The poetry of embracing who you are combined with the historical significance of cannabis culture within New Orleans is not lost on us. The love and passion for where we come from and now what we do is a powerful force behind Swamp Queen and the Spirit of the Bayou. We hope it inspires you to connect with where you are, who you are, and your wellness. 

When we created the Spirit of the Bayou products, we wanted to create more than just great cannabinoid effects, we wanted to deliver an experience fitting for this season of life. This post shares the Spirit of the Bayou ritual to assist with reflection, mind and body alignment and ultimately, self-guided wellness. 

The Spirit of the Bayou Ritual centers on the pathway that brings you to a particular place within yourself—especially a place that is not always easy to access—whether that be serenity, stillness, or sensuality. This ritual asks you to make time to seek yourself, to stimulate your mind and body, allowing you to be both present and lost simultaneously.

Kush Queen's Cannabinoid Elixir

This Bathing Ritual Uses Cannabinoids to Explore Your Deepest Self

This is a journey of self-exploration and discovery, particularly the interaction between the mind and the senses. Touch, scent, sight, and sound are pathways to transport us to a time and place where we can learn and heal. Is it memory, is it fantasy, is it both? In this mental space are you conscious or in an altered state? 

During this cannabinoid bathing ritual senses will be heightened. Engaged is a trifecta of sight, scent, and awareness as you are soaking in deep green tones, cleansing, earthy post-rain smells, and mind and body effects that amplify the parts of your personality; and of course full-body cannabinoid-induced relaxation.

All these aspects will help you connect with your deepest self, at once. 

The Spirit of the Bayou Cannabinoid Ritual 

The Spirit of the Bayou Cannabinoid Bathing Ritual

Indulge with the Spirit of the Bayou to let your guard down, explore and connect with your “other” selves. This ritual guides you to listen and learn from your origins, seek wellness and healing as we welcome the fall season. 

The Spirit of the Bayou Ritual Guide

  • Set aside 45 mins for self-connection and exploration
  • Create the mood and tone by creating a bathroom space that calls upon peace and serenity
  • Sip on the Spirit of the Bayou Cannabinoid Elixir - we recommend half the bottle
  • Draw a warm bath and drop in the Spirit of the Bayou CBD Bath Bomb
  • Start your soak 
  • Once settled in the tub, begin focusing on your breath for the first part of your 20-minute soak. Relax, tap in and let your guard down.
  • Explore the sensations of your environment: scents, touch, sound, sight. 
  • What feelings do they bring up? Where do they transport you? 
  • Listen to your body and mind. 
  • Ask yourself...What do I feel, What do I want, What do I need

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The Spirit of the Bayou products were created with idea of making space for the deepest self-love.

From this highly intimate and solitary ritual, you carry these parts of yourself into the world. For much like a new season, rituals and dynamic mind and body experiences are portals to hidden spaces within us—and reminders we always possess the power to change our perspective and invent ourselves anew. 

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