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By: Megan Lyn Farley


It is the time of year to spread a little extra cheer and honestly, people really need it. The Holidays are stressful, cold, and thanks to daylight savings time, dark AF. A lot of people, present company included, have a rough go of things during the winter season. From homesickness to missing past relatives and even winter induced depression, most people could really benefit from a little extra light this time of year.

One of the simplest ways to spread a little holiday cheer is through the art of the greeting card. A funny message can help to distract from heartbreak, while a sentimental note can help someone feel heard and cared for. Showing a token of your love and appreciation for another person can go a long way. Which is exactly why we have decided to release our very first set of FREE printables. A little something from us, to help make your season a little bit brighter.

Whether you are the “I send a Christmas card to everyone I have ever met” kind of person or the “I’ve never spent a dime on a greeting card and I don’t intend to start not” kind of person… We are taking care of you this season with a FREE set of Holiday Greeting cards. Some have a little humor to offer, some keep it simple and festive, all offer you a vessel to share how much you care for those around you. So grab some cardstock (or plain paper if that’s your jam), fire up the printer and pour yourself a cup of Hot Cocoa. You’ve got some cheer to spread!

…and In the spirit of sharing, here are a few of my favorite ways to spread that extra cheer…


Keep it Simple, Keep it Sappy


Sometimes a simple, genuine, heartfelt message is all you need. We aren’t always great at speaking our minds and sometimes it’s just easier to put all of those feelings into writing. This is the perfect opportunity to print up one of our cards and allow yourself to spill out some gratitude to all of your loved ones. Pop them in the mail, add to gifts, or put it directly in their hands paired with a warm holiday hug. However you choose to express yourself, just do it. Open up, share the love, and don’t forget to let it in as well. We all need it and as I learned from some very wise men, It’s actually ALL we need.


Warming Hearts and Tummies


When the season gets tough and it’s hard to find the joy, I turn to Hot Chocolate. I am pretty positive it has magical powers. The cozy, warm, creamy chocolatey goodness oozes it’s way into all the dark spaces and motivates me to turn on the Christmas tree, crank up the Holiday tunes and allow myself to feel some joy. Gifting Hot Cocoa is a great way to bring someone a little extra warmth this season and it can be a quick and easy gift for anyone on your list. You can choose a classic take or have fun with it and personalize the recipe to the receiver. If you aren’t sure where to start, I would sugest trying one of these tasty DIY Hot Cocoa recipes. Whip it up, add one of our printable gift cards, and feel like Santa Claus himself as you pass around all the tasty cheer.


More than a Gift


With Christmas just around the corner, you may have missed your opportunity to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. This is a great time to flex your creative muscles, get inside the heads of your loved ones, and consider alternative options. Now you can, of course, go with the easy solution and grab up some gift cards at your local grocery store, but I would suggest something a touch more heartfelt. his is the time of year to show that you care and that doesn’t have to equal material things

Gifting experiences, over objects, is an amazing way to show someone you are paying attention. From escape rooms and comedy shows to Manicures and Messages. There are so many fun, relaxing, and new things to try out there and gifting that experience to another person could lead to a lifetime of memories shared. Find something they would love to do, grab the gift card, and pop it into one of our Free Greeting Cards. Better yet? Create your own experience! A picnic in the park, a staycation, or a classic homemade coupon book. Whatever experience you coose, you are sure to brighten up more than just their Christmas!




I am not talking about a literal snowball fight here, but it’s almost as fun. Growing up in a warm climate never really allowed for any genuine snowball fighting, but the tradition of leaving “snowballs” on the doorsteps of friends, family and neighbors is still a playful way to join in on the cheer-spreading.

In this scenario “snowballs” refer to powdered donuts or really any sweet treat that is round in shape and white in color.

You can start your own Snowball fight by first making a list of your “targets”. Then fill up gift boxes, cellophane bags or Tupperware containers with your preferred snowball treat. Using one of our free Holiday Greeting Cards write a kind note and invite the reciever to continue the fight. On the envelope of your card (or the left inside flap if you won’t be using envelopes), write “You’ve Been Hit!”. Now it’s time to drop the boxes on the doorstep of everyone on your list. The fight may even make it’s way back to you! I know it’s cheesy, but it’s so much fun and super yummy!


Just do it

Remember, you can keep it simple, you can go all out, but whatever you do, don’t forget to tell your loved ones that you love them. They are your greatest gift and they deserve to know that.


Sending Gratitude and Love to you all! Happy Holidays!

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