‘Jackass Forever’ Star Rachel Wolfson Shares Her Best Tips on Love and Dating For A Cheeky Valentine's Day


It's rare to meet someone who’s as passionate about your brand as you are, but one thing we can say for sure about L.A.-based comedian Rachel Wolfson is that she’s an OG Kush Queen.



Kush Queen CEO Olivia Alexander shares a smoke on set with Wolfson

Making her film debut in the new 'Jackass Forever', Wolfson is currently crushing it on screen as the franchise’s first female cast member. It was an unexpected opportunity for the stand-up comedian, Johnny Knoxville became a fan on Instagram, and the rest was history for our bestie! 

Wolfson has been a Kush Queen stan (and basically my personal hype lady) since the beginning. We’ve created incredible cannabis content together on our Youtube channel The Budd, which we eventually turned into a podcast, and have done countless Kush Queen photoshoots over the years. Ya’ll she even showed up to package bath bombs and roll joints in the super early days of Kush Queen. 

While our friendship grew so did Wolfson’s career and she ultimately made a name for herself in comedy and on social media by becoming cannabis meme-queen extraordinaire, @wolfiememes

Now, 'Jackass Forever' is the number one movie in America. 

The ‘Jackass Forever’ family poses together on the red carpet for the U.S. premiere
Getty Images for Paramount Pictures
We were there when she got her first likes and comments from Knoxville, and the moment she received the big news she was a part of the cast, officially making history as the first woman in the multi-million dollar franchise. Now, Jackass Forever is the number one movie in America and we stan our queen, #wolfiememes!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we sat down with our favorite Jackass to get a few of her tips on love, first dates, and sexy times!

FYI: They're as unconventional as you think.

On First Dates… 

“A first date should be something romantic like going over each other's mental health history or going to see Jackass Forever.”

On Pre-Gaming a Date or Sneaky Link… 

She’s a fan. “Sativa for the streets and indica for the sheets,” Wolfson confessed.  

On Breakups… 

“Love stings sometimes.” One of our favorite moments from the Jackass movie is when Wolfson shares some sizzling on-screen chemistry with a scorpion in a stunt called “ Scorpion Botox.” 

You’ve got to see it to believe it. 

In The Bedroom… 

“EAT ASS.” She continues, “Millennials believe they have invented eating ass, but people have been doing it for generations.” And for good reason. 

Pro tip: If you're going to take Wolfson’s advice consider pairing that activity with our CBD lube and Love Potion No. 9 CBD bath bomb


Wolfson and Alexander celebrate at Kush Queen event

As a living legend going where no woman has ever gone before, it’s not surprising that while filming 'Jackass Forever' Wolfson found herself looking for some major pain relief - let’s not forget the scene where she actually licks a taser. 

Wolfson’s undeniable favorite product for mitigating the acute pain from being a total and utter Jackass was our Relieve 1:1 CBD:Delta 8 Bath Bomb

For those minor and major body aches? Wolfson loves using Kush Queen’s Melt Pain lotion and is always recommending or gifting it to her friends and family. 

The truth is we wouldn't be Kush Queen without OG supporters like Rachel Wolfson. 

Find Jackass Forever in theaters everywhere and be sure to follow our favorite comedian @RachelWolfson