By: Olivia Alexander

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One of the most commonly asked questions is if our Kush Queen bath bombs are hot tub/spa safe. I myself just moved and have a hot tub for the first time in my life. I love a soak in the bath and always feel the benefits of using our Kush Queen bath bombs. I can only imagine how turning up the heat and adding one of our bath bombs could make a hot tub sesh even better. But I definitely had lingering doubt that bath bombs could be used in a hot tub. I immediately had a visual in my head of that time I saw someone put dish soap in one and the resulting calamity that ensued.

How could I get to the bottom of this? Should I just toss one in my own hot tub and risk it to get down to the bottom of this? Would the hot tub be destroyed? More questions began filling my mind like, is it even good for you health to use an infused bath bomb in much hotter water? I decided to speak with a few trusted sources and consult the oracle to see if I could find an answer.

First, I contacted someone I have a ton of respect for, Kyle Johnson, the creator of Get Zen. He is not only a respected cannabis product manufacturer but he has a lot more knowledge of medicine than I do. That’s what makes their company different than other cannabis companies, they have a background in healthcare.

He explained that an easy rule of thumb is: “If you are a healthy person, hot baths with THC or CBD are great! If your doctor does not want to exercise we would not recommend getting in a hot bath. THC and CBD would only exaggerate a pre-existing problem.

Model holds two pink Awaken CBD Kush Queen bath bombs in tub of water with floating rose petals.

Most physicians advise their patients to keep safety in mind: Make sure the water temperature is not too high; stay hydrated, and if you choose to use a hot tub or sauna — engage in activity for only a brief period of time.”

Cardiologists, in general, describe the process this way: “A sudden rise in body temperature creates significant stress on the cardiovascular system." 

He explained what happens to the body when submerged in hot water: your body temperature rises, but your blood pressure drops. Normally we evaporate sweat to help cool the body off, but when you’re immersed in hot water that natural “cooling mechanism” doesn’t work. As a result, you can’t cool off. When the body gets “superheated” your blood vessels dilate to try and cool the body. Blood diverts to the skin away from the body core; your pulse increase to counteract the drop in blood pressure. Normally these events don’t cause problems unless you have existing cardiovascular disease. So the biggest thing he stressed was to be aware if you have health problems.

Model holds orange Citrus CBD bath bomb out of orange bath tub water.

Woah. Ok, so it seems from a medical perspective that as long as you’re well, it wouldn’t be a danger to your health. But would it forever destroy the hot tub?

The first thing I discovered from Google is that there were some hard ‘no’s. Any bath bombs containing petals, confetti, glitter, or ornaments of any kind would definitely damage the spa. Anything solid that could clog the filter system or anything that produces bubbles would be a big no-no. It would be the same as the dish soap in the fountain. The good news is that Kush Queen bath bombs do not contain any potential debris. We have tons of fun and aesthetic bath bomb favorites like Lush, Da Bomb, and The Crystal Cult , but Kush Queen has always been about targeted wellness. The largest portion of our bath bomb hot tub worries is the oil: essential oil, cannabis oil, and olive oil. I spoke to a 20+ year specialist in pools, jacuzzis, and spas who confirmed that you could use them, but you would need to clean the spa after. How relaxing.  

Would he recommend regular use of them? Absolutely not. Why? Because oil erodes the spa system over time, creates build up, and could age the spa quicker than usual. If you do decide to use one for a special occasion, you would need to clean the spa with a special process to remove all traces of the bath bomb. The process includes first running non-foaming or bubbling dish soap with hot water through the spa for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is to remove all the traces of the oil. Next, you will drain the spa and run hot water back into the spa with 2 caps full of bleach to sanitize the jets. Once you are done running the spa for another 30 minutes, drain and refill with cold water to run for a final 30-minutes.

Model holding pink Awaken bath bomb in tub with pink water in background.

I myself will be going for it, next time I have a special occasion. I would toss in Relieve if I was super stressed, Love for an anniversary, or Awaken for long summer nights.  I can only imagine how incredible it will feel and will most certainly have to report back with my findings. You have to weigh the pros vs. the cons of whether or not using a cannabis-infused bath bomb in a spa is for you. I received the information from trusted sources and feel confident, but it’s always best to do your own research if you are truly concerned and to talk to a doctor first if you are unsure of your health condition.

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