Minor cannabinoids are coming to unlock a higher level of beauty and wellness cannabis. But before we jump into who’s coming to the party, we need to go back to where it all began for Kush Queen. 

The Mainstream Cannabis Molecule No One Saw Coming – CBD 

Nearly 12 years ago I was behind the counter of a medical cannabis dispensary that only sold flower, homemade edibles, and early concentrates like hash and earwax (ew). If you had showed me a glimpse of the modern world of legal weed I would have only half believed you.

In my heart, I knew cannabis would eventually explode and go mainstream but what most cannabis entrepreneurs, including myself, never anticipated was the meteoric rise of the CBD molecule. From 2018 to 2019, the number of CBD companies, global sales figures, and interested consumers skyrocketed. We can all agree that you cannot go anywhere without seeing some type of CBD for sale.

I've been sitting here asking myself...

What is it about CBD that made this part of the cannabis plant a center-stage darling so quickly? 

Was it that CBD is non-psychoactive?

Was it the fact that we could call it hemp and almost completely disassociate CBD from the word cannabis or marijuana?

In my opinion it’s everything - the perfect storm. A hot new active ingredient that so many industries could use and the promise of a natural over-the-counter cure-all with the very loose public connection to weed.

The Kush Queen Value of Transparency

As I have always kept it real, I have to come out and just say that CBD has been one of the most overhyped molecules of the modern age. I am not retracting ANYTHING I have ever said about CBD.

Does it belong on your eyelashes or inside of highly genetically modified MCT oil? Hell no. 

Does it feed our endocannabinoid systems to help us achieve a higher level of wellness? Absolutely.

Has it failed to work for people because they’ve been sold hemp seed oil with no actual CBD in it? Yes. 

And even though there are millions who have found CBD works for them, there are people who do not get relief from CBD alone. Then there are those of us who will never sleep with just CBD (myself included). 

It's important to note that I do believe in a twice daily dose of CBD, but I also believe in using all minor cannabinoids found in whole-plant extract.  

Our Passion Lies In Using the Whole Cannabis Plant

While Kush Queen was fully present and part of the CBD boom of 2019, we have always been running Kush Queen as a cannabis company. Since the beginning we have been making THC products and participating in the California cannabis market long before we were able to sell CBD online. Our passion lies in using the whole cannabis plant to elevate you daily.

I have said countless times I truly cannot live without CBD in my routine and what I meant was I truly cannot live without cannabis. Like people, there are different types of cannabis plants and genetics. Inside these genetics is where the magic code lies. In terms of cracking the code for wellness, the cannabis plant is a beautiful algorithm that we are understanding more and more each day.

What can you extract from the Cannabis Plant? 

From the plant, we can extract more than THC and CBD. There are over 100 known cannabinoids that we can derive from the cannabis plant and we are still discovering how they interact with our bodies. 

This array of cannabinoids has been why so many have defended full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. Minor cannabinoids have been present in the cannabis market for some time, but you would be hard pressed to find them in the hemp/CBD market because so many companies only use CBD isolate which contains no other cannabinoid besides CBD. 

The Move To Minor Cannabinoids

As soon as the 2019 holiday season ended, we began construction of our new minor cannabinoid lab. Leading the effort is our Chief Visionary Officer, Michael Sawyer and Chief Science Officer, MIT alum Arian Roman. We are excited to dedicate ourselves to developing minor cannabinoids and incorporating them into our product line.

Our drive for constant innovation is rooted by our love for cannabis.  We are willing to put everything on the line to be an industry leader for scaling access to plant-based daily wellness.

Meet The New Cannabinoids On The Block, Your New Wellness Tools.  

With great pleasure I get to introduce these new cannabinoids to you. As always, I have enjoyed getting to test them and getting to explore how they make me feel with different delivery methods.  

CBG - Delivering an energetic, happy stoke. 


Meet CBG, a minor cannabinoid delivering a non-intoxicating euphoria. 


Effect: Non-intoxicating Euphoria

First-Hand CBG Experience: It’s exciting to feel the effects of CBG, which is known as CBD’s parent molecule. The rush of positivity and euphoria from CBG  is equivalent to a big grin while basking in the sunshine of a lazy afternoon. Expect to feel energetic, happy, ‘stoked’. 

Kush Queen Products Containing CBG:

 Kush Queen products featuring minor cannabinoids.



CBN - Delivering deep relaxation. 

Meet CBN, a minor cannabinoid delivering sedative and deeply relaxing effects.


Effect: Sleepy, Sedative, Deeply Relaxing  

The Tea on CBN: CBN truly has the potential to help the millions of people who struggle with sleep. This minor cannabinoid is far more rare and harder to produce because CBN only occurs naturally by a process of photodegradation (decomposing).

First-Hand CBN Experience: Whoa. It’s like in the movies where someone shoots a dart across the room into someone’s neck and within moments they are completely sedated, faceplanted in their soup. Well, maybe not that dramatic but the end result is the same. Expect heavy sedation, deep relaxation. This, at least in our 1:1 CBD:CBN ratio, is not a molecule for the day time.

Kush Queen Products Containing CBN:



At Kush Queen, our product development always begins with science, innovation, and education on how the compounds in cannabis and hemp work together. We strive to continuously develop new and effective wellness products to elevate you daily.

Try our assortment of minor cannabinoid products and let us know how you feel! Tag @kushqueenshop and @kushqueenco on Instagram.


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