Did you know 710 has a special place in cannabis culture? Turn the numbers '710' upside down and it spells 'OIL', a nod to the rich, potent, and diverse world of cannabis concentrates. We dedicate this day, July 10th, to celebrate the vibrant array of oils, dabs, waxes, and other derivatives that have shaped and enhanced our experiences.

As we approach this unique date, we invite you to delve deeper into this integral part of our culture. We want to enhance your understanding, unravel the secrets of this powerful plant, and celebrate its countless benefits.

710 Day 

July 10th, 7/10, is a day dedicated to uplifting cannabis oil. Known in some circles as Dab Day, 710 is the lesser-known cannabis holiday designated to celebrate oil. 

Now you might be asking, what is the significance of 710? 710 upside down spells out OIL which translates into any oil-based cannabis product like concentrates, dabs, hash, and distillate.

The origins of 710 are somewhat vague but most people agree that celebrating this cannabis holiday started around 2012. With legalization and access to safe products expanding around that time, the use of oil and concentrates became more common. 

710 celebrates 2 of the most important yet overlooked things in cannabis today: the concentrate and culture. 

The Importance of Cannabis Oil at Kush Queen

While 710 does not have the heat or appreciation that 420 does, this day holds a special place at Kush Queen. 

Every single Kush Queen product begins with the presence of cannabis oil. Once the hemp biomass gets processed into solvent-free finished oil, it arrives at our Kush Queen hemp facility. 

At this time, the oil becomes the magical ingredient in our products. Some of our products contain CBD in its oil form, while others use the oil after it gets converted to our patent-pending water-based nano form.

710 is also a moment for us to celebrate and examine something so important to cannabis and Kush Queen: the culture. 

Kush Queen Live Resin Sauce

Oil and Cannabis Culture

Using oil-based concentrates has an entire culture of its own within the cannabis community. Generally speaking, any style of vaporizing cannabis concentrate or extract falls under the term dabbing.  

Within the community, you have folx that will only use concentrate and see this delivery method as a far superior way to use cannabis. People on this side of of the community, aka the dabbers, argue that this delivery method is more efficient and preserves the true essence of the strain and flavors. 

Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum where "many people are uncomfortable about dabbing, as they view the use of a blowtorch and the application of intense heat in a negative light and are intimidated by the process," states Leafly.

Here is a reminder we all need to hear from time to time. There is a place for everyone and their favorite delivery method, no need to stigmatize someone's preferred method.

Leafly also shares, "thanks to better regulations concentrates are becoming safer to manufacture. Hopefully with time and informative resources, we can shift public opinion about the often misunderstood world of cannabis concentrates."

If you’ve never tried a dab, do your homework, know your tolerance and proceed with a well-intentioned homie. You might figure out that dabbing is for you and 710 is now your new 420.  

710 Is Part Of Our California Culture

Back a short few years ago, before California’s Prop 64, which legalized cannabis in California for recreational sale, and before the farm bill virtually legalized hemp nationwide, times were radically different. 

710 meant we communed together on the highest of holidays and headed out to the desert to celebrate at a festival long gone called Chalice Festival. Chalice Festival was a celebration of oil, hash, music, art, and the cannabis community. 

Of course, Kush Queen was there! For three days we would smoke, share, sell, and celebrate in public with the community. It feels like yesterday we were setting up our booth to share the weekend with our friends and celebrate the culture surrounding oil.

Kush Queen team at Chalice Cup

There is something so important about the festival experience. For us, this experience was part of Kush Queen earning our place at the table to interact, educate and sell oil-based products directly to people in the community. 

Then there is the innovative culture of oil and its surrounding technology.

In Willamette Week, Brianna Wheeler shares, “since recreational cannabis laws allowed for such significant advancement in extraction tech, Dab Day is more than just a general celebration of cannabis oils or dabs." 

For example, without the innovation and technological advancements around oil extraction in the last 10 years, our products like Gummies Rx and Melt Relief Lotion would not be as effective or bioavailable.

710 is also a day to "consider all of the ingenuity, innovation, and infinite possibilities within the cannabis industry. As well as a reminder to continue to fight for nationwide cannabis clemency and expungement so that those criminalized by the War on Drugs, have lucrative, fulfilling, and scientifically radical career opportunities awaiting their reentry.”  


The Kush Queen fam will be celebrating 710 with a 40% off sale sitewide! Stay tuned. Join us in celebrating 2 of our favorite things: cannabis oil and culture.