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Holiday survival mode is real, and what’s even more real is holiday survival with the help of CBD bath bombs. As we said in the Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide, this time of year is the most wonderful and the busiest season for many of us.

The shopping, the travel, the festivities, the weather – they all converge during the holiday season. Which can send us into a flurry of excitement and overwhelm. If we know anything here at Kush Queen, it’s how to keep calm and carry on with the help of our CBD bath bombs.

Here are our top picks for surviving the holidays with CBD Bath Bombs but first a quick recap of why CBD makes sense this time of year.

The Benefits of using CBD Bath Bombs, Holiday Edition

  1. A Full Body CBD Topical – Your skin is your biggest organ, so by submerging your body fully into the CBD-infused water you are experiencing a full-body topical application. Think relaxed muscles, soothed aches and eased tension across your entire body. 
  2. Immune System Boost – CBD is a known anti-bacterial. The holiday season typically brings more travel and contact with people (read as more exposure to germs). We like to up our CBD daily intake this time of year as a preventative measure to keep our endocannabinoid and immune systems nourished.  
  3. A 20-Minute Recharge – During this time of year, we often put a stronger emphasis on others rather than ourselves. Whether it’s going to every party we are invited to or squeezing in a last-minute gift-getting errand at the end of the day, the holidays are a hectic time. Doing a once a week CBD infused bath can be those 20 minutes you didn’t know how bad you needed. It’s easy to get swept up in the shuffle, here’s a reminder to take some time to let your body relax and your mind rest.

Holiday Survival CBD Bath Bomb Picks 

Kush Queen x Alice + Olivia 200mg CBD Bath Bomb

Kush Queen's Alice & Olivia CBD Bath Bomb

An all-time community favorite, the Alice & Olivia CBD bath bomb is color-free, infused with a light lavender essential oil and 200mg of CBD. Pair this CBD bath bomb with its partner in crime, the Alice & Olivia CBD body lotion and you'll be prepped for your busy day of travel or your holiday shopping.

Extra Strength 1:1 Delta 8 and CBD Bath Bombs

Shop Kush Queen's Extra Strength CBD Bath Bombs

Surviving the holidays with self-care and a THE most relaxing bathing ritual just got an upgrade. Choose Relieve, Relax, and Sleep in our extra strength 1:1 blend of Delta 8 and CBD!

Depending on your needs, you can choose the blend that is most appropriate. Mix and match to absorb even more nano CBD into your pores while you indulge in the mood-boosting essential oils. 


Shield For Immunity

Shop Kush Queen's Immunity CBD Bath Bomb


Shield for Immunity was our first higher dose CBD bath bomb created for cold and flu season. Inspired by the 15th-century legend of four thieves, we have hand-blended a powerful and aromatic mixture of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and other natural botanicals believed to provide a shield of protection by supporting and strengthening the body and its immune system. Now available in 1:1 Delta 8 and CBD or 200mg CBD, the choice is yours!


Don’t Forget the Fur Babies!

Shop CBD Bath Bombs for dogs!

Holidays can be stressful for animals too, not just people. You might bring them along on your road trip or they might be overwhelmed with company and new stimuli in their environment (cue the Christmas tree dripping with ornaments).

Soak your pupper in Woof Queen, our CBD bath bomb line created just for our four-legged family members. Made with 10mg nano CBD and essential oils to relieve your doggo after a hectic holiday. 


CBD Bath Bombs Bring More Joy and Less Stress

Let’s commit to making this holiday season less stressful and more joyous by taking care of ourselves while we check things off our to-do lists and our shopping lists. Tell us which one of our CBD bath bombs helped you survive the holidays by tagging us on Instagram at @kushqueen.shop.

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