The Essential Guide To Cannabis For Women

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Written by Kush Queen CEO, Olivia Alexander, this book is for all the women who never felt like they belonged in cannabis culture. For the queer individuals who fought to get us here through relentless cannabis advocacy. For the newbs, a.k.a the wonderers who enter this space with immense curiosity and enthusiasm. And, of course, for my fellow enthusiasts who finally found a home within themselves through this incredible plant medicine.

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The Essential Guide To Cannabis For Women answers questions that my patients are asking. This is a fantastic primer for women explaining when, where, and how cannabis works in the body and why it can be a good therapeutic choice. This book helps to remove the stigma that surrounds cannabis by presenting the incredible and historic ways cannabis has traveled to become a true disrupter for wellness. A must-read.” —Dr. Janice Vaughn-Knox MD, MBA, endocannabinologist, certified cannabis medicine specialist, CEO of Doctors Knox, and co-founder for Pivital EDU

“I’ve used cannabis most of my life and even I learned something from this book. Olivia Alexander has been dedicated to changing the stigma around cannabis and teaching women how to use cannabis for wellness. This book is the perfect guide for new users and old pros alike.” —Rachel Wolfson, comedian and cannabis advocate

“Olivia is exactly the voice and the leader the cannabis industry needs today. With The Essential Guide To Cannabis For Women, she generously shares her wealth of knowledge that both novice and longtime users can learn from.” —Claire McCormack, editor, beauty independent

“Olivia’s is an invaluable voice, especially when women are so often pushed out of the cannabis conversation. Don’t even get me started on her OG Kush Bath Bomb recipe! This guide is truly essential!” —Ariana Madix, mixologist, author, television personality

“Olivia Alexander lives and breathes cannabis, from using it herself for bipolar disorder to creating products that helped millions of women, to fighting social injustice in the cannabis industry. She’s the experienced and comforting guide you want as a new cannabis user. I am happy to add this book to resources I recommend to women with chronic pain.” —Michele Ross, PhD, founder of Heal Your Cycle, author of Vitamin Weed



If you had told me years ago that one day I’d be holding a book I wrote on cannabis, I would’ve thought you were crazy. Then again, the majority of experiences I’ve had because of Kush Queen are pretty unbelievable. 

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