By: Angela Viesti

As we kiss February goodbye and anticipate the arrival of spring, it seems timely to set the intention of keeping love in our hearts throughout the year. Romance aside, we all have people, animals, places, activities, and belongings that bring us joy and keep our hearts open. Love is the most powerful and transformative feeling in the Universe, so what can we do to tap into love, when times are tough and our vibes are low?


Stir up Memories of Love

A great way to get out of a mental funk or share yourself with a loved one is to indulge in the nostalgia of happy memories. Open up a photo album (either digital or physical), spark up a joint, and reminisce on the good times. This temporary escape will shift your mood in an instant and allow greater connection as you share yourself with your partner or loved one. Go back to the simpler times and consider all that’s changed since then. No doubt, you’ll find yourself laughing at obsolete technologies, remembering old friends, and asking yourself how anyone got around or got in touch using Thomas guides and landlines.  

Another way to reminisce and get into a headspace of love is to play old music from back in the day–whatever that means to you. Open up your Spotify and find a playlist rich with Motown jams, lowrider oldies, love songs from the 80s, or those 90s R&B tracks that peppered your childhood with the desire to be in love. If you have company, take turns sharing your favorite love-inspired music from the past and see if your tastes intersect. Try dancing to the music or switch to something more upbeat to get you moving and sweating out that stagnation.


Surround Yourself with Loving Energy

Being stagnant is defined as an inactive person, society, or body of water, with no flow or movement and little change or progress. Under those conditions, it’s nearly impossible to create positive feelings of love within our beings, but we have the ability to change that at any time.

There are several ways to physically get out of a mental funk and move the energy stored in your body. Taking a brisk walk, stretching in between periods of being seated, and getting up and moving (like dancing, as described above) are effective ways to kick up our energy and get it flowing through our bodies. If weather and location permit, get to the ocean or a lake to help stimulate flow or create the experience at home by filling a tub with warm water and a Kush Queen Love bath bomb, with Frankincense and Bergamot to elevate your vibe.

Create a sacred space in your home that reminds you of the things that bring you joy. Collect pictures of loved ones and beloved pets, your favorite crystals, and gift or tokens of affection and create an altar of love to help you drop into your heart when you need a break from the day to day minutia.


Heart Opening Practice

If you’d like a more refined practice to get you back into a state of love, try these simple exercises to open your physical heart space and let love flow. You can do these solo or with a partner or group:

  • Sit or stand up with your feet evenly placed on the ground and take a deep breath in. Roll your shoulders forward and up toward your ears 3-5 times; reverse the direction and repeat as desired to loosen up your shoulders and chest

  • Continue sitting or standing with feet placed evenly on the ground and clasp your hands together behind your back with fingers interlaced and palms touching (if possible). Gently pull your knuckles down toward the floor for 5-10 deep breaths; maintaining this position, roll your shoulders just like in step one. Gently sway side to side and feel your heart space stretch and expand.

  • Place a mat or a towel down on a solid surface and lay down on top of it; extend both arms into a T position and bring your knees up above your hips. Let your legs drift to one side while you turn your head to face the opposite direction for 3-5 breaths before switching sides. Repeat as desired.


  • Take a yoga block or a small, firm pillow and place it in the center of your upper back (think of the place where a bra strap would land) while still on the mat or towel; you can also use a foam roller instead and place it vertically under your back. If desired, place a pillow under your head. Extend your arms out and bend at the elbows, creating a goal post position, lean your head back gently and take 3-5 deep breaths.

  • Remove props from underneath you and lay flat on your back with your eyes closed. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your abdomen below your belly button. Take 3-5 breaths here and repeat as desired.

  • Gently bring one knee up to your chest and then the other; wrap both arms around your bent knees and pull them towards you. Bring your head in toward your knees and tightly clench the muscles in your face for 5-10 seconds. Release and extend your arms upward above your head and your legs beneath you in an upside-down V shape for 5-10 seconds. Repeat 3 times or as desired.


Keep Love in Practice Year-Round

I hope this blog helps you to actively keep love in your life long after the Valentine’s Day high comes down. Adapt this practice to fit your life and style and add in anything that expands your capacity to feel and receive love.


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