By: WolfieMemes

Model hands pictured passing a joint between each other.

@Wolfiememes is our favorite millennial memer and loyal Kush Queen supporter. So she stopped by to drop some cannabis memes featuring some of your favorite MOODS and Kush Queen products like our Sleep bath bomb and our Ignite lubricant . Relatable AF.

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1. Weed Lube

Reads: "The perfect lube doesn't exi-", Image: model holding bottle of Kush Queen Ignite lubricant in left hand with partially unpeeled banana in right hand.


2. Summer Mood


Reads: "Do you even smoke weed? Me:", Image: Bratz doll with pink hair and low sitting sunglasses staring nonchalantly.


3. When You’re A Kush Queen


Reads: "Them: Should I Bring Weed? Me to Them:", Image: Bratz doll on pink background with quote "Don't theorize, accessorize!"


4. All day, Every day


Reads: "When I smell weed in public.", Image: Lana Del Rey with head angled up as if to sniff the sky."


5. Soul Mates


Reads: "When you're high in public with your best friend."; Image: two Barbie dolls wearing pajamas and messy buns.


6. Dry Vibes


Reads: "When I run out of weed", Image: Kourtney Kardashian and text reads "I feel fine, I just cry myself to sleep every night."


7. High Maintenance


Reads: "When someone says I look high.", Image: Bratz doll on magazine cover for "Rad."


8. Munchies


Reads: "Me after smoking a blunt." Image: Sailor Moon smiling with quote "Eating makes me so happy!"


9. Work Mood


Reads: "Me: I can't be high for work. Also Me:", Image: Bratz doll with slightly closed eyes.


10. Post Sleep Bath Bomb


Reads: Me trying to stay awake after a kush queen sleep bath bombs," Image: Human eye being held open by 2 Barbie doll hands.

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