Have you been waiting for 4/20/2020 for as long as we have? The hype, the excitement and now for the creativity! 

Pandemic aside, 4/2020 is still going to be the most epic 4/20 of all time. We’re here to remind you there is nothing wrong with creating a little joy in uncertain times. Focus on the silver lining, you can celebrate every day all month long, plus most of us won’t have to take off work on 4/20 to celebrate now. Ayyeee!

Kush Queen is celebrating all month long and you are 100% invited. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list, to get all the deals. Our team is making sure 4/2020 is going to be as EPIC as it should be! 

The Ultimate 420 CBD Gift Guide Is Here

Consider The Ultimate 420 CBD Gift Guide your compass to gifting cannabis to everyone in your circle, even folx who’ve never experimented with cannabinoids before. Which brings up a point, if you ask us, celebrating 420 includes all cannabis molecules from THC to CBD, CBG, CBN and all the other 100+ ways you can enjoy the plant. Permission granted to smoke a blunt, soak in a CBD Bath Bomb, turn 4/20 into the most ridiculous day of CBD self-care - it's your day, you make the rules.   

The Ultimate Kush Queen CBD 420 Gift Guide - Gifts For You

For You

Relieve 1000mg CBD Bath Bomb, Renew CBD Sugar Scrub, Defynt CBD Skin Serum

CBD is a powerful healing agent and incorporating it into a treat yourself moment doubles as a great way to celebrate 420 while also getting an immune boost. 

Good self-care is a survival mechanism. Up your wellness game and draw from the tools we’ve relied on to help get us through mentally and physically stressful times, cannabinoids.

Roll up a joint and drop our Relieve 1,000mg CBD bath bomb into hot bath water to make this is a special 420 bath. This ultra-potent bath bomb is made with broad-spectrum cannabis and essential oils targeted for major relief. This bath bomb is NO JOKE, so keep a glass of lemon-cucumber water nearby to stay hydrated.

Kick it up a notch and turn your 420 Bath into a 420 Spa Day with a full-body exfoliation using our Renew Lavender Sugar Scrub. jojoba oil, vitamin E, rosehips, and our transdermal nano-CBD entice the senses and gently buff your skin, leaving it nourished and smooth.

Don’t forget your face! Loaded with vitamins, transdermal CBD, and hyaluronic acid, Defynt CBD Skin Serum delivers a #CoronaGloUp moment. Defynt diminishes the appearance of pores, calms redness, and hydrates the deep layers of your skin to reveal your natural beauty from within. 

The Ultimate Kush Queen 420 Gift Guide For Your BFF

For Your BFF

The Complete Mini Collection, Renew CBD Sugar Scrub, Melt CBD Relief Lotion, 100mg CBD Bath Bomb in Relive, Relax or Sleep

Who misses in-person time with their BFF? You, me and everybody else!

Send your BFF some love for 420 with a fun DIY CBD pedicure set up or a high dose CBD Bath Bomb. 

Here is what you’ll need for the DIY CBD pedicure: The Complete Mini CollectionRenew CBD Sugar Scrub and Melt CBD Relief Lotion. Go all in, grab one for yourself, and have a 420 Cannacure date with your bestie via Zoom.

Have a bestie like me, who isn’t into the nail game? You can never go wrong with a high dose CBD Bath Bomb. ReliveRelax and Sleep 100mg CBD Bath Bombs are our go-to gifts. 

The Ultimate 420 Gift Guide For Doggos

For Furbabies

Lavender Woof Queen or Peppermint Woof Queen CBD Bath Bomb

We are 85% sure your furbaby is thinking, “Karen, why are you still at my house all day, every day?!” 

Don’t just treat yourself with CBD, treat your furbaby. Your furry friend has an endocannabinoid system too and absorbs the same benefits from cannabinoids. Woof Queen CBD bath bombs are perfect for at-home baths in social isolation. Wash your furbaby down then fill the tub with either a Lavender Woof Queen or Peppermint Woof Queen bath bomb. Own a lorg? Double the dose for your bigger furbabies. 

Looking for something to share with the fam? Bare CBD tincture is great for humans and animals. Give yourself a dropper and dose your dog on a treatO.  

The Ultimate 420 Gift Guide For Parents

For Your Parents

CBG Gummies RX Chews, CBN Gummies RX Chews 

Many of us are worried about our parents and our grandparents right now. It’s the absolute perfect time to get them into the cannabis plant. Picture this, you on Zoom coming out as a cannabis user to your parents, LOL! But for real it's 4/2020, it’s time to come out as a cannabis user and help destigmatize the stoner stereotype. 

Use 420 as a way to open the door to a conversation about cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system that lives within all of us and how everyone can benefit from cannabis wellness. Talk about the benefits of taking CBD, CBG, and CBN and gift them some immune-boosting molecules. 

Our new molecules in Gummies Rx are tasty, approachable and something parents can easily get into. The CBG Gummies RX Chews will help with virus nerves and the CBN Gummies RX Chews will whisk them to a solid night’s sleep. 

The Ultimate 420 CBD Gift Guide For Your Siblings

For Your Brother and Sister

Kingdm Foto Blur, Soaked CBD Shower Gel

Getting a little happy can go a long way, especially for family members that are having to practice social distancing. 

Surprise your sister with Kingdm Foto Blur and a note encouraging her to try something new, slay a look, get dressed for a Facetime with you. 

For brothers, we always recommend Soaked CBD Shower Gel. It’s a no-brainer way to say you are thinking about them without trying to force a gift that might not get used. No matter what phase of life your brother is in, dad of 3, in college or turning 50, trying a CBD Shower Gel to help ease muscles and chill will be something you two can talk about.

The Ultimate 420 Kush Queen Gift Guide For Couple's

For Ya Lover

Intimate CBD Lubricant, The CBD Love Kit

If you are in social isolation with or without your Zaddy, our Kush Queen Intimate CBD lubricant will surely turn up the heat. Orgasms can help boost your mood and release the chemical DHEA, which helps balance your immune system, promotes bone health, and assists in repairing tissue. So get one for you and one for them and get creative. 

Or go full monty with the CBD Love Kit. The kit will take your 420 night to a whole other level. The kit includes a Love Bath Bomb, Sensual Massage Oil, and Intimate Lubricant. Two things to note about the kit: 1) this is CBD for the d, the b and the v, 2) full body levitation is possible. 

After much testing, we recommend starting with the bath bomb, followed by the sensual massage oil and finally the CBD lube. 

The Ultimate Kush Queen Gift Guide For Care Packages

For Someone In Need

25mg Relax CBD Bath Bomb, bäre CBD Tincture, Melt CBD Relief Lotion 

Show someone you love them with a little care package. These products won’t break the bank and are a cute AF way to say you are thinking of them during social isolation. Our team is always happy to include a note in your order, just include your text in the order note section during checkout. 

For a self-care moment, send a 25mg Relax CBD Bath Bomb or a 2 oz. Renew CBD Sugar Scrub.

Helping someone take the edge can be a life-saver these days, bare CBD Tincture can do that and much more. We like to think of bare as a vitamin and take it daily to promote wellness and ease nerves.  

Melt CBD Relief Lotion delivers a woosah moment to any aches and pains across the body. Our topical relief lotion is named most appropriately as it melts away muscle tension.


At the end of the day, 4/2020 is going to be everything we make it and we plan to make it epic. This year, we’ll have to get creative, plan ahead and give ourselves permission to have a joyful day. 

If you need personal recommendations, text the HQ Hawtline at 213-298-9111. Also, be sure to subscribe to our email list to get the latest deals, flash sales and giveaways.   


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