By: Angela Viesti

There you have it, folks! 2018 is in the books and it’s the dawn of a new year. As always, the pressure to make New Year’s resolutions is real. And that’s a good thing! The beginning of a new year is a symbolic marker in time and it inspires us to aspire to do better. The key to making and keeping our New Year’s resolutions is to approach them with love, intention, and positivity.


Check your Mindset


Approach your resolutions from a place of abundance—you already have everything you need to make this a good year! Focus on letting go of unhealthy behaviors and habits, like negative self-talk, and then move on to cultivating positive change.

Aim to become the best version of yourself and avoid comparing yourself to anyone else. Rather than setting out to match the success of your mentor or an influencer, set specific goals you want to achieve and plan check-ins throughout the year to measure your outcomes.

The reason most New Year’s resolutions don’t stick is that they are too drastic and we are too rigid in their enforcement. If you fall off the resolution wagon dust yourself off, figure out what went wrong, modify your approach, and get back on! Take defeats and failures as lessons and use them as measurements of your progress as you carry on.


Get to your why

The goal is to turn resolutions into a new way of living, not setting resolutions for resolution’s sake. If you want your resolutions to stick, you have to uncover your “Why?”

Take an honest look at what you want to prioritize. Want to lose weight? Ask yourself: Do I want to improve my health, have more energy, increase my stamina, or be the fittest version of myself? Understanding what drives your desire to set a particular goal will help you to remain aligned with it as the months go on.

Maybe you want to step up your self-care game and transition your cannabis consumption into your wellness routine. Or perhaps you want to cut out dairy and processed foods and make healthier food choices overall. You may be committing to being more environmentally friendly in 2019. Whatever your goal is, identify the root intention behind it and work with that as you craft your plan.


Plan for Success


Make realistic resolutions. Don’t expect to go from holiday-season-feasting to raw-organic-juicing in one week. Make small, gradual changes over time to see results that will continue throughout the year. Equip yourself with knowledge and a plan to set yourself up for long-term success. Who knows? This could spark an interest in a new lifestyle or passion.

Say you want to cut out alcohol and processed foods, find an assortment of recipes for healthy snacks and replace booze with lemon water and kombucha. Stick to fresh foods as much as possible, and when buying packaged foods, always read the label and buy items with minimal ingredients, preferably only ones that exist in nature.

Are you giving up alcohol, gluten, meat, dairy, nicotine, tobacco, or something else? Fantastic! Let your friends and loved ones know your plan so they can help keep you accountable; find community with others on similar paths in person and online to gain insight and share struggles and successes. You never know who you might inspire or help by sharing your progress.

Planning on getting serious about your career or education this year? Want to become more active in your community or begin volunteering? Great! Make time in your calendar to commit to these goals so you can map out how these responsibilities will fit into your life; planning now will save you from overcommitting and over scheduling.


Make it a Happy and Healthy New Year!


I hope this first blog of 2019 helps you to make self-honoring resolutions with intention. Remember that these goal-oriented self-improvements should come from a place of self-love and are meant to help you blossom into your highest self.

We at Kush Queen wish you a happy, healthy, and abundant 2019!


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