By: Angela Viesti

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This year’s Gemini Full Moon falls on Black Friday and serves as a timely reminder to express gratitude for what we have and to let go of what isn’t working.

Gratitude can feel elusive when we’re facing challenging times. The holiday season can bring up intense emotions, stress, grief, and tension, which can leave us wishing we could fast forward to January. Combined with all the loss, tragedy, injustice, and political turmoil IRL and in our news feeds, and it can be difficult to see the light.

Use these tools to be more intentional about how you show up and what energy you give off as the holiday season kicks off.


Get Grounded

Instead of mentally checking out to avoid an emotional rollercoaster ride, try these simple ways to relax and get grounded:

  • Go outside and appreciate the natural beauty that exists; look up at the night sky and bask in the glow of the Gemini Full Moon

  • Pause and take a few deep breaths with your feet planted on the ground; close your eyes and feel your breath move through your body; allow it to expand into your belly and lungs

  • Smudge your space – light a sage bundle, incense, palo santo, or a candle to lift your mood and bring you into the present moment

  • Brew a cup of chamomile tea and drop in a dose of Bare Tincture to relax physically and mentally.

  • Draw a footbath and choose your favorite bath bomb from the Kush Queen mini collection to soak your feet in while you puff on a joint

Harnessing the energy of the moon to align your body, mind, and spirit will increase your appreciation for your innate ability to heal yourself.


As Above, so Below

If we take a cue from nature we can see how letting go is essential to our evolution. The moon is a perfect example of this playing out every 28 days as she cycles from stage to stage: Waxing to full, waning to new.

Create a mini-ceremony of appreciation for whatever you’re ready to let go of with this ritual:

  • Get grounded using your prefered grounding technique

  • Write down what you’re letting go of on a piece of paper and fold it to about palm-size

  • Meditate with your hands in prayer, the piece of paper in between them

  • Thank it for the lessons it’s taught you and bid it farewell

  • (Safely) burn the piece of paper or rip it up to symbolically release it

There is beauty and strength in letting go of what once served us with gratitude and appreciation for what it represented in our journeys.

Give for Gratitude

The full moon can amplify people’s vibes for better or for worse. You have the power to create a positive shift in the collective energy by doing something kind for someone else.

  • Hold the door open or make an extra effort to greet someone warmly

  • Buy a stranger a coffee or offer to cook dinner for a busy friend

  • Donate to a good cause or volunteer to help someone in need

  • Host a holiday sesh for your closest friends or plan the next group dinner

These small gestures will raise your vibrations and those of the people you interact with.



Let us know how these rituals and techniques worked for you and share your adaptations with us by tagging @kushqueenshop & @kushqueenco in your Insta posts and stories!!

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