With the upcoming launch of Gummies Rx Focus, Kush Queen’s new CBD and THCv gummy, we caught up with KQ CEO Olivia Alexander to get the details!  

Get The Inside Scoop On Kush Queen's New Gummies Rx Focus, CBD and THCv Gummy

Q: Let’s start with the basics. Most of us are familiar with CBD but what is THCv?

Olivia: The quick background on this exciting minor cannabinoid comes down to THCv’s surprising potential benefits. Think the opposite of typical stoner effects. 

THCv or tetrahydrocannabivarin is a cannabinoid predominantly found in Sativa dominant strains. Like its name suggests THCv is similar to THC in molecular structure and psychoactive properties at high doses.

Importantly, THCv at lower doses has the potential to provide pronounced and altogether different effects like smooth energy, heightened focus, and curbed appetite.

You can get a deep dive on on THCv’s effects and research in our post, What is THCv? 

Q: We know you are the resident and OG product tester! What’s your favorite way to use Gummies Rx Focus, CBD and THCv gummies? 

Olivia: Hahah! So I’ve been using Gummies Rx Focus for about 2 months now. My two favorite ways to use Gummies Rx Focus are pre-workout and as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. As an early riser with an early bedtime, I was using coffee to boost myself, I've replaced my afternoon coffee with Gummies Rx Focus. The 7:1 CBD to THCv combo gives me smooth energy without the jitters. 

Q: Kush Queen launched bare+, a CBD and THCv tincture why launch a gummy now?

Olivia: Gummies are hands down a KQ community favorite delivery method for ingestibles and to be honest gummies are accessible to more people. When we think about product development for new cannabinoids, giving more people access and delivery method options is always a priority.

Gummies Rx Focus provides an easy on the go and discreet delivery method. Plus, the gummies are a better tasting option for those that are new to tasting natural cannabinoid flavors.

Kush Queen's new CBD and THCv gummy, Gummies Rx Focus

Q: Since launching THCv at Kush Queen, what’s been the most surprising thing you’ve learned about this minor cannabinoid? 

Olivia: The amount of people who already knew about the power of THCv and were seeking it out in legal cannabis markets but couldn’t find consistent access to this minor cannabinoid. People have also shared their personal experiences about successfully using THCv as an appetite suppressant.   

Q: What’s the most important thing to know about using a product with THCv? 

Olivia: Keeping your THCv consumption at low doses is integral to the efficacy of this cannabinoid’s effect. At Kush Queen, we do not recommend mixing Gummies Rx Focus with other molecules known to increase energy as you may get an extra heightened effect. For example, CBG plus THCv would give an intense upper-like effect which can be a little overwhelming.

Q: What’s your advice for folx using a THCv product for the first time?

Olivia: For first-time users, I suggest taking THCv in the morning after breakfast or with a mid-morning snack. Be mindful of taking a product like Gummies Rx Focus on an empty stomach (I don’t recommend) and don’t take THCv too late if you are trying to go to sleep, lol! 


Tomorrow Gummies Rx Focus launches with a 7:1 ratio of CBD and THCv! 

If you are looking for a mood boost coupled with smooth energy, give our CBD and THCv products a try.