Cannabis and love: name a more iconic duo. It’s the season of unconditional LOVE at Kush Queen. Calling it Valentine's day is so last decade; it’s not inclusive to our single friends and most often is slanted to corporation acknowledged relationships. 

The CBD Gift Guide For The B, The D and The V 

At Kush Queen, you know we’re just not about that typical life, but we are majorly here to celebrate love. Not just the one size fits all, heart shaped box with candy sort of love. It’s 2020 we’re here for all types of love millenial cannabis loving love. 

Gifting cannabis is different than lingerie or an expensive dinner (we like those too though), giving cannabis is a gift for the mind, body, and spirit. That’s why cannabis is our love language.  

Cannabis relaxes us, connects us deeper into our bodies and also with the universe surrounding us. It helps our insecurities (we all have them) fade away and it heightens our senses to see, feel, taste, and smell the world around. In our experiences, Cannabis can carry us and our bodies through the grief of a broken heart or deepen our self love. This gift guide is a celebration of cannabis and love.

 Model with dark hair and a long braid laying in a tub holding a Love CBD Bath Bomb.

 In the infamous words of Ru Paul, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gon’ love somebody else.” Let’s start with you, our favorite kind of love, self-love. 

Love 100mg CBD Bath Bomb 

Our Love 100mg CBD bath bomb is the perfect bath to spend some quality time with you. Your muscles will relax as your body absorbs the essential oils and cannabis oil. Mhhmmm, queue the slow jams playlist, pour yourself a glass of something nice and slide into the tub of some uninterrupted time. The rest of the night can go anywhere from here if you know what we are saying, ayyeeee ;O 

Kingdm Foto Blur CBD Primer

There is nothing sexier than looking like a well-rested, dewy snack and not being concerned about anyone but yourself. Give yourself the ultimate glo up, with our CBD primer with 250mg of nano CBD. Don’t worry, Foto Blur will love you back by living under your makeup all day fighting the good fight by protecting your skin, calming redness and minimizing bacteria. 

The Kush Queen CannaCure

If you are already a bath taking self care QWEEN, a Canna-Cure may be the perfect way to spoil yourself. Find a participating Kush Queen Canna-cure partner near you. Book a manicure or pedicure Canna-cure and let your technician scrub you and rub you while you drift into the most relaxing 30 min trance. 

We’ve got participating salons from Alaska (yes we see you Polished Perfect), LA, and Las Vegas.  You’ve never had a manicure or pedicure until you’ve had one with Kush Queen CBD. 

Two models wearing lingerie holding each other's booties and Kush Queen CBD Lube.

These gifts are for couples and throuples and  kick the CBD dose up a notch to make sure everyone’s covered, relaxed, and vibin. 

The Complete CBD Bath Bomb Collection, 200mg

If you're going to gift bae or you have more multiple baes, CBD is a powerful tool to enjoy together, you do want to make sure the dose is enough for everybody. A 25mg CBD dose won’t be enough for the both of you, so use 100mg per person. Our 200mg CBD Bath Bomb Collection is the perfect way to explore all our essential oil bath bombs. 

Kush Queen CBD Lube

Let’s be real, if multiple orgasms are on your agenda, our CBD Lube will get you there. Our water-based, latex-safe CBD infused lubricant is a must have and most excellent for every type of situation you can create. The hype is real. 

 Model holding a Bare CBD Tincture dropper sitting on a gold couch.

Some of our best relationships are often the ones that don’t involve sex. Our best friends are the ones who hold us down, check in on us, have our backs, and always have the T. They see us in a way that others can’t and isn’t it so nice to not have to explain yourself after every joke? 

Bare 5000mg CBD Tincture 

The stoner BFF is always always in need of more CBD, so splurge on them with our 5000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture. They’ll be talking about how they got to sleep in 30 seconds flat for weeks.    

Doggo wearing a towel wrap laying next to a Kush Queen CBD bath bomb.

Ditch the old heart shaped doggo cookie this year! Your relationship with your pet is probably stronger than with hoomans (don’t worry, us too). They give us unconditional love everyday, support us with no judgement and they’re cute. Our pets have endocannabinoid systems too, like a vital nutrient they need cannabinoids to help regulate their most important body functions.  

Woof Queen

Woof Queen Lavender  for those tiny pups who shake in their sink baths and Woof Queen Relieve for those pups with aches and pains. 

Coat a treato with Bare 500mg CBD tincture or drop it on top of their food daily for a hypoallergenic dose of CBD pawfect for your pooch.  

Love Is Still The Most Powerful Force On Earth

Kush Queen CBD models holding each other.

We hope this gift guide has made it easier for you to shop for the ones you love. When you gift Kush Queen CBD you’re not just gifting CBD, youre supporting a woman-founded small business with handmade products. 

You’re gifting your family and friends products made by our family and friends. That’s how you spread the love, while spreading the power of love. 

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