Valentine’s Day can feel like any other corporate holiday, outdated, boring, and not evolved to align with our highest self. Just like, well always, the KQ team is here to challenge that, to peel back a layer if you will, and create a version for us! This Valentine’s Day is all about unconditional love and raising our vibrations. 

Have you found yourself spending time with people because you like the energy they are emitting? Or telling yourself, “oh, I like their vibe” or letting friends know, “the vibes are on point!”

These are all vibrations that we feel within ourselves and from others. The same goes for love. Since love is a vibration we emit and feel, we can raise our vibration around love. 

Recognizing your vibration makes you aware of the love you feel for yourself and others, to keep the vibes high this time of year, we created a ritual to help raise our self-love vibrations.

Love As A Vibration

Our friends at The Spring Spa in Desert Hot Springs sum this concept up beautifully: 

According to science, human beings, just like other creatures, radiate electromagnetic fields from the heart. When you love someone, you can radiate thoughts, feelings, and emotions at the same rhythm.

When you achieve coherence in your vibrations and emit higher vibrations, you experience more benefits. It is easier to make decisions and device solutions since your discernment is clear. You also have an easier time deflecting negative attitudes and emotions such as frustration, anxiety, impatience, and chronic stress that strains your reasoning.

Overall, you will experience more composure when your vibrations are higher. However, it can be hard to maintain a constant flow of high vibrations. If you describe love as a combination of qualities such as attentive care, affection, kindness, gratitude, and compassion, then you experience more love and give more love when these qualities surround you.

To experience and to give love in return means that you need to love and in turn, feel loved. Your vibrations remain high, and your attitude automatically lifts. When your attitude is positive, your judgment and conscience are clear. Your decisions include both you and your loved ones.

Now, let’s explore ways to raise our love vibes - it starts with us.

Kush Queen's Love Potion No. 9 CBD Bath Bomb

A Bathing Ritual For Self-Care and Gratitude

with Love Potion No. 9 CBD Bath Bomb and Cannabinoid Elixir

This ritual combines intention, self-care, and mind-expanding cannabinoids to transform our self-love mindset and raise our vibrations. 

Before jumping into this ritual, we recommend a self-check-in. Ask yourself, where are your emotions, what is your frequency? 

Remember to meet yourself where you are. Awareness and acknowledgment are two of the most important aspects of authentic self-care and ritual. For example, If I begin a ritual and find myself in a place of sadness or anger, I know to start with a release. Wherever you are, be gentle to yourself. 

Step 1: Set up and Check-In 

Rituals focused on raising vibrations require preparation. With this self-love and gratitude ritual, we recommend a sip and soak with the Love Potion No. 9 CBD Bath Bomb and Cannabinoid Elixir

If you have other tools like rose quartz, a pre-roll, a poem, or music, pick your faves and bring these into your bathroom. Lighting candles or burning incense can also help you ground and deepen this self-connection bath. 

This is your time; prepare with care. Taking time to reflect and raise your love vibration requires a calm and peaceful environment, and you are in control of that environment. 

Step 2: Ground and Release

Once setup is complete, run your bath, and while the tub fills up, take 5 grounding deep breaths. Then, set your intention. 

Your intention could be focused on “self-love” or “releasing stress and fear.” When you set your intention, proclaim it and speak it out loud. 

Next, place your bath bomb in the water, let it dissolve, and get into the tub. Once you are submerged and soaking, sip half or the entire bottle of your Love Potion No. 9 Cannabinoid Elixir. Mind your tolerance and how elevated you want to feel. 

Step 3: Create Space For Unconditional Love

Now that you are beginning reflection and creating openness within yourself, focus on detaching from external influences to create a path to unconditional love. 

When you are here, love yourself in the biggest way possible. Speak the reasons you are awesome out loud. Know that you are worthy and valuable. Give yourself what you need in this moment. This could be support, reassurance, being the aligned-parent - anything that comes up, meet yourself with love. 

At this point, your vibrations are not subject to preexisting conditions, limitations, or the requirements of others. This is where your vibration is raised, loving yourself unconditionally, encouraging healing and positive transformations that can be taken into your daily life.

Kush Queen's Cannabinoid Elixir, Love Potion No. 9


The benefits of this self-love and gratitude ritual translate into so many aspects of life. Increased kindness to yourself and others, clarity in decision making, resilience to fear and self-doubt, and deflecting negative emotions all are long-term benefits that can come from making time to love ourselves unconditionally.

Join the KQ community this season, there is no better time to get loved up!

Shop the Love Potion No. 9 Cannabinoid Collection and soak into a state of unconditional love.