By: Angela Viesti

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The 12 Days. The Festival of Lights. The 7 Principles. It’s the first week of December and that means a flood of holiday celebrations is well under way.

If your calendar looks anything like mine, it may feel like you have no time for yourself this month and that can be overwhelming.

You’re on the planning committee and even hosting a few gatherings this year. You’re juggling a busy schedule trying to make it to your work holiday party and your annual gift exchange with friends on the same night! Not to mention, you’ve got to buy gifts, prepare a dish, or at the very least, bring a supply of hand-rolled joints and the fixings for a CBD mocktail.

And life goes on during the holiday season: You still have birthday parties, baby showers, engagement parties and work events to attend.

How to manage it all? I’ve put together some tips that can help you remain calm and present so you can enjoy yourself this holiday party season.



Give yourself the Gift of Gratitude

This time of year is all about being with the people you love and showing mutual appreciation for each other. Take a deep breath and let that sink in for a moment.

It’s so easy to rattle off all the things we HAVE to do that we don’t recognize all the things we GET to do.

We get to see our loved ones and friends. We get to spend time with colleagues outside the office. We get to give and receive gifts. We get to travel. We might even get some extra PTO.

Shifting into gratitude for these things turns them into blessings rather than responsibilities.

To take this a step further, think about someone in your life who may not have as busy a calendar this time of year as you do and invite them to join one of your celebrations. Your kindness will change their experience and add an element of gratitude and appreciation to your own. Win-win!



Setting Boundaries: Naughty or Nice?

Boundary setting is the cornerstone of honoring ourselves. It’s saying “No” to something so that you can say “Yes” to yourself. Where are you overcommitting this holiday season?

Instead of squeezing in too much and making excuses for not showing up, be honest about what you can and can’t do. Let your host know that you’d love to be there, but you may not be able to get across town in time. Send a card with regrets that you couldn’t make the gift exchange and suggest getting together after the holidays.

It’s not wrong to advocate for yourself and limit what you commit to. No one needs to know that you RSVP’d “No” because you had a date with yourself!



Sleigh your Self-Care

Self-care is essential year-round, but when we’re in a period of overwhelm it becomes fundamental to our wellbeing. As mentioned above, saying “No” is a self-honoring choice and doing so allows us to salvage a few moments of peace and quiet.

Here are some ways to enhance your Me-Time:

  • Give yourself an at-home CBD mani-pedi with the Canni Cure Kit – After all that shopping and card writing, your hands and feet will thank you for soothing them with Kush Queen’s Mini Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrub, and Melt Lotion

  • Take a 48-hour (or longer) social media break – Don’t fall into the FOMO trap of skipping out on a party and then watching it from your couch! Unplug for a couple of days and see how refreshed you feel

  • Make an evening of it – There’s no greater form of self-love than some Self Love. Start with a Love Bath Bomb in a tub of warm-to-hot water and a few candles; soak for 30 minutes or longer. Follow that up with a few puffs of a Kush Queen cone and a pump or two of Ignite CBD Lube to ease into a state a self-exploration with the added benefit of a great night’s sleep!

  • Focus on your year ahead – Create a vision board of the things you want to manifest in 2019. Set goals, but also focus on the feelings that achieving them will bring you; success is not just about career growth and financial gain



End the Year on a High Note

I hope putting these tips into practice helps you to lower your stress and heighten your happiness as we close out the year. Let us know how you’re maintaining by tagging @kushqueenshop and @kushqueenco in your posts and Stories!

As I look back on 2018, I can appreciate all the growth and all the challenges that came with it. The times of uncertainty made the times of celebration even more joyous.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Kush Queen blog and to You for taking the time to read my musings.

Happy Holidays!



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