By: Megan Lyn Farley


Hello, My name is Megan, and I am a procrastinator.

As it stands, we are just three days away from Christmas and I am not even close to finishing my shopping. Typical.

I am making the flight from Cali to Texas for the Holidays tomorrow and I haven’t even started to pack. Obviously.

I scheduled appointments for my nails, hair, brows and my pups grooming for the day before traveling because I like to live my life on the edge I guess?

Why I torture myself with the last minute hustle, I have yet to uncover, but I do it and I go hard every time.

If you happen to be anything like me and have procrastinated your Holiday gift shopping to the last critical moment, I am here for you. I support you. I am taking care of you, and I am doing it for free!

That’s right. We are offering FREE printables to help you with your last minute gifting needs. It doesn’t matter if you are in need of a quick gift for your white elephant party, are still in need of a little something for your roommate, or had some people slip through the cracks while shopping, these printables are a playful and versatile gift for all. Not sure how to gift a printable? Here are a few of my favorite Ideas to help spark your imagination. Have fun, adapt as needed and breath. You are all set now.


The Placeholder Gift

While you may have missed the cut off to receive your Holiday gifts from Kush Queen in time for Christmas day, that does not mean all hope it lost. You can still gift your bestie that bottle of Defynt she has been hinting at. Start by placing your order now, print and frame one of our free printables, and include a note letting them know the gift will arrive directly to their door soon. They still get to open a gift on Christmas and you still get to save the day with Kush Queen.


Keep it Simple

The easiest way to gift a printable would be to pick your favorite one, grab a frame and wrap it up. If you are framing your printable you can totally print it out on your standard printer paper too. The frame will hide the fact that it’s not a high-quality paper. Keep the person in mind when choosing the frame. Do they have a desk they will be putting this one? Print a 5X7 and make sure the frame will stand up on the desk. Will they be hanging it on a wall? Print an 8X10 and make sure the chosen frame will easily mount to any wall. You can even let them know in a note that you picked this print out for their office or bedroom. The thought means so much, and the fun printables don’t hurt.

Make it Unique

With a quick trip to your local dollar store you can actually create some fun and unique custom framing options. Adding a little whimsy can take a basic print to the next level. For these methods below I would recommend printing on a nice cardstock as they will not be hidden behind a glass frame.

  • Clipboards: a Basic clipboard makes a great alternative to a traditional frame. Print your Image, place it under the clip and add some command strips or a wall hanging kit to the back and it is ready to add to any wall.

  • Clothespins: This is such a cute Idea and so affordable. Using a standard clothespin, add command strips to the back of the pin and cut to size. Clip in the printable and you are set. Alternatively, you can skip the command strips and opt for some twine. Hanging three to four photos from the twine using the clips adds even more interest.

  • Foamboard: If you would like to add a more modern touch, mounted prints make a great option. You can actually mount your own printables easily with some glue, an Exacto knife and a sheet of foam posterboard. You will glue the print of choice to your foam board, let the glue dry completely and then using the knife, cut the board to size. Using a permanent marker in the color of your choice, fill in the exposed sides of the foam board for a more refined look. Add a couple of command strips to the back and done.

gallery wall.jpg

Go all out

If you want to take your printable gifting to the max then it’s time to go full gallery wall. All of our printables were created to look amazing alone or together so they will make a great collection for a gallery wall. The prints are available in two sizes so you can play with formation options. Print all your images, choose one of the methods above for hanging or go with your own personal favorite method. You win at last minute gifting!


Whether you choose to gift just one printable, or gift all six, I would recommend adding a heartfelt note so that the receiver knows you picked this gift just for them. You can even use one of our free printable greeting cards for this! Now wrap it, Bag it or simply add a bow. How easy was that?

Download 8×10 Prints

Download 5X7 Prints


We hope these printables help with your last minute Holiday needs. Don’t forget to share how you are gifting with Kush Queen this season by following and tagging @kushqueenshop & @kushqueenco in your instagram posts and stories.


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