Shenk is a comedy, fashion and cannabis podcast hosted by Comedian and cannabis influencer Sara Weinshenk ( @princessshenk ) and sponsored by Kush Queen. In each episode, Sara sits down with LA-based comedians, artists, influencers and musicians for candid conversations about their creative & personal style journeys. Each episode is different and always interesting. Guests may reveal anything from bizarre fashion choices to wild stories from their creative journey and their favorite way to smoke pot. Find out which comedians had goth phases and which have tattoo regrets. The conversations are packed with hilarious anecdotes from comedians and guests as they open up to Sara and take the audience on a funny & always colorful journey.

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In this ridiculously entertaining episode of Shenk, Comedian Sara Weinshenk sits down w/ Comedian Doug Benson. Sara and Doug discuss why it’s a weird move to keep your hands in your pockets. Sara claims it’s shady and Doug says, ‘I need to be able to see where your hands are at all times’. Doug talks about epaulets on ‘Members Only’ Jackets & how they tricked everyone into thinking they were more than just windbreakers. He also tells a funny story about an experience he had while doing a radio spot with Steve Harvey. They also dive into Doug’s comedy journey and his experience with The Comedy Store. We also find out about Doug’s serious trenchcoat phase and why he thought they were cool. Plus they discuss Piers Morgan’s inappropriate comments about Ariana Grande and why ‘Piers’ is a bad name to have. Their conversation takes many fun turns as they also discuss their excitement as cannabis legalization continues to spread to the east coast. They discuss George Carlin’s take on writing after cannabis consumption and Doug says he’s very lucky that people offer him cannabis due to his career path.

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