mindset of the student who is uninhibited by expertise.

Q: Your favorite KQ products?  

Angela: I use so many KQ products daily, but I would have to say that Renew Lavender Scrub has become a favorite and saved my skin from some real bad maskne this year! 

Kush Queen's Renew CBS Sugar Scrub

Brandon – Kush Queen Shipping

If you ever get your KQ order and think, “Wow that was fast,” Brandon probably packed your order! 

Q: What was a full-circle moment that happened in your life during 2020?  

Brandon: Y’all may or may not (how?) know I love music, but back before Thanksgiving, an old friend hit me up about a rap project he was doing and he wanted me to feature on it. Yesterday the track was released and I haven’t made a rap song in about 9 years. COVID brought me time to rekindle a passion or two!

Q: 3 Things That Make You Feel Grateful Going Into The New Year?

Brandon: Family, Friends, and having this year to reflect honestly. This year has been trying for all of us. But it has been nice to focus on the future knowing the year is ending.

Q: What's your mindset going into 2021?

Brandon: Make everyday count for something. It’s been easy to remain stagnated this year and there’s more to look ahead to!

Q: Your favorite KQ products? 

Brandon: Soaked and Melt. Literally lifesavers.

Kush Queen MELT CBD Relief Lotion


We wish 2021 is everything you want and need it to be! Stay tuned for new products, cannabis education, and as always, real talk!

Thank you for being a part of the KQ community!



We are excited and proud to introduce you to the first products in our Delta 8 THC Extra Strength Series: 1:1 Ratio 25mg CBD + 25mg Delta 8 THC bath bombs in our best-selling Relax, Relieve, and Sleep essential oils blends! 

In the first two posts of this 3 part series on Delta 8 THC, we’ve taken you on a journey through the science and effects of Delta 8 THC and broken down the top 3 reasons to try this minor cannabinoid for yourself. 

Now, let’s dig into our first extra strength products, 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 THC bath bombs. Each of our new extra strength bath bomb blends offers unique benefits. 

This post walks you through why and when you should give them! Plus, some tips for making the most out of your soaking experience.

Kush Queen CBD and Delta 8 THC Bath Bombs

Our mission at Kush Queen is to make cannabis wellness accessible to all. We do this by taking self-care tools and elevating them with plant-based ingredients that help you heal holistically. By pushing the boundaries of wellness with innovation, science, and transparency, Kush Queen promises to elevate you daily in new and effective ways, always. 

If you didn’t know, cannabis-infused bath bombs are our flagship product! We’ve perfected the art and science of combining the best essential oils and cannabinoids to create targeted effects you can feel. 

Relax 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 THC Bath Bomb

Perfect For: Boosting your mood

Targets: Full body and mind relief

Feels like: A 3hr massage post soak

Kush Queen Relax CBD and Delta 8 THC Bath Bomb

Many people turn to cannabis to help stabilize their moods and decompress after a long day. Relax 1:1 is the perfect way to practice self-care and to create space between the busyness of life and the essential moments of rest. Made with a custom blend of lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, chamomile, and citrus essential oils to help you wind down and raise your vibe. As you soak in the tub with Relax 1:1 and your skin absorbs the cannabinoids and essential oils, you’ll begin to release tension and ease into a state of relaxation. 

Set the tone for this bath by lighting a candle or diffusing your favorite essential oils and putting on a chill playlist to enjoy while you soak. Pop a Bliss Rx Gummy or two, spark up a joint, and have a glass of mineral water nearby. 

Relieve 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 THC Bath Bomb

Perfect For: Major aches and pains

Targets: Full body pains, stress

Feels like: Releasing body tension, takes the edge off 

Kush Queen Relieve CBD and Delta 8 THC Bath Bomb

Pain relief is one of the most common reasons people turn to cannabis. As the name suggests, Relieve 1:1 is designed to ease what hurts in a natural and soothing way. Botanical essential oils like camphor, tea tree, and rosemary combined with 50mg of hemp-derived cannabinoids set the stage for full-body relief from tension, soreness, and aches. 

Make the most of what you get from this soak by following it up with our award-winning Melt Relief Lotion. Featuring many of the essential oils found in Relieve 1:1 bath bomb plus many others, Melt seals in comfort for hours so you can live your best life. 

Sleep 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 THC Bath Bomb

Perfect For: Calming your body and mind before bed

Targets: Calming from head to toe

Feels like: The perfect state to get a deep, healing rest

Kush Queen Sleep CBD and Delta 8 THC Bath Bomb

Insomnia and poor sleep hygiene can be detrimental to overall well being. The body repairs itself and the mind processes and stores memories while we sleep, making sleep one of the most essential functions we need daily. Incorporating CBD and Delta 8 THC into your bedtime routine can have a lasting positive impact on your overall health. 

Intentionally triggering the entourage effect with 25mg Delta 8 THC and 25mg CBD plus soothing lavender, frankincense, and citrus essential oils, Sleep 1:1 will calm the mind, ease the body, and engulf the senses to prepare you for a good night’s rest and an even better morning.

Double up on the cannabinoid intake and enjoy a Gummies Rx Sleep before your bath so that both are hitting just right as you crawl into bed. Layout your pajamas before you soak so you can just dry off, slip into bed, and drift into a soothing slumber the whole night through. 


Now that you’ve gotten the full scoop on Delta 8 THC from your favorite cannabis wellness brand, it's time to try them out for yourself! 

Lock in a monthly delivery of our extra strength 1:1 bath bombs by subscribing & saving.

Shop Kush Queen Extra Strength Bath Bombs

With the extra strength series, 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 THC bath bombs freshly launched, you might be thinking, “should I try Delta 8?” Let’s dig into why Delta 8 THC is very much worth a try and the top 3 reasons most people leap from CBD only to accessing more of the cannabis plant.

If Delta 8 THC is a totally new cannabinoid for you, check out the first post in this series, The Science and Effects of Delta 8 THC

In this post, we’ll explore why you should try this new minor cannabinoid and incorporate its powerful benefits into your wellness routine.

Three Reasons to try Kush Queen’s 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 THC Extra Strength Series

1 - Delta 9 THC Is Too Strong, You Don’t Like Feeling Stoned

Just about everything exists on a spectrum and cannabinoids are no exception. Some folx need a little more from their hemp products, while others may need less from a THC only product. 

Delta 8 THC is a more stable and less intense cannabinoid than its older cousin Delta 9 THC. This translates into the full-body effects of Delta 8 THC.

The effects are typically free from anxiety, paranoia, and couch-lock, but still rife with calming, mood-enhancing, and uplifting qualities. 

Our new extra strength series features a 1:1 ratio of CBD and Delta 8 THC. The presence of Delta 8 THC, CBD, and targeted essential oils creates a deep entourage effect, which amplifies all effects. And results in full body relief. 

The 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 ratio is ideal for anyone who wants a step up from broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD products or someone looking to take a step down from the effects of THC only products. 

Kush Queen's Extra Strength Series, 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 THC Bath Bombs

2 - CBD Alone Isn’t Enough, You Don't Feel Any Relief

Our needs are all unique and change with time as we age or evolve our wellness practices. 

Sometimes we outgrow the things that once worked well for us and need something new to stand in its place. Cue the 1:1 CBD + Delta 8 THC bath bombs for an elevated soak that has everything you expect from your favorite Kush Queen products. 

The entourage effect adds a heightened boost to the power of the cannabinoids and essential oils in each bath bomb.

If you’ve been missing something in your CBD routine, our extra-strength series just might be the remedy you’ve been looking for.

Or maybe you’ve never gotten relief from CBD only products. If your body is in a constant state of tension or stress, you may need a stronger cannabinoid ratio to experience full-body relief. Feeling seen? Sounds like you need to give our 1:1 CBD + Delta 8 THC bath bombs a try.

Kush Queen's Sleep and Relieve Delta 8 THC Bath Bombs in a tub.

3 - You’re Experimenting With New Wellness Products

At Kush Queen HQ, you don’t have to look far to find potent, plant-based versions of daily wellness products. We are passionate about innovation and always looking for ways to improve our existing products. 

Whether it’s bringing in new molecules like CBG, CBN and Delta 8 THC, experimenting with different ratios, or developing cutting-edge technology, our team is always forward-thinking when it comes to wellness product development. 

If you are like us and live and breathe cutting edge wellness, our Delta 8 THC products are sure to take your Self-Care Sunday ritual a step higher.

Mix and match blends, double up on your regular dose and feel the effects this minor cannabinoid offers. 


Delta 8 THC is ideal for anyone needing to find an effective middle ground between CBD and THC. Kush Queen’s extra strength series featuring Delta 8 THC delivers a potent full-body effect and a lifted chill that you most definitely need to try!

Shop the first 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 THC products in Kush Queen’s extra strength series: 1:1 Bath Bombs

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In early 2020, Kush Queen launched a line of minor cannabinoid-rich gummies and we’ve been working around the clock to keep them in stock ever since. 

When we introduce any new cannabinoid, we begin by doing our research, developing, testing, and refining our products. 

Along with that, we are committed to providing you detailed information and educational content with the launch of each new cannabinoid. 

As this whirlwind of a year comes to an end, we’re excited to introduce the next minor cannabinoid we’re featuring in our product line: Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as Delta 8 THC. 

This blog is the first in a three-part series on Delta 8 THC that will give you an overview of this emerging compound and what you can expect from it.

The Science Of Delta 8 THC

As you’ve heard us say in the past, CBD and THC are just two among many cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp. 

What you’ve come to know as THC is actually Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and is abundantly present in the cannabis plant. THC is associated with giving cannabis its psychoactive effects. Now it’s time to meet Delta 8, THC'S gen Z younger cousin.

Think of Delta 8 THC as “THC-Lite”, or a slightly milder, hemp-derived cannabinoid with a host of great benefits, like relieving pain and reducing anxiety. It’s like the equally cool, woke and yet slightly more refined younger cousin of THC. 

When you break down the science, “the molecular difference between Delta-8-THC and its famous cousin is small, but it’s enough to change how it binds to the brain” and how your body processes the cannabinoid, reports Dr. Peter Grinspoon with Doctor's for Cannabis Regulation.

Molecules of Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC


For your body to process any cannabinoid, the molecules must bind to “receptors that are part of your endocannabinoid system – a network of receptors and chemicals that influence a variety of experiences including, mood, pain sensation, or stress.” 

Delta 9 THC molecules bind very tightly to the receptors, while Delta 8 molecules doesn’t bind as well. 

Gabriella Gobbi, a professor at McGill University’s Department of Psychology puts it this way “It’s for this reason that people think it’s less psychotropic – it has less of the effect of a [full on] high.” 

The Effects Of Delta 8 THC

When compared to THC, most people that have tried Delta 8 THC describe the full-body effect as a lighter high with lower levels of anxiety and paranoia. Ultimately this makes Delta 8 THC a great middle-ground between pure CBD and cannabis-derived THC edibles and tinctures.

Delta-8 THC works synergistically with other plant compounds by activating the entourage effect. When combined with CBD-rich hemp extract and our targeted essential oil blends, Delta 8 THC enhances the strength of each components' effect. 

Think about it this way: CBD is known to relieve pain and curb anxiety, as is Delta-8 THC. 

For example, our Relax essential oil blend of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense was designed to help ease mental stress and soothe physical tension in the body. When these elements are all present together (CBD, Delta 8 THC, and the essential oil blend) they bring out and strengthen each other’s effectiveness and potency. 

Kush Queen's Relax 1:1 CBD and Delta 8 THC bath bomb

The Legal Status of Delta 8 THC

The 2018 Farm Bill paved the way for hemp-infused products to take the wellness and beauty industries by storm. While CBD has obviously dominated in the new product category, interest in minor cannabinoids is on the rise and shows promising potential, although research on these compounds is limited. 

Since hemp-derived Delta-8 is legal in most states, it’s a more accessible cannabinoid for folx who live in states without legal cannabis. And because of its similarity to Delta 9 THC, it’s about the closest you can get to an extra-strength experience from a hemp product. 

Kush Queen's Extra Strength Series Features CBD and Delta 8 THC

As part of our extra strength ratio series, we are excited to launch our 3 community favorite bath bombs in a 1:1 CBD to Delta 8 THC ratio!

Each ratio bath bomb features 25mg CBD + 25mg Delta-8 THC and your choice of our Sleep, Relax, or Relieve essential oil blends. 

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Shop our best selling CBD gift ideas that won’t break the bank. This holiday season, giving the gift of wellness and staying within your budget are both possible! 

These Kush Queen CBD products are all under $30! Perfect for gifting a little self-care moment and guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep quickly. 

CBD Bath Bombs - All Blends, All Doses

$12.99 - 20.00, Shop Now

Most Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs come in under $30, which gives you tons of options when it comes to gifting! Our original five blends come in 3 CBD dose options (25mg, 100mg, 200mg), making it easy to build a targeted combo pack or themed gift set.  

Here are some of our favorite CBD bath bomb combos for gifting.

The Day and Night Duo, $28.99

Sleep CBD Bath Bomb 100mg, Awaken CBD 25mg

You Need Some R&R, $28.99

Relieve CBD Bath Bomb 25mg, Relax CBD Bath Bomb 100mg

Witchy Wind Down, $28.99

Black Magic CBD Bath Bomb 25mg, Black Magic CBD Bath Bomb 100mg    

Be Well, Stay Well, $28.99

Shield For Immunity CBD Bath Bomb, Citrus CBD Bath Bomb 25mg

Holiday Peppermint Latte, $29.99 

Cafe Latte CBD Bath Bomb 25mg, Holiday Peppermint CBD Bath Bomb 200mg

If you want to gift a single bath bomb packed with full-body relief, go with a high dose CBD bath bomb (200mg); here are our all-time community best sellers.  

Relieve CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg 

$20.00, Shop Now

Our all-time best-seller features a potent blend of essential oils to support the relief of sore muscles and aching bones while also lifting away stress. 

Sleep CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg

$20.00, Shop Now

The citrus reticulata and origanum majorana essential oils combined with lavender help relax the muscles and calm the mind. Get ready for intense relaxation and calming that make way for a good night’s sleep. 

Relax CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg

$20.00, Shop Now 

A beautiful blend of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense come together to assist in the overall body and mind relief while giving your immune system the healthy boost it needs.

Gifting Tip: Our 25mg CBD bath bombs make the perfect stocking stuffers (they fit perfectly in the stocking tip)! 

Renew CBD Sugar Scrub - Full Body CBD Skincare

$15.99, Shop Now

Renew CBD Sugar scrub is great for all skin types AND gentle enough to use from head to toe. The organic sugar base, CBD, and jojoba oil work together to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize your whole body. Plus, it’s handmade with love right here in California! 

Collections - Bundles of CBD Wellness and Savings 

The Complete Mini Collection 

$29.99, Shop Now

The Complete Mini CBD Collection is a great way to try our five original blends. The collection includes five 10mg CBD Bath Bombs. Perfect for finding your favorite bath bomb blend and foot soaks! 

The Tea Collection

$28.99, Shop Now

Soak in the benefits of tea and CBD, so soothing and vitamin-rich. This detox collection includes 1 Earl Grey CBD Bath Bomb, 1 Matcha Green Tea CBD Bath Bomb, and 1 Spiced Chai CBD Bath Bomb

Woof Queen - To Calm The Fur Babies

$9.99, Shop Now

Create the perfect zen bath for your doggo! With 10mg CBD, colloidal oatmeal for coat health, and essential oils for relaxation and relief, Kush Queen's Woof Queen CBD bath bombs are great for any pup, any size, and come in two blends: relax and relieve. 


These CBD gifts are a great way to create a moment of self-care for your loved ones while keeping your budget in check! In 2020, the gift of wellness will not be overlooked by anyone on your list. 

To get even more bang for your buck, sign up for our SMS list, you will be rewarded with savings! 


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Living in the Pacific Northwest brings equal amounts of amazing and dreary to winter. To match my mood and immune-boosting needs of the season, I change up my daily CBD routine from October through March.

Since I work at Kush Queen, I’ve had the luxury of trying all the CBD, testing delivery methods and doses to find my perfect CBD routine. In this post, I share how I use Kush Queen products on an average winter day.

And yes, you can still be a KQ fan girl and work at the company, look at me :D 

My Daily CBD Routine Starts Every Morning

Time to Nourish My ECS and Set the Vibe

I’m a bit of an early bird, so my feet hit the floor between 6:00 - 6:30 am. First up, my morning routine, which includes the usual bathroom duties and my first topical dose of CBD. 

After washing and toning my face, I apply Defynt CBD Skin Serum. Defynt deeply moisturizes and calms my skin while giving the perfect daytime glow. I’m a bit of a renegade when it comes to skincare -  somedays I use Defynt, and that’s all, and others, I follow my CBD skin serum with a moisturizer.  

From the bathroom, I head straight to the kitchen where my wife is usually up, making our coffee. But first, a large glass of water and a dose of bäre CBD tincture.

Kush Queen's bäre CBD Tincture 

Taking bäre consistently every morning nourishes my endocannabinoid system, which supports immune health and assists with maintaining homeostasis throughout the body. I’ve tried all bäre doses (500mg- 5000mg) and found my sweet spot with the 1000mg dose. Taking a whole dropper’s worth gives me about 33mg of CBD in the morning.

This dose of bäre has a unique ability to help me start every day in just the right way; equal parts chill and focused.

From here, I crack open my computer and start my day at Kush Queen.

Kush Queen CBD Products I use every morning:

Afternoon Break and Mood Boost

CBG Gummies To the Rescue

The post-lunch slump is something that we can all relate to. Whether it’s low energy or motivational wane, I used to treat these feelings with coffee. Now, I grab a Gummies Rx Bliss CBG:CBD gummy or two. 

Kush Queen's Flight of CBD Gummies Holiday Gift Set
These gummies are the perfect afternoon pick me up! CBG, a lesser-known minor cannabinoid, delivers an uplifting feeling while the 15mg of CBD relaxes me just enough. I pair my Gummies Rx Bliss with a walk around my neighborhood for some fresh air.

Within about 15 minutes, my gummy kicks in, and the rest of my day glides right along!

Kush Queen CBD Products I take most afternoons:

Nighttime Calls For Total Relaxation

This CBD Trio Hits Different Before Bed

I’m a bath lover, and even before Kush Queen you could find me in the tub a few nights a week and on Saturday mornings. So, at least two nights a week I soak in a high-dose CBD Bath Bomb

Kush Queen Holiday Edition CBD Bath Bomb

My current go-tos are Relieve 200mg CBD Bath Bomb, Sleep 200mg CBD Bath Bomb and the Holiday Edition 200mg CBD Bath Bomb. This full-body topical CBD application gives me full-body relief that eases tension and stress from the day and puts me in a state of relaxation before bed.  

After my bath, I always apply Melt CBD Relief Lotion to my neck, lower back, and feet. If your work is computer-based like mine, Melt’s feature ingredients (cooling menthol, warming capsicum, and camphor oil) get to work almost instantly on my everyday aches and pains like magic.

On nights when I’m struggling to detach from the day or feel the woes from a long workout, I add Gummies Rx Sleep CBN:CBD into my routine. These gummies get to the point and put me in a dreamy state quickly.

If you have trouble relaxing before bed or getting to sleep, give Gummies Rx Sleep a try. These gummies contain CBN, a minor cannabinoid that has been compared to a sedative or sleep inducing effect. 

Kush Queen CBD Products I use at night time:


At Kush Queen, we make products that we love.

Every day, I use Kush Queen CBD products to boost my mood, manage stress, and give me full-body relief when I need it.

I encourage you to test different products based on your daily wellness needs, try different delivery methods, and dial in what works for you to create a daily CBD routine that nourishes your body and mind.

If building a daily CBD routine is something new, check out our holiday CBD gift sets, these are perfect for finding favorites. 

My two recs are the Ultimate Daily Wellness Set and the Flight of Gummies. 

Let Kush Queen elevate you daily--I certainly do!


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Let’s face it - this year will not be your average cold and flu season! CBD products should always be a part of your daily wellness routine, but during this icky time of year, we are upping our CBD intake and making sure we never miss a dose. 

How does CBD help when you are sick? CBD is a known anti-inflammatory that feeds our endocannabinoid system (ECS) and works with our central nervous system to regulate our most important body functions: sleep, mood, appetite, and our immune system. 

Nourishing your ECS is a great preventative action to avoid getting sick and can promote faster healing when your body is in the process of fighting off a cold or the flu. 

At Kush Queen, we use the power of three to layer our CBD routine and boost our immune system during cold and flu season.

A Layered Approached To CBD and Cold and Flu Season

The Power of Tincture

CBD is an immune booster that’s full of natural antibacterial properties that can help fight secondary bacterial infections that can develop from the cold and flu. 

Shop Kush Queen bare CBD Tincture

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can also help open up sinus passages and assist with breathing. For an oral delivery method, our Bare CBD tincture line comes in 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, or 5000mg doses! If you are battling with a cold or the flu we suggest going with a higher dose choice: 2500mg or 5000mg doses. 

In addition to CBD’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, our tincture can help take the edge off when you are feeling under the weather. When the full body chills take over, bare is our go-to tool for body relaxation.

The Power of Hot Baths

Baths have so many scientifically proven benefits. When your immune system is under attack, hot baths can help fight viruses by elevating your body temperature and promoting better sleep which is key to keeping your immune system fully functioning. 

Kush Queen Sleep CBD Bath Bomb

You know we love a good soak any time of the year, but a hot bath when you are feeling ill can boost your mood and provide much-needed relief. To kick your bath’s benefits up a notch, add a Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb to your bath. 

The Perfect CBD Bath Bombs For Cold and Flu Season:

We combine essential oils with CBD to create a powerful entourage effect that transforms your bath into a full-body topical soak. While soaking, your skin absorbs all the wellness benefits of the CBD and essential oils which, results in full-body relaxation. 

Getting out of your warm cozy bed will feel like a big task if you are sick, but feeling the full-body topical benefits of CBD and increasing your circulation will make a noticeable difference in your (sick) day. 

The Power of Hand Hygiene

Now more than ever, hand hygiene is top of mind! It’s important to Wet, Lather, Scrub, Rinse & Dry your hands to prevent the spread of germs. Washing your hands regularly while you are sick is equally as critical as using this tool as a preventative measure. 

Kush Queen Soaked CBD Shower Gel

For an energizing, immune-boosting dose of CBD every time you wash your hands, grab our Soaked CBD Shower Gel. Soaked delivers three things: a moisture-filled lather thanks to the aloe juice base, a solid dose of transdermal CBD with every wash so the molecule gets into your bloodstream, plus a refreshing citrus scent. 

For those times when water isn’t readily available, check out our hand sanitizer just in case! It’s not infused with CBD but does have a gentle formula that won’t dry out your hands. Yay! 

Stock Yourself with CBD Prevention

The best way to avoid cold and flu season is with mindful preventative actions! Stay prepared by adding CBD into your wellness routine with our signature bath bombs, topicals, and ingestible products. 

To spread the love, check out our new Kush Queen gift sets to share with family and friends this holiday season!


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It’s time for another edition of Serious Bathers Club! Only this version isn’t about aesthetics or soaking in a gorgeous tub--it’s about taking your bath a level deeper with intention. 

Our CBD bath bombs contain powerful plant molecules, targeted essential oils, and soothing colors that enhance the bathing experience. To take it a step further, we designed a ritual perfect for this time of year that focuses on gratitude and self-care.

Welcome to the Serious Bathers Club: Gratitude Soak! 

Create The Vibe For An Intentional CBD Bath

Our gratitude soak is designed to be a sensory experience for the body, mind, and spirit. With that in mind, here is everything you need for your soak.

For this interactive CBD bath, you’ll need a few things: 

Kush Queen CBD Bath Gratitude Playlist. Listen on Spotify

    Some extras you can use to elevate this bath to another dimension include: 

    • A joint, glass of wine, a cup of tea, or bäre CBD Tincture 

    • Candlelight to add to the vibe

    • An essential oil diffuser to enhance the sensory element of this ritual (we recommend a pumpkin spice blend or your choice of essential oils to complement the bath bomb you’re using)

    • Smudge your bathroom to remove all negative energy as a final step to cleanse the vibe of the space

    Set The Intention

    The most important element of this ritual is to set an intention of gratitude.

    • Before you enter the tub, take 3 deep breaths with your eyes closed and thank yourself for dedicating this moment to your well being.

    • Next, express gratitude to the Universe for anything you're thankful for: the planet, your health, your family --anything that comes to mind. 

    • Then, channel a mantra to use for the remainder of your soak. It can be as simple as “I am grateful” or “I am abundant”, or can be specific to wherever you are in this moment. You do you, boo.

    Before entering the bath, hit the playlist. We highly recommend keeping your phone or iPad out of reach and away from the tub for this bath experience.

    The idea here is to bring as much focus within as possible and exclude distractions. Our playlist runs about 46 minutes from start to finish, with recommended soaking time at about 30-40 minutes. 


    Kush Queen Gratitude Soak featuring the holiday CBD bath bomb

    Ready, Set, Soak

    Once you are in the tub, breathe deep to inhale the essential oils steaming up from your bath. Pay attention to how the water feels on your skin, which scents are most invigorating, and how the music enhances the vibe. Focus on getting out of your mind and into your body.

    If your mind wanders, be kind to yourself and bring your attention back to your breath. Allow each inhale and exhale to be filled with expressions of gratitude, thanks, and grace. 

    After settling in the tub, now is the perfect time to begin chanting your mantra or dropping into a meditation on gratitude. 

    Kush Queen Holiday Bath Bomb

    Rinse and Repeat

    We hope this ritual helps you leave the bath with a sense of deep relaxation and gratitude. 2020 has been a challenging time for us all, but you have the power to focus on being grateful. 

    Repeat this process as needed to help cultivate more gratitude in your life. We like to use the gratitude soak as a tool at the end of each week to process everything that happened.

    Let us know what you’re grateful for by tagging @kushqueenshop on IG.


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    The holidays have arrived at Kush Queen! You already know we are stocked with CBD gifts that are the perfect combo of wellness and fun.  

    Kush Queen has CBD wellness-focused gifts for everyone in your life. This year’s Ultimate CBD Gift Guide features hand-picked gifts to make shopping stress-free and gifting meaningful. Let's get into it! 

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    For You, The Most Personal Favor

    You better believe after the year we've had, we insist on putting yourself and your wellness first. This season is a time to set wellness intentions for the new year that foster balance. Don’t forget to incorporate nourishing your endocannabinoid system to assist your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. 

    Bare CBD Tincture 

    Integrating Bare 1000mg tincture daily will give you an ingestible dose of CBD that fights inflammation. Clean and easy for everyday use with our customizable dose dropper.

    Melt CBD Relief Lotion

    Stock up with the Melt 16oz CBD Relief Lotion and be ready for any aches and pains the year ahead might bring. Our powerful nanotechnology increases bioavailability making Melt so much more than a CBD salve, it’s a power topical that works to ease soreness from head to toe. 

    Holiday-Edition CBD Bath Bomb

    Wellness but make it fun! The holiday edition CBD bath bomb is delivering edible gold mica, a breathtaking peppermint essential oil blend and 200mg of CBD. Get Mariah on loop because this bath is delivering holiday magic.

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    For Our Femmes Out There, Moms, Sisters, No. 1 Kush Queens

    The Iconic CBD Beauty Collection 

    Whether your mom or sister is a regular CBD user or a newcomer to cannabis wellness, the Iconic CBD Beauty Collection is the perfect gift set for CBD beauty exploration. 

    Normally a $155+ retail value, you can treat your favorites for only $115.99. The Iconic CBD Beauty Collection includes, Kingdm Foto Blur, CBD Primer, Kingdm Foto Set CBD Setting Spray, Defynt CBD Anti-Serum, and Renew CBD Scrub 2oz

    They’ll glow from the inside out and adore this CBD gift set for months to come. 

    The Kush Queen Mini Glow Up

    The Mini Glow Up 

    The Mini Glow Up Gift Set features our award-winning CBD cosmetics Kingdm Foto Blur and Kingdm Foto Set Setting Spray, a gift set perfect for all cosmetics lovers!

    Each bottle contains 250mg CBD of our patent-pending nanotechnology which increases our CBD’s bioavailability allowing the molecule to absorb directly into the bloodstream. Who doesn't love a gift that isn't going to sit on a shelf and collect dust?  

    Kush Queen Flight of Gummies

    Flight of Gummies 

    If your BFF isn’t all about the glam, try our Flight of Gummies. Normally, $199.99 our Flight of CBD Gummies is now $149.99. This gift set includes: Gummies Rx with 375mg CBD, Gummies Rx Sleep with 900mg CBD:CBN, and Gummies Rx Bliss with 900mg CBD:CBG. These additions will transform your bestie’s daily wellness for 2021, plus they're tasty and vegan-friendly.  

    Shop Kush Queen CBD For Your Partner

    Aye Baby Baby, For Your Lover/Partner(s)

    The holidays are all about giving and naturally, your Boo is a high priority. These gifts focus on shared experiences, wink wink!

    The CBD Love Kit

    This year give them the gift that you’ll both receive, with the Kush Queen CBD Love Kit. Packaged perfectly for gifting, the CBD Love Kit comes equipped with a Love CBD Bath Bomb, Water-Based CBD Lube, and Sensual CBD Massage Oil for a romantic night. Chances are, they’ll be so dazzled with this present that they’ll invite you to join in on the fun.

    2020 Pride Collection

    If you want to up the ante and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community while spoiling BAE, then add the Kush Queen 2020 Pride Collection to your cart before checking out. This year’s collection includes 100mg CBD Pride Glitter Relax bath bomb, 750mg Pride Gummies Rx, and 250mg CBD Big Lube Energy. Gifting the Pride Collection also supports our 2020 Pride Community Partner, AsylumConnect’s efforts to provide resources to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers. 

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    Mom and Dad Need To Chill Too

    Show your parents what CBD wellness is about this holiday season with The Ultimate Daily Wellness Set. This collection is priced right at $89.99 and has all the cult-favorite CBD products from Kush Queen: Relieve 100mg Bath Bomb, Bare 500mg Wellness Tincture, Melt 2oz. CBD Relief Lotion, and Soaked CBD Shower Gel

    The Ultimate Daily Wellness Set

    Shop The Ultimate Daily Wellness CBD Gift Set

    Help your folks start a daily CBD regimen with a morning dose of Bare, an energizing shower with Soaked, then applying Melt to the places that hurt most. Teach them the art of the self-care moment with a warm bath and a Relieve 100mg bath bomb. 

    They do so much for us, it’s time we give them a dose of their own medicine: LOVE.  

    Shop the best CBD gifts for your bro

    The One We Love Or Love To Annoy - Your Bro

    He teases you, he remembers your most embarrassing moments and he’ll never let you live them down, but if anyone tries to cross you, they’ll have to cross him first. He’s your brother, peskiness and all, and you just want to get him a present he’ll enjoy. It doesn’t hurt if that gift also makes him more pleasant to be around. 

    The Deep Chill Set 

    Kush Queen's Deep Chill CBD Gift Set

    Priced right at $299.99 (retail value $434.98) the Deep Chill Set delivers huge savings, plus the CBD realness your brother didn’t know he needed. This set includes 750mg Pride Gummies Rx, Bare 2500mg CBD Wellness Tincture, and Melt 800mg CBD Relief Lotion

    Your gift will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Chill, Bro”. 

    Shop Kush Queen CBD For Your Grandparents

    For The Grands 

    Mini CBD Bath Bombs, Bare, Melt

    This year has been extra tough on older generations, this holiday is the perfect reason to spoil your grandparents. Get Grams and Gramps a Complete Mini Bath Bomb Collection, a Bare 1000mg Tincture, and Melt 200mg Relief Lotion 

    Show them how to create a CBD wellness sanctuary in their home with a CBD foot soak and a cup of tea infused with Bare in front of their fireplace. Then teach them how applying Melt daily can help keep pain and stiffness at bay.  

    Shop Kush Queen CBD For Pets

    For your Furbabies  

    Woof Queen CBD Bath Bombs

    You can’t forget about your furbabies. They have brought us so much joy this year in quarantine and they have endocannabinoid systems, too. Our pets love a bath with CBD, so gift them a Woof Queen Lavender CBD bath bomb for pooches who need a chill or a Woof Queen Peppermint CBD bath bomb for the pooch with skin problems.  

    Bare CBD Tincture

    All pets love our Bare CBD tincture, made with only 2 ingredients: organic olive oil and broad-spectrum CBD. We suggest 500mg CBD for the young ones and smol pups, and 1000mg CBD for the elder pets and those with more severe needs. Serve your furry fam their dose of Bare on a treat, in their food, or administer it directly (if they let you!). 

    Shop the Ultimate 2020 CBD Holiday Gift Guide

    This Holiday Season Is All About Peace, Love, and CBD

    Cannabis wellness is the perfect gift for everyone, and with Kush Queen, you can find a gift for any budget. 

    Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our holiday cut-offs and deals from now until the end of 2020! 


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