By: Ben Mervis

Foot soaking in blue water from dissolved mini 10mg Relax bath bomb next to holographic bag with assorted Mini Bath bombs by Kush Queen.

The first time I went to a real yoga class about 5 years ago, I was shocked to realize something I hadn’t fully acknowledged in all my years of working out; I truly disliked feet. I had never been a fan of them – but I quickly noticed my own tell-tale scowl every time the class was instructed to bend over and touch our unsocked toes.

In bed, I’m a big fan of a cuddly caress, but try to run your foot up my leg under the covers… and I’m out of there faster than if a spider had fallen from the ceiling. In fact, that might even be my excuse as I run away, rather than reveal my distrust and distaste for the lowest extremities.

As I processed my disgust over many stoned yoga classes, I came to find that – as is often the case – this thing that I disliked so much about other bodies truly stemmed from something I disliked about myself. And thus the connection was born – a well-timed pedicure would lead to a happier yoga class, with more understanding, empathy, and less judgment about other people’s grubby ground hands.

But alas, my lesson went awry and without Uncle Jessie (NOT aunt Becky) to ask “what did we learn today” – I associated the found “okayness” with a fresh coat of paint.

This was the beginning of what I call my “teen years” of foot care, except I was 26 and going to yoga with busted polish that I had applied myself… weeks before. A whole new reason to be embarrassed and ashamed!  Maybe not the first time, but for sure the second, third, and definitely that time I decided to just not go to class because of it. And yet, again, some weed and deep thinking would soon reveal that it wasn’t a fear of what others would think that was upsetting me, it was the lack of love and appreciation I was showing for my own body – my own uncared-for “little piggies.”

That’s when I realized it – I’m a pedicure person. A real, genuine, passionate pedicure person every 3-4 weeks. I trim in-between of course, but I’ve found that dedicating that 45-60 minutes to a full foot service is worth it, for me. Beyond the nail shape and color, there’s the cuticle care, the callus removal, the little leg rubs… it’s everything. After some shopping around for the perfect salon, I finally have “my place” and it’s a little vacation for my mind, and puts a spring in my very pretty step.

Being a Kush Queen, and maybe the king of footbaths – I sometimes bring a mini bath bomb for the foot soak – after first asking the salon owner if it was okay. It’s a leveling-up of my spa moment and HIGHly recommended for anyone making this a ritual.

Complete Mini Bath Bomb Collection by Kush Queen featured with 5 mini bath bombs and holographic bag.

When I’m in the mood for a special treat, I head over to Bellacures for our signature collaboration service, the cannacure! The Cannacure service is longer, and incorporates Kush Queen products every step of the way: Relieve CBD mini bath bomb(s) in the water, CBD sugar scrub for the legs, Melt lotion for the massage… I leave a different person. If you live in the LA-area, treat yourself to one of these services at your local Bellacures.

Collage featuring Bellacures "CannaCure" menu, candle, CBD sugar scrub, and Kush Queen Melt lotion. To the right, picture of customer receiving foot massage using Melt CBD lotion.

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

 Muhammad Ali

Pedicures have helped me to love a part of my body that I thought I never could – my feet. I look at them and smile, which should be our goal for our whole body, right? I went from someone who was unable to touch my toes – physically, and mentally – to someone who can gladly wrap my palm around my arch.

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By: Angela Viesti

Hands holding small plant ready to be put in soil.

Each year In April we celebrate Earth Day: a holiday created in 1970 to raise awareness on the environmental impact humanity has on our planet. Almost 50 years later, the topics of global warming, sustainability, and climate change fill our newsfeeds and conversations, yet change seems so distant.

As individuals, the best thing we can do is lead by example and be the change we wish to see in the world. This is much simpler than you may think and only requires small, daily changes that will become a habit over time. Here are some ways to limit your environmental footprint and repay Mother Earth for nurturing Life.


Keep it in the Community

Customer reaches for apple from fruit vendor at outdoor market.

One of the biggest sectors that negatively impact our world is the food and agriculture industry. Not surprisingly, given how connected we are to the Earth, it can also negatively impact our health. In addition to the use of pesticides in produce and antibiotics in animals, foods that travel long distances to their destinations generate more fuel emissions and often arrive after their peak of freshness, making them less nutritious. The pollution winds up in the atmosphere and in our bodies via our lungs and digestive system—yuck!

Here are some shifts you can make to lessen your dependency on industrial agriculture:

  • Shop at farmer’s markets: A quick Google search will turn up all kinds of farmer’s markets in your area, especially if you live near a major city. While you’re there, get to know the people behind the product and build relationships with them. You’ll find local, seasonal foods that you may have overlooked at the grocery store.

  • Find a local community garden: Urban farming is becoming far more common these days, and it’s truly a way to heal communities, families, and the Earth. For a minimal fee, you can use a small plot of land and tend to your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You’ll save money and reap the rewards of gardening, which is known to reduce stress.

  • Buy locally sourced product: When shopping at the grocery store, select items labeled “Local” and choose smaller grocery chains or food co-ops, if available.

  • Grow your own: This applies to both food and weed. Aside from the benefits listed above, you reduce the amount of packaging and plastic exposure to your food and cannabis, making them less contaminated.  You can start small and have a small herb garden and experiment more as you gain confidence in your gardening abilities.

Hand drawn "Trash" image featuring figurine tossing paper into wastebasket.

A great way to make an impact on your community and the world is to pick up trash or debris anytime you see it out of place. We can be conditioned to think, “It’s not my mess, so I’m not cleaning it up!” but that’s the wrong attitude to have. Yes, trash should be discarded properly to begin with, but by walking past a mess and ignoring it, you do nothing to make it better. I see garbage all over the place while walking my dogs and I’m sure you’ll begin seeing it too if you pay attention. Make it a point to pick up one item that someone else discarded every day. Who knows, someone may see you and be inspired to join your efforts.


Energy In, Energy Out

Model washing shoulder using green loofah in shower.

The culture in the Western world is largely one of excess and convenience. This contributes to a huge amount of wasted energy and natural resources, but it’s also very simple to remedy in our day-to-day lives.

I remember a few years ago when California was in a drought and we were all urged to save water at every opportunity. The urgency became even more apparent when I visited Catalina Island that year, where water was truly scarce: Bottled water was very expensive and our Air BnB host requested we take 5-minute showers.  It was a stark reminder that we take for granted having clean, running water in our homes under normal circumstances.

As we move closer towards the summer months, inevitably we’ll have warnings of blackouts if a heat wave strikes. This is caused primarily by increased air conditioning, but there are many ways we inefficiently use power when we could be conserving. The undue burden on the grid can be prevented by changing habits and paying attention to where we’re being wasteful.

Save energy and natural resources by:

  • Take shorter showers and turn off the water when not in use (like when you’re shampooing your hair, brushing your teeth or Waiting for your Kush Queen Soaked CBD Shower Gel to absorb.)

  • Run dishwasher and washing machine with full loads only

  • Use fans to help circulate air so you can use less A/C

  • Keep curtains drawn to keep sunlight out, close windows to keep cool air in

  • Use common sense—don’t run the A/C on full blast while you bundle up under a winter quilt!


Be the Change

Kush Queen's Anti-Aging Skin Serum, Defynt, pictured with frankincense and sweet orange essential oils on white desk.

Not long ago, I was chatting with a friend while he washed his trash in the sink. Confused, I wondered WTF he was doing. I later learned that there’s a right way and a wrong way to recycle while listening to an episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Getting Curious with JVN. One bit of wisdom that stood out was that residual foods and liquids can cause contamination, which can ruin other recyclable and can be easily avoided if you rinse your plastic items before recycling them—full circle moment!  By being the change I needed to see, my friend helped me to view recycling through a new lens.

Taking this a step further, think about ways you can reuse items, rather than simply recycling them. At Kush Queen, we’ve built this into our product line and use all recyclable materials and many materials that can be easily used again. Defynt, Bare, and Ignite all come in glass bottles that can be repurposed for your DIY skin care potions,  essential oil blends, and custom cannabinoid tinctures. Just make sure you thoroughly clean the container to avoid contamination!


Treat Every Day like Earth Day

Reusable glass water bottle with quartz crystal inside sitting next to Broad Spectrum CBD tincture, Bare.

Here in California, we’ve voted in favor of banning single-use plastic bags and now straws. You don’t have to wait for the laws to change or for the next earth day to adopt practices that keep our planet thriving. The Environmental Protection Agency has great resources to educate the public on making conservation, recycling, and greener living a lifestyle.

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By: Morgan English

With spring in full effect and summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to do a little reset and check in with yourself. As much as people preach trying to find a perfect balance between work, home and everything else, I personally don’t buy it. I did for a while and I chased balance (whatever that means) only to realize that balance will mean different things from week to week. Which is why I don’t try to achieve perfect balance, but instead I make time to do “resets” and check in with myself.

The beauty of resets, for me, is acknowledging the parts of your life that need more attention or require more love. It is not about seeing where you dropped the ball or that you aren’t working out enough or your “bikini body” isn’t ready. It’s about finding small, easy ways to improve both your body and your mind.

The first thing I do for any reset is asking myself a few questions like these: How am I feeling emotionally? How is my body feeling? What does my body need? Where can I improve my habits to help myself continue to grow?

I love meditating and keeping these questions in mind while doing a body scan. It helps me realize a few things, time and time again…

1. Drink more water

2. Stretch every day

3. Stop forgetting to take your CBD daily

From there, I write down what my goals are and why. I put the list on my fridge and I jump into it. I highly recommend physically writing down what you want to focus on. It really helps it click and allows you to look at the list or reference it for inspiration and motivation when needed.


For this spring reset, I am making a point to stretch and take my CBD every morning. Even if that means stretching in bed. Beyond stretching, I’m committing to moving my body 4-5 times a week, even if it’s only for ten minutes.

This is my ten minute, go-to flow whenever I do a reset. It helps strengthen every part of the body, from the glutes to the core, and helps build muscle while improving balance. It’s perfect to do in the morning as a wake up for your body or at night to wind down.


1. Place your feet directly under your hips, so there’s about enough space for a fist between your feet. Press your heels down into the ground, take a few deep breaths, reaching your arms up and drawing your arms back to open your chest

2. Lock your fingers together and raise your arms so your biceps are by your head, make sure your shoulders are relaxed and drawn back. Gently lean to the right, come back to center, lean to the left, come back to center.

3. Leaving your left foot planted, step your right foot back into crescent lunge and hold


4. Sweep your arms back, bringing your chest forward. Engage your core

5. Engaging your biceps, do a bicep curl while you drop the right knee. Keep your glutes squeezed and engaged

6. Rise back into a crescent lunge and sweep your arms forward

7. Press your arms down as you lift your right leg forward into a march.


8. Slowly step your right foot back and repeat.

9. Do this 10 times on each leg

10. End in a stretch. Fold your body at your waist and connect your arms, sway back and forth. Allow your head and upper body to feel heavy here

And lastly, part of doing a reset for me is also tackling my terrible sweet tooth and snacking habits. Life moves fast, days are busy, and as much as I’d like to think I eat healthily, it truly ebbs and flows; Which is why I love doing a spring reset. I love having a healthier snacking option ready to go, especially to help curb those late night munchies. Over the years, fruit dipped in chocolate has become a staple in my household. Especially frozen chocolate covered banana slices. The best part about this snack? You can customize it to whatever you like! The options are literally endless.


CBD chocolate covered fruit

What you’ll need:

– Banana, sliced

– Apples, sliced

– Semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips

– BARE CBD tincture

– Crushed candied walnuts (optional)

– Coconut flakes (optional)



1. Slice all fruit and set aside

2. Melt chocolate as directed, typically microwave in 30-second intervals. Stir chocolate in between each until fully melted

3. Add BARE to melted chocolate and stir until completely combined

4. Dip half of the banana or apple slice into melted chocolate

5. Add crushed walnuts or coconut flakes to the chocolate

6. Let the fruit set in the fridge for two hours and enjoy!

Optional tip: freeze the chocolate covered bananas, you won’t regret it!

Any time you do a reset, just remember it’s for you. Not for anyone else. Do what feels right and what feels good for you, and everything else will fall into place.

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By: Tiffany Whitmore

Assortment of limes, oranges, grapefruits, and blood oranges cut in half facing up.

We all know how vital self-care is and at the same time we all know how easy self-care is to neglect. Add in the commonality that most of us are busy, have stressful jobs, or are too consumed with a fast-paced life to make time for ourselves.

For the past three months, I’ve been working to establish a habit of practicing 5 mins of self-care every day. Starting small has been a game changer for me. The biggest lesson I’ve learned thus far is that self-care can be anything that gives you the space to take care of your body, mind, and soul.

Kush Queen CMO Tiffany Whitmore pictured with wife in front of waterfall along their hike.

In the past my ideas of self-care never included walking meditations, an 8-mile hike, reading books out loud to my partner or learning new hobbies in the kitchen. In this short time, I’ve discovered freedom in self-care. Nowadays, I spend this valuable time for me anyway I want and with any intention as long as it involves refreshing my body, mind, and soul.

My self-care sessions from March and April included:

  • Regular walking meditations – I use Calm, a meditation app, to lead me through a body scan and mindful walk during work breaks. Connecting and accepting your body’s current state is a great way to acknowledge how you are processing life events physically. Working towards a state of acceptance is a highlight of the walking meditation I’ve found impactful.

  • Naturing – That’s a made-up word for spending time in nature. There is something about getting out of the city that almost instantly puts me in a different state of mind. Nature’s beauty speaks directly to my soul and reminds me of the bigger picture.

  • Making CBD mocktails – CBD cocktails and mocktails have been popping up on menus in hot cities like Los Angeles and Nashville. I wanted to learn how to make at-home versions as a fun hobby. The first test kitchen recipe is the “Chilloma” my riff on the classic Paloma. Find the Chilloma recipe below – it’s my new Saturday afternoon must have.         

Previously, I would not have considered any of these activities self-care. Now I know they are for me because I feel the effects they have on my mind, body, and soul.  

Model holding citrus bath bomb while it dissolves in tub.

Processing the bad and the good.

Sometimes (read as often) I forget to give myself acknowledgment or celebrate my personal growth. This past weekend, I completed a goal I set for myself and received terrific feedback in the process. My goal was to speak as a thought leader in my industry, and this past weekend I spoke at a local event. The process taught me so many things, I met a new friend and gained a sense of confidence I didn’t have before. From start to finish the experience was great!

In the past, it was a common practice for me to shrug off personal success and not give myself the time to process those good feelings. Now, I build in time to process all feelings.

After the conference, I came home and took an energizing bath to create a space for processing the day’s success and to reflect on how completing my goal made me feel. A 20-minute soak in Kush Queen’s Citrus bath bomb refreshed my body from being “on” all day connecting with peers and the invigorating citrus scent guided my mediation and reflection on processing the personal success.

I emerged still feeling the joy of the day and proud I gave myself space to personally celebrate. Naturally, I walked into the kitchen and made myself a Chillloma.  

Chilloma Ingredients featuring lime, blood orange, club soda, honey and Kush Queen's Bare CBD Broad Spectrum Tincture.

Chilloma presented by Kush Queen Test-Kitchen

Makes 2 CBD Mocktails


  • Blood oranges (5 qty)

  • Lime (2 qty)

  • Kush Queen Bäre Tincture

  • Honey

  • Club Soda

  • Ice


  • Juicer

  • Teaspoon

  • Stirring Utensil

  • 2 Rocks Glasses

  • Large glass or cocktail shaker


  • Juice the 5 blood oranges, cut one lime in half

  • In a large glass or cocktail shaker pour in 5 ounces of blood orange juice and squeeze the juice of one lime.

  • Stir in 2 teaspoons of honey until the honey is mostly dissolved off of the spoon.

  • Grab 2 rocks glasses and fill each glass nearly full of ice.

  • Pour half of the blood orange and honey mixture into each iced rocks glass.

  • Add 1 dropper of Bäre Tincture to the middle of each glass. Stir.

  • Top with Club Soda and use the second lime to make a garnish.

  • Cheers to chillin!

Final look at icy pink Chilloma with lime garnish in glass.

Self-Care Can Be Energizing If That’s What You Need

Self-care can be anything you need it to be. In my current season of life, self-care is energizing and focuses on connecting with my physical body to help guide the process. Give yourself the freedom to explore all types of self-care and remember to acknowledge your growth.

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By: Olivia Alexander

Model soaking in orange outdoor tub in Kush Queen CBD bath bomb.

I recently decided it was time to start a new adventure for 2019: the quest for the best bathtub I could find. I stumbled upon this beauty on Airbnb and knew I had to book it. It was also a perfect time for me to escape LA and get some serious quiet time in.

Orange Love CBD Kush Queen bath bomb sitting on top of bath bomb crumbles with blue background.

I dropped in a Love 1:1 bath bomb just as the sun began to set. The bath was hot and it was beyond quiet. I honestly couldn’t believe how relaxing it was to soak outside. I love using THC and CBD in the bath because it is like getting a full body massage. People always ask me if you get high with these. You don’t get high through your skin, but your skin gets high. It’s absolutely the next level in bathing. It balances the PH and softens the water immediately. The organic essential oils burst as the bath bomb hits the water. Love is a blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Orange, Patchouli & Cedarwood.

Model pictured relaxing in outdoor tub using Kush Queen bath bomb.

There’s something so special about being in Joshua Tree. It was so incredible being in nature in a bath. I could hear my mind settle and felt all my problems disappear. The light from the sunset gave me this incredible and indescribable feeling. I soaked and meditated in the tub for a good 30 minutes. If you ever have the chance to take a bath outside, you should. I hope this is the first of many outdoor baths for me. I have already begun my quest for the next few epic bathtubs on my serious bathing adventure.


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