Our full-circle moment is here; the last day of 2020 has arrived! As we prepare to welcome the first day of the New Year, we're returning to ourselves in an entirely different way. 

This is your reminder that everything you seek, hope for, and desire to make happen this year is already within you.

Join us as we step into 2021 with renewed openness, intentional focus on our wellness, and commitment to a deeper sense of self-love than ever before.

Like most good things, it takes a small village of energy to keep you stocked on Kush Queen cannabis wellness products. The KQ team has held it down throughout this crazy year and shined like they always do! 

To reflect and process the ups and downs of 2020, we asked the team to share a quick snapshot of 2020, what they are grateful for and their mindset going into 2021. Here are a few reflections, enjoy! 

The KQ Team Reflects and Looks Forward to the New Year!

Verita - Kush Queen Customer Service and Cannabis Education 

If you call or write in, chances are you’ll be talking with Verita!

Q: What was a full-circle moment that happened in your life during 2020?

Verita: This year, my girlfriend & I wanted to spend more time together and connect more with our family. During quarantine, we were able to work from home together, welcomed a new furbaby, and capitalized on Zoom game nights with our closest friends and family allowing us to accomplish those goals with a twist!

Q: 3 Things That Make You Feel Grateful Going Into The New Year? 

Verita:  My FamilyThe InternetCannabis

Q: What's your mindset going into 2021? 

Verita:  I want to approach the new year with a lively and optimistic mindset! 2020 will leave me with a lot of lessons, including going with the flow of things! 

Q: Your favorite KQ products?  

Verita:  Soaked Transdermal Shower Gel is my saving grace - especially the THC infused formula! It's the best part of my morning routine that helps boost my mood & soak away aches and pains before I get my day rolling!

Soaked CBD Shower Gel

Angela - Kush Queen Account Support and Cannabis Education

Angie has been a part of KQ since the early days! Now, she lends a hand in just about every department!

Q: What was a full-circle moment that happened in your life during 2020?

Angela: My full circle moment happened in March when I became an official member of Team Kush Queen after years of working events, blogging, and helping out at KQ HQ. So much has happened since then, and it all really feels like divine timing.  

Q: 3 Things That Make You Feel Grateful Going Into The New Year?

Angela: My health, my community, and plant allies 

Q: What's your mindset going into 2021? 

Angela: My theme for 2021 is to embrace Practice and embody the mindset of the student who is uninhibited by expertise.

Q: Your favorite KQ products?  

Angela: I use so many KQ products daily, but I would have to say that Renew Lavender Scrub has become a favorite and saved my skin from some real bad maskne this year! 

Kush Queen's Renew CBS Sugar Scrub

Brandon – Kush Queen Shipping

If you ever get your KQ order and think, “Wow that was fast,” Brandon probably packed your order! 

Q: What was a full-circle moment that happened in your life during 2020?  

Brandon: Y’all may or may not (how?) know I love music, but back before Thanksgiving, an old friend hit me up about a rap project he was doing and he wanted me to feature on it. Yesterday the track was released and I haven’t made a rap song in about 9 years. COVID brought me time to rekindle a passion or two!

Q: 3 Things That Make You Feel Grateful Going Into The New Year?

Brandon: Family, Friends, and having this year to reflect honestly. This year has been trying for all of us. But it has been nice to focus on the future knowing the year is ending.

Q: What's your mindset going into 2021?

Brandon: Make everyday count for something. It’s been easy to remain stagnated this year and there’s more to look ahead to!

Q: Your favorite KQ products? 

Brandon: Soaked and Melt. Literally lifesavers.

Kush Queen MELT CBD Relief Lotion


We wish 2021 is everything you want and need it to be! Stay tuned for new products, cannabis education, and as always, real talk!

Thank you for being a part of the KQ community!