It’s beginning to look a lot like the weirdest holiday season ever and we’ve never been more ready for some holiday magic! We can all agree this year has brought about a lot of things, many of which have not been the best for our health and wellness - no worries we will spare the rehashing!

This holiday season, holistic wellness is at the top of our wish list for the Kush Queen community! And you already know our favorite wellness tool, CBD. So if you are going to gift CBD, why shop Kush Queen this holiday season? 

There’s so much more to Kush Queen than just great CBD products. At Kush Queen, cannabis is our passion and family business. Let’s break down the top 3 reasons to feel good about shopping Kush Queen this year.

Kush Queen CBD Production Team

Kush Queen Is More Than Great CBD and Wellness Tools 

At Kush Queen, we value the products, the people that use them, and the people that make them equally. We work hard to create an equitable workplace that is as diverse as the world around us.   

Every Kush Queen product is handmade by real humans paid fair wages. No team member makes less than $15 per hour and we pride ourselves in a workplace filled with passionate people who love cannabis just as much as you do. 

As a company, we are vigilant about using our platform for good by supporting organizations like Asylum Connect and initiatives like National Expungement Week.

When you shop Kush Queen, know that conscious capitalism is at work. Create a ripple effect by purchasing products that give back and put your dollars towards organizations working to create a more just world.

Kush Queen CBD, Woman Owned, Family Operated

 Woman-Owned, Family Operated Goodness

We’re a woman founded, family-operated small business. The two most critical elements of running Kush Queen on the daily is to create the best CBD products and use our platform and voice to radiate good. That mission comes from the heart of our family values.  

As a company, we’re here for a long time, not a good time. What does that mean?

As a family-owned and operated business, we are not a board of suits on this journey for the green rush. When you support Kush Queen, you become an extension of our family by helping our vision of cannabis wellness become our everyday reality.

Transparency Paired With Superior Tech 

Our founders began working in cannabis 16 years ago, long before it was the industry as we know it today. Years ago, we helped usher CBD into the mainstream and set standards with transparency behind our CBD products. 

Every Kush Queen CBD product has always been lab-tested, never tested on animals, and made in California with USA grown hemp extract. 

In 2015, we created patent-pending Amplifi nanotechnology to increase the bioavailability of the CBD molecule so we could make topical CBD products that absorb into your bloodstream. Our nano topicals like Melt CBD Relief Lotion, Kingdm CBD Face PrimerSoaked CBD Shower Gel, and our Water-Based CBD lubricant all contain our transdermal CBD technology.

Now we’re ushering in CBN and CBG with some of the only minor cannabinoid products on the market. We are committed to making products that harness next-level cannabis science. Stay tuned for new product launches!


We hope your holiday is full of memories and moments of love, family, and friends.

Since it's 2020, gifting CBD and encouraging wellness to loved ones is a must! Cannabis is truly a gift that can transform someone’s life...just like it has transformed our life. 

Sure, Kush Queen is a company, but we are also so much more, a family working to break the norms and deliver cannabis wellness to everyone.



Shop Kush Queen CBD For The Holidays!