By: Olivia Alexander


Happy Thanksgiving.

For us, this day is simply a time to come together, enjoy community, reflect and most importantly, show our gratitude. This year we did a special shoot with a group of ( just a few of) our favorite Kush Queens. Each of them represents something that we are especially grateful for this year.



Inspired by Verita

Over the years cannabis has connected me with all of these incredible people. Our connection to Verita came to be because of Kush Queen products. When she began tagging our brand on social media and showering our brand with love, it felt like we had to have her involved. This year she was featured in our spring/Summer 2018 lookbook, because why hire models when your customers are. Verita symbolizes the very thing that makes every day at Kush Queen so special. We are grateful for connection.



Inspired by Morgan

ThankfulAF Morgan.jpg

Cannabis and creativity go hand and in hand. Morgan has spent the last year taking our photos and telling our story with her creativity. Looking back on our shoots and feeds it feels like flipping through the pages of a scrapbook. Sure, the finished photos are beautiful, but what warms our hearts are the memories of creating them together. From building flower walls to spending countless hours huddled together in bathrooms working toward that perfect Bath Bomb shot. We’ve had a blast, both on and off camera. Without creativity, our lives would be dull and boring, and that’s just not us. In the unknown lies so much beauty and so much adventure. Every time we sit down to plan a shoot, the mystery of what we will do next excites us. We are grateful for creativity.



Inspired By Wolfie

In 2018, we met a ton of unique challenges, from the first year of legal weed to personal tragedy. We would not have made it through this year without comedy. Laughter was truly our medicine and no one symbolizes that better than Wolfie. Cannabis and comedy simply belong together, and we have been lucky to have the Queen of the Cannabis meme, Wolfie, as part of our team. No matter what life hands us, it’s good to know that around the corner is a really good laugh. We are grateful for comedy.



Inspired by Ashley

It’s one thing to find loyalty in success, it’s another to find it on your way to the top. Ashley opened up the very first Kush Queen wholesale account at her dispensary. She believed in this brand from day one and has been with us since inception. Whatever the job required she did it. Modeling for photoshoots, rolling joints, packaging product, sharing our brand at in-store demo’s, and even payroll. She has done it all. Her loyalty to Kush Queen leaves us speechless and will never be forgotten. We are grateful for loyalty.


Inspired by Ben

ThankfulAF Ben.jpg

At Kush Queen, our journey has been anything, but normal. We didn’t start with investors or funding. We are a homegrown brand built off our community & our community intersects with a number of communities. The act of togetherness and the feeling of unity has been vital to the growth of our brand. The past, present, and future of Kush Queen are defined by the word community. Ben is one of those people that makes KQ so special and has brought so many incredible people together this year. Ben inspired us to put real people with real stories in all of our campaigns. There is something so magical about being on a set with authentic stories being brought to life. At the end of many days, we have been brought to tears after wrap knowing we did our small part in representing the world around us. We are grateful for Community.


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