National CBD Day started back a few years ago, five to be exact. Was it created by a major player in the CBD industry? Yes. Is it a marketing play? Yes. Has Kush Queen celebrated the day? Yes. 

While we celebrate National CBD Day, we’ve also been vocal about the need for a rebrand since it began. Every year as this day rolls around, our rally cries are the same; more conversation, education, and work to be centered around cannabinoids rather than only one cannabinoid and we ask our community to listen. 

But First, Let’s Give CBD The Cookies It Deserves

There is nothing wrong with celebrating the CBD molecule, we do wanna give CBD its cookies. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of at least hundreds of molecules we derive from the cannabis plant that interacts with your internal endocannabinoid system. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has done so much for the entire industry and cannabis movement. 

Without CBD’s mainstream run starting in 2018, we probably would not have the progress and proliferation of other cannabinoids we see today. 

Our point is the conversation we should be having is about how all cannabinoids work together and the benefits of the whole plant rather than just isolating CBD. As we say time and time again, it’s not just about CBD it’s about cannabinoids.  

Cannabinoids, Cannabinoids, Cannabinoids 

At Kush Queen, our products have never been just CBD, we’ve always been serving up full and broad spectrum plant extracts. Why? Because it’s more effective. 

We also believe that one cannabinoid should not define all cannabinoids. With CBG, CBN, THCV, and delta 8 THC you can see and understand these molecules, and their effects are unique.Some are best at night and others are better for the day. Some are psychoactive and others are non-psychoactive.

Just like how all CBD is not equal, all cannabinoids aren’t the same. And one CBD or THC isn’t better than the other. Like humans, they are all better together. 

We’ve never called ourselves a CBD company because we’ve always been a cannabis or cannabinoid company. One of our brand missions at Kush Queen isn’t to just sell CBD or any singular molecule, but to completely mainstream and normalize the daily use of cannabinoids. 

Kush Queen believes in the power of all cannabinoids.


The Pursuit of Living Your Best Life 

Our second and biggest gripe about National CBD day is the capitalism of it all. Sure, we are a brand and we are participating in the sales aspect of National CBD Day but the heart of Kush Queen lies in the fact that wellness and plants shouldn’t be defined by capitalism. 

We’re here for something beyond ourselves and everything we do at Kush Queen is in the vision of using our passion for the plant and the people that use it for the highest good.

Cannabinoid wellness shouldn’t be defined by capitalism, but by the human pursuit of living your best life. The cannabis molecules are more than just a National Day, they are a protest and a rebel yell. 

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