Our first goal in product design is delivering relief to all backgrounds and ages, but we appreciate providing versatility as well. Our Soaked Transdermal CBD Shower Gel is one of our most versatile products because, INSIDE the shower, it's a solid CBD body wash, shampoo and face wash! But have you ever wondered what happens when this fan-favorite ventures OUTSIDE the shower? 

We’re about to turn this shower fave into a household fave! Today, we’re going over four ways you can effectively capitalize on the nanotechnology and natural ingredients found in Soaked. 


A simple but overlooked aspect of using Soaked in the shower, is the fact that our hands are exposed to the goodness of the transdermal CBD while applying it, even while holding our loofah. When you take Soaked out of the shower to use as a hand wash, you can still experience the uplifting and energizing citrus essential oils, while washing your hands with a gentle lather and getting an immune-boosting dose of CBD. 

Ideal For Users Who…

  • experience pain or stiffness in their fingers, hands and/or wrists
  • have dry and/or sensitive hands
  • use their hands for repetitive or strenuous daily tasks

Best Delivery Method: Wet hands with water. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Soaked to hands, then properly wash for 45 seconds to experience the mood-enhancing scent and CBD that brings an instant joint and muscle relief. 

Soaked CBD Shower Gel next to a sink being used as a hand wash.


As a Southern California based company, we love to have our fair share of fun in the sun! One of the amazing attributes of our CBD shower gel is the soothing aloe leaf juice. Aloe vera is known for being a natural remedy for sunburns, and with the help of CBD nanoparticles, Soaked quickly turns into a cooling sunburn relief gel. 

Ideal For Users Who…

  • are actively experiencing a mild sunburn, with no broken skin
  • work outdoors and experience skin irritation from direct sunlight
  • are preparing to be outside for extended periods of time

Best Delivery Method: Generously apply Soaked to dry, unbroken skin covering all areas that are burned or exposed to sun and allow the gel to absorb as  you would an aloe vera juice application. The nano-CBD and other natural ingredients soothe your skin and decrease irritation.


Thanks to the natural ingredients in Soaked CBD Shower Gel, not only does it smell great, but it's also great for our beautiful scalps and luscious locks. With oils from rosehip, jojoba, and sunflowers, Soaked can be used to decrease scalp irritation, strengthen and lengthen locks, while keeping them hydrated and moisturized.

Ideal For Users Who…

  • love to keep their hair fresh in between wash days
  • experience scalp dryness, sensitivity, or irritation in between washes
  • are active and want to DIY hair refreshing spray to take on the go

Best Delivery Method: In a small spray bottle, add 2-3 pumps of Soaked, fill with water and give it a good shake! If it feels right, you can also add a dollop of your favorite traditional or leave-in conditioner too. When needed spray your DIY leave-in conditioner into your hair, ensuring you spray directly on your roots to hydrate, encourage growth and decrease irritation. 

Woman massaging her lower body with Soaked CBD Shower Gel.


No one is ever mad at a quality hack for self-care! That’s why, it’s always fun to share the benefits you can experience in your calves, ankles and feet without a tub! Our feet have large pores on the bottom that aid with absorbing the CBD nanoparticles found in Soaked that allow users to experience instant relief and relaxation. When using Soaked out of the shower, the magic still happens once the potent formula touches your skin! 

Ideal For Users Who…

  • do not have access to a full-body or foot tub
  • are actively on their feet daily and desire relief
  • experience foot pain, discomfort or sensitivity

Best Delivery Method: Start by sitting in a comfortable space and generously apply Soaked to your calves, ankles, and feet. Allow the product to sit for 5 minutes as it diminishes tension and stress from your joints and muscles before wiping off any remaining product with a warm washcloth. Pat the area dry and enjoy while your legs float in relief. 


At the end of the day, we all love to curl up with our favorite CBD products and chill! But we want to challenge you to think outside of the box and discover new ways you can enjoy and use your favorite Kush Queen CBD products! 

Have a product hack or new use to share with us? Send it anonymously to the KQ HAWTLINE to tell us all about it at 213-298-9111.


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