When it comes to gifting Mom, is there any real way to fully encompass our gratitude from birth to toddlerhood, being there through our awkward teenager years, friend dramas, dating, and everything in between?

That “Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me” gift is a lot of pressure!

This Mother’s Day we compiled a list of Kush Queen CBD products that focus on building wellness into any mom’s routine and making sure the person that always takes care of us is getting some TLC too!

Kush Queen Kingdm CBD primer being applied.


10 Mother’s Day CBD Gift Ideas that deliver a daily wellness boost!

These are gifts that we gift our moms and moms we know need a little daily wellness boost!

1. The Original CBD Bath Bomb – Our first CBD bath bomb ever made was the Relax blend. The light blue color, the dose of CBD, and soothing Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Orange, Lemon, Chamomile essential oils will have mom’s skin so smooth and their body totally relaxed!

2. Alice and Olivia x Kush Queen CBD Body Lotion – Upgrade Mom’s daily lotion with a dose of CBD and light lavender scent. Our high-quality lotion will moisturize Mom from head to toe and the CBD will target those everyday aches and pains.

3. The Iconic CBD Beauty Collection – This is a 100% glow-up moment for mom! Treat the mom in your life to CBD beauty and skincare. Good for all skin types and ages. 

4. Gummies Rx Sleep – This is the type of shut-eye all moms want. Give mom a little relaxation right before bed so drifting off to sleep is nice and easy.

5. The Complete CBD Bath Bomb Collection  If your mom is already a Kush Queen CBD bath bomb fan, then you know she wants more! The complete collection features all original blends and comes in 25mg, 100mg, 200mg dose options.

6. Bare+ Daily Wellness Tincture  Perfect for any mom looking to boost their energy and focus. This daily CBD + THCV tincture nourishes the endocannabinoid system and delivers an uplifting effect.

7. The Rest and Relaxation Collection  Have you ever met a mom that didn’t want more rest and relaxation?! This collection features the complementary duo of our Relax and Sleep CBD Bath Bombs.

8. Gummies Rx Elevated  Sometimes mom needs to chill hard! Any flavor of Gummies Rx Elevated will do the trick.

9. The Endo Collection  A gift that raises awareness for everyone suffering from endometriosis. This collection directly supports women of color affected by endometriosis.    

10. Shield for Immunity 1:1 CBD Bath Bomb  Give mom the power of immunity. Shield delivers our 1-2 combo of a deeply soothing bath that boosts your immune system.

Kush Queen's Shield For Immunity CBD Bath Bomb

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Since Moms tend to put their needs last, this Mother’s Day gift a wellness moment for Mom so they can build a little self-care into everyday life. 

Of course, Mom will love a little CBD wellness but don’t forget the warm and fuzzy heartfelt note to go alongside.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Kush Queens out there!