We didn’t start Kush Queen with a fancy business plan and investors, we birthed the very first Kush Queen products from our garage. In 2015, we were stacked with passion and vision and wanted to be part of the community to create something for people like you and me.  

Since the earlier days, so much has changed and our journey has shaped the way we look and think about the world. Over the years, we have undeniably faced every growing pain of startups in the cannabis industry. And like most cannabis businesses, banking issues are on the top of that list.

Sure, times have changed, but we can never forget the struggles we faced to operate basic business functions. Our experience with these issues brought us up close and personal with the power banks and governments have over our money and access. 

Fast forward to 2020 and the start of the pandemic. Our world was changing daily, some industries were experiencing a bullish market while others were facing shutdowns and crippling unforeseeable events. At that same time, cryptocurrency exploded, we couldn't help but join the movement. 

Believing in the power of cryptocurrency was easy for us at Kush Queen. 

We have experienced so many of the problems that cryptocurrency solves and felt a deep understanding of the upward battle around a topic that can easily be something so misunderstood. 

We found ourselves not just HODLING (holding on for dear life), but inspired by the crypto community. The parallels between cannabis and crypto are seemingly endless. And when we are deeply inspired by something at Kush Queen, we create. Meet Diamond Hands Cannabinoid Gummies.

Kush Queen Diamond Hand Gummies Made For HODLing

Why Diamond Hands Cannabinoid Gummies?

One thing is for sure crypto can be a rollercoaster. We all know we're going to the moon, but the ride to get there is often a bit complicated. 

After feeling the pressure and tension of the deep HODL, we went to work and had a little fun in the lab creating a special limited edition gummy optimized for holding the line. 

We formulated Diamond Hands Cannabinoid Gummies to enhance HODLing, give you an uplifting boost, chill you out and ease tension. Because you don’t have to do it alone!

Our product development team's deep understanding of how to use cannabinoids to help our bodies feel the desired outcome coupled with using cannabis to synthesize a repeated effect is the foundation for all Kush Queen products. So as we stacked more and more SATS, realized HODLING wasn't THAT easy, we made a gummy perfect for this stressful occasion. 

What’s In Diamond Hands Cannabinoid Gummies?

Diamond Hands Cannabinoid Gummies are Kush Queen’s first triple stack cannabinoid ratio. 

This gummy features CBG, CBD, and ∆8 cannabinoids - a ratio that will leave you in a silly-goofy, mood because you don’t need to HODL alone. 

The Cannabinoid Stack Features:

  • CBG - Often referred to as the “mother” of all cannabinoids and delivers uplifting euphoric feelings.
  • CBD - Delivering the foundation for chill relaxation and tension releasing benefits. 
  • ∆8 - The vibe, inspires creativity, full-body effects

Diamond Hands Cannabinoid gummies create an effect that is seriously uplifting, vibey, and elevated. Your bag may not have gone to the moon yet, but you surely will feel like you have. 

Kush Queen Diamond Hand Gummies inside the bag.

Like Crypto, Kush Queen Is Rooted In Technology, Innovation, and Community

If we know anything about mainstreaming something new and innovative, we know it's not an easy journey, but it's always worth it. We can’t wait to see how cryptocurrency and web 3.0 will change the world. Until then, we'll be popping diamond hands gummies and HODLing right there with you. 

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Available for $20 in fiat or crypto, thanks to our friends at Coinbase commerce