By: Angela Viesti


Creativity is the root of everything—and I mean EVERYTHING. Our bodies, planet Earth, the Universe and everything in it are all physical manifestations of creation. To express one’s self is creative by nature; hence, we are all creative.

Some tap into their creative energy with ease—the artists of our world; others need a little help getting their juices flowing. Some struggle with creative block, procrastination or staying focused (me); others have a craft they love practicing but spending long hours in flow-state can lead to aches and pains from repetitive movement and crinkled postures (also me). From the novice to the seasoned artist, everyone needs a boost from time to time.


There are countless remedies for getting out of a slump and into flow-state, and easing the physical effects of an extended creative sesh. Clear off your workspace and try this ritual for creativity using Kush Queen’s CBD Lit Kit and their Melt Pain Relief Lotion. 

To start the creative process, massage some Melt Pain Relief Lotion into your neck, shoulders, hands, and feet to loosen up while the minty smell invigorates and awakens the senses. As the CBD absorbs into the skin, move a quick yoga flow to get rid of any stagnant energy in the body. If you like brainstorming high, grind up a nice Jack Herer or some Tangie, pack it into a Kush Queen cone and proceed to get lit! The psychoactive effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are known to spawn new thought patterns and expand consciousness—perfect for artistic endeavors of all sorts. While the high is peaking, get as much down on paper as you can without worrying about form or technicalities—that comes next. 

Yoga - with mat.jpeg

Once the ideas are out of your head and in tangible form, it’s time to switch into focus-mode. Go for a short walk to get some fresh air and eat the CBD-infused milk chocolate. Apply more Melt to your hands and begin the editing process—cutting and pasting, sketching, rewriting, scrapping and starting over. The clear-headedness from the chocolate makes these tasks less daunting and more satisfying, boosting endorphins and invoking new creative thoughts. Creativity breeds creativity!


When you’re pleased with your work and can edit no more, it’s time to hit save, put the supplies away, and show yourself some love with a soothing bath fit for a Kush Queen! As the tub fills with warm water, light up another cone, find some nice meditation music, lower yourself into the water and let the Relax bath bomb fizzle away. To round out the ritual, spend the next 30-45 minutes soaking up the CBD, essential oils, and gratitude for creativity and cannabis. 


Whether you’re a writer, graffiti artist, comedian, musician, or whatever, take this ritual and adapt it for your creative process. And don’t forget to share it with us!

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