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The Kush Queen Promise
All Kush Queen products are handmade with love, transparency and you in mind.
Elevating You Daily
Kush Queen was built on family recipes and values the human element of product making.
Education & Experiences
Let's dig deeper to understand the science of plant-based wellness.
Cannabis Culture: 710 Day
Welcome to our new blog series, Cannabis Culture. First up, 710 - a day dedicated to uplifting cannabis oil. Known in some circles as Dab Day, 710 is the lesser-known cannabis holiday. Read on to dig into the culture of concentrates.
5 Things to Know About CBD and THCv Gummies
With the upcoming launch of Gummies Rx Focus, Kush Queen’s new CBD and THCv gummy, we caught up with KQ CEO Olivia Alexander to get the details! Trust us, you want to try this 7:1 CBD to THCv combo that delivers smooth energy with heightened but chill vibes.
What Your Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb Says About You
At first glance, you might not think twice about choosing your favorite bath bomb, but when it comes down to your pick for a CBD bath bomb, it says a lot about you. From the color to the essential oil blend, your Kush Queen CBD bath bomb turns into a crystal ball. You are after all what you soak in.
Look Who's Talking
Sleep is often elusive for me and Gummies Rx Sleep has made all the difference.
Saralyn B.