The 10-minute CBG deep dive gives you all the needed facts to get to know the minor cannabinoid CBG or cannabigerol. We share initial testimonials from our team’s first experience with CBG and 3 articles that give you the science, research and 411.

Most people know about the popular psychoactive cannabinoid THC and the popular non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD, now it's time you get to know the other cannabinoids. 

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Kush Queen Is Whole Plant Wellness

Every day we are dedicated to bringing you the most innovative and effective products. As the CBD boom hit, we decided to distance ourselves from being called a CBD BRAND. Not because we don’t believe in the power of CBD, because we do not want to be defined by a single molecule when we know our beloved cannabis plant has at least 100+ molecules. 

Our new minor cannabinoid products Gummies RX Bliss, Gummies Rx Sleep, and Bare CBD Tinctures feature broad-spectrum hemp (0% THC) version of minor cannabinoids. As a cannabis company, Kush Queen is unable to make medical claims about our products and frankly, we believe in letting our products speak for themselves. 

We put together a 3 article list and first hand CBG experience to help you dive into the cannabinoid revolution. 


The CBG molecule broken down to show the elements its made of.

The 10 Minute CBG Deep Dive 

The article list below will take you on a CBG deep dive. Read up and you’ll know why we are so excited to feature CBG in Gummies RX Bliss 900mg.  

What is CBG and what does this cannabinoid do?

Leafly’s Jacqueline Havelka, rocket scientist turned writer, lays out the science of how CBG is formed and how it aids our endocannabinoid system. 

Our main takeaway from Leafly’s research recap is “scientists are excited about these initial CBG results and are promoting future research with CBG alone or CBG in combination with other cannabinoids and therapies for the treatment of multiple maladies. Because it is non-psychotropic, CBG has a promising wide range of potential applications not only for the problems mentioned above, but also as an analgesic, therapy for psoriasis, and as an antidepressant.” 

Why is CBG one of the most expensive cannabinoids to produce?

Forbes goes into detail on the process of developing CBG, how it works with your body and cannabinoid market. 

In the article, you’ll also learn why we named Gummies RX CBG: CBD, Bliss. CBG, known as the Rolls Royce of cannabinoids is a “non-intoxicating compound, it’s thought to help regulate mood thanks to its ability to boost anandamide, the body’s native “bliss” molecule.”

What is CBG and how is it different from CBD?

Shape says it best in their opening line, “you know CBD... but what about CBG? Meet the other phytocannabinoid that's about to steal the spotlight in the medicinal world.” Learn the differences between two of our favorite cannabinoids, get a phytocannabinoid 101, plus the deets on CBG’s potential benefits. 

CBG First-Hand Experiences

Hand holding a bottle of Gummies Rx Bliss CBG:CBD 900mg

Gummies RX Bliss was my first minor cannabinoid Kush Queen product to try. I had smoked CBG and liked the effect but wondered how the molecule would translate into an ingestible. After taking Gummies RX CBG: CBD Bliss on a chill morning, I was blown away by the combo of CBG and CBD. Uplifting and chill at the same time, real-life bliss. - Tiffany, CMO

On Saturday I took one gummy and on Sunday I took two gummies. Both gave me an overall positive sense of well-being, while the 2 gummy dose obviously was a little stronger and longer but never over the top. Compared to your original gummy, the CBD/CBG relieves pain and chills me out but on top of that, it delivers a feeling of euphoria and happiness. You also don’t get too relaxed, tired or yawn while on them like your originals. I was up, alert, present and happy for a good amount of the day!

If I take 2 of your original Gummies Rx, it is definitely sleep time. I can definitely feel the quality and potency of the new CBD/CBG gummies, just like your original ones which is why I’m a repeat customer! - Chanel, Kush Queen Customer

Gummies RX CBG is my new favorite KQ product. It’s a delicious gummy that tastes better than a tincture with a real ratioed dose. CBG and CBD make me feel relaxed and super positive. It’s my new go-to morning dose. Super uplifting and vibey. - Olivia, CEO


Kush Queen believes in whole plant innovation. As new minor cannabinoids enter the mainstream market, consider our team your resource for accessing safe and effective cannabis wellness products. 

Our new Gummies RX Bliss features the uplifting combo of CBG and CBD. Give them and try and let us know what you think!

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