As humans, I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the global impact of COVID19. People are getting sick. Others are panicking. Workers are getting laid off. Businesses have been forced to close or have done so voluntarily. Those who can are self-isolating to try and help flatten the curve. 

I personally was already experiencing tons of change recently. It was all positive and of my own accord and then BAM!!--Coronavirus interrupts my plans and any sense of control I thought I had. 

Like most millennials, I waver between anxiously reading updates and wondering what the future holds to seeking comic relief and positivity from memes and content online. I’m incredibly fortunate to have taken a new job at Kush Queen that allows me to work from home. This past week I began self-isolation and only leaving the house to walk my dogs and pick up essentials. 

Seeing as how none of us has any clue how long this will last, I needed to regroup in order to adapt to my new lifestyle. The good habits I’d built recently will have to be restructured to fit my present reality and modified to include more self-care. So I’m documenting what a day of self-care in isolation looks like with the help of Kush Queen.

Namaste Inside during the COVID quarantine and use CBD to get me through!

Focus Area - Mental Health

Quarantine Routine - Daily Mental Moment

Since I’m not getting up to go to an office anymore, I have extra time that I didn’t use to have in the mornings. I’m taking this moment to meditate, which I’ve struggled to do even in more certain times. This is where I take my first dose of Bare CBD Tincture to help my mind remain calm as I remember WTF is going on in the world right now. After I hold the tincture under my tongue for a minute or so, I begin breathing consciously through my nose and apply Melt Pain Relief lotion to my already tense shoulders, massaging any knots and tightness out. 

I sit in a comfortable position with my eyes closed and recite the Reiki ideals to ground myself before I begin breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. My mind wanders many times during this meditation, but I stick with it for a ten minute period that seems to last an eternity. Managing stress is so important during a health crisis like this and I take a moment to be grateful for this short pause before I dive into my day. 

Try This: Commit to sitting quietly for 2 minutes every other day. Build up the length and frequency of your meditations as you grow into this new practice

Movement and Wellness are two keys to staying healthy during the Covid-19 quarantine.

Focus Area: Physical Wellbeing

Quarantine Routine: Prioritize Exercise

Mid-morning I’m ready to move my body and expel the pent up energy that’s been building since this all started.

First I get out my foam roller and begin rolling out my back and legs to loosen up. On one of my recent Target runs, I picked up a weighted jump rope, so I go out on my patio and begin jumping to get my heart rate up. Gyms across the state are closed, but a plethora of workout videos are available online. Today I chose a live workout on YouTube led by a trainer I’ve worked with at F45 Hermosa Beach as part of a fitness challenge. I was really enjoying the community at the gym so doing this workout with a familiar face helps me feel more connected while I adapt to exercising at home. It’s a small way to boost my energy levels and release the endorphins and endocannabinoids my body needs to function at its best. 

Try This: Pick a time of day for movement and add it to your calendar! Treat it like an appointment and prioritize this moment for yourself.

Quarantine Like A Kush Queen means full body self care!

Focus Area: Personal Hygiene, Pain Relief

Quarantine Routine: Stay Germ and Pain-Free

After the class, I take a 25mg CBD Rx Gummy before I stretch and roll out again then head for the shower. Since my intention is to up my self-care to quarantine appropriate levels, I start by rinsing off then shutting off the flow of water so I can scrub down with Renew CBD Lavender Sugar Scrub. The smell transforms my bathroom into a luxurious spa while I buff my skin and soothe it with CBD and jojoba oil.

Before I finish showering, I apply a pump of our Transdermal Soaked CBD Shower Gel (found only in licensed CA dispensaries) and a pump of our Pure CBD Soaked into my hand and lather up, making sure the formula covers my whole body for a head-to-toe topical dose of nano THC and nano CBD. Soaked relieves pain, combats bacteria, and has an energizing and mood boosting citrus scent--exactly what I need right now. I let the formula penetrate my skin for about a minute before my final rinse. 

Functional workouts can be hard on my knees, so I bust out my jumbo 800mg CBD bottle of Melt and massage a full pump on each knee. The cooling sensation from the menthol and peppermint kicks in within seconds and soothes away any lasting soreness. My feet and shoulders also get a layer of Melt before I get dressed. After dressing, I follow the CDC protocol for hand washing and get on with my day. 

Try This: Make staying clean easy and enjoyable by keeping your hygiene products close to your pamper products. A little Melt on those raw, incessantly washed hands soothes like no other.

When big change hits, establishing a new normal is key.

Focus Area: Mindset & Environment

Quarantine Routine: Create Consistency

It may seem ideal to work from home in sweats, but I personally do better work when I get ready and put on clothes. Granted, it’s athleisure wear and a Kush Queen cropped hoodie, but a little goes a long way in times like these. My makeup routine is scaled back, but my CBD skincare regimen remains unchanged. A layer of Defynt goes on my face first, followed by a moisturizer, then CBD Foto Blur, and lastly an SPF 50 tinted moisturizer. Since I still go outside for walks it’s important to protect my skin from the sun and the elements.  

Try This: Pick one routine task you did before COVID19 and make it non-negotiable. Take a shower, put on clothes, fix your hair--these small steps give you back a sense of normalcy when everything else feels so out of control.

Self live in self isolation is crucial.

Quarantine Routine: Come Home to Yourself

Focus Area: Stress Relief, Sexual Healing

My day of self-care wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t also make a night of it, so I draw a hot bath and soak with a 200mg CBD Love Bath Bomb for 30 minutes. The weight of the current crisis collects in my body throughout the day and I’m ready to let that go. I dry off and get in bed, my Kush Queen CBD Lube within arm’s reach. 

Having been single for quite some time now, I’m no stranger to taking care of my own sexual needs. But times like these make the escape of a good orgasm borderline therapeutic. Orgasms release hormones like oxytocin (the love hormone) and dopamine that improve mood and promote good sleep. Plus, they release physical tension, and heaven knows I’m carrying plenty of that right now. 

If I’m being honest, it’s not easy for me to focus on pleasure when my mind is overwhelmed, so having a tool to bring me into my body is essential right now. Kush Queen Lube is made with nano CBD, which kicks in immediately. I liken the effect of the lube to being about twenty minutes into amazing foreplay in about a minute. In fact, I find it hard to focus on anything else when my most sensitive sexual organ is stimulated so thoroughly. A few moments later the job is done and I’m ready to drift off blissfully to sleep.

Try This: Add pleasure to your nighttime routine. This can be a gentle foot or shoulder massage before bed with Melt or your favorite essential oil, if an explosive orgasm isn’t in the cards for you. 

One Day at a Time

None of us truly knows how long this situation will last, but I’m certain that whatever reality we return to will be much different than the one we knew just a few weeks ago.

That said, listen to your body, let your mind rest, and draw from the tools you have to help you stay positive and healthy during this global health crisis. 

You can still order Kush Queen online for the foreseeable future and we’ll be releasing content regularly to help build a community amongst our team, our customers, and our followers. 

Stay safe, be well, and look out for each other!


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