By: Angela Viesti


It’s that time of year again: The Holiday Season. Thanksgiving. Chanukah. Christmas. Kwanzaa. New Year’s Eve & Day.

We’re traveling. We’re visiting loved ones. We’re meeting our Significant Other’s family. We’re a little overwhelmed.

Getting to and from our destinations is its own special brand of hell: Airport security lines that wrap around the terminal; A road trip with endless traffic and pit stops; Screaming children and adults (possibly within your own party); Sharing space—and germs—with other passengers.

Then finally you arrive.

For some of us, it’s a joyous occasion where we’re reunited with family members we only see this time of year: Hugs, laughs, a year’s worth of stories; Measuring a little one’s growth since last Christmas; Remembering the good ol’ days. This is what life is all about.

But some of us experience our most challenging feelings this time of year.

We may be stressed out, hoping to make a good first impression. We may be anticipating disapproval of our new career, or our lifestyle, or—worst of all—our orientation and identity. We may go in feeling defensive—we’re about to break bread with people whose beliefs are fundamentally opposed to our own…and we are expected to be polite. Ugh.

We are quite literally out of our element. We’re staying in hotels or guest bedrooms—if we’re lucky. Our routines are impacted, if we can maintain them at all. And all of our creature comforts can’t fit in a carry on, so what do we do?

Here are some ideas for staying grounded and creating a space of your own while travelling during The Holiday Season:


Bring portable items for comfort

My least favorite thing about travelling is occupying a space that doesn’t feel like my own; bringing a few small items that make me feel at home are key. Here are some of my essentials:

  • Portable diffuser and essential oils—try this one from Amazon

  • If you can’t fit a diffuser in your bag, make your own DIY room spray. All you need is a 1oz. spray bottle, your favorite essential oils, witch hazel or alcohol, and water.

  • Kush Queen’s Melt—Soothe tension and pain after sitting in a car or plane all day and carrying heavy bags. The peppermint smell is invigorating and brings you back into your body.

  • Spiritual tools—A fresh Palo Santo stick (which travels better than Sage), matches, a candle, and a crystal or two. Aquamarine, Green Aventurine, Channeling Quartz, and Bloodstone are great for traveling.

  • Something comforting (and small)—A framed picture, a stuffed animal, or a favorite book—something that brings out a smile.


Get Away (even for just a moment):

Before things get explosive around that ultra-conservative uncle who has no sense of compassion, take a break. Try one of these temporary escapes:

Go outside for a safety meeting (if possible) or a walk:

  • If a nosey relative tries to follow, say you need to make an important phone call.

  • As a Southern California native, I realize that not everyone can be outside this time of year. Seek refuge in the garage or a vacant room.

  • Perhaps you can volunteer to go get more ice, or butter, or fire logs—anything.

Find an ally who will get away with you or cover for you while you’re gone, like:

  • Your significant other—after all, you brought them or they brought you!

  • The cousin who you’re sneaking away to smoke with

  • The aunt who you always confess your deepest secrets to

  • Your sister who can’t stand your dad’s new girlfriend either

If the only way to get away is to go to the bathroom, then do that! Bring your room spray to make the space yours, even if just for a moment.


Make one part of your routine non-negotiable (or adopt one of these practices while you’re away)

  • If you do yoga every day, then still do yoga every day

  • If you put on a face mask on Sunday, then still put on a face mask on Sunday

  • If you journal every morning, then still journal every morning

  • If you read before bed, then still read before bed

  • If you meditate twice a day, then still meditate twice a day

  • Honoring yourself is one of the best ways to stay grounded and maintain inner peace.

No matter what, this too shall pass

If you’ve really reached your limit and are ready to explode, just remember that it’s going to be over soon. Have compassion for yourself and those who press your buttons the most. After all, we’re all on this human journey together…and none of us are getting out of here alive.

Happy holidays!


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