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The Kush Queen Promise
All Kush Queen products are handmade with love, transparency and you in mind.
Self-Care and Community Care
Kush Queen celebrates Pride with the shared history of the LGBTQ+ and cannabis communities.
Education & Experiences
We invite you to join us in digging deeper, understanding the science of CBD and hearing from our beautiful community.
CBD Setting Spray: 3 Things You MUST Know
From warding off maskne to keeping you looking fresh all day, Foto Set is an innovative setting spray that will not only keep your makeup perfectly in place but can improve your skin as you wear it. Our resident MUA shares her favorite 3 things about Foto Set CBD Setting Spray!
The Magic of A Black CBD Bath Bomb
In 2020, there is no limit to the amount of self-care, grounding, CBD, and focusing on our immediate reality. Join us as welcome in soaking season and celebrate hallo-wellness with the launch of high dose Black Magic CBD Bath Bombs.
Verita’s Journey To CBD Wellness
Curious about using CBD as a wellness tool? Today, Verita from our customer service team shares how she went from trying THC in college to using a variety of cannabinoids as part of her daily wellness routine. Cannabinoids help Verita overcome grief and improve total body and mind wellness.
Sleep is often elusive for me and Gummies Rx Sleep has made all the difference.
Saralyn B.