By: Olivia Alexander


With the holidays in full swing, life has gotten crazy. My jam-packed schedule combined with the winter cold took my skin from fabulous to freaking the F out. I have been off the wagon on eating healthy (gimme all the toffee and dessert drinks), neglecting drinking enough water, and regrettably not getting enough sleep. My super sensitive combination skin was not having any of it. I was simultaneously broken out and dry (the worst combo), so I had to get my skin life together. No one wants to attend holiday parties or gatherings not looking your best, for me it all begins with healthy glowy skin. So, I took a long hard look in the mirror and jotted down a plan to get on top of my winter skin.


  Desert Springs Spa  at the JW Marriott

Desert Springs Spa at the JW Marriott

Facial Time

When it ’s this bad, I do sometimes need the help of a professional. I realized it had been well over 4 months since I gave my skin over to an esthetician. So, on a wedding trip to Palm Springs, I visited the Desert Springs Spa at the JW Marriott. I opted for a 90-minute Infinity facial with Red light therapy and Vitamin C. At $235 it wasn’t cheap, but it was a revelation. With every stroke, I could feel my skin coming back to life. The light therapy felt like a nightclub for my face. My esthetician yelled at me for picking at my skin and I left feeling like it was the perfect kick in the butt to get my winter skin back on track. I do not believe in regular facials as much as I used to, but I do think everyone’s skin is different. Getting facials too frequently was breaking me out and now I only do them when I feel my skin is too far gone and needs a swift kick in the butt.




The seasons’ festivities of parties means I am having way too much alcohol and sugar. I believe in enjoying the season to the fullest, so I won’t hold back on all the delicious cocktails and treats. So, the key is to kick the hydration into high gear. During times I am committing known crimes of my body, I try to double my intake of water. Track your aqua intake by marking up a water bottle or by filling up reusable water bottles every night before bed. I fill my fridge with 2 liters every night, so the next day I know exactly what I need to stay on top of my hydration. You can spice up your hydration with a crystal water bottle by VitaJuwel.

A few years ago, I received one as a gift and love it!



Stick to the program

Admittedly, with being so busy my routine has been completely disrupted. I have had to focus heavily on prioritizing my daily routine of using my Soaked cleanser, Herbivore Green Tea Toner, Defynt Serum, and Clinque moisture surge. I have begun to incorporate Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Facial oil 3 days a week to help with hydration. I always try to finish off my routine with a little lip care with Aquaphor and Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm . Whatever you can do to commit to your routine, do it. I have been writing myself a note on my bathroom mirror to COMMIT TO SKINCARE!! It’s a simple way to keep reminding yourself to commit to your program.



Oral Supplements

With the winter being so cruel, I really believe that topical applications to the skin are not enough. It’s the perfect time to benefit from incorporating oral supplements. I have seen such great results with incorporating oral supplements. In the morning, I take one dropper of our Bare Tincture with my breakfast. At night, I have been incorporating the Super green molecule by Fountain. Oral beauty supplements are trendy, but I truly believe in them. Between CBD and hyaluronic acid, I see such amazing results. I really believe in cultivating a beauty routine from the inside out, so if you haven’t tried oral supplements I really suggest checking them out.


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