We’ve said it time and time again, but damn 2020 you're a beast. As the coronavirus looms across the world we don’t quite know what to believe or how we feel about it. If you read one source, millions could die… if you read another it’s all overblown by the media. Then you see major companies like Amazon shutting down and having their workers working remotely. What will happen? 

For us at Kush Queen, we are always on health, wealth and zealth and would rather be safe. We put together our recommended products and personal protocol that turned into one part guide, one part cheat sheet for wellness as shit goes down.  

CBD Is A Wellness Tool

We believe in CBD as a tool to boost immune support and maximize our wellness. Our philosophy of CBD wellness is based in our belief in the ritual use of cannabinoids in several non-smokeable delivery methods. 

Combining topical and ingestible delivery methods is one of the most important things when using cannabinoids to achieve maximum wellness. 

CBD and COVID19: The Wellness Guide 

Hand Washing 

Yes, you’ve heard it 3,456 times since last week but we are gonna say it again for the people in the back. We’ve been using Soaked CBD Shower Gel as our hand wash. Combining the refreshing power of citrus with CBD not only cleans but invigorates the senses at the same time. 

The ultimate sink scene with Kush Queen Soaked and the full line of Alice and Olivia collaboration.

One of the top things you can do to prevent the coronavirus or COVID-19 is wash your hands. Hum happy birthday from beginning to end twice (yes it's longer than we thought too) while you wash with warm water and use our Soaked CBD shower gel to introduce a dose of CBD straight to your bloodstream. No, really check out the CDC guide to handwashing, it's wild!

Pro tip: Follow up with our A+O Collab Lotion. All that hand washing has left our hands in need of major moisture!

Load up on CBG, CBD & Vitamin C 

CBG Gummies Rx Chews are the perfect addition to your morning routine. Gummies RX Bliss CBG and CBD 900mg features CBG which is known for it’s anti-bacterial properties. Plus, a mood boost in the morning or afternoon certainly doesn’t hurt in these weird times. 

Vitamin C and CBD are great ways to boost your immune system during COVID 19. Our Citrus bath bomb is shown over a tub of fresh cut citrus fruits.

Soak in our 25mg CBD, 100mg CBD, or 200mg Citrus CBD Bath Bomb. Get your immune system pumping, protect from free radicals and boost antioxidant levels. Loading up on CBD and vitamin C is a daily activity at KQ HQ. 

Stay Home and Take a Bath With Shield For Immunity 100mg CBD Bath Bomb 

We didn’t name this CBD bath bomb Shield For Immunity for nothing! The Immunity 100mg CBD bath bomb was born as a Kush Queen product after we traveled to NYC in the middle of flu season. We covered ourselves in our unique blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oil based on the fifteenth century essential oil blend known as thieves. 

Shield For Immunity 100mg CBD Bath Bomb being held over a tub.

In the bubonic plague, thieves would wear masks with this blend on to rob dead bodies. Morbid. On our trip there was coughing, sneezing, and germs everywhere. Somehow we came out unscathed and we had to combine this powerful potion with our favorite active ingredient CBD. A 100mg dose of CBD will give you that extra boost to keep your immune system strong. When you're looking for more, double up on the bath bombs! 

Get Some Recovery Sleep! 

Sleeping is one of those things tied so closely with our wellness and immune system. Drop a dose of our Bare 5000mg CBD tincture or pop our new CBN Gummies RX CBD chews. A good night sleep doesn’t just keep your immune system strong, it helps you keep your corona fear at bay. 

Gummies RX Sleep 900mg CBN and CBD Chew is work wonders on getting to sleep during stressful times. Keep it by your bedside table, just liken this photo.


Stay safe out there, focus on your total immunity wellness and remember, the KQ team is thinking about you!

When emotions run high, let's work to be our best selves, show compassion and love one another.

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