Before jumping right in, we must go back to when we began our quest to answer a different version of this same question 6 years ago…how to make an instant cannabinoid concentrate.

It's 2016 and the California cannabis market was still in what we call the “early days.” At the time, the brains behind product development at Kush Queen were focused on solving two seemingly impossible problems… trying to make a great cannabis beverage and developing a topical that could provide serious relief. 

Back then cannabis extract mostly came in oil form and we all know that oil does not mix with liquids. Oil can’t penetrate your skin due to particle size or get mixed into beverages due to density reasons. Not to mention with the use of cannabis oil, the effects can take up to an hour to feel.

Our very own Chief Visionary Officer, Michael Sawyer, wan't satisfied with using oil for these types of products, so he got to work in the lab. He spent countless hours combing through the known science and technology available. It was possible to turn oil into water with several different methods, now we just had to apply the concept to cannabis.

Kush Queen's Instant Cannabinoid Concentrate

Turning Oil Into Water

Then like magic (read as tons of experimenting and hard work), Michael developed the first batch of what we now call Amplifi nanotechnology. This nanotechnology would become the backbone of our customer-loved topical formulas like Water-based Lube, Soaked Transdermal Shower Gel, and Melt Relief Lotion. 

By solving the problems of particle size and density, this technology is what makes our topical products truly transdermal and more bioavailable. 

So back to the original question…what is an instant cannabis concentrate?

An instant cannabis concentrate is really just cannabis concentrate in liquid form. The instant part is where the magic happens. 

As most of us know, “cannabis concentrates are extracted, condensed parts of the cannabis plant that contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids." Most concentrates make use of extracted oils from cannabis, which are rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. We take cannabis extract in oil form and with science and technology turn the oil into a nano-sized, water-soluble particle using our proprietary formula. This creates a liquid concentrate (water, extract, and natural flavors) that can infuse anything, instantly. 

Got a favorite beverage? Infused it. Have the perfect lotion? Add a few drops. Want to take it straight to the dome? No problem! 

Kush Queen's Boost Instant Cannabinoid Concentrate

Meet Bôost, Kush Queen’s Instant Cannabinoid Concentrate

The first of its kind, Bôost is a true water compatible, instant onset, flavorless concentrate that allows you to infuse any food, drink, personal care, or beauty product. Limits? There are none.

To recap, our proprietary, patent pending nanotechnology delivers the brains and beauty behind Bôost’s instant onset of effects. Cannabinoids get transformed into a size smaller than you can imagine so your body can absorb and transport the benefits quickly. We are still surprised at the speed!    

The quest to turn oil into water was long and now that it is complete, you can add Bôost to anything. Drop your desired dose into any food or beverage for instant infusion. It’s that simple. 

Bôost features our first liquid concentrate 8:1 ratio of hemp-derived Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC (Farm Bill Compliant). Micro or macro, this gives you the power to control the intoxicating effects. Each bottle comes with a dosing guide to help you get started.  

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