Black History Month in 2021 hits differently. In the midst of a pandemic affecting Black people disproportionately, off the heels of this past summer’s civil rights movement, and with white supremacy conversations finally being had in mainstream America it seems like everyone everywhere is reacting to it all. 

And sure, I understand why everyone is reacting, but we need action to follow. To not have any action at this point or understanding is not an option.

Somehow, many people were blind to the atrocious suffering of Black people in America. So many people were ignorant to the statistics and systematic racism that many of us have seen or experienced first hand. There was no excuse for fostering oppression before, but now the zeitgeist of American culture has seemingly caught up with it and thankfully our younger generations are becoming the majority. 

As we welcome Black History Month, our biggest task is that despite race or gender you do not act out of reaction but pure love and appreciation for Black people and culture. 

Kush Queen CBD Black History Month, Arian Roman

Growing Up With Injustice, Racism, and Beautiful Black Culture

Our family is from the deep south. We’re talking south Louisiana, and a place that knows racism and white supremacy all too well. We saw the injustice Black people face every day growing up in the deep south living alongside Black communities. 

So while many people are just waking up to the deep-seated racism that lives in America, experiencing it is something that gives you a completely different perspective. 

The other side of our experience growing up in the south is that we also got the privilege to know, feel, and explore Black culture. So much of our history and culture in Louisiana from food to music exists because of brilliant Black men and women. 

Our experience truly built an overwhelming love for Black people and an empathy for understanding their experience in America.  

Black History Month 2021: The Black Family, Representation, Inclusion, and Diversity   

Ya’ll know education and history are two of our love languages, let’s get into it. 

The theme of Black History Month 2021 is The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity, chosen by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

The month and timing of Black History Month are significant and intentional. The Father of Black History, Carter G. Woodson, “chose the second week of February to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass, a famed abolitionist who escaped from slavery, and President Abraham Lincoln, who formally abolished slavery," shares writer N’dea Yancy Bragg.

N'dea goes on to say, "he recognized that the American education system offered very little information about the accomplishments of African Americans and founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, now called the Association for the Study of African American Life and History." 

Woodson believed it was essential for young African Americans to understand and be proud of their heritage.

We like to think that it’s essential for ALL Americans to understand Black heritage. 

If you’ve never celebrated Black History Month, N’dea Yancy Bragg shares basic and historical information on who created Black history month, why it was created, and how to celebrate in her recent USA Today article. 

Kush Queen CBD Black History Month, Verita

Our Call To Action, Act Out of Love and Empathy

It is our greatest hope at Kush Queen, that the world would act not from a place of reaction, but of deep love for Black people.

The truth is that when you educate yourself beyond our white supremacist revisionist history on the brilliance of Black people past and present you can see so much of our culture is from Black people. 

We can never understand the struggle of being Black in America, and we must dismantle white supremacy and protect Black lives because it is the right thing to do. 

If you can step outside your comfort zone, dive deep into Black history, know real Black people, and educate yourself on the truth of their experience you too will find that big love to drive you to want to change the world for Black people. 

Join us for Black History month as we highlight our team, creators, and activists that will take us on a journey of love, understanding, and action!  

We will be hosting weekly Instagram Live’s, posting educational and action-oriented blogs. Follow @kushqueenshop on Instagram!

You’re probably familiar with the common cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), as well as some of their benefits, like calming nerves, relieving pain, and minimizing irritation throughout your body. 

And you most likely know that some cannabinoids come from plants (phytocannabinoids) and others are produced within our bodies (endogenous cannabinoids).

But chances are that you haven’t heard much about CBG (cannabigerol), a non-psychoactive minor cannabinoid closely related to THC and CBD. Today, we are going to take a deep drive into CBG to learn how it helps regulate your internal systems.

Like it’s better-known cannabinoid cousins, CBG helps: to relieve pain, puffiness and has antibacterial properties. CBG also works to boost the body’s internal production of the endocannabinoid, anandamide (AEA), naturally. 


What is CBG? See the breakdown of the cannabinoid molecule.

What is CBG?

  • CBG is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, found in hemp and cannabis. It’s precursor, CBGA (cannabigerolic acid), or the compound from which it originates, is the same precursor from which CBD and THC originate. CBGA is converted to CBG at an earlier stage in the plant’s growth cycle than THC and CBD, and is found in very low percentages, which is what classifies CBG as a minor cannabinoid.

I get a lot out of my CBD and THC supplements...why should I add CBG to the mix?

  • The Entourage Effect proposes that cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids which occur naturally as components of the cannabis plant are more effective when used together. This is what whole-plant wellness is all about. Stripping away or isolating one cannabinoid from the rest of the plant can hinder cannabinoids from reaching their full healing potential.
  • Chances are that you’re already taking a small amount of CBG if you regularly consume full or broad-spectrum cannabis or hemp supplements, like bäre Daily Wellness Tincture. Since CBG is a minor cannabinoid, you’re getting a minimal amount of it from your supplement, which is why Kush Queen developed Gummies Rx BlissWith a 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBG in support of whole-plant wellness and increasing cannabinoid exposure this combo offers a euphoric feeling.

    What are the benefits of incorporating CBG into my daily wellness routine?

    • CBG boosts the body’s production of the endocannabinoid anandamide, which is known as “the bliss molecule.” Ananda means “bliss, joy, and delight” in Sanskrit. Taking CBG as a daily supplement is a natural way to elevate your mood. CBG is ideal for daytime use or as a stepping stone for someone who wants the euphoric experience of cannabis without getting high.
    • CBG is neuroprotective and has antidepressant properties that support healthy brain function and mental health naturally. 
    Gummies Rx Bliss contains CBG and CBD cannabinoids.

      Why did Kush Queen combine CBG with CBD in Gummies Rx Bliss?

      • Product development at Kush Queen starts with innovation and effectiveness. We are all familiar with the benefits of CBD and wanted to offer our community a new way to incorporate whole-plant wellness into their lives. Isolating CBG from the plant would counter the intelligence of the entourage effect, however when we combine the forces of major and minor cannabinoids health and wellness benefits that you can feel are the result.


      Incorporating the benefits of minor cannabinoids into your wellness routine is just one of the ways we work to elevate you daily. 

      Try Gummies Rx Bliss and feel the CBG difference for yourself!


      Shop Gummies Rx Bliss CBG:CBD

      The recent murder of George Floyd and the countless Black lives that have been taken before his have left us heartbroken, angry, and frustrated. In the cannabis industry, we know all too well of the injustices faced by Black communities and legal weed, imprisonment, and cultural appropriation. 

      This is a time to stand up, speak up, and demand changes for justice.   

      Two years ago, Freeway Ricky and our CEO Olivia Alexander had a conversation about race, social justice, and cannabis that is as relevant today as it was in 2018. Ricky shares advice for young people, thoughts on accountability, and the power of a unified community.

      You can listen to the interview here, hosted by High Times Podcast Network. Fast forward to 9:09, that’s when the interview starts. 

      Thank you Freeway, you gave us hope then and you give us hope now.  

      Kush Queen Stands Behind, Supports and Amplifies Black Lives

      Money doesn’t talk, it screams. We’ve donated to the following organizations and individual campaigns and encourage you to do what you can. 

      Minnesota Freedom Fund - The Minnesota Freedom Fund pays criminal bail and immigration bond for those who cannot afford to as we seek to end discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing.

      New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund - A revolving community bail fund and advocacy campaign with the goal of making New Orleans a safer, more equitable place to live, by redesigning the role money plays in the criminal justice system.

      AWARE LA via BLM LA - The Black Lives Matter Global Network is comprised of 40 chapters around the globe bound together to be a vision for Black freedom, unwavering commitment to liberation work.

      Reclaim The Block - Reclaim the Block began in 2018 and organizes Minneapolis community and city council members to move money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget that truly promote community health and safety. 

      Radical Self Care

      “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” -Audre Lorde

      The Audre Lorde Project shares "in moments of grief, crisis, or trauma, and in the time before and after, we need each other to survive and thrive. We are obliged to lift up, honor, and hold space for our self-determination, to fight for our lives, and to remind each other of our worth and that none of us are disposable." Read that again and again.

      Breaking Isolation: Self Care and Community Care Tools For Our People digs into creating a wellness plan and implementing a community based support system. 

      Remember self care is whatever every you need it to be. A walk, a social media break, grounding your racing mind in breath work, exercise - anything that gives you a sense of calming is self care. 

      Like Freeway Ricky Said Education Is Power

      Here are resources you can use to educate yourself and others. 

      Join Girl Trek’s Black History Bootcamp

      George Floyd Was Murdered. We Must Not Be Silent - Here’s How To Help

      10 Books About Race Non-Black People Should Be Reading Right Now

      Your Black Colleagues May Look Like They’re Okay — Chances Are They’re Not

      Conscious Capitalism In Support of BYP100

      When you spend your dollars with Kush Queen know that we stand against racism, we stand for inclusion and are calling for people to speak up and act against racial injustices.

      Our platform employs Black people, People of Color, and LGTBQIA+ folxs and creates inclusive storylines that further health and wellness accessibility for all.   

      We believe in the intersection of self-care supporting social change. Every purchase of our Black Magic CBD Bath Bomb, 25mg will donate 5 dollars to Black Youth Project 100 during the month of June.

      Black Youth Project 100 is a member-based organization of Black youth activists creating justice and freedom for all Black people.


      Black Lives Matter.

      Donate (volunteerism or money). Stand Behind. Listen. Support. Amplify. 

      Take time to take radically care of yourself. 


      Last month I wrote a piece about coping with loss from the Covid-19 pandemic and was moved by how many people found it relatable. When I dove into my grief journey in late 2017 learning about how varying the experience of loss can be and how many factors impact the way that grief is expressed--or repressed--helped me the most. 

      It’s been about two months since we were all undeniably impacted by the wrath of the ‘Rona, either physically, economically, mentally, or some combination of the three. To help you move through the next phase of this pandemic, we’ll explore compounding loss and cumulative grief, which is impacting a majority of folx right now. 

      Global Pandemic Phase One

      To help us understand compounding loss, let’s first review what we’ve been dealing with.

      The onslaught of news and social media about this novel virus became prominent in early 2020. Warnings of contagion, diminished supplies, and government shutdowns flooded our feeds. By Friday March 13th, you couldn’t buy a roll of toilet paper or walk into a grocery store without confronting masked and gloved shoppers frantically buying up ALL THE FOOD. 

      Then governments began shutting down businesses, schools, and parks left and right, putting people out of work, children out of school, and essential workers on the frontlines of stores, hospitals, warehouses, and delivery trucks. 

      Terms like quarantine, self-isolation, shelter-in-place, safer-at-home, and flattening the curve became part of everyday language in what felt like the blink of an eye. This new normal was just the beginning of a series of changes resulting in widespread loss with no end in sight.

      CBD Tincture shown up close.

      Compounding Losses of Pandemic Proportions

      To paint a clear picture of compounding loss, we can look to 3 distinct scenarios.

      The owner of a boutique salon was forced to close and is now out of work, applying for SBA loans and trying to understand PPP benefits, fielding employee phone calls, and adjusting to being home. All. Day. Long. They have no control over their livelihoods and no idea when that will change. 

      An essential worker, although grateful for their job, is on the frontlines of a frustrated, scared, and confused public and is stressed beyond measure. Back at home, they are forced to avoid contact with the other members of their household for fear of exposing them to the virus, which they may or may not have come in contact with during the duration of their shift. 

      A worried caregiver must remain diligently involved with doctors and nurses to stay informed on their loved ones' condition, as they've contracted the virus. The caregiver cannot be by their loved one’s side due to the high-risk environment in the hospital. Adjusting to suddenly working from home and homeschooling their child, they’re thrust into further devastation at the influx of news stories depicting racism and violence at the hands of law enforcement. 

      Each person described above is facing compounding loss. Before they’ve had a chance to process and integrate the first loss, a second one hits like a ton of bricks, then a third, then a fourth.

      Some losses are secondary to a major loss, like losing your job and also losing the relationships and community you had with your coworkers, your routine, and the identity you’d built around your job. The weight of what’s been lost will burden these folx, until they grieve.

      Unhealed Wounds Accumulate

      Aside from compounding loss, another factor faced by many in this time of global crisis is cumulative grief. Cumulative grief is grief from the past that was either repressed or avoided that surfaces when a new loss occurs. 

      I faced this when a friend of mine passed away unexpectedly 4 years ago. Having not dealt with the loss of my parents, the loss of my friend compounded with the grief I buried, which I continued avoiding.

      A year and a half later, it became clear that I managed the cumulative loss with workaholism masquerading as passion. Not surprisingly, imposter syndrome and being on edge became secondary symptoms of my repressed emotions.

      While in crisis, the natural reaction may be to avoid difficult feelings with numbing strategies, avoidance, and repression. Getting in tune with your feelings and having some understanding of grief, whether it be from experience, an article, or a book, helps normalize the experience and dulls the pain in some circumstances.

      With this in mind, can you identify times of loss that resulted in cumulative grief or compounded grief in your life? What about secondary losses? For a lot of us, right now might be one of those times? 

      You may not want to go down the rabbit hole of emotions at this very moment, but if you’re still reading this blog, then a part of you must resonate with this message.

      It’s been my experience that viewing those emotions through the lens of grief normalizes the suffering that is already happening. Addressing grief doesn’t result in more pain or a heavier burden, on the contrary, it alchemizes it into something we can carry with us as an integral part of who we are. 

      CBD Shower Gel bubbles.

      Toolbox for Working Through Grief

      As with any healing journey, it’s important to have tools at your disposal to help you through the rough patches, but especially grief because there can be many unexpected feelings that arise. 

      Here are a few tools that I have readily available for diving into grief and other difficult feelings.


      For matters of an emotional nature, I often write in a journal or notebook with pen and paper. I sometimes type, but physically writing feels like a more concrete expression to me. Usually I just let my mind dictate what’s written, other times I muse on a prompt. 

      Here are a few journaling prompts for starting a grief journey:

      • Write the story of your loss--be as specific as you want
      • Create a timeline of events leading up to the loss or post-loss that got you to the point you’re at now
      • How the loss has changed you
      • What you’re missing
      • A letter to who or what you lost
      • A letter to your grief


      I view exercise as a tool for my mental health as much or even more so than my physical health. Sustained moderate exercise for 30 minutes or more is known to increase your body’s production of endocannabinoids, which reduces stress levels and pain, and can boost mood and heighten senses. 

      Movement helps to get you out of your head and into your body, which is essential when processing difficult memories. My favorite forms of exercise usually involve the breath, like:

      • Running - Moderate jogging for 30 minutes is all it takes to boost your endocannabinoid system
      • Pilates - Mix and match these videos from ShapeShift Pilates
      • Yoga - I’m a longtime fan of Yoga with Adriene! Especially her Yoga for Runners playlist
      • Functional strength training - Build strength and confidence to carry on after a challenging day

      Cannabis Wellness

      Cannabis was the first tool I turned to when I was grieving long before I knew cannabis could be a tool for healing and long before I realized I was holding on to grief. While the plant has great potential for healing, it’s not entirely benign and should be used mindfully and with reverence.

      • Smoking - This was the first way I consumed cannabis and is still my favorite. When diving into difficult feelings and smoking potent THC, pay attention to your paranoia levels, and stop smoking if it’s triggering you. CBD can help balance the psychoactive effects of cannabis, so keep a CBD tincture handy, switch to high-CBD strains, or choose a new delivery method.
      • Edibles - Again, be extra cautious and mindful of how you feel when consuming. Opt for CBD + minor cannabinoid gummies that can help you sleep or lift your spirits without a high.
      • General Self-Care - Cannabis taught me how to take moments out of the day to connect with myself. A soothing warm bath with a CBD bath bomb, a mini self-massage with a transdermal topical before bed, and a tension relieving orgasm with cannabis-infused lube are all doused with self-love when you incorporate them with intention. 


      None of us know how long this global pandemic will last or what the results of it will be in the end. For now all we can do is take it day-by-day and equip ourselves for whatever comes next by focusing on our health, wellbeing, and relationships.

      Let us know how this blog helped you move through grief in the time of Covid-19! You can reach out to me directly at Angela at! 


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      CBD Bath Bombs are a great way to unwind, relax, and get a nourishing dose of CBD. I’m sure you can agree that soaking in a CBD bath sounds nice, but how do CBD bath bombs work? 

      Here is the answer:

      CBD bath bombs create a full-body topical experience for your largest organ to soak in and absorb the CBD. 

      Skin, your body’s largest organ, makes up about 16% of your body mass and is a powerful tool for absorbing cannabinoids and balancing your endocannabinoid system. As you soak in the tub, your body absorbs the essential oils and the CBD, like a sponge. A CBD bath bomb is a full-body topical application that allows for unparalleled all-over relief. These powerful molecules work together with your endocannabinoid system creating a synergistic effect that relaxes your entire body.

      Beautiful Relax CBD Bath Bomb radiating its soft blue color.

      A Full Body CBD Bath Bomb Experience

      When you factor in the warm water, soaking with a CBD bath bomb causes our body temperature to increase and blood vessels to dilate. This improves circulation, pumping more nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies while displacing toxins in areas of weaker flow.    

      Soaking the entire body in CBD is so different from a localized application or any oral delivery method. The full-body application is why CBD bath bombs create a relaxing effect for so many people. 

      Think of it this way: After a long day, if you wash your hands, your hands will be clean and will feel nice. But the rest of your body will still feel gritty. However, if you were to take a nice hot shower, your whole body would feel refreshed. 

      The same is true for soaking your whole body in CBD. You feel the overall effect of your body absorbing the CBD, which delivers head to toe relaxation. 

      What Are CBD Bath Bombs Good For? 

      • Creating the most relaxing bath. If you already like taking baths, a CBD bath bomb is a must-try.  
      • Easing into bed after a long day. Our Sleep 100mg CBD bath bomb will transport your body from the high function demands of the day straight into a slumber party for one. 
      • Giving your body a break after an unmanageable event. Our bodies hold stress and over time, these stressors can present in a variety of ways. CBD bath bombs can deliver the relief you’ve been craving. 
      • Taking the edge off after a stressful situation. Sometimes a long soak and a little me time coupled with a high dose CBD bath bomb are as good as a therapy session. 
      • Recovery from long workouts. To reduce swelling and release muscle tension, you’ll want to give this Kush Queen CBD bath bomb blend a try. 
      CBD Bath Bombs dissolving a bright blur and green color.

      Choosing the Right Dose For Your CBD Bath Bomb

      Most high-quality CBD Bath Bombs will offer different doses of CBD to let you choose the strength. Our original 7 blends of Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs come in 3 doses: 25mg, 100mg, and 200mg of CBD. The right dose for you will depend on what’s going on with your body and mind at the time. 

      We recommend choosing the 25mg CBD Bath Bomb if you:

      • Have never tried a CBD bath bomb.
      • Want to get your day started with a CBD bath.
      • Already take a high daily dose of CBD.  

      We recommend choosing the 100mg CBD Bath Bomb if you:

      • Have trouble getting to sleep.
      • Had an extra hard workout. 
      • Like using CBD daily and want to up your dose. 
      • You didn’t feel the body high from the 25mg CBD Bath Bomb. 
      • Indulging in a self-care day. 

      We recommend choosing the 200mg CBD Bath Bomb if you are:

      • Trying to take the edge off and induce relaxation. 
      • Working to fight off an infection. 
      • Recovering from an injury or trauma.
      • Detoxing or rebooting your body.


      CBD bath bombs offer an overlooked but superior delivery method for a full body application of CBD. Give one of our CBD Bath Bombs a try today! 

      The top 3 customer favorites are Relieve, Relax, and Sleep


      Shop CBD Bath Bombs now!

      As humans, I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the global impact of COVID19. People are getting sick. Others are panicking. Workers are getting laid off. Businesses have been forced to close or have done so voluntarily. Those who can are self-isolating to try and help flatten the curve. 

      I personally was already experiencing tons of change recently. It was all positive and of my own accord and then BAM!!--Coronavirus interrupts my plans and any sense of control I thought I had. 

      Like most millennials, I waver between anxiously reading updates and wondering what the future holds to seeking comic relief and positivity from memes and content online. I’m incredibly fortunate to have taken a new job at Kush Queen that allows me to work from home. This past week I began self-isolation and only leaving the house to walk my dogs and pick up essentials. 

      Seeing as how none of us has any clue how long this will last, I needed to regroup in order to adapt to my new lifestyle. The good habits I’d built recently will have to be restructured to fit my present reality and modified to include more self-care. So I’m documenting what a day of self-care in isolation looks like with the help of Kush Queen.

      Namaste Inside during the COVID quarantine and use CBD to get me through!

      Focus Area - Mental Health

      Quarantine Routine - Daily Mental Moment

      Since I’m not getting up to go to an office anymore, I have extra time that I didn’t use to have in the mornings. I’m taking this moment to meditate, which I’ve struggled to do even in more certain times. This is where I take my first dose of Bare CBD Tincture to help my mind remain calm as I remember WTF is going on in the world right now. After I hold the tincture under my tongue for a minute or so, I begin breathing consciously through my nose and apply Melt Pain Relief lotion to my already tense shoulders, massaging any knots and tightness out. 

      I sit in a comfortable position with my eyes closed and recite the Reiki ideals to ground myself before I begin breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. My mind wanders many times during this meditation, but I stick with it for a ten minute period that seems to last an eternity. Managing stress is so important during a health crisis like this and I take a moment to be grateful for this short pause before I dive into my day. 

      Try This: Commit to sitting quietly for 2 minutes every other day. Build up the length and frequency of your meditations as you grow into this new practice

      Movement and Wellness are two keys to staying healthy during the Covid-19 quarantine.

      Focus Area: Physical Wellbeing

      Quarantine Routine: Prioritize Exercise

      Mid-morning I’m ready to move my body and expel the pent up energy that’s been building since this all started.

      First I get out my foam roller and begin rolling out my back and legs to loosen up. On one of my recent Target runs, I picked up a weighted jump rope, so I go out on my patio and begin jumping to get my heart rate up. Gyms across the state are closed, but a plethora of workout videos are available online. Today I chose a live workout on YouTube led by a trainer I’ve worked with at F45 Hermosa Beach as part of a fitness challenge. I was really enjoying the community at the gym so doing this workout with a familiar face helps me feel more connected while I adapt to exercising at home. It’s a small way to boost my energy levels and release the endorphins and endocannabinoids my body needs to function at its best. 

      Try This: Pick a time of day for movement and add it to your calendar! Treat it like an appointment and prioritize this moment for yourself.

      Quarantine Like A Kush Queen means full body self care!

      Focus Area: Personal Hygiene, Pain Relief

      Quarantine Routine: Stay Germ and Pain-Free

      After the class, I take a 25mg CBD Rx Gummy before I stretch and roll out again then head for the shower. Since my intention is to up my self-care to quarantine appropriate levels, I start by rinsing off then shutting off the flow of water so I can scrub down with Renew CBD Lavender Sugar Scrub. The smell transforms my bathroom into a luxurious spa while I buff my skin and soothe it with CBD and jojoba oil.

      Before I finish showering, I apply a pump of our Transdermal Soaked CBD Shower Gel (found only in licensed CA dispensaries) and a pump of our Pure CBD Soaked into my hand and lather up, making sure the formula covers my whole body for a head-to-toe topical dose of nano THC and nano CBD. Soaked relieves pain, combats bacteria, and has an energizing and mood boosting citrus scent--exactly what I need right now. I let the formula penetrate my skin for about a minute before my final rinse. 

      Functional workouts can be hard on my knees, so I bust out my jumbo 800mg CBD bottle of Melt and massage a full pump on each knee. The cooling sensation from the menthol and peppermint kicks in within seconds and soothes away any lasting soreness. My feet and shoulders also get a layer of Melt before I get dressed. After dressing, I follow the CDC protocol for hand washing and get on with my day. 

      Try This: Make staying clean easy and enjoyable by keeping your hygiene products close to your pamper products. A little Melt on those raw, incessantly washed hands soothes like no other.

      When big change hits, establishing a new normal is key.

      Focus Area: Mindset & Environment

      Quarantine Routine: Create Consistency

      It may seem ideal to work from home in sweats, but I personally do better work when I get ready and put on clothes. Granted, it’s athleisure wear and a Kush Queen cropped hoodie, but a little goes a long way in times like these. My makeup routine is scaled back, but my CBD skincare regimen remains unchanged. A layer of Defynt goes on my face first, followed by a moisturizer, then CBD Foto Blur, and lastly an SPF 50 tinted moisturizer. Since I still go outside for walks it’s important to protect my skin from the sun and the elements.  

      Try This: Pick one routine task you did before COVID19 and make it non-negotiable. Take a shower, put on clothes, fix your hair--these small steps give you back a sense of normalcy when everything else feels so out of control.

      Self live in self isolation is crucial.

      Quarantine Routine: Come Home to Yourself

      Focus Area: Stress Relief, Sexual Healing

      My day of self-care wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t also make a night of it, so I draw a hot bath and soak with a 200mg CBD Love Bath Bomb for 30 minutes. The weight of the current crisis collects in my body throughout the day and I’m ready to let that go. I dry off and get in bed, my Kush Queen CBD Lube within arm’s reach. 

      Having been single for quite some time now, I’m no stranger to taking care of my own sexual needs. But times like these make the escape of a good orgasm borderline therapeutic. Orgasms release hormones like oxytocin (the love hormone) and dopamine that improve mood and promote good sleep. Plus, they release physical tension, and heaven knows I’m carrying plenty of that right now. 

      If I’m being honest, it’s not easy for me to focus on pleasure when my mind is overwhelmed, so having a tool to bring me into my body is essential right now. Kush Queen Lube is made with nano CBD, which kicks in immediately. I liken the effect of the lube to being about twenty minutes into amazing foreplay in about a minute. In fact, I find it hard to focus on anything else when my most sensitive sexual organ is stimulated so thoroughly. A few moments later the job is done and I’m ready to drift off blissfully to sleep.

      Try This: Add pleasure to your nighttime routine. This can be a gentle foot or shoulder massage before bed with Melt or your favorite essential oil, if an explosive orgasm isn’t in the cards for you. 

      One Day at a Time

      None of us truly knows how long this situation will last, but I’m certain that whatever reality we return to will be much different than the one we knew just a few weeks ago.

      That said, listen to your body, let your mind rest, and draw from the tools you have to help you stay positive and healthy during this global health crisis. 

      You can still order Kush Queen online for the foreseeable future and we’ll be releasing content regularly to help build a community amongst our team, our customers, and our followers. 

      Stay safe, be well, and look out for each other!


      Shop Kush Queen Cannabis Products

      Kush Queen is largely known for our award-winning bath bombs and topicals powered by our patent-pending nano-CBD. Over the years, we have loved educating our customers about the benefits of a full-body topical CBD application; the synergistic relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes–known as the entourage effect; and why water-based CBD lubricants are safer than oil-based lubes. 

      Last year we introduced a new category of products that have proven to be effective and fun for customers: Ingestibles. Ingestibles are CBD infused products that you eat, drink, or otherwise take orally. The addition of ingestibles to the Kush Queen line of wellness products makes our offering more holistic and versatile. Let’s dig into why and how you can use our CBD Ingestibles. 

      CBD Tincture 101

      CBD Tincture featured in a morning routine.

      CBD tinctures are trending right now. Tinctures are especially appealing among folx who want to avoid smoking or limit their use of pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications. 

      What is CBD Tincture Made Of?

      CBD Tinctures are made of hemp extract mixed with a carrier oil.  

      Kush Queen Bare CBD Tincture is a hypoallergenic blend of organic olive oil and full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD means that the CBD is derived from cannabis and contains CBD in addition to many other cannabinoids, including THC, along with other elements of the hemp plant.

      How do you take CBD Tincture?

      CBD tinctures are commonly taken sublingually. This means the oil is dropped into your mouth and held underneath the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. During this time absorption occurs through the blood vessels and sublingual glands in the mouth. This method ensures a rapid onset and higher bioavailability of CBD. This type of dosing also allows one to easily adjust their dose as needed. Bäre CBD Tincture comes with dosing instructions on the bottle and a dropper with easy to read measurements in milliliters. 

      Why Should You Choose CBD Tincture?

      CBD Tincture being taken by a woman.

      Someone trying to ease pain, promote better sleep, ease nerves, and boost their immune system could benefit greatly from adding a dose of CBD tincture to their morning and nightly routines. 

      We recommend Kush Queen CBD Tincture if…

      • You want to adjust and measure a custom CBD dose
      • You want to include CBD in your daily wellness routine 
      • You need a rapid onset of effects
      • You want to infuse CBD into any food
      • You enjoy the clean natural taste of hemp extract in organic olive oil
      • You want to give your pet CBD 

      CBD Gummies 101

      Kush Queen Rx CBD Gummies poured out on a pink background.

      CBD Gummies are a fun combo of sweetness and CBD. Gummies are an easy way to take CBD with you during day-to-day activities and while traveling. 

      What are CBD Gummies? 

      CBD Gummies are edible candies that contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil. They come in a variety of flavors, colors, shapes, and concentrations of CBD. Gummies offer a discrete and easy way to ingest CBD. 

      Historically, CBD Gummies have been most people’s first introduction to trying CBD. 

      When Should You Take CBD Gummies?

      Kush Queen CBD Gummies can be taken daily with morning vitamins and supplements and as needed throughout the day. 

      Since the CBD is infused into the gummies in 12.5mg and 25mg doses, you get a precise dose every time. Hand-crafted in small batches in California, Kush Queen GummiesRx are an easy way to elevate yourself daily.

      Not Your Average CBD Gummie

      CBD Gummies in a bowl.

      Unlike THC-infused edibles that can end in disaster if taken carelessly, Kush Queen CBD Gummies are effective for reducing stress and promoting relaxation without producing a psychoactive effect. 

      Kush Queen gummies are lab tested to ensure each gummy is dosed accurately, making them perfect for beginners looking for their CBD sweet spot. We use full-spectrum CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC, so they won’t get you high, but they will give you plenty of relief. 

      So keep a bottle of Kush Queen CBD gummies in your gym bag, backpack, or carry-on and never let pain or stress keep you from living your best life.

      We recommend GummiesRx if…

      • You want an easy, on-the-go dose of daily CBD
      • Want to know exactly what you’re getting each time
      • Don’t want to deal with measuring out each dose yourself
      • Enjoy the sweet taste of gummies


      We’ve laid out the 101 knowledge and benefits of taking a CBD tincture and CBD gummies, but there’s no reason why you can’t experiment with both. 


      Show us how you incorporate CBD into your daily wellness by tagging @kushqueenshop on Instagram.

      Kush Queen, CBD, and Small Business Saturday. 

      The past 4 years of Kush Queen have been an incredible journey of love, growth, perseverance, and of course, CBD. Waking up every day to share our passion in a rapidly growing market, we have experienced our highest highs and some courage-required lows. But I can attest to every second being worth it. 

      Take a read through our reflections and a photo scroll through memory lane!

      What a Year for CBD Momentum and Market Conditions

      Kush Queen's first warehouse facility.

      2019 will always be a historic year for CBD. With the Farm Bill passing in the Senate and the House in early December 2018, the new year promised to be an exciting growth year for CBD.

      At the time, Kush Queen was experiencing incredible growth. Our team was evolving, constantly improving and making production adjustments to ensure we are creating the same high-quality CBD experience with every single handmade product.

      Mid-summer, payment processing in the CBD industry came crashing down. Many in the industry went months with no ability to accept payments online and had to face tough decisions to keep their business afloat. 

      Through the grit and determination of our team and the patience and loyalty of our customers, Kush Queen made it through that chapter. As a small business innovating in a rapidly expanding industry we cannot say thank you enough to our customers, fans, friends, and family for the support. For example, on the eve of our first big mainstream event, one of our lows transformed right into one of the highest highs – BeautyCon LA

      Kush Queen Is Visibility, Wellness, and Innovation

      Olivia Alexander starting Kush Queen CBD in her family garage.

      In the same spirit of getting our dream up and running like Amazon, Google, and Disney, we started Kush Queen in our family garage. The Kush Queen brand was born out of our sister company, The Crystal Cult. The Kush Queen was a vape that turned into the beginning of a community. So many kush queens were out there but the cannabis industry’s male slated products left room for a newcomer with a different vision. 

      Kush Queen grew out of a community of like-minded individuals wanting to create a different type of space – a creative outlet for cannabis-derived health and wellness.

      Our vision is to create a space for anyone to gain access to high-quality health and wellness products made from the healing cannabis plant. 

      It’s All-Hands-On-Deck  

      Kush Queen CEO Olivia Alexander mixing CBD topicals.

      It takes a village, including you! We are a small, family-operated business. We’ve got a tight-knit crew of people that all believe in a dream of making things better. From CBD to our workplace vibe, the Kush Queen team is dedicated to one another and making the best CBD products on the market. We’re savages but like the kind you want to invite over to sesh with and meet your mom! With every challenge we face, we turn inward, use our products, innovate and move forward!   

      Thank You For Supporting Our Small Business

      Kush Queen CBD warehouse with Olivia leaning on bubble wrap.

      Our passion for this plant and its power to transform lives keeps us motivated! Thank you for believing in our dream. It is with gratitude we operate every day from the heart and it is our privilege to have you as part of our family. 

      The irony of small business Saturday is that it was started by a corporation. A corporation that will not do business with CBD companies. The irony is really so 2019. 

      And with that, we pour some CBD on it! Stock up on CBD with the holiday sale going on now. 

      Follow our lead and make this holiday season the most chill you’ve ever experienced. The Ultimate Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide will navigate you through gifts for just about anyone in your life!

      It’s the most wonderful time of year when we eat, drink, shop, and spread joy. And at the same time, we also run ourselves ragged with events, to-do lists and trying to make the most of the holiday season. On top of that, it’s flu season, its sugar season, and not only is it the most wonderful, but also one of the busiest times of the year. 

      The KQ team is here to make gifting easy and meaningful with our first annual Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide!

      Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide Text over scene of presents.

      Why should you gift CBD, anyway?

      Gifting CBD is a truly powerful experience for both the giver and receiver. Giving the gift of CBD to a friend or loved one is more than giving them a cool product, it’s a wellness experience. CBD has the power to transform someone’s daily routine into less pain, better sleep or better skin. From daily self-care to a better night’s rest, The Ultimate Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide has it all. 

      We put together a list of Kush Queen CBD wellness and beauty products to make your holiday shopping easy as pie. It’s not just the holidays and the start to a new year, it’s the birth of a new decade. 

      Treat Yoself text over Kush Queen CBD wrapped presents.

      First Things First, Let’s Take Care of Y-O-U

      There’s nothing selfish about self-care. Be your own Santa and treat yourself to a little something under the tree—we co-sign! 

      If you are seriously splurging this holiday season, these two CBD products won’t break the bank and will help you recover from this crazy time of year. 

      Renew CBD Sugar Scrub and Cafe Latte CBD Bath Bomb

      Exfoliate your winter skin with our Renew  CBD sugar scrub and boost your energy with our Cafe Latte CBD bath bomb. Both of these products are under $15–your skin and wallet will thank you! 

      Limited Edition Champagne Collection

      If you want to splurge on yourself this year the 2019 Limited Edition Champagne Collection is a perfect gift from You, to You.

      Our limited edition holiday set includes a 100mg CBD Champagne bath bomb, a 150mg Champagne bubble bath, and a 1000mg CBD Champagne tincture. If you are looking to create a moment this holiday season, the Champagne collection is it. 

      Mom Wants CBD Text over bath tub with bubbles.

      Trust us –  Moms want to try CBD this Holiday Season

      Sometimes we forget that moms are just like us! All they want is to get sleep better, ease stress and improve their skin—CBD can help Mom. 

      Defynt CBD Skin Serum

      Your mom will be talking to about your gift year-round when you give her Defynt Skin Serum. The antiserum is packed with vitamins, hyaluronic acid, 250mg of transdermal CBD, and a host of ingredients that will leave her skin glowing. 

      Alice and Olivia x Kush Queen Collection

      If your mom needs a different kind of TLC, treat her to our luxury CBD collaboration with alice+olivia. Give her the collection everyone’s talking about our 200mg CBD Bath Bomb, our 150mg Bubble Bath, or our Lavender CBD Body Lotion

      Kush Queen Sleep CBD Bath Bomb

      It seems like ALL moms need more sleep and we’ve got something for every level of sleep deprivation. For those mamas who just need help getting a better night’s rest, the 25mg Sleep CBD Bath Bomb is perfect for her. For a mom who suffers from insomnia or just can’t sleep through the night, gift the 200mg Sleep CBD Bath Bomb to give her a dreamy night of shut-eye. And for the Goldilocks moms who needs all the rest she can get to make her family run like clockwork, give her the 100mg Sleep CBD Bath Bomb so she can drift off as soon as her head hits the pillow. 

      Dad Knows What's Up Text over Gummies RX bottle and CBD gummies.

      For Daddy or Zaddy

      Relieve CBD Bath Bomb – 200mg

      If your dad’s an old pro with the cannabis plant, you’ll want to grab him our 200mg Relieve CBD Bath Bomb. He will not believe the pain-relieving power of 200mg of CBD and essential oils in a full-body soak. You’ll make a pro-bath taker out of Pops with this gift. 

      Melt CBD Relief Lotion 

      If he’s new to the CBD game, gift him our Melt 2oz 100mg CBD Relief Lotion. Tell him to put it where it hurts or ask mom to rub it on his shoulders after a busy week. He’ll feel the power of the nanotechnology CBD and essential oils and become a CBD evangelist in no time. 

      GummiesRX – 350mg

      If you’re looking to gift your dad with daily wellness, we suggest Gummies RX 350mg CBD gummies. The delicious taste comes from our small batch handmade approach to CBD gummies. The dose will hit him just the right way so that he feels better, but not high. 

      Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide, It's Bro Out Time text over presents.

      For Your Bro – Everyone Will Thank You

      Soaked CBD Shower Gel

      Show your know-it-all brother the high tech side of CBD. Soaked CBD shower gel has transdermal nanotechnology that allows the CBD to absorb directly into your bloodstream. Your brother will not only be impressed with the technology, but he’ll also love the way CBD elevates his daily shower. The citrus notes and CBD will boost his mood to the point that he won’t even seem like your brother anymore! 

      GummiesRX – 750mg

      Everyone loves a CBD gummy, especially the small-batch handmade gummies from Kush Queen. Your brother will be hooked on Kush Queen CBD from these 750mg GummiesRX gummies. From athletes to stressed out banker bros, CBD gummies offer an easy delivery method for daily consumption.  

      Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide, Cuffing Szn Approved text over presents.

      BAE/Life Partner/Wife/House Husband

      Kush Queen CBD Lube

      Its cuffing season, so we know you need to grab a gift for your BAE. They will love our CBD water-based lubricant with 30mg nano CBD. Nano CBD is broken down to a particle size so small it can absorb through your skin and into your bloodstream. It’ll increase blood flow to the area and you’ll never use a lubricant without CBD again!

      The Love CBD Collection

      The Love Collection is the perfect gift set for your BAE if you’ve got a little more money to spend. At $69.69 (we couldn’t help ourselves) it includes 2, Love 25mg CBD bath bombs and 1 water-based CBD lubricant. They’ll be so blissed out that they won’t even realize this gift is a gift for you, too! 

      Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide, G-ma is down text over presents.

      Grandma and Grandpa – Can’t Forget CBD For Them!

      Melt CBD Relief Lotion

      You will wow your grands by giving the gift of Melt—the pain lotion so good it has a cult following. Grab the 2oz 100mg CBD Melt Relief Lotion for those just starting out with CBD or those with mild aches. Grab the 16oz 200mg CBD Melt Relief Lotion or the 16oz 800mg CBD Melt Relief Lotion for those grands with bad backs. This lotion will secure your spot as the favorite grandchild! 

      Education Moment – Drive home the point to them that all grands should be dropping oral CBD every day to help fight every day issues and feed their endocannabinoid system. For under $50 you can gift your grand and educate them on the CBD molecule and their endocannabinoid system. You’ll become their trusted guide to CBD healing, which will spread throughout their sewing circles and bridge clubs! 

      The CBD Wellness Collection

      The CBD wellness collection is a perfect combination of high dosed CBD products for your granny and/or gramps. The CBD Wellness collection includes a 500mg Bäre Tincture, a 100mg CBD Immunity Bath Bomb, and a Melt CBD Relief Lotion. This trifecta will introduce them to a new life free of pain and full of enjoyment.

      Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide, Hook It Up Sis text over presents.

      Reduce the Stress For Your BFF

      Black Magic CBD Bath Bomb

      Our black magic bath bomb is like giving your BFF a deep tissue massage for $12.99! This CBD Bath Bomb is the perfect bath to gift your BFF because it’s sexy black, dosed with 25mg CBD, packed with organic essential oils, and won’t stain their tub. They’ll love you 4EVA for giving them a product that provides a full-body topical experience without the price tag of a spa visit! 

      Kingdm Foto Blur

      Give your glam BFF the gift of CBD beauty, Kingdm Foto Blur CBD Primer, winner of Refinery 29’s Beauty Innovator Award for best primer. They’ll love you for giving them our pore blurring, skin softening primer that’ll work for their skin while providing and solid foundation for their make-up. 

      The Relief CBD Collection

      If you’re shopping for your BFF who deals with pain, they’ll love the Relief Collection, The perfect combo for that BFF in pain, The Relief Collection includes 3 Relieve 25mg CBD Bath Bombs and 1 2oz 100mg CBD Melt Relief Lotion. From monthly periods to those with severe pain, this power combo is packed with CBD and essential oils that make it the ultimate CBD gift set. 

      Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide, Who's A Good Boy text over presents.

      Woof Queen For Your Fur Baby 

      Woof Queen CBD Bath Bombs

      Your fur baby has an endocannabinoid system too. Stuff their stocking with treats that will help maximize their wellness with CBD. These products are pawfect pet CBD products to gift your furry loved ones. 

      Woof Queen Lavender will ease bath time for the tiny pups who shake in their sink baths, and Woof Queen Relieve will help those older puppers with aches and pains. 

      Bäre CBD Tincture

      Coat a treato with Bäre 500mg CBD tincture or drop it onto their food daily for a hypoallergenic dose of CBD pawfect for your pooch or kitten. 

      Kush Queen Christmas Tree with cbd bath bomb ornaments.

      Shop Small, Shop Smart with the Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide

      We hope the Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide has made it easier for you to shop for the ones you love. 

      When you gift Kush Queen CBD you’re not just gifting CBD, you’re supporting a women-founded small business with handmade products. You’re gifting your family and friends products made by our family and friends. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. 

      Join our mailing list for all the codes for the biggest sale of the year starting November 28! 

      CBD lube may seem like a novelty, but it does so much more than kick up the heat in the bedroom.

      The reasons why CBD lube works are multifaceted, much like the people who use it. Just about anyone can benefit from a product that makes sex and masturbation more pleasurable, but CBD lube is an absolute game changer for people who experience:

      • Pain resulting from sexual trauma
      • Pain caused by conditions like vaginismus, endometriosis, and childbirth
      • Decreased libido or sexual desire due to hormonal changes or medications
      • Dryness experienced post-menopause or after radiation treatments
      • Tension or an inability to relax, especially related to the pelvic floor

      CBD lube works by creating a pathway to more enjoyable sexual contact. This concept goes beyond a novelty or trendy sex product and truly becomes a tool for healing. 

      Kush Queen CBD Lube displayed on a rose to show silky, smooth texture.

      What’s on the Inside Counts For CBD Lube To Really  Work

      Of course, what’s in the lube matters tremendously, especially for those in need of sexual healing. Kush Queen CBD lube is water-based, making it safe for use with latex and silicone, so whether you’re embarking on solo-play or engaging with a partner, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD lube without the hassle or worry. 

      Unlike many CBD lubes on the market, Kush Queen CBD Lube is actually a lubricant and not an oil-based formula infused with CBD. Each ingredient is paraben-free and was carefully selected for its safety and efficacy, resulting in a product that’s inclusive to all. 

      The CBD we use is broken down into nanoparticles that are 2,000 times smaller than pores, which allows for rapid absorption and increased bioavailability. The topical application of CBD allows the cannabinoids to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and is the key mechanism behind why CBD lube works for such a wide spectrum of needs. 

      Why CBD Lube Works for So Many Folx

      The reason why Kush Queen’s Ignite works wonders on so many bodies is its ability to trigger multiple physical reactions through localized application and the CBD’s interaction with the ECS. 

      It’s no secret that genital arousal is characterized by blood flow to the region resulting in erect and swollen genitalia and increased sensitivity. As a vasodilator, CBD works to relax the muscles of the arteries allowing blood to flow through with more ease. The results are increased arousal, an increased depth and frequency of climax, and a diminishment of pain and tension.

      Relaxation is another effect that adds to why our lube works so well for so many. When we explore our sexuality or engage with partners, self-conscious or non-sexual thoughts may arise, distracting from the experience. The inability to get out of our heads and into the moment limits our ability to be in our bodies and present with the sensations were experiencing. The topical application of CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to ease tension in the body and relax muscles, allowing comfort to pave the way for pleasure. 

      Verified buyers of Kush Queen CBD Lube report results ranging from intensified orgasms in healthy womxn to “penis hugs” from happy husbands and renewed sexual satisfaction for post-menopausal womxn to pain-free intercourse for the first time ever, a wide spectrum of people are discovering how and why CBD lube works for their intimate needs. 

      Choose Pleasure, Choose You

      Simply putting into practice the intention of increasing pleasure for yourself and/or your partner will have a positive effect on your sex life. By putting pleasure first and making the extra effort you send the signal to yourself that enjoyable sex is a priority. After all, it is your birthright. 

      When viewed through the lens of compassion for sufferers of painful sex, people dealing with reproductive dysfunction, and those experiencing hormonal changes or mental conditions that result in decreased sexual desire and satisfaction, the use of CBD in the bedroom can be seen as therapeutic.

      Decreased tension and sensations that anchor you to the present moment work synergistically to alter the experience of sex for the better. 

      How empowering to be able to reconnect with your sexuality after feeling disconnected from it and from yourself with a little help from Kush Queen CBD Lube.

      Satisfy Your Curiosity

      If you’ve read through this entire blog, then your intrigue with CBD lube must be peaking by now. Take the plunge into pleasure and order your bottle of Ignite today!