Jessimae Peluso is an amazing comedian who you might recongnize from MTV, E!, Fox, VH1, Comedy Central, TruTV and NBC. She’s been featured in the Moontower Comedy Festival, New York Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, North Carolina Comedy & Arts Festival, and Just For Laughs and featured on Kevin Hart’s LOL Live network. She’s also contributed to Cosmopolitan Magazine, High Times Magazine, DOPE Magazine, Self Magazine, GQ.Com,,, and was highlighted in Huffington Post as ‘one of the funniest comics to follow on Twitter’.

Jessimae, most known from MTV’s “Girl Code”, can be heard weekly hosting the Sharp Tongue and Highlarious podcasts. Both available on iTunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud and Google Play. You can watch her LIVE every Wednesday on her Instagram and Facebook show “Weedsday”.

On this hilarious episode of Shenk, Comedian Sara Weinshenk sits down with Comedian Jessimae Peluso.  When asked how she preps for her podcasts, Sara said, “I love to use Kush Queen’s Bäre tincture before I interview my guests and while editing my podcast because it helps minimize my pre-show nerves and keeps me present, it’s truly one of my favorite products.” Thanks to Bäre, Sara is definitely present in this Episode. It’s funny, enjoyable, and a great hour long escape from your day to day life.

The comics discuss everything from the scent of ferrets to the peculiarities of ‘bird women’ and San Diego drunk dad culture. Peluso talks about her fashion choices from her high school years, which were mainly hip-hop inspired and included: jerseys, braids and baggy jeans. Jessimae talks about how she was the only white girl on her basketball team at an inner-city school. The girls talk fear-based sexual education experiences and the lack of actual information about sexual health for adolescents. Plus they touch on what they wish they learned in school and the need for educational system reform.

They move on to talk about art and some of the boring themes that occur in older oil paintings such as still lifes, bowls of fruit, and exposed renaissance boobs. Peluso jokes about art, when she says, “Was Picasso like, ’I’m on acid, here’s a horse?’ ” Which is a fair question.

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