July 2018

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For Kush Queen, a CBD-oriented product line focused mostly on skin-care products, the brand’s Ignite CBD Lube, $49.99, was launched because founder Olivia Alexander felt  existing products didn’t appeal to her. With Ignite, Alexander aimed for an ingredient-conscious product that contained CBD and was made specifically with women in mind.

The brand also makes a THC lubricant, not available broadly in the U.S., that Alexander says can increase blood flow to the areas it touches. “That’s a whole different area people don’t want to talk about,” she noted.

“There is a huge note of feminism through our brand,” Alexander said, noting that the company’s lube has even gone out in Amber Rose’s Slut Box. “People have just been making products to sell to women, they haven’t been looking at them saying, ‘why are we using this, is this good for our bodies, how could this affect future generations?’” she said. Kush Queen’s lubricants are paraben and petrochemical free and latex-compatible.

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If there were to be a definitive list of crucial questions you must ask your partner prior to taking the next step in your relationship, “Are you a bath or shower person?” would fall just below “Do you have a job?” and “Do you wear socks while you sleep?” in the deal-breaker hierarchy.

But why is it such a big deal whether or not someone likes to — as naysayers would call it — “bathe in their own filth”? It’s hard to pinpoint the origin of this debate, but the bottom line is that baths are not for everyone. Then again, not everyone has experienced the kind of bath bomb that turns your tub into an experience so heavenly, it transcends personal-hygiene preferences. This is where CBD bath bombs come in.

There are at least 100 active cannabinoids in cannabis, but CBD is the hottest one of all right now for a few reasons: It’s controversial (but mostly legal!) in a sexy don’t-tell-mom sort of way, it boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can help with acne and sunburns, and it’s not psychoactive, so The Man can’t get you down. And when infused inside a bath bomb, it takes the benefits to a whole new level. Who wouldn’t want their muscle relief with a side of possible euphoria?

Rest assured, these bath bombs aren’t nearly as showy or fragrant as the colorful, glitter-laced kind you might be familiar with. That’s a win-win for bath lovers and non-believers alike — and if anything could make you change your tune about that whole “bathing in your own filth” thing, it’s these. Our favorites, ahead…

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If you’re looking for the added effect of aromatherapy, consider these options from Kush Queen, which are categorized by need. Take a bath to fall asleep, take one to wake up, or take one because you’re hoping to find yourself in a bout of slippery shower sex afterwards. Whatever your heart desires, this collection’s got it.

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Feel like taking a medicated bath? No problem! Kush Queen CBD and THC bath bombs, sold at dispensaries throughout California, are another way to get the benefits of the plant without actually smoking it. Just drop it in the bath, sit back, and relax as you enjoy the soak.



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Get a Cannicure at Bellacures
Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Larchmont Village, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, South Bay & Studio City

The mani/pedi of 2018 is the cannicure, now offered at Bellacures’ seven Los Angeles locations. Customers who opt for the canni-mani and canni-pedi are treated to maximum relaxation thanks to cannabis-based Kush Queen products including CBD bath bombs, hand and foot scrubs, lotions, and chocolates.

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