Welcome to what your bath bomb says about you, Kush Queen edition! 

At first glance, you might not think twice about choosing your favorite bath bomb, but when it comes down to your pick for a CBD bath bomb, it says a lot about you. 

From the color to the essential oil blend, to the dose... your Kush Queen CBD bath bomb turns into a crystal ball. You are after all what you soak in. 

If you have ever wondered what your CBD bath bomb says about you, read on because it's time to get roasted like you're sitting in a hot CBD bath. 

Find Your Favorite CBD Bath Bomb and Matching Personality Reveal

Love CBD Bath Bomb, 100mg

Hey you, sexy thing!

Let’s get into it, on Thursday nights, we can find you prioritizing self-pleasure. You leave everyone ‘on read’ while you binge 90 Day Fiance and Real Housewives. An ideal vacay is you, solo on a sandy beach with a spicy jalapeno margarita in hand. 

When it comes to dating, you’ll match with all the hotties on Hinge, but won’t ever go on a date. We don’t blame you either! 

Plus, you’ve got Kush Queen water-based CBD lubricant on a monthly subscription. 

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb

Relieve CBD Bath Bomb, 1000mg

We can see your athleticism from here. 

Really your abs are making us uncomfortable. You are constantly fooling people with your fitness lifestyle; we know you're a heavyweight in the gym but what we didn’t know is that you’re also a heavyweight when you hit the bong. When things get a little turnt, your secret pleasure is a late-night drive-through!

Melt CBD Relief Lotion is your second favorite Kush Queen product and you’ll rub it on everything and anything that hurts.

Relax CBD Bath Bomb 25mg

You're a basic bitch and you wouldn't have it any other way. 

The kids today would call you Chuegy, but all you want is to live, love, and laugh. The chances that you are diffusing lavender right now are very high and you’ve been all about CBD since day one. A true Kush Queen, we see you. 

We do have to break it to you though, it is time to try a higher dose CBD bath bomb. Go for the Relax 100mg and thank us later!

Sleep CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg

The Low Key Luxury Soaker

You're the one we have to check on mid-soak because you just may fall asleep in the bathtub. A self-made early riser whose life was changed by Nespresso, you aren’t afraid to splurge when it comes down to kicking off the day just right or sleeping well! You will steal your cousin's high-end hair clips regularly and can’t relate to people who don’t like sparkling water. 

On night’s you want to get those crucial 14 hrs of shut-eye, you’ll pop a Gummies Rx Sleep post-bath!

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs

Matcha CBD Bath Bomb, 25mg

You are a tea-only, non-coffee drinking aficionado.

We won’t look at your weekly screen time averages (yikes) but we know you love an aesthetic-driven Instagram feed and sending your friends endless but accurate tiktoks. 

You live at the intersection of fashion and food. Spending your last dime on expensive sushi is a weekly ritual. In a nutshell, you are the combo of thrift finds and Balenciaga sneakers because you live for a lewk. 


Today is national relaxation day! Join the celebration by soaking in your favorite Kush Queen CBD bath bomb! 

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