Your Kush Queen team is here to help make easy work of that daunting gifting season list!

So when it comes to asking yourself what should you get for all the loved but hard to buy for, wellness-focused, trendy, self-care gurus or stressed folx in your life?
Let us help.

We've hand-picked our best gifts by cannabinoid experience and effect to help you check everyone off your list.

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The holidays have arrived at Kush Queen! You already know we are stocked with CBD gifts that are the perfect combo of wellness and fun.  

Kush Queen has CBD wellness-focused gifts for everyone in your life. This year’s Ultimate CBD Gift Guide features hand-picked gifts to make shopping stress-free and gifting meaningful. Let's get into it! 

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For You, The Most Personal Favor

You better believe after the year we've had, we insist on putting yourself and your wellness first. This season is a time to set wellness intentions for the new year that foster balance. Don’t forget to incorporate nourishing your endocannabinoid system to assist your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. 

Bare CBD Tincture 

Integrating Bare 1000mg tincture daily will give you an ingestible dose of CBD that fights inflammation. Clean and easy for everyday use with our customizable dose dropper.

Melt CBD Relief Lotion

Stock up with the Melt 16oz CBD Relief Lotion and be ready for any aches and pains the year ahead might bring. Our powerful nanotechnology increases bioavailability making Melt so much more than a CBD salve, it’s a power topical that works to ease soreness from head to toe. 

Holiday-Edition CBD Bath Bomb

Wellness but make it fun! The holiday edition CBD bath bomb is delivering edible gold mica, a breathtaking peppermint essential oil blend and 200mg of CBD. Get Mariah on loop because this bath is delivering holiday magic.

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For Our Femmes Out There, Moms, Sisters, No. 1 Kush Queens

The Iconic CBD Beauty Collection 

Whether your mom or sister is a regular CBD user or a newcomer to cannabis wellness, the Iconic CBD Beauty Collection is the perfect gift set for CBD beauty exploration. 

Normally a $155+ retail value, you can treat your favorites for only $115.99. The Iconic CBD Beauty Collection includes, Kingdm Foto Blur, CBD Primer, Kingdm Foto Set CBD Setting Spray, Defynt CBD Anti-Serum, and Renew CBD Scrub 2oz

They’ll glow from the inside out and adore this CBD gift set for months to come. 

The Kush Queen Mini Glow Up

The Mini Glow Up 

The Mini Glow Up Gift Set features our award-winning CBD cosmetics Kingdm Foto Blur and Kingdm Foto Set Setting Spray, a gift set perfect for all cosmetics lovers!

Each bottle contains 250mg CBD of our patent-pending nanotechnology which increases our CBD’s bioavailability allowing the molecule to absorb directly into the bloodstream. Who doesn't love a gift that isn't going to sit on a shelf and collect dust?  

Kush Queen Flight of Gummies

Flight of Gummies 

If your BFF isn’t all about the glam, try our Flight of Gummies. Normally, $199.99 our Flight of CBD Gummies is now $149.99. This gift set includes: Gummies Rx with 375mg CBD, Gummies Rx Sleep with 900mg CBD:CBN, and Gummies Rx Bliss with 900mg CBD:CBG. These additions will transform your bestie’s daily wellness for 2021, plus they're tasty and vegan-friendly.  

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Aye Baby Baby, For Your Lover/Partner(s)

The holidays are all about giving and naturally, your Boo is a high priority. These gifts focus on shared experiences, wink wink!

The CBD Love Kit

This year give them the gift that you’ll both receive, with the Kush Queen CBD Love Kit. Packaged perfectly for gifting, the CBD Love Kit comes equipped with a Love CBD Bath Bomb, Water-Based CBD Lube, and Sensual CBD Massage Oil for a romantic night. Chances are, they’ll be so dazzled with this present that they’ll invite you to join in on the fun.

2020 Pride Collection

If you want to up the ante and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community while spoiling BAE, then add the Kush Queen 2020 Pride Collection to your cart before checking out. This year’s collection includes 100mg CBD Pride Glitter Relax bath bomb, 750mg Pride Gummies Rx, and 250mg CBD Big Lube Energy. Gifting the Pride Collection also supports our 2020 Pride Community Partner, AsylumConnect’s efforts to provide resources to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers. 

Shop Kush Queen CBD For Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad Need To Chill Too

Show your parents what CBD wellness is about this holiday season with The Ultimate Daily Wellness Set. This collection is priced right at $89.99 and has all the cult-favorite CBD products from Kush Queen: Relieve 100mg Bath Bomb, Bare 500mg Wellness Tincture, Melt 2oz. CBD Relief Lotion, and Soaked CBD Shower Gel

The Ultimate Daily Wellness Set

Shop The Ultimate Daily Wellness CBD Gift Set

Help your folks start a daily CBD regimen with a morning dose of Bare, an energizing shower with Soaked, then applying Melt to the places that hurt most. Teach them the art of the self-care moment with a warm bath and a Relieve 100mg bath bomb. 

They do so much for us, it’s time we give them a dose of their own medicine: LOVE.  

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The One We Love Or Love To Annoy - Your Bro

He teases you, he remembers your most embarrassing moments and he’ll never let you live them down, but if anyone tries to cross you, they’ll have to cross him first. He’s your brother, peskiness and all, and you just want to get him a present he’ll enjoy. It doesn’t hurt if that gift also makes him more pleasant to be around. 

The Deep Chill Set 

Kush Queen's Deep Chill CBD Gift Set

Priced right at $299.99 (retail value $434.98) the Deep Chill Set delivers huge savings, plus the CBD realness your brother didn’t know he needed. This set includes 750mg Pride Gummies Rx, Bare 2500mg CBD Wellness Tincture, and Melt 800mg CBD Relief Lotion

Your gift will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Chill, Bro”. 

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For The Grands 

Mini CBD Bath Bombs, Bare, Melt

This year has been extra tough on older generations, this holiday is the perfect reason to spoil your grandparents. Get Grams and Gramps a Complete Mini Bath Bomb Collection, a Bare 1000mg Tincture, and Melt 200mg Relief Lotion 

Show them how to create a CBD wellness sanctuary in their home with a CBD foot soak and a cup of tea infused with Bare in front of their fireplace. Then teach them how applying Melt daily can help keep pain and stiffness at bay.  

Shop Kush Queen CBD For Pets

For your Furbabies  

Woof Queen CBD Bath Bombs

You can’t forget about your furbabies. They have brought us so much joy this year in quarantine and they have endocannabinoid systems, too. Our pets love a bath with CBD, so gift them a Woof Queen Lavender CBD bath bomb for pooches who need a chill or a Woof Queen Peppermint CBD bath bomb for the pooch with skin problems.  

Bare CBD Tincture

All pets love our Bare CBD tincture, made with only 2 ingredients: organic olive oil and broad-spectrum CBD. We suggest 500mg CBD for the young ones and smol pups, and 1000mg CBD for the elder pets and those with more severe needs. Serve your furry fam their dose of Bare on a treat, in their food, or administer it directly (if they let you!). 

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This Holiday Season Is All About Peace, Love, and CBD

Cannabis wellness is the perfect gift for everyone, and with Kush Queen, you can find a gift for any budget. 

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our holiday cut-offs and deals from now until the end of 2020! 


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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Kush Queen, which means if you enjoy our content and end up purchasing our recommended products here, we'll make something in return :)

Holiday survival mode is real, and what’s even more real is holiday survival with the help of CBD bath bombs. As we said in the Kush Queen CBD Gift Guide, this time of year is the most wonderful and the busiest season for many of us.

The shopping, the travel, the festivities, the weather – they all converge during the holiday season. Which can send us into a flurry of excitement and overwhelm. If we know anything here at Kush Queen, it’s how to keep calm and carry on with the help of our CBD bath bombs.

Here are our top picks for surviving the holidays with CBD Bath Bombs but first a quick recap of why CBD makes sense this time of year.

The Benefits of using CBD Bath Bombs, Holiday Edition

  1. A Full Body CBD Topical – Your skin is your biggest organ, so by submerging your body fully into the CBD-infused water you are experiencing a full-body topical application. Think relaxed muscles, soothed aches and eased tension across your entire body. 
  2. Immune System Boost – CBD is a known anti-bacterial. The holiday season typically brings more travel and contact with people (read as more exposure to germs). We like to up our CBD daily intake this time of year as a preventative measure to keep our endocannabinoid and immune systems nourished.  
  3. A 20-Minute Recharge – During this time of year, we often put a stronger emphasis on others rather than ourselves. Whether it’s going to every party we are invited to or squeezing in a last-minute gift-getting errand at the end of the day, the holidays are a hectic time. Doing a once a week CBD infused bath can be those 20 minutes you didn’t know how bad you needed. It’s easy to get swept up in the shuffle, here’s a reminder to take some time to let your body relax and your mind rest.

Holiday Survival CBD Bath Bomb Picks 

Kush Queen x Alice + Olivia 200mg CBD Bath Bomb

Kush Queen's Alice & Olivia CBD Bath Bomb

An all-time community favorite, the Alice & Olivia CBD bath bomb is color-free, infused with a light lavender essential oil and 200mg of CBD. Pair this CBD bath bomb with its partner in crime, the Alice & Olivia CBD body lotion and you'll be prepped for your busy day of travel or your holiday shopping.

Extra Strength 1:1 Delta 8 and CBD Bath Bombs

Shop Kush Queen's Extra Strength CBD Bath Bombs

Surviving the holidays with self-care and a THE most relaxing bathing ritual just got an upgrade. Choose Relieve, Relax, and Sleep in our extra strength 1:1 blend of Delta 8 and CBD!

Depending on your needs, you can choose the blend that is most appropriate. Mix and match to absorb even more nano CBD into your pores while you indulge in the mood-boosting essential oils. 


Shield For Immunity

Shop Kush Queen's Immunity CBD Bath Bomb


Shield for Immunity was our first higher dose CBD bath bomb created for cold and flu season. Inspired by the 15th-century legend of four thieves, we have hand-blended a powerful and aromatic mixture of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and other natural botanicals believed to provide a shield of protection by supporting and strengthening the body and its immune system. Now available in 1:1 Delta 8 and CBD or 200mg CBD, the choice is yours!


Don’t Forget the Fur Babies!

Shop CBD Bath Bombs for dogs!

Holidays can be stressful for animals too, not just people. You might bring them along on your road trip or they might be overwhelmed with company and new stimuli in their environment (cue the Christmas tree dripping with ornaments).

Soak your pupper in Woof Queen, our CBD bath bomb line created just for our four-legged family members. Made with 10mg nano CBD and essential oils to relieve your doggo after a hectic holiday. 


CBD Bath Bombs Bring More Joy and Less Stress

Let’s commit to making this holiday season less stressful and more joyous by taking care of ourselves while we check things off our to-do lists and our shopping lists. Tell us which one of our CBD bath bombs helped you survive the holidays by tagging us on Instagram at

In need of a 20-minute CBD Bath Bomb recharge?