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Last month I wrote a piece about coping with loss from the Covid-19 pandemic and was moved by how many people found it relatable. When I dove into my grief journey in late 2017 learning about how varying the experience of loss can be and how many factors impact the way that grief is expressed--or repressed--helped me the most. 

It’s been about two months since we were all undeniably impacted by the wrath of the ‘Rona, either physically, economically, mentally, or some combination of the three. To help you move through the next phase of this pandemic, we’ll explore compounding loss and cumulative grief, which is impacting a majority of folx right now. 

Global Pandemic Phase One

To help us understand compounding loss, let’s first review what we’ve been dealing with.

The onslaught of news and social media about this novel virus became prominent in early 2020. Warnings of contagion, diminished supplies, and government shutdowns flooded our feeds. By Friday March 13th, you couldn’t buy a roll of toilet paper or walk into a grocery store without confronting masked and gloved shoppers frantically buying up ALL THE FOOD. 

Then governments began shutting down businesses, schools, and parks left and right, putting people out of work, children out of school, and essential workers on the frontlines of stores, hospitals, warehouses, and delivery trucks. 

Terms like quarantine, self-isolation, shelter-in-place, safer-at-home, and flattening the curve became part of everyday language in what felt like the blink of an eye. This new normal was just the beginning of a series of changes resulting in widespread loss with no end in sight.

CBD Tincture shown up close.

Compounding Losses of Pandemic Proportions

To paint a clear picture of compounding loss, we can look to 3 distinct scenarios.

The owner of a boutique salon was forced to close and is now out of work, applying for SBA loans and trying to understand PPP benefits, fielding employee phone calls, and adjusting to being home. All. Day. Long. They have no control over their livelihoods and no idea when that will change. 

An essential worker, although grateful for their job, is on the frontlines of a frustrated, scared, and confused public and is stressed beyond measure. Back at home, they are forced to avoid contact with the other members of their household for fear of exposing them to the virus, which they may or may not have come in contact with during the duration of their shift. 

A worried caregiver must remain diligently involved with doctors and nurses to stay informed on their loved ones' condition, as they've contracted the virus. The caregiver cannot be by their loved one’s side due to the high-risk environment in the hospital. Adjusting to suddenly working from home and homeschooling their child, they’re thrust into further devastation at the influx of news stories depicting racism and violence at the hands of law enforcement. 

Each person described above is facing compounding loss. Before they’ve had a chance to process and integrate the first loss, a second one hits like a ton of bricks, then a third, then a fourth.

Some losses are secondary to a major loss, like losing your job and also losing the relationships and community you had with your coworkers, your routine, and the identity you’d built around your job. The weight of what’s been lost will burden these folx, until they grieve.

Unhealed Wounds Accumulate

Aside from compounding loss, another factor faced by many in this time of global crisis is cumulative grief. Cumulative grief is grief from the past that was either repressed or avoided that surfaces when a new loss occurs. 

I faced this when a friend of mine passed away unexpectedly 4 years ago. Having not dealt with the loss of my parents, the loss of my friend compounded with the grief I buried, which I continued avoiding.

A year and a half later, it became clear that I managed the cumulative loss with workaholism masquerading as passion. Not surprisingly, imposter syndrome and crippling anxiety became secondary symptoms of my repressed emotions.

While in crisis, the natural reaction may be to avoid difficult feelings with numbing strategies, avoidance, and repression. Getting in tune with your feelings and having some understanding of grief, whether it be from experience, an article, or a book, helps normalize the experience and dulls the pain in some circumstances.

With this in mind, can you identify times of loss that resulted in cumulative grief or compounded grief in your life? What about secondary losses? For a lot of us, right now might be one of those times? 

You may not want to go down the rabbit hole of emotions at this very moment, but if you’re still reading this blog, then a part of you must resonate with this message.

It’s been my experience that viewing those emotions through the lens of grief normalizes the suffering that is already happening. Addressing grief doesn’t result in more pain or a heavier burden, on the contrary, it alchemizes it into something we can carry with us as an integral part of who we are. 

CBD Shower Gel bubbles.

Toolbox for Working Through Grief

As with any healing journey, it’s important to have tools at your disposal to help you through the rough patches, but especially grief because there can be many unexpected feelings that arise. 

Here are a few tools that I have readily available for diving into grief and other difficult feelings.


For matters of an emotional nature, I often write in a journal or notebook with pen and paper. I sometimes type, but physically writing feels like a more concrete expression to me. Usually I just let my mind dictate what’s written, other times I muse on a prompt. 

Here are a few journaling prompts for starting a grief journey:

  • Write the story of your loss--be as specific as you want
  • Create a timeline of events leading up to the loss or post-loss that got you to the point you’re at now
  • How the loss has changed you
  • What you’re missing
  • A letter to who or what you lost
  • A letter to your grief


I view exercise as a tool for my mental health as much or even more so than my physical health. Sustained moderate exercise for 30 minutes or more is known to increase your body’s production of endocannabinoids, which reduces stress levels and pain, and can boost mood and heighten senses. 

Movement helps to get you out of your head and into your body, which is essential when processing difficult memories. My favorite forms of exercise usually involve the breath, like:

  • Running - Moderate jogging for 30 minutes is all it takes to boost your endocannabinoid system
  • Pilates - Mix and match these videos from ShapeShift Pilates
  • Yoga - I’m a longtime fan of Yoga with Adriene! Especially her Yoga for Runners playlist
  • Functional strength training - Build strength and confidence to carry on after a challenging day

Cannabis Wellness

Cannabis was the first tool I turned to when I was grieving long before I knew cannabis could be a tool for healing and long before I realized I was holding on to grief. While the plant has great potential for healing, it’s not entirely benign and should be used mindfully and with reverence.

  • Smoking - This was the first way I consumed cannabis and is still my favorite. When diving into difficult feelings and smoking potent THC, pay attention to your anxiety levels, and stop smoking if it’s triggering you. CBD can help balance the psychoactive effects of cannabis, so keep a CBD tincture handy, switch to high-CBD strains, or choose a new delivery method.
  • Edibles - Again, be extra cautious and mindful of how you feel when consuming. Opt for CBD + minor cannabinoid gummies that can help you sleep or lift your spirits without a high.
  • General Self-Care - Cannabis taught me how to take moments out of the day to connect with myself. A soothing warm bath with a CBD bath bomb, a mini self-massage with a transdermal topical before bed, and a tension relieving orgasm with cannabis-infused lube are all doused with self-love when you incorporate them with intention. 


None of us know how long this global pandemic will last or what the results of it will be in the end. For now all we can do is take it day-by-day and equip ourselves for whatever comes next by focusing on our health, wellbeing, and relationships.

Let us know how this blog helped you move through grief in the time of Covid-19! You can reach out to me directly at Angela at! 


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CBD Bath Bombs are a great way to unwind, relax, and get a nourishing dose of CBD. I’m sure you can agree that soaking in a CBD bath sounds nice, but how do CBD bath bombs work? 

Here is the answer:

CBD bath bombs create a full-body topical experience for your largest organ to soak in and absorb the CBD. 

Skin, your body’s largest organ, makes up about 16% of your body mass and is a powerful tool for absorbing cannabinoids and balancing your endocannabinoid system. As you soak in the tub, your body absorbs the essential oils and the CBD, like a sponge. A CBD bath bomb is a full-body topical application that allows for unparalleled all-over relief. These powerful molecules work together with your endocannabinoid system creating a synergistic effect that relaxes your entire body.

Beautiful Relax CBD Bath Bomb radiating its soft blue color.

A Full Body CBD Bath Bomb Experience

When you factor in the warm water, soaking with a CBD bath bomb causes our body temperature to increase and blood vessels to dilate. This improves circulation, pumping more nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies while displacing toxins in areas of weaker flow.    

Soaking the entire body in CBD is so different from a localized application or any oral delivery method. The full-body application is why CBD bath bombs create a relaxing effect for so many people. 

Think of it this way: After a long day, if you wash your hands, your hands will be clean and will feel nice. But the rest of your body will still feel gritty. However, if you were to take a nice hot shower, your whole body would feel refreshed. 

The same is true for soaking your whole body in CBD. You feel the overall effect of your body absorbing the CBD, which delivers head to toe relaxation. 

What Are CBD Bath Bombs Good For? 

  • Creating the most relaxing bath. If you already like taking baths, a CBD bath bomb is a must-try.  
  • Easing into bed after a long day. Our Sleep 100mg CBD bath bomb will transport your body from the high function demands of the day straight into a slumber party for one. 
  • Giving your body a break after an unmanageable event. Our bodies hold stress and over time, these stressors can present in a variety of ways. CBD bath bombs can deliver the relief you’ve been craving. 
  • Taking the edge off after a stressful situation. Sometimes a long soak and a little me time coupled with a high dose CBD bath bomb are as good as a therapy session. 
  • Recovery from long workouts. To reduce inflammation and release muscle tension, you’ll want to give this Kush Queen CBD bath bomb blend a try. 
CBD Bath Bombs dissolving a bright blur and green color.

Choosing the Right Dose For Your CBD Bath Bomb

Most high-quality CBD Bath Bombs will offer different doses of CBD to let you choose the strength. Our original 7 blends of Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs come in 3 doses: 25mg, 100mg, and 200mg of CBD. The right dose for you will depend on what’s going on with your body and mind at the time. 

We recommend choosing the 25mg CBD Bath Bomb if you:

  • Have never tried a CBD bath bomb.
  • Want to get your day started with a CBD bath.
  • Already take a high daily dose of CBD.  

We recommend choosing the 100mg CBD Bath Bomb if you:

  • Have trouble getting to sleep.
  • Had an extra hard workout. 
  • Like using CBD daily and want to up your dose. 
  • You didn’t feel the body high from the 25mg CBD Bath Bomb. 
  • Indulging in a self-care day. 

We recommend choosing the 200mg CBD Bath Bomb if you are:

  • Trying to take the edge off and induce relaxation. 
  • Working to fight off an infection or inflammation. 
  • Recovering from an injury or trauma.
  • Detoxing or rebooting your body.


CBD bath bombs offer an overlooked but superior delivery method for a full body application of CBD. Give one of our CBD Bath Bombs a try today! 

The top 3 customer favorites are Relieve, Relax, and Sleep


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As a makeup artist, I’ve learned the perfect *lewk* starts way before a drop of actual makeup goes on my skin. Growing up with acne and even worse, having cystic adult acne has made me prioritize my skincare routine. Here’s my simple-ish routine to keep my skin glowing head to toe.

CBD Skin Care For Your Body


For my body care, I start in the shower with Kush Queen’s Soaked CBD shower gel almost every day. Not only does the amazing citrus-y scent wake me up but it cleanses my skin without drying it out and keeps me smelling FRESH. I’m honestly addicted to the scent and find myself missing it when I’m forced to use another cleanser!

You might be thinking CBD in a shower gel, how does that work? Before I got into using CBD in my daily routines, I never understood why CBD made sense in skincare either.

Here's the science: your skin is your largest organ and provides the largest surface area for cannabinoid exposure. In Soaked for example, Kush Queen's transdermal CBD particles travel through the lather onto your skin and fully absorb directly into your bloodstream creating the most bioavailable CBD experience.


About once a week, I incorporate Kush Queen’s Renew CBD scrub into my body care routine. The dry scrub formula is a unique texture and I love it because it effectively exfoliates my skin without being too harsh. I think of Renew as more of a skin polisher since it removes dead skin and leaves me feeling super smooth. Again, the scent is really what hooked me. The lavender smell is intoxicating and makes me feel like a goddess post-shower.


Another after shower ritual I have is lathering up with the Kush Queen x A&O CBD body lotion. Especially now that it’s heating up in SoCal and my skin is getting a bit more sun, I need to make sure it stays hydrated. This creamy body lotion gets the job done and the CBD helps relax me from the outside in.

Kush Queen's Soaked Shower Gel basking in the sunshine!

CBD Skincare For Your Face

Moving on to my mug, every morning and night, I also use Soaked CBD shower gel as a cleanser (makeup on or not). However, what follows after cleansing is a bit different depending on whether it’s morning or night!

A.M. - Let’s Get Fresh and Protect

Spoiler alert - this is the most involved. For daytime, post-cleansing, I will let my skin dry and then use a toner. Lately I’ve been feeling The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution. It provides mild exfoliation and helps your skin’s natural radiance pop. Directly after toning, I press in KQ’s Defynt serum all over my face which is a great “all-purpose” serum for all skin types that helps with retaining moisture and smoothing fine lines. I follow up with Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Pink Moisturizer which is a perfectly light jelly-textured treatment that smells amazing and feels even better. 

For sun protection, I layer on Dermalogica’s Invisible Physical Defense SPF which leaves your skin protected, smooth, and without any weird residue other SPF’s are known for. 

Finally, my last step is using KINGDM’s Foto Blur CBD Primer which not only tames redness but leaves my pores blurred and smooths my skin. Kingdm also creates a perfect base for my makeup if I choose to wear any that day.

The Kush Queen CBD Skincare trifecta of Defynt, Renew and Kingdm

P.M. - Let's Hydrate

Nighttime can be a bit more involved and my routine depends on the day and how my skin is feeling at that moment! I start again cleansing with Soaked to remove any makeup or dirt from the day. I then follow up by toning and using my Defynt serum. Every other day I use my custom Curology treatment cream to control acne and follow that with a heavier moisturizer or night mask. 

Two of my nighttime favorites are Pacifica Beauty’s Wake Up Beautiful Mask and Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon gel-cream. 


I add CBD to my skincare routine because it helps with inflammation, reduces redness, and has known anti-bacterial benefits all of which help my underlying issues. Turns out, I like it so much I now choose skincare products that have CBD as an ingredient. 

Skincare routines are always going to be extremely personal so I urge you to sample different products and see what works best for you. Give CBD Skincare are try, my everyday must haves are Soaked CBD Shower Gel, Defynt CBD Skin Serum and Kingdm CBD Primer


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This is a sappy love post to all moms and what being a mom means to us. Throughout our lives we’ve known all different types of moms; every one of them does life, loves, parents, celebrates, and relaxes in their way. Our ode to moms highlight some of our favorite moms, don’t worry we won’t drop any names. 

Moms We Love At Kush Queen

You already know our mom is our favorite mom, but we got love for a lot of moms. By no means is this an extensive list of moms, think of these moms as the neighborhood moms, the characters that gave us our start.

The Stoner Mom

Some would argue the stoner mom is the most lit and the most chill. But what she needs to be appreciated for is her level-headed advice, owning her self-care and snacks. We all know moms who smoke and we know the stigma they face from society. Shonitria Anthony created Blunt Blowin Mama to address that exact notion. She says it best with “weed was my form of self-care before I became a mom, and that hasn't changed one bit now that I am a mom.” You can read more from Shonitria in Why Moms Should Smoke Weed.

If you know a mom who smokes or pours CBD oil on everything, give her some empowerment this Mother’s Day by letting her know you stand with her form of self-care

Flower vase, mama bear coffee mug and Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb sitting on a wooden bath tray.

First Time Moms 

New moms have our heart. There is nothing like growing a human inside of you, truly there is nothing like it. The first months after giving birth, moms have a lot going on mentally, physically, and emotionally. We want to tell first-time moms three things 1) Don’t be too hard on yourself! Is your baby loved? Are you doing the best you can? Then you are doing perfect! 2) You are still you. Yeah, a lot has changed over the last few months but you will feel like yourself again. 3) Get support! This might be the most important one. The phrase “it takes a village” really hits home once your little one is running around. 

Let’s hold space for first time or moms that have recently given birth. Check-in with them by sending a little care package that asks how they are doing. Trust me when I say it will mean the world!

Your Mom/Friend

As you get older, a beautiful thing can happen when your relationship with your mom morphs into a friendship. It's hard to imagine that moms still want to be friends considering all of the $hit we put them through during high-school and college but then again, a mom’s love is like no other. My mom has become one of my closest confidants but don’t get it twisted, she still steps in with “the look” when needed. I would say our relationship is two parts mom, 1 part friend. 

Take a look at the relationship between you and your mother. Is it more of the perfect duo or guide/philosopher? 

Regardless of where you and your mom fall on the friendship spectrum, letting her know that you appreciate her support and unwarranted fashion advice. Moms of grown-ups (ish) love dedicated time. Set up something low key and fun this Mother’s Day to let mom know you care. 

Dear Mom you were right card shown with a CBD Bath Bomb and gift bag.

Moms That Are No Longer With Us

Appreciation holidays can be the worst if you’ve lost a parent. It’s an awkward feeling that traps you somewhere between reminiscing and wishing more than anything that they were still here. Our love song to moms that have passed on is Louis Tomlinson’s Two of Us, he captures the sentiments of a lost love perfectly. 

There is no right way to deal with loss on days when it's front and center. Give yourself space to hold feelings that you might typically push down. Honor what’s lost and what was had if you can. 

The Moms Who Step In

If you’re lucky, then you’ve known the special mom-types who come to our rescue throughout life, gracing us with nurturing energy and taking us under their wing. It’s like they have an overflow of maternal love to give and can’t help but act as the mama bear each of us needs sometimes. 

There’s the work-mom who shows you the ropes around the office and makes you feel supported. Then there’s the aunt or godmother who treated you like her own and could always tell when something was up with you, even when you didn’t. And there’s the friend’s mom who’s everyone’s mom—she embraces all of her kids' friends like they’re her own because she knows the value of chosen family.

Each of these moms holds a special place in our lives and deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day, so send them some love and let them know what they mean to you. 


No matter what your relationship looks like with your mom, hold space for it this Mother’s Day. There is no such thing as the perfect mom, just appreciation for the moms in our life.

Check out our top picks for gifting mom self-careCBD beauty, or a daily dose to take the edge off.   


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You’ve heard about CBD Gummies and decided to give them a try, 20 minutes later this is the third post you have open and still you aren’t sure what’s going to help. Just like any wellness product, choosing the right CBD gummy is personal and can take a little research to ensure you are getting a quality gummy. 

This post is going to share 3 benefits you need to know about CBD gummies and help you narrow down your options based on how you feel.

CBD Gummies - What You Need to Know 

By now, you know what CBD Gummies are supposed to do. Here are 3 benefits that gummies offer outside of helping with everyday symptoms like nervous energy, muscle aches, and overall inflammation. 

  1. THE easiest delivery method. CBD gummies are a quick, simple way to take your daily CBD. Time and location do not matter with this delivery method. Gummies can easily be added to a work travel bag to help deal with any unexpected events and are also small enough to fit perfectly in your everyday purse. 
  2. No guess dosing. High-quality CBD gummies should list the total mg/bottle and the total mg/gummy on the bottle and/or packaging. When choosing a CBD gummy make sure to understand how much CBD or other cannabis molecules you are ingesting with each piece. Ultimately, this will help you determine what the best dose is for your body and needs.   
  3. Taste. When you get into higher doses, the natural hemp oil taste can be a factor that turns some people away. CBD Gummies with delicious, natural flavoring can turn your daily dose into a gourmet chew that you look forward to as a daily treat!

How to find your “Happy Dose” 

If you’re new to CBD Gummies or getting ready to try a new dose or different cannabis molecules like CBG or CBN, we recommend starting with 1 gummy at a time! We know it may seem small, but every 15 minutes you can check in with yourself to see if you have reached your desired level of relief. If you feel an additional dose will get you closer to your desired level of relief, take 1 more gummy, and continue to monitor how you feel. 

It’s important to note that what might be your “happy dose” in one scenario may differ from others. For example, taking 2 gummies in the morning and only 1 before bed may be just what you need. 

Once you’ve found the perfect dose, write it down so you can enjoy the perfect amount of CBD Gummies to bring you relief when you need it most! 

Kush Queen CBD Gummies Rx 750mg shown in it's bottle with a pink and orange background.

Kush Queen CBD Gummies: Which One Is Right For You?

For Newbies and Taking the Edge Off

What Should I Use?

Reach for a bottle of 375mg Gummies RX if you are new to taking CBD daily or want to curb nerves during the day without feeling groggy.

When Should I Take CBD Gummies?

To support your endocannabinoid system, we recommend using our 375mg Gummies RX in the morning to kickstart your day. With 12.5mg CBD in each piece, this dose is also ideal for users seeking relief at any point of their day with a flavorful pick me up.  

If you have never tried CBD Gummies, check out this first timer’s experience with Kush Queen CBD Gummies Rx. This review walks you through the first 4 days of using CBD gummies from a perspective that deals with motivation, walking up in the night, and being annoyed at work. 

For Mood and Energy

What Should I Use?

Looking for a daytime boost with a side of CBD and CBG? Our new Gummies RX Bliss is made with CBG and makes you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to conquer anything. 

When Should I Take These CBG & CBD Gummies?

Referred to as the “Mother” of all cannabinoids, CBG is thought to help regulate mood thanks to its ability to boost anandamide, the body’s native “bliss” molecule. This blue raspberry gummy with 15mg CBG and 15mg CBD has been reported to welcome an uplifting or positive boost in mood.

Kush Queen CBG Gummies Rx Bliss shown in it's teal blue bottle against a pink background.

For Muscle Relief

What Should I Use?

For aches that won’t go away or active muscle recovery, the 750mg Gummies RX is ideal for a higher dose of CBD that will relax and relieve.

When Should I Take These CBD Gummies?

At 25mg CBD per piece, these gummies are great to enjoy in the morning for a blanket of relief and relaxation all over your body. For those active bodies, this is a great gummy to take before or after a workout to support muscle recovery and decrease your downtime so you can stay in motion. 

For Getting To Sleep and Staying Asleep

What Should I Use?

Sleep doesn’t come easy for all of us, and for those who struggle with getting to a state where they can count sheep, the Sleep Gummies RX is a must!

When Should I Take These CBN & CBD Gummies?

Partnered with another new minor cannabinoid, Gummies RX Sleep combines the power of 15mg CBN and 15mg CBD ideal to consume 30-60 minutes before bedtime! Thanks to CBN, these gummies are perfect for those seeking sedating and sleep-inducing effects without feeling groggy in the morning. 

Kush Queen's CBD Gummies Rx Sleep shown in its dark blue bottle against a pink background.


Kush Queen CBD Gummies are as diverse as our customers to offer a wide range of relief. We love this discrete and effective ingestible because now there are more options to choose the happy dose and cannabinoid best for you! 

There is so much beauty in cannabinoids found in cannabis, you can count on Kush Queen to deliver a high-quality CBD gummy you can trust. 


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We are serious bathers. Long before Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs, we were first fans of long luxurious baths, bath bombs, mineral soaks, and bubble baths. To us, bathing is an under-appreciated art form with tons of benefits that most people don’t know. 

Now for the inspo story. We had an obsession with Lush bath bombs before developing Kush Queen CBD bath bombs. Let’s give credit where credit is due! 

A lot of research went into the development of Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs. 

Bath bombs were first invented in 1989 when product inventor and Lush co-founder Mo Constantine was inspired by the fast-fizzing action of Alka Seltzer. She achieved that fizzy base renown throughout tubs worldwide with a simple combination of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. Point blank, the fizzy nature of Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs would not exist if it weren’t for Lush Co-founder Mo. Thanks, Mo!

Awaken, Citrus and Relax CBD Bath Bombs laying on a red and teal silk scarfs.

What’s the difference between Lush Bath Bombs and CBD Bath Bombs?

There are 4 main differences between Kush Queen CBD bath bombs and regular bath bombs. 

The Relaxation Effect

Lush uses the power of color, glitter, and creativity to deliver relaxation to your bathtub. Sure, Kush Queen bath bombs are beautiful, but they are more than just aesthetics and a good smell. Our CBD Bath Bombs focus on intelligent design through the entourage effect. When essential oils and cannabis are combined, your body can feel the benefits of CBD and targeted effects deeper thus creating an entourage effect.


Admittedly we avoid anything too fun like crazy color burst or glitter because of our roots in cannabis. We never want to make a product that would attract children. We carefully choose our colors and type of color for two reasons. No 1, our CBD bath bombs will never stain your tub and No 2, we include color therapy in our product design to engage and soothe your senses. 

The Work Ratio

The other reason we avoid glitter or more “fun” additions is the related cleanup work afterward. A Kush Queen CBD infused bath is all about relaxing into the targeted effect of your choice, we don’t want to create work for you as a by-product. You just melted into your tub and feel like you got a full body massage from our CBD bath bomb, at this point most customers don’t mind that we intentionally skip the fun. 


While soaking, you absorb the cannabinoids and feel the interaction between the molecules and your endocannabinoid system. This biochemical reaction is the biggest difference between a Kush Queen CBD bath bomb and a non-infused bath bomb.

Your skin is your largest organ and a powerful tool for absorbing cannabinoids and balancing your endocannabinoid system. As you soak in the tub, your body absorbs the essential oils and the CBD like a sponge creating a full-body topical application that allows for unparalleled all-over relief.

That’s not to say we don’t combine our CBD bath bombs with a fun non-infused bath bomb. We love Crystal Bar Soap, Lush, and Da Bombs F-Bomb bath bombs too as a compliment to the deeper experience and feeling delivered by CBD or cannabis oil. 

Kush Queen Awaken and Citrus CBD Bath Bombs shown with the main ingredient, cannabis.


If you come across a bath bomb that stops you in your tracks, chances are we’ve tried it! The bath lover in us will always be working to improve every aspect of our CBD Bath Bombs based on our product intention goals: 1) Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs must be fizzy and dissolve quickly, 2) Our color will not stain your tub, 3) Soaking in a Kush Queen Bath Bomb will deliver deep relaxation through your endocannabinoid system while you experience the benefits of cannabinoids. 

Try the customer favorite, Relieve CBD Bath Bomb available in 25mg, 100mg, and 200mg.


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Live events, festivals, and in-person social gatherings have been canceled for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean that 4/20/2020 has gone up in smoke. It just means that you’ll have to get creative about how you celebrate the holiday, and we’re here to help! 

It’s a bummer that we can’t make the trek to San Francisco for the annual smoke out and that sharing a joint with friends is a no-go this year. Take a minute to honor how you’re feeling and decide what direction you want to take your 420 in. You still have time to make 4/20/2020 an epic day, after all, this will be a 420 we’ll all remember for years to come.  

20 Ideas for making 4/20 Plans During Quarantine Times 

A Whole-Plant Holiday

If you don’t want to inhale smoke for health reasons, think of other ways you can incorporate the plant into your holiday. 420 isn’t just about smoking, vaping, or even getting high, it’s about celebrating cannabis and all of its components. 

Here are some alternatives to smoking up:

  1. Edibles - An excellent alternative to smoking and still a classic delivery method are edibles. These can be made at home by first using flower to make cannabutter or infusing with a tincture. Just be careful and follow The Golden Rules of Edibles: Start low, go slow. You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less (this is mainly for THC or otherwise psychoactive edibles).
  2. Gummies - A no-hassle option that doesn’t run the risk of getting you too high but will keep your mood lifted is Kush Queen Bliss Rx Gummies with 15 mg CBD + 15mg CBG per piece. Also available in CBD for daily wellness, and CBD:CBN for sleep.
  3. Tinctures - Can be taken orally or added to food or drinks. Try Bare CBD Wellness Tincture in potency ranging from 500mg CBD to 5000mg CBD. The only ingredients are olive oil and full-spectrum hemp extract, so choose your adventure when infusing. 
  4. Transdermal Topicals - Soak in or rub on your cannabis this 420. The Kush Queen X Alice + Olivia Self-Care Collection has a transdermal CBD bubble bath and CBD body lotion that’ll get into your system through your skin. Drop the A+O 200mg CBD bath bomb in the tub and add a little bubble bath for a custom full-body topical 4/20 bath.
  5. Dry Pull - This is where you “puff” on a joint without lighting it to get a taste for the terpene profile. We’ve seen this done at infused dinners where the food and cannabis pairings were based on complementary scent and taste. If you have a few strains on hand, think about pairing their flavor profiles with some of your favorite snacks and try to determine if the flavors enhance one another. 

Celebrate 420 Your Way

Celebrating the day indoors by yourself doesn’t have to be boring. Take a few minutes to plan some entertaining activities and add a festive spin into the mix. If your job is essential and you find yourself overworked, carve out a little time to do something soothing for yourself. Either way, make sure to do things that make you feel good and keep your vibes high!

Pick your favorite way to consume the plant and check out these fun ways to partake in 4/2020 by yourself but in high spirits:

  1. Grind Up Some Self-Care + Roll It Up with a Sprinkle of Self-Indulgence - Our 4/2020 gift guide walks you through a super lit spa day with an ultra-potent 1000mg CBD Bath Bomb, our Renew CBD Sugar Scrub, and Defynt CBD Face Serum. Serve yourself a mocktail or tea infused with tincture to top it off. 
  2. Laughter is the Best Medicine - Watch a classic stoner comedy or stream your favorite comedian’s stand up special. 
  3. Repurpose Something - Make cute masks using fabric you already own and online tutorials. They make great gifts and are required in some public places. 
  4. Get Crafty - Transform that boring T-shirt into a one of a kind piece with a tie-dye kit. You can even use bleach that you have at home if you don’t have time for a kit.
  5. Expand Your Mind - Dive into that cannabis content you’ve been curious about. Whether it’s a documentary on weed culture, a book by a cannabis pioneer, or your favorite brand’s blog (oh, hey there!), take some time to educate yourself about the plant.

Bäre CBD Tincture shown with cannabis nuggs.

Let’s Get Silly

What else do you do when you and your friends can’t go anywhere and your original 4/20 plans are busted? Put on your favorite weed swag and gather ‘round for a virtual sesh via Zoom or other video conferencing app. 

Take this time to have a much needed moment of play and enjoy the people who love weed as much as you do from afar. Play games that help you connect while sharing your mutual love of cannabis. 

Here are some ideas to get your virtual sesh started:

  1. Take a Zelfie - Whip up a mocktail or roll up a joint and use the grid feature on Zoom to virtually pass or cheers the person in the square next to you and take a screenshot to commemorate your virtual gathering. Don’t forget you can dry pull if you want to partake without combustion.
  2. Stoned Storytime - Tell your friends the story about the first time you got high, your weed favorite story, or a funny story about smoking with someone in your chat.  
  3. Show + Tell Stash Edition - Show off your stash. To add an element of friendly competition, vote for whose is the dankest.
  4. Baked Baker Competition - Have each person bake an item chosen from Pinterest and show it off à la Nailed It (can be infused or not). 
  5. Guessing Game - Get a jar and place an indeterminate amount of weed or joints or gummies in it and ask everyone in your chat to guess how much/how many pieces are in the jar. 

Stay Connected whilst Social Distancing

If you’re bummed out about the state of the world and no amount of weed can help, try doing something for someone else or connecting with others in a meaningful way.

  1. Send Bae some cannabis via a delivery service if available, in your area. Order your love a special cannabis gift box as you would on Valentine’s Day and delight their quarantined little heart. 
  2. We’re still sending care packages to Frontline Fighters, like medical workers, grocery store staff, budtenders, postal workers/delivery drivers, anyone whose job places them in potential danger. Nominate someone and tell us why they need a Kush Queen care package, it’ll be a much-needed gift for them and a huge vibe booster for you.
  3. If you’re feeling isolated, go through your contacts and send everyone you know who loves weed a “Happy 420” message. It’ll spark dialogue with others and remind you that you aren’t the only one stuck inside or otherwise not having the day you envisioned. 
  4. Put something helpful into the world by sharing a good blog post, article, or meme with someone or on social media. It can be an original that you create or something you came across that helped boost your morale.
  5. Donate to a shelter, food bank, or person you know who needs it if you have the means. If you can’t spare any cash, see how you can support a cause by calling a public official’s office, writing a letter, or volunteering your time. 

Kush Queen CEO Olivia Alexander celebrating 420.

The Bright Side of History

4/20 has come a long way. What began as an unofficial holiday for the stigmatized who smoked cannabis, has transformed into an international day of reverence for the liberation of the plant. 

We still have a long way to go, but if we look to the past for guidance--regarding both cannabis and the current state of our world--we can create a more unified and accessible future for the collective. 

Enter Kush Queen's 420 Cash Giveaway

To celebrate this once in a lifetime event with our Kush Queen family so we're gifting EIGHT lucky people something special - $420 OF COLD HARD CASH!

During this unpredictable time, we want to celebrate by giving back to those who inspire us and support us daily. Enter yourself or nominate a friend.

Contest is open through 4/20/2020 at midnight.

Remember: it's crucial we all stay safe and practice social distancing to flatten the curve, do your part and be mindful when choosing how to celebrate the epic 04/20/2020!

Stay safe, be well, and have the best 4/20/2020! Share how you’re celebrating and tag us on Instagram @kushqueenshop


The Kush Queen family is deeply saddened by the untimely loss of Charlotte Figi. Her legacy has impacted cannabis medicine forever, and without a doubt, has saved many lives. We send our sincerest condolences to the Figi family and Charlotte’s loved ones.

This blog is dedicated to Charlotte.

Have you checked in with how you’re feeling? 

If you’re anything like me, your answer can change from moment to moment. Everything is up in the air and there’s no end in sight. Nothing feels normal anymore.

And no matter who you are or where you land on the privilege spectrum, we’ve all experienced a great deal of change and loss in a very short time.

I think we can all agree on that. 

As a cannabis company, Kush Queen is grateful to be considered an essential business, and personally, I know I am tremendously privileged to have a job that allows me to WFH. Given my good fortune and experience in dealing with my own grief, I knew it was time to draw from my past and help where I can. 

To help our community cope with what’s happening, we’ll be exploring the various types of loss, how grief shows up, and what you can do to heal and move forward in spite of Covid-19.

What We’ve Lost - Coping with Covid-19

We’re experiencing multiple forms of loss and grief, both personally and collectively. Just in the last month, we’ve lost:

  • Our sense of safety, security, and abundance
  • The ability to manage our health, especially those with existing health conditions
  • Loved ones diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Faith in our government and health care systems (if you had any to begin with)
  • Jobs, businesses, livelihoods, routines
  • Physical human connection
  • Freedom to mobilize, gather and celebrate or mourn with our communities in person

The list goes on and on. All we can do is comply with safety measures and do our best to take care of ourselves and our families. One way to do the latter is by taking the time to understand what we’re experiencing.

Charlotte Figi, walks with Mom on a sunny day.

Types of Loss and Grief

Did you know that there are over 40 types of grief/loss? We often think of death when we hear the word grief, but many other life events can cause us to grieve.

You might already be going through one or more of these types of loss:

  • Collective Grief - when a large group of people grieve the same event or person
  • Ambiguous Loss - things like loss of future, loss of abilities, or loss of something intangible (think invisible illness, financial loss, cancelled plans, loss of opportunity)
  • Anticipatory Loss - knowing a loss is coming, but not knowing when 
  • Disenfranchised Loss - when your loss isn’t validated or carries a stigma; loss of older population, loss of detained or incarcerated loved ones (loss can be caused by the incarceration or detainment), loss due to overdose or suicide 
  • Cumulative Grief and Secondary Loss - when a new loss triggers grief from a past experience, or an additional loss stemming from a primary loss (the death of a partner leading to the loss of social connections that they maintained)

You can see how our current state of sheltering-in-place, being quarantined or isolated, confronting existential dread, and facing shortages of essentials and medical supplies can create multiple levels of loss that we may not even be aware of or think to acknowledge as grief when starting to cope with Covid-19. 

How Grief Shows Up

Grief doesn’t always show up the way we might expect it to. We can thank our culture of emotion avoidance for our lack of understanding grief and loss and how they affect us. Grief, especially of the unresolved or unacknowledged variety, affects how we behave, how we feel emotionally, and how our bodies work. 

Grief Is A Holistic Experience

On the behavioral level, major loss can trigger low energy and extended periods of stagnation and boredom. It may also appear as junk food bingeing, seeking relief from substances, or unhelpful addictive behaviors, further causing us to feel lethargic, apathetic, and numb. 

Emotionally, sadness isn’t the only way feelings of grief show up. Left unexamined, grief may trigger anger, fear, hopelessness, and overwhelm. As you can see, it can be very easy to overlook grief as an underlying cause of these feelings if we don’t explore what may be triggering them to begin with.

Facing loss and anticipating it can make us feel anxious and stressed, which can lead to restlessness and trouble sleeping. These states of distress are physiological responses, meaning the body reacts to what is happening in the mind. 

How to Shift Into Healing

It’s important to acknowledge that no two people grieve the same, nor does grief show up the same way for the same person every time they experience it. Take it from someone who lost both parents to illness by the age of 23.

Furthermore, not all remedies will help everyone, but there are a number of ways to switch out of melancholy and into hope. 

Move It to Lose It

If you’re stuck in a low vibe state, the easiest way to shift that is to get up and move! 

  • Take a walk in your neighborhood (with protective gear, as recommended by your local authorities)
  • Find a yoga or workout video online to boost your endorphin and endocannabinoid production 
  • Do some jumping jacks, accept a push-up challenge, or dance to your favorite DJ (many are playing live sets from their living rooms or remote locations to pass the time--DJs get bored, too!)

Quarantine, but Make it Mindful

Doing something mindful can help pull you out of a negative spiral.

  • Breathe. Take deep breaths and try directing your breath to your belly to avoid short shallow breaths, which can cause the physiological responses you’re trying to avoid.
  • Try orienting yourself to your surroundings if breathing doesn’t work or is labored due to illness. 
    • Observe the items that occupy the space you’re in
    • Pick a feature to notice about them, like their colors (the blue towel, the rose gold frame, the yellow lampshade)
    • Do this for at least 5 items 
    • Check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling 
  • Explore the world of guided meditations online. YouTube has plenty, like this one by Ram Dass or you can use an app like Calm or Headspace. Do it in the bath with our 200mg Relax bath bomb to elevate your mediation with mood boosting essential oils and a full body dose of CBD
  • Kush Queen Gummies Rx can help boost your mood and ward off worry. Bliss is a 1:1 ratio of 15mg CBD and 15mg CBG for energy and euphoria or the original CBD Gummies Rx to curb anxiety. 

Let It Out then Let It Go

Getting thoughts and feelings onto paper makes them concrete and easier to examine. Even speaking them can make them less daunting.

  • Write your thoughts into a journal. If you can’t express yourself in words, make it a piece of art. Anything goes as long as it’s helpful to your state of mind
  • Pen a letter to yourself, either in your present state or a younger/older version of yourself or someone else entirely
  • Text our KQ Hawtline (anonymously) at 213-298-9111 to get anything you need off your chest. Feel free to vent, crack a joke, complain about your quarantine partner, or mourn a loss. We’re here to hear you out. 
  • Phone a friend. Or host a Zoom chat with family. When you do, be sure to share how you feel. The most surprising thing about all of this is how much we’re all feeling similar emotions. Trust me on this one.

Charlotte Figi sits with her namesake strain.

Giving IS Receiving when Grieving

Another way to shift your vibe away from loss or an impending sense of dread is by shifting your attention to others. 

  • Give thanks those giving their all by nominating a Frontline Hero for a Kush Queen care package. It’s the least we can do to help the people we all rely on.
  • Be helpful to your community--share your resources with your neighbors, help them shop for groceries, or simply share tips on navigating the pandemic. This is a time to come together. 
  • Send some love to someone who’s struggling and get a gift from us for being so thoughtful with our Gift One Get One bath bomb sale.


We've only begun to scrape the surface of understanding grief, but I hope it helps put things into perspective for you. Want more blogs on this topic? Text the Hawtline at 213-298-9111 and let us know!

Make sure you’re signed up for our Elevating You Weekly newsletter to stay in loop with Team Kush Queen as we navigate all that 2020 throws our way. 

Our first goal in product design is delivering relief to all backgrounds and ages, but we appreciate providing versatility as well. Our Soaked Transdermal CBD Shower Gel is one of our most versatile products because, INSIDE the shower, it's a solid CBD body wash, shampoo and face wash! But have you ever wondered what happens when this fan-favorite ventures OUTSIDE the shower? 

We’re about to turn this shower fave into a household fave! Today, we’re going over four ways you can effectively capitalize on the nanotechnology and natural ingredients found in Soaked. 


A simple but overlooked aspect of using Soaked in the shower, is the fact that our hands are exposed to the goodness of the transdermal CBD while applying it, even while holding our loofah. When you take Soaked out of the shower to use as a hand wash, you can still experience the uplifting and energizing citrus essential oils, while washing your hands with a gentle lather and getting an immune-boosting dose of CBD. 

Ideal For Users Who…

  • experience pain or stiffness in their fingers, hands and/or wrists
  • have dry and/or sensitive hands
  • use their hands for repetitive or strenuous daily tasks

Best Delivery Method: Wet hands with water. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Soaked to hands, then properly wash for 45 seconds to experience the mood-enhancing scent and CBD that brings an instant joint and muscle relief. 

Soaked CBD Shower Gel next to a sink being used as a hand wash.


As a Southern California based company, we love to have our fair share of fun in the sun! One of the amazing attributes of our CBD shower gel is the soothing aloe leaf juice. Aloe vera is known for being a natural remedy for sunburns, and with the help of CBD nanoparticles, Soaked quickly turns into a cooling sunburn relief gel. 

Ideal For Users Who…

  • are actively experiencing a mild sunburn, with no broken skin
  • work outdoors and experience skin irritation from direct sunlight
  • are preparing to be outside for extended periods of time

Best Delivery Method: Generously apply Soaked to dry, unbroken skin covering all areas that are burned or exposed to sun and allow the gel to absorb as  you would an aloe vera juice application. The nano-CBD and other natural ingredients soothe your skin and decrease irritation.


Thanks to the natural ingredients in Soaked CBD Shower Gel, not only does it smell great, but it's also great for our beautiful scalps and luscious locks. With oils from rosehip, jojoba, and sunflowers, Soaked can be used to decrease scalp irritation, strengthen and lengthen locks, while keeping them hydrated and moisturized.

Ideal For Users Who…

  • love to keep their hair fresh in between wash days
  • experience scalp dryness, sensitivity, or irritation in between washes
  • are active and want to DIY hair refreshing spray to take on the go

Best Delivery Method: In a small spray bottle, add 2-3 pumps of Soaked, fill with water and give it a good shake! If it feels right, you can also add a dollop of your favorite traditional or leave-in conditioner too. When needed spray your DIY leave-in conditioner into your hair, ensuring you spray directly on your roots to hydrate, encourage growth and decrease irritation. 

Woman massaging her lower body with Soaked CBD Shower Gel.


No one is ever mad at a quality hack for self-care! That’s why, it’s always fun to share the benefits you can experience in your calves, ankles and feet without a tub! Our feet have large pores on the bottom that aid with absorbing the CBD nanoparticles found in Soaked that allow users to experience instant relief and relaxation. When using Soaked out of the shower, the magic still happens once the potent formula touches your skin! 

Ideal For Users Who…

  • do not have access to a full-body or foot tub
  • are actively on their feet daily and desire relief
  • experience foot pain, discomfort or sensitivity

Best Delivery Method: Start by sitting in a comfortable space and generously apply Soaked to your calves, ankles, and feet. Allow the product to sit for 5 minutes as it diminishes tension and stress from your joints and muscles before wiping off any remaining product with a warm washcloth. Pat the area dry and enjoy while your legs float in relief. 


At the end of the day, we all love to curl up with our favorite CBD products and chill! But we want to challenge you to think outside of the box and discover new ways you can enjoy and use your favorite Kush Queen CBD products! 

Have a product hack or new use to share with us? Send it anonymously to the KQ HAWTLINE to tell us all about it at 213-298-9111.


Shop Kush Queen CBD

Have you been waiting for 4/20/2020 for as long as we have? The hype, the excitement and now for the creativity! 

Pandemic aside, 4/2020 is still going to be the most epic 4/20 of all time. We’re here to remind you there is nothing wrong with creating a little joy in uncertain times. Focus on the silver lining, you can celebrate every day all month long, plus most of us won’t have to take off work on 4/20 to celebrate now. Ayyeee!

Kush Queen is celebrating all month long and you are 100% invited. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list, to get all the deals. Our team is making sure 4/2020 is going to be as EPIC as it should be! 

The Ultimate 420 CBD Gift Guide Is Here

Consider The Ultimate 420 CBD Gift Guide your compass to gifting cannabis to everyone in your circle, even folx who’ve never experimented with cannabinoids before. Which brings up a point, if you ask us, celebrating 420 includes all cannabis molecules from THC to CBD, CBG, CBN and all the other 100+ ways you can enjoy the plant. Permission granted to smoke a blunt, soak in a CBD Bath Bomb, turn 4/20 into the most ridiculous day of CBD self-care - it's your day, you make the rules.   

The Ultimate Kush Queen CBD 420 Gift Guide - Gifts For You

For You

Relieve 1000mg CBD Bath Bomb, Renew CBD Sugar Scrub, Defynt CBD Skin Serum

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and incorporating it into a treat yourself moment doubles as a great way to celebrate 420 while also getting an immune boost. 

Good self-care is a survival mechanism. Up your wellness game and draw from the tools we’ve relied on to help get us through mentally and physically stressful times, cannabinoids.

Roll up a joint and drop our Relieve 1,000mg CBD bath bomb into hot bath water to make this is a special 420 bath. This ultra-potent bath bomb is made with broad-spectrum cannabis and essential oils targeted for major relief. This bath bomb is NO JOKE, so keep a glass of lemon-cucumber water nearby to stay hydrated.

Kick it up a notch and turn your 420 Bath into a 420 Spa Day with a full-body exfoliation using our Renew Lavender Sugar Scrub. jojoba oil, vitamin E, rosehips, and our transdermal nano-CBD entice the senses and gently buff your skin, leaving it nourished and smooth.

Don’t forget your face! Loaded with vitamins, transdermal CBD, and hyaluronic acid, Defynt CBD Skin Serum delivers a #CoronaGloUp moment. Defynt diminishes the appearance of pores, calms redness, and hydrates the deep layers of your skin to reveal your natural beauty from within. 

The Ultimate Kush Queen 420 Gift Guide For Your BFF

For Your BFF

The Complete Mini Collection, Renew CBD Sugar Scrub, Melt CBD Relief Lotion, 100mg CBD Bath Bomb in Relive, Relax or Sleep

Who misses in-person time with their BFF? You, me and everybody else!

Send your BFF some love for 420 with a fun DIY CBD pedicure set up or a high dose CBD Bath Bomb. 

Here is what you’ll need for the DIY CBD pedicure: The Complete Mini CollectionRenew CBD Sugar Scrub and Melt CBD Relief Lotion. Go all in, grab one for yourself, and have a 420 Cannacure date with your bestie via Zoom.

Have a bestie like me, who isn’t into the nail game? You can never go wrong with a high dose CBD Bath Bomb. ReliveRelax and Sleep 100mg CBD Bath Bombs are our go-to gifts. 

The Ultimate 420 Gift Guide For Doggos

For Furbabies

Lavender Woof Queen or Peppermint Woof Queen CBD Bath Bomb

We are 85% sure your furbaby is thinking, “Karen, why are you still at my house all day, every day?!” 

Don’t just treat yourself with CBD, treat your furbaby. Your furry friend has an endocannabinoid system too and absorbs the same benefits from cannabinoids. Woof Queen CBD bath bombs are perfect for at-home baths in social isolation. Wash your furbaby down then fill the tub with either a Lavender Woof Queen or Peppermint Woof Queen bath bomb. Own a lorg? Double the dose for your bigger furbabies. 

Looking for something to share with the fam? Bare CBD tincture is great for humans and animals. Give yourself a dropper and dose your dog on a treatO.  

The Ultimate 420 Gift Guide For Parents

For Your Parents

CBG Gummies RX Chews, CBN Gummies RX Chews 

Many of us are worried about our parents and our grandparents right now. It’s the absolute perfect time to get them into the cannabis plant. Picture this, you on Zoom coming out as a cannabis user to your parents, LOL! But for real it's 4/2020, it’s time to come out as a cannabis user and help destigmatize the stoner stereotype. 

Use 420 as a way to open the door to a conversation about cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system that lives within all of us and how everyone can benefit from cannabis wellness. Talk about the benefits of taking CBD, CBG, and CBN and gift them some immune-boosting molecules. 

Our new molecules in Gummies Rx are tasty, approachable and something parents can easily get into. The CBG Gummies RX Chews will help with virus anxiety and the CBN Gummies RX Chews will whisk them to a solid night’s sleep. 

The Ultimate 420 CBD Gift Guide For Your Siblings

For Your Brother and Sister

Kingdm Foto Blur, Soaked CBD Shower Gel

Getting a little happy can go a long way, especially for family members that are having to practice social distancing. 

Surprise your sister with Kingdm Foto Blur and a note encouraging her to try something new, slay a look, get dressed for a Facetime with you. 

For brothers, we always recommend Soaked CBD Shower Gel. It’s a no-brainer way to say you are thinking about them without trying to force a gift that might not get used. No matter what phase of life your brother is in, dad of 3, in college or turning 50, trying a CBD Shower Gel to help ease muscles and chill will be something you two can talk about.

The Ultimate 420 Kush Queen Gift Guide For Couple's

For Ya Lover

Intimate CBD Lubricant, The CBD Love Kit

If you are in social isolation with or without your Zaddy, our Kush Queen Intimate CBD lubricant will surely turn up the heat. Orgasms can help boost your mood and release the chemical DHEA, which helps balance your immune system, promotes bone health, and assists in repairing tissue. So get one for you and one for them and get creative. 

Or go full monty with the CBD Love Kit. The kit will take your 420 night to a whole other level. The kit includes a Love Bath Bomb, Sensual Massage Oil, and Intimate Lubricant. Two things to note about the kit: 1) this is CBD for the d, the b and the v, 2) full body levitation is possible. 

After much testing, we recommend starting with the bath bomb, followed by the sensual massage oil and finally the CBD lube. 

The Ultimate Kush Queen Gift Guide For Care Packages

For Someone In Need

25mg Relax CBD Bath Bomb, bäre CBD Tincture, Melt CBD Relief Lotion 

Show someone you love them with a little care package. These products won’t break the bank and are a cute AF way to say you are thinking of them during social isolation. Our team is always happy to include a note in your order, just include your text in the order note section during checkout. 

For a self-care moment, send a 25mg Relax CBD Bath Bomb or a 2 oz. Renew CBD Sugar Scrub.

Helping someone take the edge can be a life-saver these days, bare CBD Tincture can do that and much more. We like to think of bare as a vitamin and take it daily to reduce inflammation and ease nerves.  

Melt CBD Relief Lotion delivers a woosah moment to any aches and pains across the body. Our topical relief lotion is named most appropriately as it melts away muscle tension.


At the end of the day, 4/2020 is going to be everything we make it and we plan to make it epic. This year, we’ll have to get creative, plan ahead and give ourselves permission to have a joyful day. 

If you need personal recommendations, text the HQ Hawtline at 213-298-9111. Also, be sure to subscribe to our email list to get the latest deals, flash sales and giveaways.   


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