2019 Pride Collection by Kush Queen featuring Bare 1,000mg Tincture, Ignite Water Based Lube & Rainbow Pride 25mg CBD Bath Bomb.


Celebrating the shared history of cannabis progress, and the LGBTQ+communities, Kush Queen presents our limited edition 2019 Pride Collection. The Pride CBD bath bomb with 25mg CBD, Pride Ignite Water Based CBD Lubricant, and our 1000mg Bare CBD Tincture.

Our access to cannabis would not exist without the incredible men and women who fought for Proposition 215. Because of them, California would adopt its first medical cannabis legislation in 1996, opening the doors for AIDS patients and many others to gain access to plant medicine.

As a womxn-owned company, Kush Queen is dedicated to honoring the shared history of the LGBTQ+ communities and cannabis. We are committed to the pursuit of equality and fostering a more accepting world not just during pride season, but all year long.

2019 Pride CBD Tincture with 1,000mg Broad Spectrum Hemp by Kush Queen25mg Kush Queen Rainbow CBD Bath BombIgnite water based lube with Rainbow packaging for 2019 Pride collection.

20% of all pride collection sales will directly benefit Trans Lifeline; a national trans-led 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the quality of trans lives by responding to critical needs with direct service, material support, advocacy, and education. Their vision is to fight the epidemic of trans suicide and improve overall life-outcomes of trans people by facilitating justice-oriented, collective community aid.Celebrating the shared history of cannabis progress, and the LGBTQ+communities, Kush Queen presents our limited edition 2019 Pride Collection. Our access to cannabis would not exist without the incredible men and women who fought for Proposition 215. Because of them, California would adopt its first medical cannabis legislation in 1996, opening the doors for AIDS patients and many others to gain access to plant medicine.

Check back all summer long for amazing pride content!

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By: Angela Viesti

Model holding teal pretty pre-roll by Kush Queen pictured in front of large glass window in desert.

We take our first breath when we’re born. We take our last breath when we die. And in between we have breathtaking moments and moments of breathlessness.

We hold our breath when we’re underwater or detect a foul smell. Moms-to-be in Lamaze class prepare for childbirth–the final descent before baby’s first breath. We use breathing as a remedy to calm down in times of high stress, panic, or anger. Cardio workouts demand that you marry the relationship between breath and movement. You may deepen or shallow your inhale/exhale as an automatic response to pain or tension.

It’s a vital physiological function that happens involuntarily most of the time. What makes breathing such a powerful tool for connecting us to ourselves is that we have the ability to control its rhythm and pace to optimize our mental state and physical performance.

Connecting to your breath is vital when:

  • You’re experiencing a nervous mind

  • You’re stressed out (traveling, traffic, relentless workday, etc.)

  • Your heart rate is up

  • You’re frustrated or angry

  •  Stress strikes

Intentional breathing helps regulate the body’s response to stressors in our environment…and so does CBD. There are a number of ways to pair breath with CBD products that trigger an entourage effect of benefits.

Model with pink hair holding bottle of 375mg Gummies while reaching to pull a piece out.

CBD & Breath for Your Mind

Short, shallow breathing enhances a nervous state and stress, while deep, intentional breathing can relieve them. Certain activities demand that we connect to our breath, taking the burden of “remembering to breathe” off our plates. Because the body operates as a whole, eliminating stress holistically is more effective than treating individual symptoms. By incorporating breath, CBD, and movement into our routines we can ease stress.

Try these activities that connect you to your breath

  • Yoga – To deepen your presence during practice, take a Kush Queen RX CBD Gummy about 30 minutes before you begin. The calming effects of the CBD will serve you whether you’re holding Warrior II longer than usual or you’re sinking into a deep Sleeping Pigeon. Remember to tap into your breath when you feel challenged.

  • Pilates – The Joseph Pilates method of exercise emphasizes the combination of breath with movement to deepen stretches and allow for greater mobility. Pilates awakens muscles that are otherwise dormant, so rub a dose of Melt CBD Pain Relief Lotion on your neck, shoulders, and low back to loosen up for this workout.

  • Meditation – If mental chatter stops you from meditating, focus on your breath and notice how it can help you get out of your head. Breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat for 3 cycles and as needed.

  • Cardio (running, biking, dancing, etc.) – Without proper breathing, cardio will leave you panting and exhausted in a matter of seconds. Find your rhythm and pace and match your breath to your movement.

  • Hiking, Beaching, and Being (Outdoors) – If you can get outdoors to connect to your breath–DO IT! Fresh air in natural environment is excellent for your mind, body, spirit, and lungs. The ocean is a great tool for syncing our breath with a natural rhythm

  • Fresh Air Indoors – Create a green space inside with indoor houseplants that produce fresh oxygen and give your home a calm vibe. Check out our very own Ben Mervis’ Insta story, Plant Father if you need some inspo. You could even grow your own weed to bring plant life indoors!

There’s no one right way to take CBD, so experiment with a blend of topicals, ingestibles, and smokables to find the combination that you prefer for each activity. Check out our Understanding CBD blog for tips on how to find your “sweet spot”.

Model kneeling in tub with clear water holding dissolving green Relieve CBD bath bomb by Kush Queen.

CBD & Breath for Pain

Physical pain impacts everyone throughout life. Pain happens as a result of injury and illness. Isolated or systemic. No matter how we end up with it, pain hurts.

Acute pain is the body’s normal response to injury or biological changes within (think sports injury or menstrual cramps). As normal as it may be, it’s still pain and it still hurts.

Improper breathing can contribute to and even cause pain by creating a tightening of the muscles, causing them to pull and strain. But breathing can also be a most effective tool for easing pain and that effectiveness is amplified by the presence of CBD and other botanicals.

To ease body tension, take a sublingual dose of Bare CBD Tincture and while holding the oil under your tongue, inhale deeply through the nose and exhale completely through the nose. Do this for about a minute before swallowing the oil. Continue breathing deeply and direct your breath to the area you’re experiencing the pain; exhale completely through the mouth. Repeat twice times per day or as needed to relieve sporadic pain.

To go deeper into relaxation and pain relief, bathe in a tub of warm water and a Kush Queen Relieve CBD Bath Bomb. Continue breathing intentionally as you soak in the bath.

Model with lit match tattoo holding bottle of Ignite lubricant laughing.

CBD & Breath for Your Body

Another way to connect to yourself using breathwork and CBD is through pleasure and exploration. This can be done alone or with a consenting partner. Orgasms are known to release a euphoric cocktail of hormones that leave us feeling relaxed and happy. CBD lube heightens sensitivity and increases circulation when applied to the genitals, which will speed up the arousal process. Deepen those orgasms and you deepen all the sensations that come with it..

Enter a mild meditative state by breathing slowly, focusing on where your breath travels in your body. After a few complete cycles, start to direct your breath and awareness to your sacral chakra (think womb/pelvis/sexual organs). When you feel relaxed and in your body, apply a pump of Kush Queen’s Ignite CBD lube to yourself or your partner. The effects of Ignite can be felt within seconds of application, so be ready!

CBD lube stimulates the sensitive tissues in and near sexual organs, bringing a greater level of sensation and awareness to the targeted area. Painful intercourse or arousal are minimized as the CBD acts to relax increase blood flow and release tension.

Model with pink hair adding full dropper of Bare tincture to colorful fruit smoothie sitting on bed.

Wellness Toolbox

Maintaining wellness is all about having tools at your disposal to call on when you need extra support. Your breath is one that you almost always have access to and with practice it can become your sharpest instrument in achieving homeostasis.

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By: Olivia Alexander

CBD Ignite Lubricant on top of green hemp leaf with white background.

It’s been a long journey since we formulated our first bath bomb and CBD has exploded on a national level. Some that use Kush Queen products have experience with the plant, others have never even tried a CBD product before. The two most important things at Kush Queen are the products and the people that use them. Being transparent is a part of that commitment, so I wanted to break down the entire process from soil to the time it arrives to your door. As the CEO of Kush Queen, I use our products daily. Its the daily exposure to cannabinoids that helps me achieve homeostasis in my body. Every ingredient is important to me because I use the products every single day.

At Kush Queen, we make the products, but long before we compound our bath bombs and lotions our CBD has to be grown and extracted. The life of hemp begins with a seed. We source our hemp from Oregon, where the soil is rich with nutrients and the climate allows a full growing season. Some hemp in other parts of the country is grown on land where tobacco was previously grown (and sprayed with endless pesticides). The health of the soil, nutrients, and climate all matter. Once the seeds are planted, the plants then grow and flower, the entire process takes around six months (generally planting in late spring and harvesting in the fall). The way a farmer cares for its plants is important. Genetically modified nutrients and pesticides could be introduced to the plant if the farmer does not carefully follow natural or organic practices. Once the plant is fully grown, its time to harvest it.

Large field of hemp plants featured.

Once the hemp is harvested, it’s what we call ‘bio mass’. This is the part of the process where the hemp is extracted from the physical plant. There are a number of ways you can remove the desired active molecules from the harvested plant, which is known as extraction. Alcohol, CO2, butane, even just water or heat and pressure are known methods used in cannabis extraction. We only use hemp extract that has been processed to the point where it is absolutely free of any residual solvents or is extracted through solvent-free methods.

Once the oil is extracted it goes through a process called chromatography. This process separates the oil into different phases that contain different concentrations of molecules in order to create different types of finished extracts.

Here’s a gallery of the hemp processing:

CBD Process 006.jpgCBD Process 008.jpgCBD Process 009.jpgCBD Process 005.jpg

Once the hemp is processed into either finished oil or CBD isolate, it arrives at our Kush Queen facility. This is where it becomes the magical ingredient in our products. Some of our products contain CBD in its oil form while others are converted to our patent-pending water-based form. We use this water-based CBD because it allows it penetrate through the dermis of the skin and we don’t have to depend only on oil-based formulations. This way the CBD absorbs right into your bloodstream, so the bioavailability of the CBD is greatly improved.

Large jars of extracted CBD oil pictured.

Our team creates each product by hand, carefully weighing out each amount of CBD for our batch, so your products are accurately dosed. We combine it with other ingredients that we source with the same care as we do our CBD. Our production team compounds each product in our facilities, not just with care to the forumulas, but with the shared passion of the products that we all love and use daily.

Most of our products take, on average, 3-5 days to make; including compounding, drying, filling, labeling, packaging, lab testing, and quality control. At any given time, I will personally pull samples off the line and use them. I am looking for the same fizz in the bath bomb from our original batches of 12. I’ll use Melt to soothe my aches after a long day to make sure it is consistent in appearance, texture, and scent.

Model holding white Shield 100mg Immunity Bath Bomb in front of tub with clear water and floating hemp leaves.

Then our team ships them to your door or to one of our 750+ retail partners for you to enjoy. I hope this blog has given you some insight to how much work goes into your Kush Queen CBD products. Our brand is a labor of love and every product is a part of our journey and yours.

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By: Ben Mervis

Black mini backpack carry on packed with iPhone headphone, Kush Queen lighter, Kush Queen hemp pre-roll, Bare Broad Spectrum CBD tincture, and small envelope stating "Juice Money"

I had bought tickets for Ariana Grande’s Sweetener tour when they first came out. My most diehard Ari fans live outside of San Jose, so we agreed that I would book the $75 roundtrip flight, and they would buy me dinner before the show.

It was supposed to be a nice 3-day getaway… and then our team decided to bring Kush Queen to Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa… and then I had the opportunity to meet with a couple of our coolest NorCal dispensary partners… during the week after the tradeshow and concert.

I love getting out of LA and seeing other parts of California, and I knew I’d get to spend time with some of my favorite people during this trip, but my 3-day getaway quickly evolved into a 12-day working road trip with an Ariana Grande concert in the middle of it.

750mg Kush Queen gummies featured, front & back, with orange background.

Whether I’m traveling for work, for pleasure, in-state or across the country; there are a few things I find absolutely essential to my comfort and happiness.

  1. Knowing where I’m going to spend the night

  2. Understanding the boundaries of my hosts regarding when/where/how I’ll use cannabis

  3. Planning to stay hydrated with minimal single-use plastic waste

  4. Comfort with constant carb consumption

I’m usually planning these things for 3-5 days of travel, maybe a whole week at most… but this 12-day trip would include 6 places to lay my head and 3 very different activities. Fortunately, my planning paid off and resulted in a GREAT trip – so here are just a few more details about how I prepare for traveling.

1. I’m not the type of person who can just “wing it” when it comes to sleep.

I’ve always been a firm believer in getting enough sleep, which is hard when one of my best friends is a classic “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” ‘type’ of person. I was recently affirmed on this via a Goop podcast (minute 18:30) where Emily Gagoski explained how even just one night of bad sleep – nevermind sustained lack of sleep – has the same effect on our bodies as being drunk.

6hrs/night or fewer for 2-weeks, and the typical person will be as impared as someone with .1% blood alcohol level.

So when planning a trip, I have no shame in asking my potential hosts questions about their home (if I’ve never been) – temperature, animals, linens – I can prepare for each if I know what I’m preparing for. The same can be said for cannabis restrictions, which brings me to…

2. I smoke so openly and privately at home, and sometimes forget what a luxury that is.

If you’re paying attention you know my favorite way to enjoy flower (high-CBD hemp flower, or cannabis) is by smoking it through a bong. And to be honest, I brought a bong with me on this trip because I knew we’d have some privacy at our AirBnB in Santa Rosa. But between hotels, friends’ city apartments, and a high fire risk mountainside, there had to be other solutions.

This is where a few things came in handy:

  1. Bare CBD Tincture

  2. High-potency vaporizer cartridge

  3. CBD Edibles (including Gummy RX and Big Pete’s Treats)

  4. THC Edibles (another shout out to Big Pete’s!)

3. Just like sleep, hydration is crucial to our health.

But I was also raised by parents who own a recycling-based company, so my hydration comes with a sincere effort to reduce the number of single-use plastics. If that doesn’t immediately resonate with you, I suggest reading/watching something that will tell you far more than I can.

To stay on topic though, here are a few of my tricky tricks for doing this while traveling. I bring:

  1. My reusable Starbucks-style cold cup, with metal for ease of consumption while driving

  2. One extra large insulated bottle for keeping a backstock of cold water

  3. A small mason jar with powdered electrolytes to help keep my energy and hydration up

  4. An extra metal straw, and cleaning tool

4.And lastly, as your resident #CarbInfluencer, I’m here to remind you that carbs are fuel; don’t let your body or your car run on empty!

My final advice is that once you open your heart and your stomach to carbs, there can sometimes be an overwhelming number of choices to make. Have no shame in adding some bakeries and restaurants to your “travel” bookmarks on Yelp or Google Maps. Some of my favorites on this trip included:

  1. this insane handmade French pastry with goat cheese from ALTA in Monterey

  2. every single pasta at Locanda in San Francisco

  3. orange + chocolate chip scone at Batter Bakery in San Francisco

  4. Classics: Whole Foods pizza and cookies – you can find a Whole Foods ANYWHERE and there are always reliable choices

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By JS Brunson

Two pedicure chairs with rolling ottomans in day spa featured.

You the best I ever had, best I ever had

Best I ever had, best I ever had


While the great musical poet Aubrey “Drake” Graham might have been thinking about more salacious body experiences in his 2009 hit song, these lyrics ring true about the best, and I mean the best pedicure I have ever had. Created as a collaboration with Kush Queen CBD products and executed by the fabulous technicians at Bellacures, I have been transformed from a feet loathing novice to a pedicure advocate!

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me back up and give you the whole picture. I’m a little ashamed to say that I am not a girlie girl. I’ve always wanted to be the woman that got her hair done, nails done, everything did, but I wasn’t. I was more of the wait until my toes get so bad that my boyfriend puts money in my hands and begs me to get a pedicure… type girl. To be real, I just didn’t like them. Growing up we’d always go to the super sketchy salons where the turnover rate was quicker than a Lady Gaga outfit change at the Met Gala!

Perfect pedicure set featuring Kush Queen's CBD Sugar Scrub, two mini Relieve bath bombs with 10mg CBD, and Melt pain relief CBD lotion.

I am also very ticklish and I have developed a somewhat irrational fear of accidentally kicking my technician in the face. Also, I wouldn’t consider my feet to be the prettiest part of my body and adorning my toenails with polish never really made sense to me.

Luckily my guy didn’t have to wait until my annual clipping session because the Kush Queen fairy goddesses sent me on a quest to try out their CBD infused Cannicure at Bellacures. Honestly, the name alone was more than reason enough to try it out. I had the option of getting a manicure or pedicure, and well I figured I’d go ahead and test my skepticism and get the pedicure. This is the part where my life changed forever.

Mini 10mg CBD Relieve bath bomb and 25mg Chocolate Heart by Kush Queen laying atop acrylic nail designs.

I got to the salon and was immediately transported to a leafy hanging plant tropical heaven. While I checked in I was handed my first of many goodies. A Kush Queen CBD infused chocolate heart candy. I popped the candy in my mouth and took a deep breath as the CBD did its magical thing. After that, I was escorted to my seat and met my technician, Tan. She raved at the popularity of the Canni-cure and told me that a lot of athletes visit her because the CBD products are good for muscle relaxation.

My next surprise came in the form of the Kush Queen Relieve CBD Bath bomb. It was added to my hot water and instantly started to turn my foot soak into an essential oil paradise! Wow, let’s just say you don’t realize how much work your feet do for you every day until you give them the tender loving care they deserve. I felt so calm and present, ready for whatever came next.

Green bath water from dissolved Relieve CBD bath bomb

Tan began to scrub my feet using the Kush Queen Renew Sugar Scrub. Infused with the stress-reducing scent of lavender and the moisture restoring properties of shea butter, the scrub left my feet and legs so smooth.

As if it could get any better, Tan used one of my favorite products next. Kush Queen’s Melt CBD Lotion. (Pause so that I can shed a thug tear, please. Thank you.) As she was massaging my aching calves with the cooling menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oil infused Melt, I took my best “Waiting to Exhale” breath and thanked the universe for the moment I was experiencing. Yea…it was that deep.

At this point, I was completely sold on the Canni-cure.

Pedicured toes on model with white flowers in garden in background.

I thanked Tan for her amazing service and tiptoed my freshly painted toes and cheery self out of Bellacures and into the world. Silly as it may sound, I felt so restored after my Canni-cure. In a society where women are expected to do everything and be every woman, it’s hard to remember that you have to carve a little happiness out for yourself. Taking the time to get over my feet phobia and be treated like the CBD princess I’ve always known I was, gave me the nudge I needed to add this into my monthly routine. I can’t speak for Drake and Adonis’s mother, but Kush Queen and spa days are a match made in heaven.

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By: Olivia Alexander

Green house plants surround white tub with sun beam shooting in on left side of image.

One of the most commonly asked questions is if our Kush Queen bath bombs are hot tub/spa safe. I myself just moved and have a hot tub for the first time in my life. I love a soak in the bath and always feel the benefits of using our Kush Queen bath bombs. I can only imagine how turning up the heat and adding one of our bath bombs could make a hot tub sesh even better. But I definitely had lingering doubt that bath bombs could be used in a hot tub. I immediately had a visual in my head of that time I saw someone put dish soap in one and the resulting calamity that ensued.

How could I get to the bottom of this? Should I just toss one in my own hot tub and risk it to get down to the bottom of this? Would the hot tub be destroyed? More questions began filling my mind like, is it even good for you health to use an infused bath bomb in much hotter water? I decided to speak with a few trusted sources and consult the oracle to see if I could find an answer.

First, I contacted someone I have a ton of respect for, Kyle Johnson, the creator of Get Zen. He is not only a respected cannabis product manufacturer but he has a lot more knowledge of medicine than I do. That’s what makes their company different than other cannabis companies, they have a background in healthcare.

He explained that an easy rule of thumb is: “If you are a healthy person, hot baths with THC or CBD are great! If your doctor does not want to exercise we would not recommend getting in a hot bath. THC and CBD would only exaggerate a pre-existing problem.

Model holds two pink Awaken CBD Kush Queen bath bombs in tub of water with floating rose petals.

Most physicians advise their patients to keep safety in mind: Make sure the water temperature is not too high; stay hydrated, and if you choose to use a hot tub or sauna — engage in activity for only a brief period of time.”

Cardiologists, in general, describe the process this way: “A sudden rise in body temperature creates significant stress on the cardiovascular system." 

He explained what happens to the body when submerged in hot water: your body temperature rises, but your blood pressure drops. Normally we evaporate sweat to help cool the body off, but when you’re immersed in hot water that natural “cooling mechanism” doesn’t work. As a result, you can’t cool off. When the body gets “superheated” your blood vessels dilate to try and cool the body. Blood diverts to the skin away from the body core; your pulse increase to counteract the drop in blood pressure. Normally these events don’t cause problems unless you have existing cardiovascular disease. So the biggest thing he stressed was to be aware if you have health problems.

Model holds orange Citrus CBD bath bomb out of orange bath tub water.

Woah. Ok, so it seems from a medical perspective that as long as you’re well, it wouldn’t be a danger to your health. But would it forever destroy the hot tub?

The first thing I discovered from Google is that there were some hard ‘no’s. Any bath bombs containing petals, confetti, glitter, or ornaments of any kind would definitely damage the spa. Anything solid that could clog the filter system or anything that produces bubbles would be a big no-no. It would be the same as the dish soap in the fountain. The good news is that Kush Queen bath bombs do not contain any potential debris. We have tons of fun and aesthetic bath bomb favorites like Lush, Da Bomb, and The Crystal Cult , but Kush Queen has always been about targeted wellness. The largest portion of our bath bomb hot tub worries is the oil: essential oil, cannabis oil, and olive oil. I spoke to a 20+ year specialist in pools, jacuzzis, and spas who confirmed that you could use them, but you would need to clean the spa after. How relaxing.  

Would he recommend regular use of them? Absolutely not. Why? Because oil erodes the spa system over time, creates build up, and could age the spa quicker than usual. If you do decide to use one for a special occasion, you would need to clean the spa with a special process to remove all traces of the bath bomb. The process includes first running non-foaming or bubbling dish soap with hot water through the spa for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is to remove all the traces of the oil. Next, you will drain the spa and run hot water back into the spa with 2 caps full of bleach to sanitize the jets. Once you are done running the spa for another 30 minutes, drain and refill with cold water to run for a final 30-minutes.

Model holding pink Awaken bath bomb in tub with pink water in background.

I myself will be going for it, next time I have a special occasion. I would toss in Relieve if I was super stressed, Love for an anniversary, or Awaken for long summer nights.  I can only imagine how incredible it will feel and will most certainly have to report back with my findings. You have to weigh the pros vs. the cons of whether or not using a cannabis-infused bath bomb in a spa is for you. I received the information from trusted sources and feel confident, but it’s always best to do your own research if you are truly concerned and to talk to a doctor first if you are unsure of your health condition.

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