Kush Queen gift guides—our most browsed blog every year are the gateway to gifting mood boosting cannabinoids this holiday season!  

Kush Queen Holiday Gift Guides

In the guides below, you’ll find gifts that suit a range of loved ones, occasions, and budgets—from the litty committee to the wellness focused to the thoughtful recommendations that have the power to change someone's life. 
Kush Queen Elevated Gifts


Gifts for the Litty Committee

Named quite appropriately, these gifts are curated for those who like to get elevated. 

We're talking dispensary grade, lab tested, and dosed to perfection. They’ll be lit like the tree, and you'll steal the show this season!



Shop Kush Queen's for fitness friends 

The Must Haves For Fitness Friends 

Well all have that person who is dedicated to fitness.

These gifts will help with recovery, inflammation, or be a perfect addition to their pre-workout routine. Fun fact: runners high is actually the body producing endogenous cannabinoids.



Shop Kush Queen Gifts Under $50

The Under $50 Gift Guide

Just because they're under $50 doesn’t mean they won’t leave a serious impact!

These cannabinoid gifts pack serious benefits from elevated mood to pain relief.

Kush Queen Holiday Gifts For Wellness

The Top Gifts For Wellness Obsessed 

There’s nothing like giving a gift that helps someone from the inside out.

CBD and cannabinoids are the perfect gift for the wellness obsessed who are looking to treat their bodies like a temple. 



Kush Queen Holiday Gifts For Lovers

The Lover's Gift Guide

From infused lubes to massage oil we’ve got the perfect gifts for your lovers.

Cannabis is a known aphrodisiac, perfect for helping people get in the mood or enjoyed during sexy times. 



Must have Kush Queen Stocking Stuffers


Mood Boosting Stocking Stuffers 

These infused stocking stuffers are perfect in size and price.

So many of our Kush Queen cannabinoid products make the best stocking stuffers. 



Happy Holidays From Kush Queen!

We love nothing more than being your gift concierge, some might say it's fun job but we take help you solidify the best gifts very seriously. 

Please reach out in our chat to ask any specific question!