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Introducing Highly THC Nosé, a refreshing sparkling beverage combining the elegance of rosé with the elevated benefits of THC. Crafted to captivate your senses and transport you to a state of pure bliss, Highly Nosé is your go to drink.

Totally crushable, Highly Nosé delivers the light and dry essence of rosé alongside the subtle aroma of blackberry, acidity, and hemp-derived THC. 

Alcohol and Sugar Free, Zero Calorie, Natural Flavors 

Qty: 4 Pack (8 Servings), Single Can (2 Servings)

Dose: 2 Servings Per Can - 10mg ∆8 THC + 1mg ∆9 THC Per Serving

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Highly Nosé offers more than just a refreshing flavor profile. Within minutes of your first sip, Highly Nosé brings a moment of calm and relaxation to your body and mind. Powered by Bôost, Highly is renowned for its quick hitting effects that promote a sense of tranquility and well-being, allowing you to unwind, sip by sip.

Flavor Profile? The taste of Highly Nosé is characterized by its vibrant acidity and subtle fruitiness. This rosé-inspired beverage showcases hints of blackberries which lend a lively and bright quality to the overall taste. When combined with slight carbonation, Highly Nosé boasts a clean and balanced taste that is wonderfully refreshing, and perfect crushing on a warm day.

The Kush Queen Promise: Every Kush Queen Highly is handmade with the highest quality ingredients, sourced in the USA and never tested on animals. Vegan, gluten free.


Lab Tested: We source our hemp-derived cannabinoids direct from our partner farm located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We test our  cannabinoids through a 3rd party lab to ensure it is pesticide and heavy metal free for your safety. Every finished bath bomb is 3rd party lab tested for potency and safety. Visit our lab test page for your convenience.


Carbonated water, hemp extract, natural flavors


Recommended serving size is 1/2 a can. 

Dosage 10mg Delta 8 THC + 1mg Delta 9 THC Per Serving, 2 Servings Per Can
Weight 48ox, 12 oz
4 Pack