By: Ben Mervis

As a walking-talking Kush Queen billboard, I spend a lot of time talking about topicals. I share my elation over post-workout relief from a Soaked + Melt; I attribute my new and improved complexion to Defynt, and I have some seriously fun conversations about sex and consent regarding our Ignite lubricant.


Hold on, why consent?

For starters, because Consent should always be part of the conversation. Always.

And also because the Ignite lubricant delivers an extremely effective dose of THC or CBD to some of our most absorbent “parts.”

About 30-45 seconds after application, you’re likely going to feel something. Odds are it’s going to be a good something; I haven’t heard a BAD Ignite story yet.

The fact remains that if you’re incorporating cannabis, it’s going to affect your body – often by increasing sensation via increased blood flow – and with those physical changes, our feelings might change about what is on the sexually proverbial menu.

So how are you defining consent?

After four years at a college that was fairly progressive on the topic, I went on to work with public health experts, many who focused on sexual risk factors facing LGBT young adults. From my own experience, I’d highlight the pillars of consent as the following:

  • In order to grant consent, you must first establish mental presence.

    As a brand made for adults, I won’t patronize this audience about confirming mental acuity, but check in with your partner and ask something as simple and sexy as, “how are you feeling? “

  • Consent should be explicit – it cannot be assumed or interpreted

    Consent to blow on someone’s neck is different from consent to nibble

    Consent to do something “extra” one time, five years ago, does not mean consent to do it again now

  • Consent may change at any time

    Never be afraid to say “I’m not enjoying that right now/anymore”


Is cannabis lube for me?

Oh, honey, it’s for everyone honey.

Ignite is an intimate/personal lubricant. It can be used on your own, or with your partner(s). Because it’s water-based, Ignite can be used with toys and condoms, and won’t mess with your pH. That water-base also aids in your body’s ability to absorb the nanoparticles of THC or CBD.”

My disclaimer – again – when incorporating cannabis into your sex life, is that regardless of how much experience you have smoking/vaping/consuming edibles, your comfort level can change at any time. Whenever we elevate ourselves for a mind high or body high, even the most seasoned consumers need to check in with ourselves, and whoever we’re with.

Put that into context with sex and lube, and you understand the importance of affirming consent for certain activities. Consent is sexy!


Important times to discuss consent when incorporating cannabis

  • Understanding and agreeing

    to use the cannabis product and the effects you’re looking for from it.

    CBD often results in a major increase in blood flow and sensation.

    THC usually results in a body high for both partners, with a mild head high akin to a low-dose edible using just a couple of pumps, with greater efficacy through application to mucus membrane… which leads me to…

  • Where you’re going to apply it

    Think absorption, feeling a pulse, movement, friction, and mucus membrane.

  • Checking In

    with yourself or your partner(s) about 1-minute after application, about how each partner is feeling, excitement to try new things, to slow things down, to incorporate other senses like temperature sensitivity, which changes with increased blood flow. (think: a brisk breeze on warm skin.)

    Remember, you can always add more, and it takes effect QUICKLY, so this part of consent often includes the final question: “should we use more?”

This is why I often refer to Ignite as a great foreplay lube : because it’s a great time to gauge consent without the stopping to talk thing feeling weird.

There are so many nuances to sex, and Ignite by Kush Queen makes a great addition to anyone’s nightstand drawer. Ignite is WATER-BASED, so it is condom and toy safe.

Enjoy sexual activity because you want to, not because someone else wants you to – be responsible – and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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