From vintage retail to cannabis, comedy, and wellness, the recent episodes of Shenk cover a wide array of topics. With so much to choose from, there’s definitely an episode for everyone. Here are some of our recent favorite episodes of Shenk.

‘Slobby Robby’ from Netflix’s ‘Slobby’s World’ sits down with host and comedian Sara Weinshenk to talk about his love for all things Eighties and Nineties vintage. In this exhilarating conversation, Slobby proves that fashion doesn’t have to be just for the ultra-wealthy and keeps us laughing along the way. Slobby talks about his love for retro collectibles and how he enjoys exploring thrift shops in search of treasures for his store, in Tucson, ‘Generation Cool’. His favorite vintage collectibles include everything from vintage ‘Mr. T’ merchandise to retro Louis Vuitton. In this episode, Slobby touches on the importance of color theory in fashion, gives some fashion tips for all the basic bros out there, and reminds listeners about the value of quality over quantity. He also recaps his run-in with Celine Dion in Las Vegas and his recent trip to Sedona, which are both hilarious.

Listen to this episode of Slobby on Shenk. Follow Slobby on Instagram @slobbyrobby and make sure to check out Netflix’s ‘Slobby’s World’.

According to Weinshenk, one of her favorite things to do is to choose what Kush Queen products to gift her guests. Shenk and Kush Queen gifted Robby with the Relax CBD bath bomb since he was in LA to restock his store. Such a great way to help him de-stress during travel.

When asked what Kush Queen product she couldn’t live without, host Sara Weinshenk said that the Kush Queen Shield for Immunity bath bomb saved her life this flu season, “After comedy shows, I’m constantly meeting people and shaking hands with strangers, the immunity bath bomb has definitely saved me from missing days of work”.

In another one of our favorite episodes, Shenk welcomes Abdullah Saeed to the podcast. Saeed is a cannabis advocate who is known for his work on Viceland’s ‘Bong Appetit’ & Weediquette. He can also be seen in the latest season of HBO’s ‘High Maintenance’. Sara sits down with Abdullah to talk about his journey in cannabis and comedy. Saeed and Shenk bond over their mutual hatred of the always-polyester uniform shirts that they were required to wear throughout their elementary school days.

Listen to this episode of Saeed on Shenk. Follow Abduallah on Instagram @imyourkid and make sure to check him out on HBO’s High Maintenance.

In one of the most recent episodes of Shenk, Sara is joined by Stephanie Simbari, Co-host of Wellness podcast, That’s So Retrograde. The girls talk about Stephanie’s wellness journey and the benefits of self-care.  Simbari’s podcast explores everything wellness including nutrition, spirituality, clean beauty and consciousness. Stephanie also recommended some of her favorite wellness books and shared some of the life-hacks she’s learned on her path towards a healthier more meaningful life. They also talk about the world of comedy and their Wi Spa adventures. Simbari explained that one of her favorite self-care practices is baths, so gifting her the ‘awaken’ CBD bath bomb was the perfect fit. Simbari defined her personal style as “streamlined eclectic” and the girls shared their early misconceptions about what it means to be a “comedian”.

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