Even saying the word pleasure evokes feelings. This month, we are shamelessly claiming space around pleasure and the power of focusing on our mind-and-body connection. No lie, we are deep in our feelings, doing the hard work to get our needs met. 

This post digs into pleasure in its many forms, the human desire to connect, and the tools we use to help that connection flow effortlessly. 

Let’s Take Pleasure Daily

We all have ideas of pleasure. Of course, our minds instantly chart off to sexual pleasure and while we are here for that, there are more ideas to explore. By definition, pleasure is simply “a feeling of enjoyment or satisfaction, or something that produces this feeling.”

Inspired by sexologist Goody Howard, our concept of pleasure was totally shifted during a panel discussion hosted by Lover’s during lockdown. Goody challenged our basic concept of pleasure, urging the group to truly slow down and take pleasure in life’s daily movements, to lean into looking for enjoyment and satisfaction.

By tuning our attention to the act of enjoyment, senses get heightened, subtle movements become noticed and awareness of your body shifts to intentional. This is where pleasure can be found. During the discussion, Goody goes on to describe what she calls a pleasure shower. Sure, the concept of a shower can be a mundane task, but Goody asks us to flip the script and seek pleasure. Now, we are passing the pleasure shower to you. 

Take A Pleasure Shower

Prepare for your shower as usual with a towel and your favorite shower gel. You already know we’re grabbing Soaked Delta 8 THC body wash to heighten our senses and get our daily topical dose. 

Kush Queen Soaked Delta 8 THC Shower Gel

Turn your shower on, then turn the bathroom lights off. That’s right, this is a lights off shower. You know your bathroom space, your shower, and your body. Time to tune into pleasure. 

Take your time, notice the lather, squeeze your wash cloth onto your body. Feel the water running down, let the darkness give you permission to explore and love your body. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the tasks list, or be consumed by our digital world - the challenge here is to slow down, to take pleasure, and open ourselves up to deepen our mind and body. 

Cannabinoids and Connection 

Cannabinoids are known to enhance our mind and body connection, but how? Whatever the therapeutic or pleasure inducing act — taking a bath, doing yoga, going on a nature walk — cannabinoids can help us develop a felt sense of presence and engagement with an activity. 

In many cases, it only takes a small dose of cannabinoids to help realign your mind and body, and allow ourselves to become immersed in the activity of choice.

Here are some of our favorites for mind and body connection and pleasure alignment. 

Kush Queen Gummies Rx, CBD Lube and Love Potion Bath Bomb

Gummies Rx offers a range of effects. From total chill to elevated, with a variety of points in between. Our gummies are internationally crafted to deliver consistent effects and great flavor. Perfect for when you are on the go, Gummies RX are a great option for deep chill. 

Bôost Instant Cannabinoid Concentrate gives you the ability to control your dose and the flexibility to infuse any food or drink. Described as giving you a “balanced lift,” Bôost has a quick onset and leaves you feeling lighter and relaxed, while still being able to focus.     

Water-Based Lube is infused with cannabinoids to give you just the right amount of increased sensation. Perfect for pleasure alignment and reducing anxiety and tension around sex. We’ve cracked the code of balancing extra sensation and relaxed muscles - the reviews say it all.

Kush Queen CBD Lube


Cannabinoids are direct connectors to our pleasure centers. Every level of pleasure can be an avenue into the mind and body connection. Get fully immersed in the enjoyment of pleasure so you can bring that awareness into any experience.