By: Olivia Alexander

I will never forget the day we got our first email from Urban Outfitters. They were interested in selling our CBD products and I couldn’t believe it. I immediately ran into our warehouse to tell everyone the good news. I always knew the world would change and cannabis would become mainstream, but I never realized it would be so soon.

As it always seems to go in cannabis, things would not be simple, and it was only the beginning of nearly a year-long process. One of the misconceptions about CBD is that it can be sold like any other product, but there are a number of hurdles to overcome. Even for a global company like Urban Outfitters.

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Our excitement was building for weeks after they placed their order. It was almost time to ship, everything was ready to go and then the call came. They had a legal issue and we couldn’t move forward. This was not a surprise for a small cannabis company, but disheartening none the less. On top of it all, our internal world was crumbling as my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was a heartbreaking time for us and it truly felt like we were on a roller coaster. You can see an inside look at this journey in our web series here.

Luckily, our team is resilient. We held out hope that it wasn’t a matter of IF our products would launch in Urban Outfitters, but when. So we all waited patiently and kept going. Many months went by and the email finally came. We would launch online and in their top retail locations. A collective sigh of relief, joy, and anticipation rang through the office. It was finally happening.

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Seeing our products on a website I have shopped at since I was 14 is mindblowing. Being in the company of so many other brands I aspire to be and of other women-owned CBD companies is a proud moment. I have received many messages from small women-owned startup cannabis companies who have been so inspired by this moment. While it’s been a rocky journey, every struggle makes it sweeter.

This moment is about creating access points for CBD that had not previously existed. It will inspire other specialty and big-box retailers to bring this category into their stores. It will put our product in front of so many people who have not yet tried CBD. It may seem like just a bath bomb in a store, but it is part of a larger movement.

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Every moment pushing CBD forward should be celebrated. When businesses move, the government and banks will eventually need to follow. It’s what we need to keep the momentum going, so we can free CBD and cannabis from its chains. Then, we can free the millions of people who need this nutrient and the prisoners of the drug war from their chains as well. This is why it is important to continue to support CBD and Cannabis Brands.

You can shop CBD products at Urban Outfitters online and grab our Kush Queen Relax, Love, and Sleep Bath Bombs right now! Our Relax Bath Bomb will also be available in select Urban Outfitters stores in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

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