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The Kush Queen Promise
All Kush Queen products are handmade with love, transparency and you in mind.
Elevating You Daily
Kush Queen was built on family recipes and values the human element of product making.
Education & Experiences
Let's dig deeper to understand the science of plant-based wellness.
CBD Skin Care for a Spring Glow-up

After a more-than-stressful year of pandemic life and with warm temps popping up in most places, it’s time for a spring/summer skincare routine revamp!

10 Kush Queen CBD Gifts Moms (Really) Want
Since Moms tend to put their needs last, this Mother’s Day gift a wellness moment for Mom so they can build a little self-care into everyday life. Our gift guide shares 10 Kush Queen CBD products that focus on building wellness into any mom’s routine!
How CBN Gummies Changed My Life
We are going to dig into the minor cannabinoid, CBN, and why we choose to bring CBN Gummies to our Gummies Rx product line. 
Look Who's Talking
Sleep is often elusive for me and Gummies Rx Sleep has made all the difference.
Saralyn B.